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2021-10-21, 02:18:16
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Author Topic: Some Quotes from the Lesson Material for discussion  (Read 583 times)
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Some Quotes from the Lesson Material for discussion


Unfortunately it is far easier to convince a sensitive they need to learn some scientific methods in order to advance their comprehension, then to convince a scientist they need to learn some sensitivity to what they work with in order to fully discover the secrets of nature.

I have personally worked with Wilbert Smith's scalar coils since 2006, over 15 years now, when I wrapped my first one around a quartz crystal. I then went on to design the scalar aluminum bismuth coil, which has become the workhorse of mass vibration manipulations of the Field Fabric. By 2008 we were beginning to measure and record wavelengths, and by 2012 we were mapping the human spectrum of wavelengths and discovering self sustaining ratios. In 2016 I began ciphering the Field Fabrics frequency stack, and discovered how form is created in various ways in the document "Space".

In 2020 I was ready to organize all our work on Gravity and Inertia, and by 2021 I was raising up conical field forms from the scientific study of Isotopes.
From Appendix Advanced Lessons

There are two separate and distinct forms of energy in this universe.

T  Tempic Field Vibration -
Field Fabric - Eternal - Longer distance is higher frequency - T field is a Source
EM  Electromagnetic -
Entropic - Longer distance is lower frequency - Disburses outwards and dissipates - EM is a load

This basically defines the Inner Realm and the Outer Realm of our sensing ability, as it is also the inner level of the atom and the outer level of the atom.

Isotope - T field Powered - Proton Neutron - Mass Vibration
Electron / Proton layers - EM generators

EM wavelength [meters] * EM Frequency [Mhz] = Light Velocity [ 300 ]  *  Velocity factor Vf
Vf = [0.95 for bare copper wire - Various insulations can drop this to 0.60 ]

meters * Mhz = 300 * vf

Since light velocity is a constant in this calculation, as we make the meters longer, the Mhz must get smaller.
Frequency drops the longer we make a Radio Antenna system.
This is because a radio antenna is a "load" it is not a Source of energy.
EM Resonance happens at the location of the Load, it is not a Power Source.

We shut down the transmitter to the antenna and the EM energy stops working.
To believe that EM is all there is, is a primitive belief system.
It has no clue why atoms continue to recover, and do not simply run out of energy and shut down.

T Field wavelength mm = Vibration Frequency Khz [ x 1000,  1 meter = 1 Mhz ]

meters = Mhz


A note on Sleep Frequencies

In sleep clinics they are using EM test equipment to measure the levels of sleep.
Now recall as we drop the frequency of an EM wave it's wavelength increases.
Also with more space, the vibration frequency increases.
Our consciousness is a function of the vibration field, not the EM side which is entropic.
As we go deeper into sleep states our level of consciousness has access to far higher frequencies of vibration. With practice we can begin to explore these higher states of consciousness while remaining awake and aware. This is called Za Zen.

When a person is intently seeking a solution to a scientific problem, that solution will often come after sleeping on the problem. The difference between that and using psi while awake, is the mastery of Za Zen, 1/2 in the body and 1/2 sliding out. It is a talent that can be learned and has been used in ancient China and Japan for thousands of years.

Dave L

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Hi Dave,

Your perspective is very interesting. Our paths are somewhat parallel from what I've read so far. Although not a builder myself, I was the developer of temporal and dimensional devices in the early 90s based on Jane Roberts, Wilhelm Reich and a number of other influences.


The model that created the greatest effects involved a caduceus coil around a quartz crystal pulsed with 10 V DC. The crystal was in the center of two back to back Cheops pyramids placed at a vortex, or coordinate point, determined by an electrostatic gradiometer and dowsing.

Since that time, work and raising a family led me into relatively more conventional technologies until my last projects were such as solar cell improvements, etc. But I am still fascinated by the outer limits of our understanding. After practicing channeling for some years in a desultory fashion, I became more focused on it in the last few months as I retired from my business. I've recently begun to channel technical information from ET sources, loosely defined. My wife is an expert pendulumist and not knowing anything about technology she provides a nice check for the information I get. Unlike the focus of your technologies which are certainly more esoteric, my guides have suggested that humanity needs interim technologies that are closer to conventional science and can be accepted and put into production to solve our pressing issues. Our civilization is probably still a ways from any sort of mass acceptance of even the 'usual' overunity device, much less the stuff you are talking about. Doesn't make it any less interesting, that's for sure!

I would differ on one thing within my area of expertise. Zazen is not an altered state of consciousness at all, but (grossly simplified) a calm, alert perception of what is without the interference of thought. It is far from being half out of the body, but is actually fully embodied. In its purest form, Shikantaza, it is just sitting, doing nothing. Not at all easy to do! What you're referring to, half in, half out, is much more typical of shamanic states characterized by a very different brain wave pattern, ie much more Beta mixed with the Alpha and Theta.


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Thanks for the info on ZaZen. There must be more then one book out there on the subject.

My experience with it was in martial arts the Japanese style, and with this I was able to feel anything in the dojo, and even down the halls of the building without using my eyes. It culminated in sparing blindfolded. Every student could do it after about 13 months. So that is my experience with it.

In Uechi Ryu it was taught as mu shin , no mindedness. When you shut down the higher brain, and move into the lower lizard brain, your reaction times accelerate. Higher thought is a distraction that slows down the body. Yet one must be able to make decisions very fast and choose the outcome based on the severity of the attack.

Many martial artists can block an attach from the rear, without turning the head.

The newbie is always distracted by worry of how he appears, ego problems slow down the reaction times severely.

An example is the fly meditation.
We set in a zen kneeling posture with hands on our legs, ready to clap in front of the face, waiting for a fly to come past.
The goal is to develop relaxed power. Remain as relaxed as you can, but be totally ready in the moment to strike as fast as possible at a time we do not know. The arms then build up strong chi energy, as the nerves are completely ready to strike.

The group leader will then shout now, and everyone must do the motion as fast as they can.
Any distraction from the higher mind will cause a delay, as daydreaming, not staying in the now moment.

Then we taught the awareness of the outer vision system first of the physical eyes. We do not look directly at the opponent, we look through them and learn to see the whole body, and thus will see an attack from any part used to attack. This is how it begins, and then naturally leads to the discovery of the pineal sense, to a level of accuracy with 360 degree perception of the feel felt sense.

I later discovered in my current work, there are special diameters that open this sense, and they give a complete sphere of sensory information in real time.

Switching to this mode, one definitely has an acceleration of mind, but not the mind we are used to working with, which nearly always takes us out of the present moment.

So that was my intention to convey, it is a sense that all my student could master.
A sense that many animals have.

For me perception like that is 1/2 expanded out from the physical body, and yet ready to use the physical body when it is time to.
Multi level awareness.

There is no way to cheat to get the speed necessary. All the delays in your speed are inside you. And all the inability to stay in the present moment are inside you also.

I will research the definitions of ZaZen and make the corrections if necessary.
Dave L
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"Mental discipline, another core idea of Buddhism, is one of the most highly sought after rewards of all martial arts training. The Zen school is known for its emphasis on meditation, called zazen, to strengthen and discipline the mind. By controlling the mind, one can suppress desire and control emotions."


Most all of the old Karate Masters taught Zen, as ZaZen as a mental discipline aimed at strengthening the body.

Although as I discovered later in life it is the spherical form of the conscious field, and used in telepathy, where full comprehensions are exchanged very fast.

The addition of the scalar coil system gives ability to be taught by a device, by handing it to you in real time, with the twist of a dial.

Dave L
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Hi Dave,

Yes, there is a very different emphasis in martial arts, and other Asian arts, but the essentials are the same as in sitting meditation. As you say, judgments are suspended, and the mind is dropped. And certainly what's called the lizard brain has its own perceptual centers that move faster than thought. Probably located in the first three Chakras. I know that when I do energy healing my hands move on their own-- if I think about what I'm doing, I'm lost. On these levels the mind gets in the way of seeing what is. Having a very active mind, it's  taken me years to be able to drop it. Mostly by moving my attention into the Heart Chakra.

Still, the development of psi is not generally part of Zen, and any kind of manifestations, visions or miracles are disparaged in many classic Zen stories. The emphasis is always on the everyday and the seemingly non-miraculous. This is true in almost all religious traditions to some extent, the idea that seeking after wonders gets in the way of enlightenment, or union with God, or whatever the terminology. As Chogyam Trungpa said, this seeking can be a form of spiritual materialism. Some people seek after a Ferrari, and some seek after a mystical or psychic experience.

I don't fully hold that view. I'm not attached to getting any experience, but at the same time, given the current state of humanity, I don't think we can afford to set any tools aside. So bring on the miracles :-)

It's a quibble anyway. It's clear you have a broad experience of many states of consciousness. What someone calls them is not important. Every one of them is useful for something.

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Hi Dave,

Hmm, on thinking about it, in Zen and martial arts the locus of consciousness is always kept in the body, but of course the perceptual field can be as wide or narrow as desired, and include all the senses, both conventional and psi. In shamanic states, astral projection, and deep trance channeling, the locus of consciousness moves out of the body. My teachers always said, when working with higher beings, stay in your body and let them come to you, don't go out to meet them. That's one reason why prayer and similar practices can be so ineffective. Energy flows where attention goes, so if you are praying for healing and your attention goes out of your body, then the energy that would heal you never gets to your body. When attention stays in the body, then everything flows where it needs to go.

This is of course not a metaphysical forum, but I've always mixed everything together anyway, so why not talk about it here?

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This is of course not a metaphysical forum, but I've always mixed everything together anyway, so why not talk about it here?

It's seems to be a quagmire however I tend to take wisdom where I find it for what it is...

One could claim the stuff we don't understand is not science but how would we know if we already claimed to not understand it?. In fact "science" is a methodology to study "nature" and nature is the physical world we are immersed in. Do you see the contradiction?...

We are in fact physical/natural as beings thus we cannot be separate from nature or science which is the study of nature only an integral part. If you do the research on how past cultures determined we are separate from nature you will not like the answers you find. It all revolves around greed, power and control more than anything relating to the natural world.

There are many here in the FE forums who do not believe in FE and some paid or compelled to prevent this knowledge from coming out for various reasons. However it always comes full circle and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction...

I don't know, I feel small, I have spent decades in the pursuit of knowledge hoping for some grand answers to my questions and the more I learn the smaller I feel. The universe is a very big place...


Comprehend and Copy Nature... Viktor Schauberger

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” George Bernard Shaw
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It's seems to be a quagmire however I tend to take wisdom where I find it for what it is...

One could claim the stuff we don't understand is not science but how would we know if we already claimed to not understand it?. In fact "science" is a methodology to study "nature" and nature is the physical world we are immersed in. Do you see the contradiction?...

We are in fact physical/natural as beings thus we cannot be separate from nature or science which is the study of nature only an integral part. If you do the research on how past cultures determined we are separate from nature you will not like the answers you find. It all revolves around greed, power and control more than anything relating to the natural world.

There are many here in the FE forums who do not believe in FE and some paid or compelled to prevent this knowledge from coming out for various reasons. However it always comes full circle and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction...

I don't know, I feel small, I have spent decades in the pursuit of knowledge hoping for some grand answers to my questions and the more I learn the smaller I feel. The universe is a very big place...


Yes what is necessary is a mental model in the ego mind that gives it ability to accept and manipulate the things that are not yet clear.

At each step of opening, one must accept specific concepts that work. So personal proof is necessary, and phenomena must be experienced.

We typically leave behind our logic mind, in order to experience the ascension, which is mostly emotional process. This is where science has a problem, but it is a necessary step. This is because humans have an overlay on the 4th density frequency set, that is totally emotional, and they then react emotionally to first feeling this stuff.

Orgone people are caught up in how a device makes them feel, as an acquired personal taste, they are still working on the emotional process of awakening, and this cannot be defined for everyone, so there is general chaos in that learning process.

We are not small beings, we have full access to the outer boundary of this universe. That is the limit of our ability to experience geometric expansion.
What we must do is begin to quantify what we are feeling, and record the vibration frequencies, then share them between sensitives. The goal is to reach a level of calculation and prediction.

The proton is a tiny fractal of the universe.
To navigate the universe we must tune in to IT's frequency, not our emotion of preference frequency.

To zero in on a frequency consciously one must be able to slide the frequency bands, and hit ones that actually work.
The RM-1 with scalar coil and F gen is the fastest way I am aware of to turn this into a science.
We can then record frequencies that will position our conscious field accurately and repeatedly at specific markers.

This is a first hand experience of turning what has been an emotional art, into a science, and merge our spirituality with our sciences into one truth.
If that seems impossible, then phenomena is necessary to prove it to you.
Lesson Menu

Without the application of science to the metaphysical we are lost, jumping all over the spectrum at random, and turning the experience into emotional reactions. The higher mind operates above this level, and it does contain logic of how it all works. As with any science it must be discovered through experiment of the phenomena.

The scalar coil was the gift of an alien race to Wilbert Smith, and they had levitation craft.
The statement was play with this, and see what you find.

Dave L

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This is a scientific forum, as I have pretty much given up on the metaphysical forums, as these people do not get beyond their personal emotions, and have no interest in doing calculations. They want me to hand them a frequency that does something real, but have no interest in how it is calculated.
This will then be lost when I am gone, and rejected as pseudoscience by ones whom believe they already know it all from their meters and scopes.

The emotional advance is limited to the upper frequency range of 4th density, and cannot be used to create self powering machines.
The technology is located in the lower frequency ranges, where the emotional overlay does not have a pleasant taste.

Power is scary, and finding yourself in a field bubble that is powerful is very scary if you do not have the mathematics to take that field back down.

Learning to pull up power from the Field Fabric is the last step in opening to sense these frequencies and work with them, creating a chart of where they originate from how we convert them to other frequencies, then how we can use them to set up fields that self sustain.

These 7 lessons are an introduction to organization, of the what is actually there and has been recorded by some to work.

Lesson 4 and 5 get very practical in setting up fields using the Field Fabric frequency stack, to manifest form of energy field bubbles.

Dave L
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The work of Walter Russell, as the science of Isotope detection became possible, and manifesting an element in a test tube was something he managed to accomplish. Then went on to make conical systems with powering abilities.

This comes from the science of Isotopes, where the conical form is discovered to be the form of the Isotope.
I can confirm this, as using an NMR chart to bring up conical fields that self sustain as I have done.

This is described how to calculate a chart of all the elements on the NMR charts, so one can learn to detect them each using calipers or scalar coils to bring up coherent vibration field bubbles if that element is present in the sample. A good example is given there to feel this on a gold ring as one example of the chart shown, and even how to calculate it.

Advanced Menu

I have been using this chart for a long time, and testing myself with it, that I can claim 100 percent accuracy of detection.
Metaphysical peoples eyes go blurry when they look at that chart!

In appendix 1 is shown how calculations work differently with EM and with the T field vibration structure of creation.
These are things I have personally measured and tested repeatedly and used for designs.

I have worked very hard recently to present these concepts in a logical sequence, to simplify them for a wider audience.
But there is no short cut to learning the science we already have access to and finding how it applies to the new field force Wilbert Smith handed us.

The snag of Wilbert's Work is in the first paragraphs, Awareness is an integral part of this universe.
From the first paragraphs, we are taken into a new science including consciousness, that we experience from inside this universe, and leaving that part out is not a complete science.

Dave L

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The first lessons are aimed at discovering the background field is real and it is everywhere consistent with a stack of frequencies we can access.

The advanced Lessons are integral to exploring how our senses can be used to detect the structures of matter and energy.

The applications contain one solution to inertial control I have experimented with a lot in a working car to the point of the car wanting to fly off the road where I stopped. The experience of mastering the 89/50 ratio in an engine.

Applications Menu

When one experiences this phenomena, they will realize that EM is not even necessary to effect inertia or gravity, vibration routing alone can accomplish this.

I don't think anyone can measure gravity fields directly using EM test gear!
Earthquake detectors us a weight hanging on a spring that moves a needle.
You have to work with mass in order to work with gravity and inertia.

Mass vibration is all about this, and there is no way to do this without comprehension of where the weight is located in the atom.

Dave L

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Hi AllCanadian,

I apologize for my method of quotation, although it has been explained to me how it works here, I never got the hang of it.

It's seems to be a quagmire however I tend to take wisdom where I find it for what it is...

-- I think it is orderly on every level. However, laws that work on one level don't necessarily work on another one. I agree with you about taking wisdom where you find it. My particular nature is ultra pragmatic. I'm not interested in "theories of everything" but very interested in what we can USE, whether it be electronic or astral. Makes no difference to me, and I see no difference between those two realms, in the end. They are both physical.

One could claim the stuff we don't understand is not science but how would we know if we already claimed to not understand it?. In fact "science" is a methodology to study "nature" and nature is the physical world we are immersed in. Do you see the contradiction?...

--"Nature" also includes all the phenomena that science has a priori decided are not valid to study-- consciousness, psi phenomena, etc. "Nature" as an experience is not confined to matter and energy as defined by our particular culture.

We are in fact physical/natural as beings thus we cannot be separate from nature or science which is the study of nature only an integral part. If you do the research on how past cultures determined we are separate from nature you will not like the answers you find. It all revolves around greed, power and control more than anything relating to the natural world.

--I agree. Science has been part of that attempt to understand for purposes of control. Part of that science is determining that only we are sentient or even alive. A new science is emerging that understands that we are part of what we are studying, and studying itself involves more merging and being 'inside' phenomena that seeing them as something outside ourselves. I can imagine a future scientist, and I suspect this is true of some already, who can merge with the consciousness of an electron to understand it more fully.

There are many here in the FE forums who do not believe in FE and some paid or compelled to prevent this knowledge from coming out for various reasons. However it always comes full circle and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction...

--I don't believe that anyone here is trying to stop free energy. I don't think anyone 'outside' this little subculture knows or cares what we do here, for the most part. There are few instances of real suppression of technology, and many instances of technology being lost because the inventor's ego or way of explaining their ideas (or capitalist priorities) prevented the idea from being adopted. The patent literature is a sea of ideas never exploited. I'm not here because I 'believe in free energy'. I'm here because there are creative people here who are trying to find solutions to our energy and climate issues. By trying to build a free energy device, they are constantly discovering and utilizing effects that are overlooked in the textbooks. I don't think those solutions will come from a free energy device, because it won't be accepted in time to make any difference. My primary interest is in conventional technologies that haven't been fully exploited, in the hopes that they can be implemented in time to make my daughter's life a livable one.

I don't know, I feel small, I have spent decades in the pursuit of knowledge hoping for some grand answers to my questions and the more I learn the smaller I feel. The universe is a very big place...

--And there is the beginning of wisdom. Awe, humility and a sense of wonder is true spirituality. Not vast tracts of esoteric knowledge, however fascinating they may be. All of what everyone has discovered so far is a tiny clearing in an endless wilderness. Even if we make the clearing ten times bigger, the Mystery is still beyond any comprehension. And that is fine. 

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Perception as related to science

Science is the study of the natural world and how the universe works.
We obtain our science by using our perception to verify phenomena we can detect with our senses repeatedly.
Whether it is observing a meter or a scope or even seeing with our eyes, touching something to sense heat, cold, weight, or being thrown backwards during an acceleration of a car from inertial resistance. We can feel all these things, they are not hidden from our ability's to detect them.

If one does not believe improving our ability of "perception" is involved in this, then they may remain blind to a lot of science that is possible.

If one thinks the metaphysical things are imagination, they need to be exposed to the few people with accuracy in this, and I realize that may be rare for most people to experience directly.

The mind has specific functions, and we can learn to isolate them one by one and control the flow of information in an organized way.
This is development of the mind and it's proper use, to maximize inputs and outputs of sensory information, and eliminate the garbage from distracting us.

One can shut down the language center and quiet the mind while going for a walk for some hours and focusing on the heart and lung area of the body.
They may find such peace they have never known to just stop the constant jabbering of the higher mind running out of control.

Thoughts come in from advertisements, little jingles, songs, etc. and slow the lower minds experience of nature which is direct and complete in real time. After the experience they can then begin to formulate in the logic mind possible experiments to prove something or to disprove it.
The higher brain mass is used to calculate things after the fact of the direct experience of the phenomena. If we get the mental model correct our experiments will then begin to work.

How is this not the very roots of how to observe an experiment?
How to more accurately observe a phenomena?
How to remember with accuracy what we have done and improve on it?

To feel it directly with the senses we already have built into the physical body.
Exploring these senses is part of the advanced sciences.

Mental techniques can accelerate our learning process, from direct experiences of phenomena.

The human has ability to reprogram the mind with a new reality, something no computer can yet do, rewrite it's basic "belief system" from direct experiments. Our human form consciousness exceeds all the other life forms on this world in that respect, which we are aware of. We are unique in this.

When our "mental models" are correct, our experiments will work to take us to a place that is more advanced in our understanding.

I do not like using the term ESP, as if it were some unnatural thing to be frightened of or to experience the unknown mysteries with fear or love, etc.
We should not use these discovered talents to dazzle people with or to create more mystery for them, we should uncover how they operate, and how to teach them accuracy. How to tell the difference between an emotion and a real phenomena of science.

If you want to test me for accuracy of what is inside a material of some metal form remotely, I can do that for you.
This is not magic, and I will hand you the science behind how you also can learn to do it.
If your desire to learn is sincere.

If your desire is to disprove, or criticize then there is no reason to respond, as there will be no learning experience.
The mental block will have to removed for this to be taught.
We are each responsible for how opened our minds are and how curious of the unknown we decide to be.

Advanced Lesson 1

There is how it works, and I find Niobium a specifically nice frequency to feel whether at distance or locally here on my desk.
It vibrates up at  81.51 mm on a caliper, or using a scalar coil F gen at 81.506 khz.

This is an access frequency for sensing, the atoms generate at the isotope level, from power they derive from the Field Fabric.
This is in fact a science.

Dave L
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Set up a large copper ground bar on top of a scalar coil, use an F gen to accurately set the frequency to the chart, and as you energize it, a field will come around the entire ground bar in the air around it.

We can easily feel vibrations frequencies in the khz ranges, handed us by the chart.
Greater mass of copper will increase the power of the field.

This is no brainer, when you begin to experiment with larger and smaller sample of copper.

Copper has two isotopes that one can vibrate up, the ratio between them is 60/40, and either one will generate a coherent field around the copper bar.

This is a metal everyone here has likely worked with in EM work.

88.297 mm / khz
94.584 mm / khz

If one can feel this field come up around the copper mass, they have a good start at understanding how we can use science and our senses together.

Aluminum has only one Isotope at 86.769 mm / khz

What pseudoscience about this, when it works 100 percent of the time?
This is blindness to real science, with no desire to even test it out.

Dave L
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I have tested these NVR tables with many different sensitives and they all find they work.
However what they do not want to mess with is how to calculate these or work with the mathematics to expand them 3 dimensionally.
They just want me to hand them the answer, and make me do all the calculations. It is too much effort over the years to be someone's calculator when they have no desire to learn how the calculations work, and say that is just too complicated to even approach.

If you want the truth, I am here to hand it to you to the levels I have personally reached as one can follow this.

I will not publicly show a working EM device that has no other power source, as it will then immediately disappear, as I have seen happen for over 30 years now. Some great discovery hits the media, as a working system, is silenced, and no one ever discovers the technology of how it works.
This is backwards!

Comprehension of how these are engineered must come first, for them to outlive us. A clear textbook of the operating principles.
People will have do their own experiments and stop relying on others to reach a level of success.

If we are going to dump funds into a concept, it needs to work before spending all that money on things which do not consistently work.
I have built more things which did not work, then did work. Can that experience be passed on?

Dave L
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Hi Dave,

There are many specific reference points in your work that I can grasp, but I have no sense of the whole. Nor do I really have time to take your 'class' so to speak. I do think you are on to something, but as I've mentioned earlier I'm looking for things that can be accepted and more or less immediately put into practice, so that civilization can survive until such time as it can catch up to you pioneers. And perhaps because of my orientation, my guides are giving me such concepts, rather than the more systemic and far reaching concepts and practices of your work.

I think it's important to accept that if you are doing frontier work you will be misunderstood and more than likely 'deleted' from mass consciousness. Still, that doesn't mean your work will die when you do. It's a simple matter of placing seeds wherever you can. Ideally writing a book, since books are still the major storage mechanism for information. People still read Wilhelm Reich's books but if the internet had existed at the time, it's questionable whether this would be true, as they would have been submerged in 'chaff'. If you live by the spiritual understanding of 'detachment from results' you can live without resentment or despair that you are not understood, and just do your work, and let those who have ears to hear, hear.

Having said that, I can give some references to things similar to your work, so that people can understand that you are not working 'ab novo' or even 'ab nihilo', but there is precedence for what you are doing.

The experiments with copper mass remind me a lot of the Edgar Wallace patent, which one might think of as an early 'torsion field' device.


There are plenty of differences from your work, but still, the use of a large copper mass to create non-electromagnetic force fields is described there. Interestingly he used two hall sensors with a differential connection to eliminate local magnetic fields, to detect changes in the crystallization of the hall material. This seems like something that could be adapted to detect torsion/spin/tempic fields in general.

Lots of details of Russell's cone coils here:


Ron Kovac and Toby Grotz successfully replicated Walter Russell's experiments with transmutation. Unfortunately the article with all illustrations is not online but this article contains much of the detail:


I also think the Leon Sprink space activator device is relevant here:


It's interesting to note that in both the Wallace patent and the Sprink device, the 'field' builds up slowly and has cumulative effects, like something is growing in the research area. I think you mention this as well. This is exactly what we saw in our experiments. Mild effects, mostly psychological, happened first, and at the end the effects were so powerful as to frighten the builders out of their apartment. Most of the high strangeness effects were not mentioned in the online article because we had little credibility to start with. Destroying the equipment made no difference at that point, and they eventually had to move.


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Hi Dave,

It's interesting to note that in both the Wallace patent and the Sprink device, the 'field' builds up slowly and has cumulative effects, like something is growing in the research area. I think you mention this as well. This is exactly what we saw in our experiments. Mild effects, mostly psychological, happened first, and at the end the effects were so powerful as to frighten the builders out of their apartment. Most of the high strangeness effects were not mentioned in the online article because we had little credibility to start with. Destroying the equipment made no difference at that point, and they eventually had to move.


Yes these are one of the major problems with not knowing the field dimensions, how to set it up instantly, and how to take it down instantly.
It builds up using our personal focus and maybe it finally hits on a fractal that can self sustain it, then we have no concept of how to shut it back off.
I worked for three weeks with one of these monster fields, to cipher how to take back down with conical isotope forms.
Those were not pleasant weeks, but paid off big time in the knowledge gained.

These experiments where we can now calculate the dimensions of a field before activating it, and then how to shut it back down, offer better control and comprehension of many of these kind of machines. Just knowing the source of the energy is very important, and when we do have this information these fields come up and go down instantly.

I could very likely go into that place they had to leave, measure the fields present and take them back down.
That is a tragic outcome and often times the result that really scares people off of these kind of experiments.
They never get far enough to reach a level of generating electrical energy which requires a quadrature arrangement of fields.

Lesson 4

Dave L
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This is a simple and yet powerful experiment to show how a mediator field is created and then taken back down, and all the energy comes from the field fabric, and not the people projecting into it over time to build it up slowly. Few people working together could get this to happen, but if they did it would never stop working until they found the take down frequency.

Caliper injection

If you get the calculations correct, this will couple the background field into the SS can, and you can stick your hand inside it, and feel the density of this field vibrating. This is power from the Field Fabric on one of IT's frequencies.

This did not come to me instantly from channeling, but after ciphering how it works, it now is an instant process.

How many are even interested in the calculations?

Dave L
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Addressing Ego

There is a lot of fear around this work, and I fully understand people wanting to act emotionally about even facing that it may be real and controllable.
It is to most an "unknown" thing to witness.

The response that I am only working from my "inflated ego" in the physical body is understandable, that I have no interest in a debate which includes critical thinking. I have gone through this personally with the critical thinking part, and I have discovered that people who want to attack my personal ego, are a waste of my time, for the people who are seeking comprehension.

This is totally "mental work" for me at this point, and for the most part I do not involve my emotions to defend what will defend itself if experimented with directly. The phenomena will prove itself when experimented with directly.

If there is no desire present to apply the knowledge to the experiments, then one will not perform them anyway and will never understand the Field Fabric first hand.

The challenges of the present scientist, is all in the "ego mind" with no feel felt senses present. It is a cold thing with little wonder or amazement in the experience.

With the new energy form we step inside our experiments, working on the very Field Fabric that sustains all things.

I refer to the "ego mind" as that which is programmed into the physical head and how we then feel emotionally about this program.
If we have a need to defend what should be "self evident," in the experiments, that is emotional. Strong emotions block the learning process that must be done in a state of clarity.

Dave L
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If someone out there has a stainless steel can and wants assistance with the calculations. Measure the inner diameter, and I will take you though the calculations so you can witness the phenomena.

After this point we can begin to use our "critical thinking" process. However to do mental sparing over whether or not it works before that point and that it can or cannot work only differs people from attempting it to begin with.

This is the scientific approach.

And if any here claim there are no experiments provided, they are lying outright.

Dave L

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Hi AllCanadian,

The patent literature is a sea of ideas never exploited. I'm not here because I 'believe in free energy'. I'm here because there are creative people here who are trying to find solutions to our energy and climate issues. By trying to build a free energy device, they are constantly discovering and utilizing effects that are overlooked in the textbooks. I don't think those solutions will come from a free energy device, because it won't be accepted in time to make any difference. My primary interest is in conventional technologies that haven't been fully exploited, in the hopes that they can be implemented in time to make my daughter's life a livable one.

I don't know, I feel small, I have spent decades in the pursuit of knowledge hoping for some grand answers to my questions and the more I learn the smaller I feel. The universe is a very big place...


As to electrical effects that have not been exploited I wasted a lot of time on that concept. Seeking even a COP of 1 was a real challenge using conventional wisdom and overlooked anomalies which could not be quantified. I finally had to admit that anything that adds power to something which cannot be quantified and explained, will never be accepted by presenting a working device, we have had many of those and they set with the inventor still trying to understand how they work so as to explain it to a scientist to the level of understanding it.

My experiments only started to work after embracing the Field Fabric concept, and starting there as the initial point of comprehension, as that is what powers everything to begin with. The proof is in the calculations that are repeatable, and the phenomena can then be tamed as to size of the fields produced, and control of them after they come up.

I have watched experimenters go around in never ending circles with this for most of my time in this alternate energy field of exploration.

Embracing the scalar cancelling coil was the first real advance in bringing up fields that can self power, and the energy form is obvious when felt first hand.

Once seen working, it is really self evident that it does work. The point of contention is that it lies outside present comprehension of current science, but the redeeming thing is that it is comprehensible, which is what I am attempting to show.

Believe me I had exhausted the exploration of EM anomalies and attempting to gain power with such devices having no knowledge of the Field Fabric whatsoever, and where the extra energy comes from.

Dave L
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Where is this development heading and why do we need to understand Tempic field vibration energy at all?

1 - Tempic Field Vibration can be set up to create self sustaining forms that recover themselves from the Field Fabric.

2 - The construction of the Electric field contains a Tempic field component, and here is where we can add power to the Electric field, with all the calculations we have learned from tempic field energy bubbles.


If Wilbert Smiths mental model is correct, and from what I have done thus far I believe it is, we can boost the energy of an electrical system geometrically.

Dave L
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Hi Dave,

Your answer about utilizing electrical effects presupposes that I am on the mythic quest for free energy. No, I'm not. I acknowledge all the technology you have developed as likely to work just as you say it is, and foresee it being part of the basis of a civilization some 15-40 years away on this planet. I encourage you to continue to develop it and create a group of replicators, etc.

However, accepting all that, there is simply not enough time to wait until this civilization accepts such advanced concepts (not to mention advanced concepts in other areas of life). We have waited out the clock of climate change until the very last moment.

Ultimately what is needed is a spiritual and social revolution, and not new technology, and I anticipate that in about, hmm, four years by my current reckoning.

But since I can make a contribution in technology, I am here, adding my knowledge to an area that I do not believe is primary, but will still be useful to Gen Z as they remake the world.

Our energy technology is far from being efficient, much less over efficient. I checked, and the most efficient energy conversion in current cars is 38%. When we use this technology to power our vehicles, it's clear that efficiency of energy utilization was not the priority in its development. The priorities are based on money, not efficiency.

The priorities of free energy researchers are similarly skewed. They are looking for something that will show them to be a genius, or to satisfy their scientific curiosity, or to prove mainstream science wrong, or a hundred other reasons that have little to do with what this planet needs right now. And yet they are likely to be the least blinded and most creative technologists on the planet.

My experience as a patent researcher has proven to me that the choices of what technologies end up being developed has been heavily skewed by the global military industrial complex and the global capitalist system within which it operates. Yes, those are the right words. Great technologies are ignored because they don't gain money or political power or dominance for some elite.

As a result of all these skewed priorities, unutilized technologies are now lying in heaps in the vast fields of patents. Some of them are advanced, but some of them are quite basic and used every day in fields where they have little impact on the quality of life of the majority of people on this planet.

Since I have knowledge of hundreds of these underutilized technologies through my extensive patent surveys, I find I have an obligation to disperse them in the hopes that they will be put to use. I might live another 30 years if I'm very careful, but my daughter and her friends, and their children, will either live in a world that is green and full of life, or a world that looks more like Mad Max than anything else. It is us, right now, and what we do, right now, that determines which it is. We cannot wait for Greta Thunberg and her friends to pull us out of the fire. The fire is consuming us, right now. The fires are literally burning a hundred miles north of me and hundred miles south of me as I speak.

So what nerve we have to fiddle about with our cool toys when this is the reality!

So I find I cannot devote my mental energy on the fascinating speculative science that people come up with, when the technologies are already available to create a nonpolluting world. I support various research projects that are working toward free energy, not because I care about free energy, but because those researchers are the only ones likely to pay attention to me when I tell them about a thermoelectric generator that is 40% efficient and can be built in a month, and in a decade could replace our current power system. Or 10, 20, 50 technologies like that.


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Thank you for stating your position in all this, it is good to know where others are coming from.

I gave up on California when no one there wanted it to rain, as I had designed Rain tubes that worked.
One was used in Northern Texas and it worked there for a farmer that was loosing his herd because the alfalfa would not grow, due to lower water table.
They were so happy to see enough rain again, they wanted to send me a side of beef!

If I can design and build something like that in my garage, I know it is possible to do this wherever there are forests burning up too.
I published the planes on the internet, anyone can make one.

As to the earth climate, if we take an honest look at the numbers and the history of our planet, it should become self evident the climate changes no matter what we do. The oceans produce more carbon dioxide then mankind has ever produced, and it is a part of the life cycle of plants.

Every 10,000 years we have another ice age, there is no way to blame humans for these changes in the earths temperature, it is the cycles of the sun in control of that. Do the numbers for yourself I did. We have about 5000 years before the next one.

If the earth is warming, man can seek solution's, as the oceans will then produce more water into the atmosphere and all we have to do is keep the jet streams cycling to bring that water in over the land, stall it and make it dump. A single person with the right rain tubes can achieve this, we watched this happen on our computers as the devices were activated.

The problem with drawing the clouds over the land is changing the earths surface covering. Oil creates an outflow field, where water creates an inflow field. We discovered this in Joe Cell work in an engine believe it or not. When a ground cover is oil based pavement, or there is an oil sheen over the land, it retards this water cycle that is natural. We can however break through it with a rain tube that is over an earth grid node, and it will again couple this energy to draw in the weather. One rain tube can set up a field that extends 2 miles in all directions and uses the earth vibration power.

I think by publishing this kind of information, let's mankind know what is possible. The problem is that they will not believe it unless it is handed them by some authority figure, news agency, or government official. We kept records of the process over months, and that does not even seem to matter.

All the problems can be solved but all the disinformation, which non technical people accept as truth, is a terrible tragedy for our world.

They get people divided with information on both sides that is totally inaccurate. And the people will divide themselves off to polarize to one side or the other side as if it mattered, which it usually does not matter.

This process of division and polarization lowers the frequency of the yin yang balance, so souls can feel they have more time here to "feel" and act out the emotions. Where a mature world, makes emotions a personal thing, and honors the opening of the mental [mind] frequencies that draw yin and yang together in balance so all information can be used simultaneously with an acceleration of mind to see more clearly.

See all sides of all issues from their inside perception, then observe how they interact, and both sides of the brain will come on simultaneously.
We then set back and watch the raging battels of emotion, used to attempt to take control and power over the masses. We see some truth on all sides of all issues. We also see emotional tactics being used to polarize them. This does not work when one has emotional maturity and emotional healing knowledge.

I do not claim total accuracy on this chart, but it is what I have personally observed.

Human Frequency Bands

Having to do with our consciousness, and frequency, the sciences are hidden behind the emotional overlay, and to see them clearly, one must ascent the emotional ladder first and clear and clean all the trauma events.

If ones can maintain new trauma events, the masses will never achieve clear vision of reality.
If ones are too lazy to work on the self, during times of peace, they will also never see the reality clearly.

On this world we honor emotions over all else, which is not a wise action for a civilization attempting to achieve a self sustaining society.

It is frustrating to know what is possible, and see exactly the opposite constantly happening all around me.

Aetheric Tube Device

Making Rain Tubes

Making these sort of device to full scale, one can restore the whether patterns over their area where they live.
However they must be monitored and taken down if necessary. They work on the opposite concept of the Reich Tubes of iron.
They pull in the weather, when they are up, and if you get too much you take them down and thus have more control.

Reich's tubes did the opposite clearing the skies for a couple weeks and when taken down you get an inflow rush that cannot be controlled.

Personally I believe that even just a little rain over all these areas, along with a nice cloud cover, could solve the fire problems.
Plus I have seen it work first hand.

Dave L
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There is a spiritual component to the advance of technology.

Technology, must always emulate nature. It always does.

Accurate perception is the first component we have to master, to emulate nature.
There is no shortcut, and no way to cheat, to get there.

Mathematics is the servant of comprehension, it does not create of it's own formula.
Formula must be derived to express the reality as it actually is.
After which we can use mathematics to amplify, to quantify, and to tap into the power of the universe.

In order to witness phenomena personally, we have to face the higher self, and it's ability to see into the higher realities of creation.

In our society, they use the fear of the unknown to mystify us, and to scare us, portraying all that is hidden as evil.
This is a total deception.

Operation of the field forces is the "occult" that which is hidden from our perception.
Science is the methodology of uncovering what is hidden, and turning it into something useful, in the process removing the component of fear.

In the emotional spectrum we teach "Love conquers Fear."
In the sciences we teach "Curiosity conquers Fear" and enables comprehension.

Both paths must be embraced to learn to observe accurately, because either overlay can distort the true operation of nature.

Science is a very personal advance, which changes our reality experience.
The boys topside expressed to Wilbert Smith "We cannot teach you, we can only assist your learning process."

Comprehension happens, when you get it right. Emulating nature is a level of accuracy that can advance science.

Consciousness is part of this process, and it cannot be denied, as if we attempt to work as though we are not also inside of nature, then we do not understand how our own perceptions distort what we are observing.

The human consciousness operates through a physical body, but it is not the physical body. This becomes self evident when we begin to observe all the NDE's being posted on youtube these days. Near Death Experiences.

When people experience leaving the physical body, with total recall of the experience, we get repeating reports.
I did not want to go back into the physical body, I felt that the higher light was my true home, filled with unconditional Love.

Mostly the emotional aspect is noticed as being the most important part, but also the acceleration of mind was present.
If they choose to come back into the physical there is often a new inspiration to be here, and to participate in some meaningful way.

The feel felt and intuitive ones are often mostly opening to the emotions of what they experience, and thus do not take the time to observe the physics of the experiences. Most are guided by the higher self and do not attempt to repeat an experience accurately, or cannot find it again.
The "personal meaning" is the emotional content of the experience, and indeed this is a strong thing to embrace.

However if we want our sciences to begin to understand what is actually happening with these experiences of ESP, we need to get repeatability, and mapping of the out of body realms. To be able to go there and study the physics of the other levels of the creation system, as it truly operates.
To then download this into the physical ego mind and create mental models that work.

We might compare this to ones like Tesla, Max Planck, Wilbert Smith, Walter Russell, Einstein, who found calculations that begin to work repeatedly, and we then call this science. These men were rare in our populations of the past, ones with both intuitions, and ability to quantify field effects, beyond the Emotional meaning, and into the levels of clear thought.

We must begin to recognize the difference between emotional experience and mental models of reality.

The emotions are always temporary states, but the mind and the memory can record all things we experience perfectly.
Science is filled with emotions of phenomena, but in the end it reveals the mental aspect of our conscious field, to catalog accurately what is experienced.

Observing the self, is necessary to realize the difference.

Discovering that our true consciousness is ever present with us all the time and records everything perfectly without effort, is a true awakening experience. It sees through all the emotions that come and go, and realizes it is more powerful then any one emotion in its ability to observe and duplicate nature.

Seeking the truth of nature, from the standpoint of how creation works, is an amazing curiosity to experience first hand.
We absolutely know that we exist, and that we are aware that we exist as consciousness with a frequency to record our memories, and that we can recall our memories, is a starting point of "belief" that is already extremely amazing.

There are two polarities of consciousness, and both can be experienced as very real.

From inside the physical body we look out at a universe filled with other things, we see as separated from our self.
We attempt to study these things from the outside to gain understanding of them and how they work.

From the outer boundary of this universe, our consciousness sees everything as inside us, and can study everything from the inside perception of what it experiences.

The second example there is handed us only by the spiritual among us, whom have mastered the zazen concept.
The discipline of the mind to control what it is observing in clarity, above the waves of emotional experience, at higher frequency then emotions can polarize us to cycle.

This is the acceleration of mind, and more pronounced then the acceleration of heart, because it operates on a higher frequency.

Higher frequency = more energy

Where emotions can inspire but also drain a person, in their polarity experience, mental acceleration always lifts a person upwards in energy level.
The true ascension, must involve the higher opening of the mind.

This is physical, and it operates from the center of mass of the brain system, using the CU structure of the field that is consciousness inside a universe of vibration, that is free to everyone.

We are a conscious field bubble that inhabits a physical body, and when the body dies we leave it.
The universe itself shares this structure with us, as it cannot create anything it does not already have to hand us.

Consciousness does not spring from an unconscious universe.
Consciousness is an emulation of the universe at smaller fractal level.

If the Field Fabric stopped it's vibration, it's clock, our memory system could no long process the cataloging of experiences.

We all have a working memory system, and when we begin to become conscious of just how accurate it is outside the physical body, the concept of the Akashic record becomes self evident.


In Advanced Lesson 1
We begin to recognize how accurate our senses can become, to recognize nearly any element on the NMR charts by feel felt means.
This can work even remotely with a scan in a photo, and a caliper in the hand to vibrate it up.

This is where we embrace our sciences, using the previously termed ESP senses, and we discover 100 percent accuracy is possible, as now we are working directly with nature and what actually exists.

All the atoms on the table of elements do exist, and they are real. This works outside and above our personal emotional experiences.

Because our personal focus is now on the reality of the physical, that is real, we can now achieve 100 percent accuracy in our elementary Psi experience.

This is the true ABC's of this universe. Mastery of this detection system will hand one an ability to begin to map the structure of any creation inside this universe, because all things are created from the atoms level.

From the first lessons in the beginners section, to this point, your ability will begin to exceed all other so called psi people, and pass them right on by.
You will have a solid foundation of the creation of the physical realm with direct sensing ability of it.

To scan an object, tell what is inside of it, and even locate it's center of gravity, which is the starting point of adding fields to modify it's weight and inertia.

No matter what emotion it may stimulate inside you, you will have the accurate Source of the energy you are feeling.

Where living only the emotions is like being a leaf in the wind, living the truth is more like understanding the creator. Your visits to other vibration realms will become repeatable and accurate.

To begin to "quantify" and finally manipulate, the energy of the Field Fabric, and come to know IT's ways, we have to study what it is already doing.

If there is no understanding at every level of how it operates, then one cannot come to know how IT operates.

Atoms do exist, they do not wind down, they self recover. This is a truth that is self evident from our current sciences although it is totally ignored in the teaching of our sciences at any level below the Quantum field.

Ones of higher physics come to realize there is a Quantum field that powers everything, but they have no understanding how to access it because they have not practices the sensitivity required to do that consistently.

Wilbert Smith stated it may take 10 years to become proficient with his most advanced coil systems, and he never did, but he had people who could get them to work.

After 18 years of martial arts and zazen practice, I had them working the first time out. They blew me away, because now I could target a frequency and repeat it consistently.

In the Eastern teachings, we normally spend about 7 years developing each level of our personal CU conscious field bubble inside and around the body.

At about age 7 * 8 = 56, we then should be ready to expand our awareness outside the physical body, if our development was not stopped at some point of disbelief.

The conscious field is now larger then the physical body can hold, and we gain abilities to slide out of body and to do things remotely, that are also now very real. The Spirit hatching from the egg of the body. "Born of the Spirit," as we say in some religions.

A Religion should not teach things of the Spirit to people younger then when they are ready to receive this knowledge. If they do it becomes only a burden to them as they cannot do it yet, it is not real to them. Somewhere in the mid 50's it can be accurately taught and experienced for real.

Before that children can be taught to feel from inside the body, and not to fear these energy field bubbles. But as to sliding out of body, they will only experience this in the dream realms usually in the transition to sleep states, and not in the waking states or out of body work.
They need to stay in the body and continue to develop it first.

There is a natural transition to complete out of body experience and at death in old age this is very natural.
Some older people may spend more time out of body then inside it, and if they are not totally consumed with emotions, they can then use it for technical progress in science. To view what is real, from the creators perception is then much easier to master.

If a thing is not real, then to science it is a waste of time. If one cannot feel a vibration and record it's frequency, there is no value to science.
Study of death, OBE's and NDE's can assist one to open to this possibility and alter the belief system enough to achieve accuracy.

They did an experiment, placing words in places where a person leaving their body should have been able to read these things looking down, and because no one could, they assumed the experiences were not real. That is a misguided experiment, because in spherical comprehensions serial language has little meaning. The CU field that we are gets it all at once.

Attempting to read a word on a note at distance is one of the hardest things I have ever tried to master, and no one I know could get any level of accuracy with that experiment, neither would many sensitives even attempt to do it. Most sliders out will get all the emotions of the target very accurately, but one cannot quantify this.

However if we set up say an aluminum tube, or a copper tube behind a set of blinds, we can get 100 percent accuracy in detecting which blind it is behind using a caliper set to it's nuclear vibration resonance. This is because atoms are real, and words on paper are not so real, and usually carry emotions rather then stable definable frequencies.

If we want to develop accuracy in psi abilities we have to work as nature does, as it creates atoms, that is its job, its job is not to regulate our emotions, that is a personal process we control, and everyone does it a little different.

When we take the unknown and turn it into evil emotions [fear], we cloud our ability to do accurate psi work.

When observing something that we have to refer to as phenomena, and do not understand, there is always a first rush of fear.
If we can then repeat this experience, on the next visit it turns to curiosity, and about the third time we can begin to calculate it as a science.


Raising fields from the Quantum Field Fabric, the first time is a rush. But after we begin to prove to our self we can repeat these, put them up, take them back down, then it becomes a science. The fear is gone, and only the side effects then noticed, and trying to cipher how to use them.

Raising a field from the Quantum level, is probably the closest thing to magic one has ever experienced, and on the first times, it can be very scary.
Then as we progress we start to understand the field fabric supports us, and works with us to create this reality we call the physical. It is not the feared enemy of life, it is the very fabric of all life. Thus we begin to realize that life itself is a sacred experience and we share it with all life forms present.
This is because that is how the universe operates, it creates life endlessly.
That is IT's directive.

The emotional healers [light workers] downplay the 4th density as a place to avoid. A transition between the physical and light body.
However all creation manifests from the lower 4th density, and it is where we find all the sciences present that operate this universe.

This can be experienced and comprehended by ones of the 8th opening of the physical body, opening then into the astral [4th density levels].

This transition, ends the deception of the astral body over the physical body, that is used to experience all the intense emotions of life here in the physical. Intense emotions, hinge on the belief that we are mortal, and can die, and that it is the end of our existence. This intensifies our life here in the physical and makes us cling to it more strongly. The emotional roller coaster ride. Not possible to experience in either the 4th or 5th density levels, where we know we are immortal as consciousness, as the universe is also.

From our mid 50's and into our 60's it is possible, and very natural, to live in all three levels simultaneously.
Until we finally give up on the 3rd density physical and want to go back home to the light.
Awakening is much faster for people of these age groups with less attachment to the physical.

When a society becomes more advanced and begins to use their 4th density science openly, life times may become much longer, because there is now more interest in staying. But in a world where there is so much deception that works, we start to see though it all and loose interest in staying.
If the interest is only in the shallow life of Britany Spears, there is little attraction to stay present here consciously.

The true scientist wants to share what they know to be real, and this is the emotion of the greater community.
Keeping secrets is isolating and unnatural. If one comes to love the creation, it is natural to want to share it's secrets with others.
However the 4th density body will not allow people to receive this knowledge if they are still practicing deception.

Dave L

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