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Author Topic: Resonant Fractals Site Accessible  (Read 819 times)
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I suppose the major mental block to even trying this stuff is the feeling that nothing is connected, that all forms of energy have no connection to one another. That a magnetic field is a totally different thing then an electric field, or a tempic field is merely imagination of sensitives.

Everyone here is probably familiar with the left and right hand rules of EM in motors and coils.

Let me ask you why do you use three fingers to represent this and not merely two?

It is because we have to account for motion as the third finger. The concept that motion may be a quantum field spin, may be beyond your thought process at present. That motion itself may be a field force, you are not familiar with, where it originates and why it can cause things to move.

I remember facing all these concepts, and wanting to understand Wilbert Smiths 3 Quadrature field forces, but his diagrams of the Field Fabric containing spin comes right out of Plancks original Quantum Physics where all these become connected.
The original Quantum physics that states, all the energy that can be expressed inside the universe comes from one Field Fabric, and that is where everything is connected.

This becomes more self evident as we approach the atoms level of operation.

As the poster above thought the magnetic field would have to be different between an electron and proton on the same atom, he never took the time to calculate the field drop off in the distance between the two on copper wire with electricity flowing through it.

Further if he had studied NMR science, it should be obvious, we can cause a whole bunch of atoms to act as one in a magnetic field moving through all of them at a specific layer of distance from the magnet. All of them come into sync and we get a larger RF pulse out, and this is the distance between atoms of some lower concentration but they still work as one to produce one RF field which comes out with one phase burst.

The magnetic field drops off as function of distance cubed.
The electric field drops off as a function of distance squared.
The Tempic field drops off as a function of distance.

If my math was wrong the experiments would not work!

The coil ratios set up a field of vibration from the quantum level.
This is where everything comes together.

We have to work upwards from the field fabric and understand that all power and motion originates in the same field, that manifests everything.
Once that is accepted from direct experiments, then we can take off moving through all the different sciences and complete them.

This process actually simplifies the whole thing.

An electric field is made of two components. Extension outwards from a central point and spin.
It has both Tempic and Electric field within it.

If we add two voltages we get the sum, if we extend the Tempic field component we get a 4x gain in voltage.

These things become "self evident," when we have an accurate mental model of how they actually originate.

Max Planck
Wilbert Smith

This is the foundation of our reality.

Dave L

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Your thought process is in error, as both electron shell and proton shell will be setting in the same magnetic field at the level of an atom. They will both respond to the same level or frequency / tesla.
With multiple electrons orbiting the nucleus and creating the very local (within the atom) magnetic field as seen by the nucleus, I can't see how the protons within the nucleus are within the same field as that seen by the orbiting electrons.  An outside observer may may think that whatever field he supplies will be seen by the electrons and protons with nothing added, but within the complex structure and particle movement going on within the atom I can't see that to be true.  Perhaps you could educate me on this matter.  Do the orbiting electrons create local (within the atom) magnetic fields?
And the bottom line is if you set up the experiment with the scalar coil you will be able to feel the result yourself.
After I have spent perhaps years developing my sensitivity to the field fabric.  Alas I am too old for that to be a possibility.   But assuming I did so will the feeling I get really be from the field fabric around the experiment, or will it be from within my own mind telling me to feel it?

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The logic one may wonder about.

In every atom from Hydrogen up, there is found to be the same number of Electrons and Protons at the stable state of the table of elements.

Ever wonder why, that maybe there is a coupling force linking them together in some way, and it is necessary to maintain the atoms.
A Quantum level reason.

In the ratios lesson we discover we can link together different frequency ratios that will begin to sustain and one another as with the pi/2 from electronics.

Using the correct formula for distance = frequency [ another quantum field equation originating with Planck ] And my actual measurements proving mm = khz with vibration energy.

It may begin to become clear, that a ratio is enough to link two fields into a field coherence that will self sustain, and this may even explain why the atoms structure always has the same number of both present within it.

From the first H1 atom, we bring the two together and the E starts to orbit around the P, and this continues without end.
I did not make this up that is what happens, it is not my imagination at all.

It does not matter the magnetic field we place that atom inside of, the process of the coupling between the two continues to operate.

It extracts two opposite spin energies from the Field Fabric, and sets them into a motion, that to us, seems to be infinite.
And what is strange is that every electron and proton in this universe likely operates in the exact same way.

Is this an accident, or is it the only way that it actually works in this particular universe?

We look at the stars and start to map them determining what they are made of, using the same frequency techniques, and identify what they are made of and we discover the atoms out there are similar enough to the atoms here to make charts of identification for them.
Spectography and transforms to identify the blips that identify the atoms present from the frequencies of the light we get back from them.

What do you think holds these two particles together in a never ending dance of motion always having the same ratio of vibration between them?
Could it be this coupling ratio that we can now demonstrate?

Is that actually the underlying force that holds them together?

The field fabric is filled with spin that cancels out. And if we pull up one of each of these spins, we end up with an H1 atom.
How does that work, because in a Joe Cell we can cause the water to start manifesting H1 atoms by using a frequency and a voltage polarity?

As it turns out, when we test the theory that the background field fabric has the same frequency fractal structure as the H1 atom, and we place the 333000 data into the NMR chart we just happen to get numbers that work. This explains why Hydrogen is everywhere does it not? The base frequency of the Field Fabric generates that frequency.

The proof that it works is in the experiments, not in my discussion of them.
Why is no one handing you the quantum level information?
That is where it is all connected, and why this universe is so consistent.

Dave L

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With multiple electrons orbiting the nucleus and creating the very local (within the atom) magnetic field as seen by the nucleus, I can't see how the protons within the nucleus are within the same field as that seen by the orbiting electrons.  An outside observer may may think that whatever field he supplies will be seen by the electrons and protons with nothing added, but within the complex structure and particle movement going on within the atom I can't see that to be true.  Perhaps you could educate me on this matter.  Do the orbiting electrons create local (within the atom) magnetic fields?After I have spent perhaps years developing my sensitivity to the field fabric.  Alas I am too old for that to be a possibility.   But assuming I did so will the feeling I get really be from the field fabric around the experiment, or will it be from within my own mind telling me to feel it?


The magnetic field of an atom is a composite of the individual 3 fields interacting, but the magnetic field also has Electric spin and tempic field vibration that runs all it's components. Tempic field vibration and electric field spin are components also, and calculated differently then magnetic field which has all three components.

We discovered, in experiment, that when we calculate two of these fields, Tempic and Electric, the equations are different.

We set up a field such that the electric components should cancel calculated as the area inside a circle boundary, but the tempic field calculated as a linear force continued to hold the composite three fields together.

We set this set of 3 spherical fields up inside an iron ferrite from a computer monitor yoke, and discovered it still self sustains, even though the ratio between the two circular fields should have canceled them out.

When you understand how the math is different between 1D, 2D, and 3d fields it becomes more clear.
Smith covers this in his derivations of what the three fields are from the side of creating them.

Line       Tempic, falls off as linear distance
Area      Electric, falls off as distance squared
Volume  Magnetic, falls off as distance cubed

We then begin to notice the T field has greater strength at distance, then the magnetic component of the field or the electric component of the field.

This may be hard to fathom at first, but the spherical experiment of manifesting an atom , such that the outer shell bound it into the ferrite yoke and the other two sphere floated inside it and it all kept working, seems to be what happens.

1/9 ratio is a standard take down for almost any field of circular or spherical form, and yet it did not take these down because the T field would not release them. The interaction between the three sphere was not void of any of the three fields, they all work together to produce the world we see.

The Basic Model

As to sensitivity older age is better! I would think you would be able to feel the E/P ratio experiment with the large steel bowl, it is hard to miss.

But an easier one to do, is the SS container, activated with only a single caliper.
Even my wife could feel that one, and she usually tries hard to deny it is real!

Caliper Injection

Dave L
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You do bring up a very good point, as we sense these fields directly, is it in the space where we set them up, or is it inside our own mind where the vibrations terminate at the pineal sense.

This was never very clear to me when working with Reiki or martial arts, but if the sensations where present we could do things that seemed totally magic.

It was where I began to set them up using science that this all changed, as using science can amplify things way beyond what we could do personally with our own fields.

Working with crystals I used to spend hours trying to make larger field bubbles of warmth around them, and when I took my focus away those fields would then start to slowly die and disappear. If no one else was there to feel them, it was indeed hard to tell, as I was creating them with my own mind, and the crystals were interacting with me.

When I began measuring these fields resonance frequencies and logging what I discovered, then began to set them up to draw energy from other things, it then became very clear, I was not feeling them inside me, until they energized me.

With experience one can begin to feel the difference but the major difference is in the time it takes to set one up, it is instant.

We can set up a field around spherical quartz crystal and every time I come into the room IT hits me.
I then take the field down, and it instantly drops away, using a take down frequency.

The other effect of note is in direction finding. With my bone scanner tube, I can locate and feel vector direction to any person in the house, because they all have bones. I turn the tube slowly and as the field of the bone frequency hits my wife upstairs it doubles in intensity over just myself when I get the vector right.

You can make that tube and pass it across your arm at 90 degrees and when the tube points at your arm you feel it flare up with a resonant vibration due to the increase of the mass in resonance.

Bone Scanner

Dave L
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Here is my most recent document attempting to show more clearly how the first two field forces interact differently.

The Geometry of Spin

This shows how the Tempic and Electric Field differ and that a manipulation of the T field can cause a 4x increase in a voltage, where just adding together two voltages only doubles the voltage.

If one is taking accurate measurement, they may witness this phenomena first hand during an experiment and not realize why it is happening.

Dave L
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There are several relationships in creating a magnetic field from an atom.

Electron has orbital spin and particle spin that are reversed form one another. Ann expansive field. It is said to have 720 degrees of rotation.
Proton has orbit and particle spin that are the same. A contractive field.

These all come into alignment in a standard magnetic field that is not changing as in a magnet.

If we however start the field changing or rotating, the Proton has a fastest angular turning ability at Mhz range, but the electron shell can turn at Ghz frequencies. This means we can pulse the field very fast with a very sharp square wave and separate the two fields, to study each one separately.

This is why the Electronics people like to play with these high frequency square waves in order to separate the two field, because when they separate at 90 degrees they spin free of one another. The voltage component flares out at 90 degrees to the wire, and the current component stays within about 45 degrees of the wire.

We can clearly see this using a copper sphere with coils on it at 90 degrees. We can send pulses through it, and measure and angles where the two fields come out. However by setting up two coils at 90 degrees for the output we capture all the angles and can then combine them in reversed phase, because normally they counter, but in reversed phase they sum.

We capture both fields, where they flare up, and then combine them such these add rather then cancel.

One can work their way through this spherical system and it becomes very obvious how this works.

Now given this information, what will be done with it?

Again who would think to use a copper sphere as the core of a coil system? No electronics teaching has ever described such a construct.
They have totally forgotten the reason for the pi/2 function in all the resonance formulas.

Pi/2 is the ratio between the path around the sphere and the line passing through the center of all the coils "the A field" in the origin of the electronics formulas. These are the first two field forces, Tempic and Electric as defined by Smith. And he states that the E field has both components in it.

So here in the spherical system we have coils all set up that the A fields converge at the center of the sphere at the same exact small area, center of gravity. If you read the document that discusses this, if we operate on the A field as a tempic field we can create 4x gains in voltage.

Can we increase the field density inside a sphere where we have no ability to touch inside it?

In the Lesson on mediators, we have an experiment where we do this to the inside of a SS can, and you can stick your hand inside to prove to yourself it works.

I am handing you the path directly, all you have to do is put this together to reach comprehension, and prove to yourself the experiments work.
I do not believe I left anything out!
But you have to reach comprehension on your own to make this yours.

Dave L
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You do bring up a very good point, as we sense these fields directly, is it in the space where we set them up, or is it inside our own mind where the vibrations terminate at the pineal sense.


You do bring up a very good point, as no one needs a gaussmeter, one wonders why the engineers made them, everyone feels the magnetic field and can give an estimate of its value in Tesla.
With a little experience, one can also evaluate electric fields. After initiation, some people can even estimate the frequency of variable fields because of interference with their aura, and the best ones can receive the radio directly through their spinal sense, not only AM but also FM.

"Open your mind, but not like a trash bin"
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There is power in mass rotation, and nature hands us the answer on this.

Earth, moves within 1/4 sec accuracy around the sun each year no matter how many meteors strike it, like a synchronous clock, and not as if it were aimlessly falling through space around the sun.

We can write a formula for how it moves, because it's motions are not arbitrary. The area under the curve is a constant.

If an orbit moves closer to the sun, the planet moves faster, such that the area under it's curve is a constant. Energy is not lost on each loop.
The vibration fields self correct over time. Riding the difference between the phi wave and the pi/2 wave, it self corrects.

We take the average distance between earth and moon, realizing the distance is frequency, and we divide it by 12 repeatedly.
We come up with a bench level distance that taps into the energy holding the moon in place around the earth.

We discover a fractal distance, that never stops vibrating! A source of energy, that is always present.

We make a Joe Cell with the tubes cut to 2x of this fractal and it never stops charging itself. For as long as the moon stays in place, the area under the curve between earth and moon is a constant. It does not decay or get used up.

384,403 km of distance and the moon stays in an orbit.

7.45 cm resonance grabs this field, and the JC tubes never stop vibrating!

This was the first cell we made that never goes dead at night when the power grid drops off its load at 2 am every night.
We had found the solution, to why the phenomena happens, and determined a better source of power to tap into.

In the process, we determined that David Wilcock had no comprehension of correct frequencies, but Deyo did.

If there was no energy to be extracted from an orbit, then the slingshot maneuver would not work at all.
The slingshot maneuver works, and NASA has proven free energy exists by having done it.

Gravity is a force that does not wind down, and orbits self correct like a synchronous clock.

Gravity Rods

Gravity is a vibration system, and it does not move an EM meter.
If we set it up in the Joe Cell with water, we can bend light.

Einstein would say we are bending space time.

I have never seen an Electrical apparatus that can do this.
It is a new phenomena for us to recognize and cipher.

This phenomena also has an effect on our conscious field, and one of the experimenters was very much into the mystery of how it felt to have a water cell of such perfection. We start out wanting to power an engine, then move to just changing the inertia of the car and being amazed, then we move into trying to understand why it is so attractive to the personal senses. It is rather comical to look back at how it changed us.

So in summary David Wilcock is just repeating the work of others, but has no concept of the actual interactions that produce accuracy, he has not experienced anything real himself. Data extracted from the ego mind without feel felt confirmation, is most often a wrong theory, and they simply do not realize how it can be tested.

The 2x Aluminum Bismuth core was so powerful it was warping the space in the garage, it had to be destroyed.
One can then see first hand why Bismuth is considered a metal that can be used to effect gravity.

Now this experiment has little to do with EM energy as we know it today. It is all about mass vibration.

Dave L

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When we analyze what happens with the creation of atoms on a frequency level, we can actually cipher the source of gravity, and at each step there is experiment to prove how it works... if we are diligent with the mathematics.

Here is a summary of all the work on gravity I have personally done, and I believe it is accurate from direct experiment.


Each experiment led to the next discovery, and I could feel every one of these, right up to the point where we discovered how to reduce inertia in a moving car using calculations.

One also comes to realize, that gravity will always win in this universe, over anything we do to explode things.
No matter what we do to destroy and explode thing, gravity will always recover it to a state of attraction and spin.
It has two forces, within it.

phi attraction, and pi/2 orbital motion. There is no other way it can work in this universe.

The calculation of phi attractions was a surprise for me, to finally realize and measure how it works, and that it cannot be avoided for all matter that exists. It can however be bypassed through a volume of space to create levitation craft.

Gravity  happens in the space between matter, where we can locate what we call the center of gravity between two objects.
It is a natural function, of the same vibration that creates the objects and maintain them as self sustaining fields of energy.

As we do vector addition back outwards of the frequencies sustaining matter, creating the sums of all the frequencies, they eventually hit a perfect phi and crash back inwards.

Mix any two numbers, using a fibinocci method, and you will hot phi within only a few step of the sums. The difference however will not do this.
So as the frequencies atoms produce move out away from them, then become gravity at the point of perfect phi calculation, of the sums.

The heterodyne concept is known in electronics quite well, and we can do experiments with vibration to prove it also works with mediator fields of vibration. We can set up fields around an object to cause it to couple into the field fabric and vibrate up with energy of mass vibration.

Gravity is an inflow energy, pulling inwards. That is why it can become a self sustaining source of energy. And that quality is what is missing in our current electronics formulas, and why SSF's are not obvious and easy to produce. Tweaks, can hit on these by accident, but that is not necessary anymore.

SSF's [self sustaining fields] are very easy to set up using these same formulas that create Gravity.
We call them inflow fields. They are convergent. They are a source of energy.

Dave L
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I am sharing experiments that can prove and expose these effects to anyone. Some of these are too powerful to hand you as first time experiencers, so I give ones of medium power level and always show how to shut them back off.
Again this one will blow your mind when you feel it.


The calculations are straight forwards and there is no EM input, but there is constant vibration output that can fill an entire house.

Two SS tubes, and two calipers, to set it up.

Those are 316L SS tubes, with a lot of internal tension, and quite a bit of mass.
Greater mass, greater energy level.

They never stop working until you separate the two tubes or use a calculated take down, the sum of both frequencies divided by 9.

Dave L
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The power of a scalar coil system with high diamagnetic mass in the core

Here are the tools to quantify the effects, being shown here.

Tools of the craft

One can set up the fields using a small scalar coil, and an accurate F gen powered off a low energy 5 volt supply.

Using vibration manipulations at the nuclear mass vibration level takes very little energy to create field coherence.
Field coherence makes all the atoms come into tempic field alignment, and begin to vibrate as one larger field force, in metals like Stainless Steel.

We can now set up a field bubble around an object like this to pull energy into it, from the field fabric of Max Plancks theoretical design.

We do not need to pull in heat from the environment, as that is not self sustaining at all and it is very weak compared to energy from the zero point field which is constant and never stops working over time.

How can one seeking free energy turn away from such an effect handed you with all the apparatus necessary to test it for yourself?

Is your head so deep into the EM stuff you are not willing to start looking at something larger like the earths gravitational field?
Or something smaller like the QED physics of how an atom works?

These are the only two locations of dimensions that can explain free energy scientifically.

Dave L
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