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2021-10-21, 03:03:39
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Author Topic: Critical Thinking  (Read 3130 times)
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This would be more believable if you showed the image with your field bubble turned off.  Then we could compare the two images.  Why have you not done this?


LOL! A good question Smudge.
I never had enough hands, it takes both hand to inject the frequencies into the cell, but the response is now instant.
My one hand was holding the tube and the other the camera, and no video back then.

Let me ask you this, say I get a couple friends to assist me, set up a lazar pen to hit the far wall, with a mark on the wall where the lazar hits it.
Then show me activating the cell using two SS calipers and the lazar beam then moves over a few inches or more.

Say I get that on video which could be done today. Would anyone realize why it matters?

It is rather humorous to me some of the crazy things they come up with to expose things as fake! LOL!

The lazar would improve the experiment, and we could even use two scalar coils with the aluminum wire and F gens to turn the field on and off so I would not have to stand in front of the cell with calipers in both hands.

Could even blow some smoke through the beam and possibly show it's curve near the cell.
Sounds like a good idea anyway.

Would that have value to this community, is it worth the time and effort?

Dave L

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Would that have value to this community, is it worth the time and effort?

Dave L

I think it would as it would demonstrate what you have witnessed in a more mind-blowing way.  Your photo with some straight lines drawn on it, well anyone could do that and it demonstrates nothing.

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I think it would as it would demonstrate what you have witnessed in a more mind-blowing way.  Your photo with some straight lines drawn on it, well anyone could do that and it demonstrates nothing.


Title of the video, "Activating and deactivating a Gravitational field, don't leave earth without it."

I like that.
Need to locate a lazar pen that can be switched on and will stay on without holding the button down. I can use the test tube holder to aim it stationary with adjustable height. Then we can set up various experiments to show the force is real. We can also set the cone generator in the beam.

In general sensitives can just stick a hand in the field, they are not interested in proving the science aspect, the feel felt is enough for them. But if we want to capture the view of the scientific community then we need to show something like this that will have a visual effect.

I will put this one on my project list.
Thanks for the input,

Dave L

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Ordered some lab components:

Adjustable Lazar

Lab stands

Should be able to raise either the cell or the lazar to get the maximum bend in the beam.

This one should be fun!
Maybe in a month or so I can make some good videos for the group!

Dave L
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One of the greatest challenges in comprehension is to produce Heat, Light, or a Powering Electrical field, from the Quantum Field Fabric.

I have not yet really incorporated coherent light [lazars] into my experiments as of yet, but the calculations are now straight forward, as light can be harnessed as a coherent field, similar to scalar cancelling system that produce conical forms.

Recently I did a calculation of ultraviolet light at the frequency where it is absorbed into carbon and various other atoms. The concept was to produce a heating effect. By using the geometric expansion of its wavelength in nm, I was able to determine the shape of the photon at larger dimensions, and map it using a finger.

To my surprise it came out to manifest a dual cone system in the caliper gap, and probably not really a surprise as that is the receiver shape of the retina of eye, covered with cones and rods.

Now using coherent light from a lazar and knowing it's exact nm wavelength, it is conceivable we could finally produce a light ball in the air, which can be moved about using the mind to position it. This would be a tremendous achievement especially to have it self powering and weightless.

These sort of light ball probes have been witnessed by many people, including myself.
I was out in a remote bay anchored up, and was visited by a light blue one many years ago.
It moved right through the wall of the cabin, entered my 3rd eye, and then after a short time it zipped off, right back through the cabin wall and off into the forest. I had a first hand experience with this phenomena, and I know it is possible to achieve.

However the physics of how this works has never been discussed opening that I am aware.

Obviously a weightless ball of light does not use batteries, or an engine as we are aware of these power sources.
I can now conceive of a possible way to achieve this using calculations, and then energizing it with a lazar beam set to perfect parallel [non focused] setting. We set up a self sustaining spherical system first, with a diameter that is a length calculated off a prime number of the wavelength of the lazar wavelength. Then we power the diameter using the background field, at the same time also calculating the spherical volume we would need to support the field as a sphere. Shine the lazar through the center of the sphere and see if it will resonate inside the diameter, and then radiate outwards in all directions.

Finding the downshift calculations that will actually work is the challenge. In the process we learn much about the qualities of coherent light.

Note that if we shine a lazar pen into a quarts crystal, the entire crystal will glow as millions of tiny dots we can see from outside.
As well off the tip we get the rings shaped curving fields of a sphere with rings of higher density and lower density. That may be a similar effect to what can happen with the SSF sphere of correct dimensions with a matrix inside it's volume at the correct physical dimensions.

If the energy can transfer geometrically into the coherent resonance of the lazar beam, then a sphere should diffuse it outwards in all directions or at least several critical angles.

Getting a nm accuracy will only be possible using a very accurate F gen, or some sort of diameter adjustment on the sphere, and the mediator field to power it. Bringing lazars with known wavelengths into the mix may be the solution.

Fascinating concept.

Dave L
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Religions have been started from such phenomena that is very real. The leaders want to take the credit and set themselves up on a higher perception then the followers, and with Religion it is based on faith, and so impossible to really reach a comprehension on the physics.

Eckankar is a good example of finding the light, and learning to interact with it. It actually works by connecting people with their own higher light awareness, while still in the physical, but it is basically a lie at the level of a Religion. In that anyone  who finds the 5th density light will immediately realize, they do not need a mediator between them and their higher self. The do not need a man in the physical to continue to be their guidance, to promote them through each of the levels.

Since the higher intelligent light has full access to the entire universe, it can take any form and come to us with any form we choose to deify.
I finally realized this is technical, it is not religion, but religion tends to purify us, into a state of pure curiosity and honesty, which is necessary to receive this experience.

Eckankar boasts of the blue light balls, and it does happen. However I had that experience with the blue light ball before I entered Eckankar training.
It did not work the other way around.

When I realized the 5th density was real, and it is also run on a physics that is real, but emotions cloud this process of seeing accurately, things really took off. If we take any phenomena we do not understand and see it through the emotions, our brain will attempt to grab onto some teaching we already have, and that is usually a religion of some kind to place this into a box we think we can accept. Since witnessing these phenomena is a shock to our reality. Only "pure curiosity" can release us from these old mental models to attempt to explain them.

Religion is an intermediate step, allowing ones to access the other two realities on this planet, and come to a stable way of interacting with them, while still in the physical. However with more experience on the other levels, we come to realize the physics is a bit different but they are just as physical as this one is. One must begin to look for the physics while in the experience. Is there space? How are the dimensions being used? How fast is my mind operating? Is there time?

The way we answer these questions is based on the dynamics of a reality.

Do thing there move, and do they change? Then yes there is time. It is merely experienced at a different speed of clock rate.

The emotional sliders, will say "There is no time on 5th density" showing they have no concept of what time is, because in the next sentence they will describe a beings that is doing things, and has motion and sometimes even language. The messages come in so fast they are deceived, and can believe things that have no reality to them in 3rd density.

In a craft that simulates a 5th density outer shell, of light, the physics changes. It can do what that blue light ball did, and what the Foo Fighter of WW2 could do. Zip right through the walls of an airplane, stop and observe the pilots, then take off again at very high velocity. There is nothing we can do to contain it from a 3rd density perspective of time flow rate.

The physics of 5th density lead to specific laws that are impossible to violate.
Anyone with a 5th density experience will tell us the same things.

You cannot be harmed by anyone without your willing participating and allowing it.
Everyone on 5th is an equal, there is no hierarchy at our point of being immortal.
The mental access is that of knowing everything that is contained inside the universe instantly.

These observations once experienced can be understood as a physics, that is consistent.
They can also be measured, from 3rd density in relative ways, using fractal resonance techniques.
That is we can study the physical of 4th and 5th density by consciously tuning our physical brain into lower harmonics of them.

This follows the law of fractal energy flow, in that with vibration from the Field Fabric, energy flows towards the smaller fractal.
This works in experiments also, and it is the kind of energy that we can tap into, to power things in the physical the same as atoms do.


In our culture we think of these "spiritual" things in obscure ways, and many simply deny them as real.
We make up emotional fairy tails to explain and accept them.
We may become blinded to the fact that our physical reality is being created and powered constantly from higher frequencies they source from.
We then ignore there is a science to all of creation, because all the spiritual nonsense based on emotions cannot be proven.

In Wilbert Smiths era, there were many saucers appearing in our skies, and the reaction was mostly emotional.
Mankind always reacts emotionally to the unknown phenomena, but in early times they labeled it magic.

Opening communication with these advanced beings, happened through psi contact with sensitives.
Wilbert tested the messages and they were accurate. The race that visited earth during the early atomic age, was giving accuracy on the psi level of communications, showing there is not only a true science to telepathy, but that advanced beings can use it with us to transfer accurate information.

If we embrace the phenomena as a science we start to get understanding, which religion cannot hand us. To worship what is more advanced then us, has always been a problem, and a civilization can be judged by how it responds.

Having now experienced accurate communications with these kind of beings, I realize the truth, in that they do not want to be worshipped at all, and the things they offer are not about taking control of our world, but about teaching us a better way to operate in a universe where energy is free to everyone and it is everywhere. To see us making weapons of mass destruction that can mess up our tempic field fabric, to them is a terribly ignorant thing to do to our world.

We hit a pinnacle, where we realize how to release the energy of an atom. We destroyed two cities, each with a single bomb, because our scientists had discovered the field forces that hold matter together, and found a way to breech it.
The first A bomb was not set off using an EM pulse, it required a focused implosion of vibration energy. The only field force strong enough to breech the strong force of nature. Now they have advanced to using a critical mass, where two balls of radioactive energy are allowed to touch, and they set themselves off. Their fields join, as a "mass vibration," and this causes them to become totally unstable as matter.

This is why this path of science has been suppressed to strongly, because it can be used to do evil things, and destroy this creation.
The message from the boys topside, you do not have to use it for destruction, now that you know how it works, you can instead use it for powering all kinds of machines.

When we come to comprehension of the creation, we also receive the methods of destruction, because the creation is a hierarchy of structured forms in the field fabric, a collection of self sustaining fields.

For every field I can raise from the Field Fabric, that will self power, I also have a take down method to make it vanish again, and that is totally necessary for control of a free energy device.

When one has comprehension of the structure of matter, they also have comprehension of how to disintegrate it.
Can we be trusted with this knowledge?
Are we totally in alignment with creation over destruction?

There is a natural hierarchy built into the universe, to protect the creation of a civilization.
If we respond with emotion, we are blind to the actual physics.
If we only strike out as an animal, we are judged as animals, to be corralled and contained on a world, and not able to break free of the gravity.

This does not come from external aliens, it is built into nature. We are subject to the same universal laws that they are.

This earth can teach everything we need to master to begin to leave it, with gravity control mastered.
If we do not take gravity with us, our bodies will degenerate severely.
The blood pressure in the head rises and in the feet becomes starved.
Vessels in the eyes begin to explode, and the vision degenerates.
The human body does not do well in space without gravity present.

Plus we will never get out there very far using rocket engines.

To project ourselves over vast distances is done by synchronization of "when" the object is updated from the background field.
Otis Carr had ciphered this using vibration frequency, to teleport a craft to another point in space instantly.

The truth is that when we start to work with vibration energy, it starts to teach us various things. We begin to change.
One of the first concepts, we receive from the Field Fabric, is that all life is sacred as all is supported by the Field Fabric with these same qualities that we are inherently built upon. This is a moral issue, necessary to master gravity control, as it is far too powerful to hand to a being with no respect for the structures that support all life forms in this universe.

When one masters gravity control using the Field Fabric to power it, they can go anywhere in the universe.
They can also master manifesting any element and any form from the field fabric directly, and they can also make anything vanish.
These a simple equations.

The convergent inflow field of the universe, is the part that our current science is suppressed from comprehension of. We cannot blame any other beings for this lack of comprehension. Only we can eventually cipher it, and it is up to us to reach that level of mental comprehension, no one "out there" is going to do this for us. What they do is attempt to leads us to explore it for our self, and let IT teach us directly.
These are not the actions of a suppressive civilization trying to conquer us, as we attempt to conquer one another on this world.

They know that working directly with these self sustaining vibration fields changes us for the better, and that is all they have handed us.

One can call this "cold science," but in the experience it is more then that, it is the introduction to the creation experience, and it something of wonder and awe to experience to the point of control.

The science we know, as we study of everything as external to us, does not have the ability to master the comprehension.
The spiritual experience, of seeing all things as found also inside us, hands us this understanding, and it is the science of consciousness.

Expanding our personal field of consciousness, is a field coherence like any other. It is physics, and not magic.
Lesson 3 is pointed at a first hand experience of this.
To use a machine that can generate this coherent field effect, that we can experience it directly.
To discover what we are, using a science of direct experience.

We become a part of the experiment by projecting into it, and experience IT, as an overlap to our own personal conscious field.
The field itself then begins to respond to our curiosities, and teaches us it's methods of operation.

The Field Fabric contains within it, all the intelligence necessary to do everything that it does.
There is no other way it can work, to do what it does.
There is too much organization in the universe, to deny this.
Once experienced, it is impossible to turn back and stop knowing what you have found.

Dave L
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Science requires repeatability and accurate data.

If a sensitive uses their talent to work with emotions, and healing the emotions, they will never find agreement across the board from all sensitives.

In order for the psi people to advance with science, they must put their focus on something we must all agree on.
This is right out of Wilbert Smiths creation structure, beginning with "nothing at all" and constructing the universe as we find it to exist now.

When the sensitive obtains an NVR chart and starts measuring the resonance of the Isotopes of atoms, they have found the first level of creation where all of them will begin to find agreement.

This is the crossing point between the conscious field and the creation of matter, and it is the first point of real power.

The human brain with a coherent vibration field on it, is large enough to create matter. To pull an isotope frequency from the Field Fabric and manifest a dual cone powering system.

This is why the physics people, cannot succeed with what they seek, to power from the field fabric, they have no concept of how to extract energy from it, they cannot feel it, or even believe in it "first hand."

Science today hands us everything we need, and when we can connect consciously with that Field Fabric, then it begins to teach us how it works directly, and it becomes self evident, how science fits into all this. Psi function can become accurate.
In short order we are interacting with the Field Fabric and creating both form and energy from it, in various ways.

Build a structure to hold and match the correct form and the intelligence of the Field will then fill it for us. All we have to do is look to perceive it.
With memories of the two slit experiments, and the meditators in a dark room that eventually manifested a glow in the air, by looking for it to appear.

The physicists, have avoided the fact that the Field Fabric is interactive with us as consciousness, and when we apply it to the isotope level, it becomes both powerful and repeatable.


The life of a "trained sensitive" is totally different from the life of an ordinary person.

Just completing the Lessons I provided, changes ones abilities in sensitivity.

One day I wanted to know if I had a source of tungsten in my work area somewhere.
What would a normal person do, go online to finally discover tungsten is used in little fusses, the small buss fuses.
Then start shuffling through the junk boxes searching out using the eyes, to see if maybe they could find some, or head for the store to just buy some.

What did I do?
I pulled up my NVR chart and located tungsten =>  W = 13.874 mm / khz

I set my SS caliper to 13.87 mm, and then used it as a pointer probe, and proceed to locate every little fuse in the garage with 100 percent accuracy, and did this in a couple minutes.

I used my spherical sense, expanding it to the dimensions of the garage, and holding the caliper for the vibration frequency, from my chair I felt every vector direction to a local source of the metal.

People just do not realize how powerful this is, and how accurate it becomes, maybe until they see someone use it!

When we apply the feel felt senses to something that everyone must agree on, it becomes 100 percent accurate, the table of the elements.

And further if one can "remember" the feel felt vibration system of a particular atomic structure they can then shoot it into a Joe Cell and manifest that element in the water, using the small voltage polarity to switch the cell from outflow to inflow, program it, then switch it back to outflow.

One can hold the little fuse in the hand, feel and recognize it's Isotope frequency, mentally shoot it into the cell.

The healers do this all the time with emotions, but few even know it is possible to actually connect with the physics of the real world!

Imagination is the enemy of such accurate work. If a person begins to map an emotions over such a frequency as Tungsten, they will never realize the Source of that energy they are trying to define as an emotion. This is why most sensitives are ignored as nonsense or crazy people to believe in such things. They cannot get accuracy of 100 percent, and so the baby is tossed out with the dirty bath water.

Psi will never be accepted by science until the sensitive start to take this seriously and discipline themselves, to get 100 percent accuracy.
This only takes a little time with a correct NVR chart and some elements to test out!

Identification of Elements

I particularly like to hand a person a caliper set to 5.76 mm for Gold, and a Gold ring to stick in the gap and watch them suddenly begin to believe the science of this is not only real but very easy for them to now begin to recognize. It pulls up a field around the ring, that feels really nice.

It hands them first hand proof, and introduces them to the science of mass vibration, which is a Source of energy.

Dave L
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When a calculation works every time, we are on the same level with Max Planck.

The NVR calculations work 100 percent of the time, and provide a base line for 100 percent accuracy of feel felt sensing.

There are two levels to the calculations, and with one that uses 10x expansion of the fractal resonance we get field we can sense to identify the presence of an element, and with the geometric expansion method we can duplicate the Isotope of the atoms at larger fractal size, a dual conical powering field. These calculations always work!

Further using the geometric expansion model of Walter Russell, we can set up dual cone systems that self power, and then shut them back down with a 1/3 frequency, which translates to a 1/9 area frequency of the lateral surface area of the cone, which is it's source of power.

With the ciphering of the ability to shut these back down, the work becomes safe to start exploring. Without the knowledge to shut them back off, they are dangerous to experiment with. Any form of power from the field fabric that cannot be controlled is dangerous to turn on.

We can now pull up a powering field, from the Quantum Field Fabric very accurately, experiment with it, and then shut it back down when we are satisfied we have comprehension of what we can use it to do for us.

This form of energy also explains what some experimenters have discovered, as feel felt tweaks have revealed to them is possible.
We now know the Source of these fields energy systems, and can repeat them very accurately.

This is the first level of quantification of the Field Fabrics ability to manifest matter, touching on the force in the Field Fabric that can become 137 times stronger then EM fields can become. This begins to explain where the power comes from and how to use it to extract energy directly from the Quantum Field Fabric.

I am handing you all the shortcuts, to show how this works, over 20 years of research and experiments, to get to this point.
An experiment you can both calculate and then feel directly, is worth more then gold, as it offers comprehension, and a new understanding of how the Field Fabric supports all life, and all consciousness, and it is our friend, it is not something to be feared and labeled as evil.

Accurate identification of these field bubbles removes all the fear of working with them.

Dave L
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The science is where the first time sensitive should be starting out!

Rather then looking for ghosts and goblins in the Field Fabric which will tend to scare them to death on the first actual meeting of a 4th density intelligent presence. I  used to go to graveyards and clean and clear the trapped energy of the negative emotions, and some would manifest right in front of me, the sorrows of the entities receiving all the grief of the living. The worst one I ever found was that of a baby that died.

These things are not hard to feel, but they are impossible to prove to science. Bringing in the higher light and releasing them is natural for any whom have experienced the higher light of 5th density frequencies, the "intelligence" of how to do this is handed one when they touch that higher light.
This emotional work is not something we can really share across the board other then to compare experiences, and even the ones watching us share this experience have no concept if it is true or imagination. Often we are actually working on our own emotional field to clear and clean it, when we think we are offering assistance to disembodied spirits that are trapped here in the lower frequency emotions.

Emotions do have resonance in the 4th density and are very hard to quantify accurately, unless we begin to measure them as quantifiable frequencies.
Emotions pull in energy to the physical body, and can either slow it's time flow rate, or speed it up. It is important to begin to observe this effect, as a sensitive. Most of the people of new age ascensions are playing in the emotional spectrum and judging the emotions felt as good or bad.

One can learn to place the physical body into a state of pleasure, and free flowing energy with practice, and this does maintain better health in general.
However during events of sorrow and loss as with the death of a loved one, we have to learn how to process the emotions, to really feel them and then let them pass when they are done. Fearing the negative emotions is a huge mistake, and if the tears need to flow then we may learn not to resist this release. The emotions need to keep changing and cycling freely without resistance until we discover we are the one generating them.

With enough of life's experiences and repeat emotional cycles, we may then begin to observe our self going through these and decided we may just want to stop generating them in the same way. Each time we feel a frustration or anger, we start to catch it earlier on in the cycle and diffuse it sooner, until one day we find the point in time where we are generating it, and then can stop from generating it so strongly.
This is the "curiosity" applied to observing ourselves  in real time.

In the beginning of using the scalar coils which can also hit these frequencies of emotion, we then start to realize they are frequencies, and we can program our mind to respond to them differently. I am now feeling a frequency, that I am generating and I am the one who programs and attaches the meaning to it. Fear can be totally disabling and cause one to freeze in the physical. Unfortunately the lower astral [4th density] where the science that runs the universe is found, we find the emotional overlay has often been programmed by the human to have the meaning of fear or other negative emotions. So it is imperative to recognize they are only frequencies of vibration and they are being generated from the 4th density, in order to change our reactions to them.

One then begins to ask for the frequencies that cause these blind spots in the field and freeze the body, or cause deep negative sorrows or other emotions, and one at a time we begin to clear this response and keep the mind active, present, and moving, always observing our reaction to them.
In this way we overcome the negative emotions, and begin to understand this is the human overlay of emotions on top of the basic frequencies of creation.

This is built into the animal programming of our physical structure to protect us from using animal consciousness to direct the powers of the Field Fabric, which are too powerful to hand to an animal.

The presence of Alien entities that use the field fabric for powering purposes can be very disturbing to both animals and people exposed to these with no comprehension of what they are. A powering frequency can bring up strong fear, in a human with no understanding of how their emotions are being generated and given programmed meaning.

This is the part that slows down our progress on the mental level of the science of power from the Field Fabric.
Where the mind is capable of observing the emotions and yet remaining fully aware and present and able to continue to think logically, during a fear experience, we can master this. No matter how strong the fear for the body becomes, the mind is more powerful if it remains engaged.

When we first experience a phenomena we have never witnessed before, fear is the basic instinctual response, and this is always the case.

Whether it is first time observing a Ghost with very nasty emotions that is stuck here, or it is the first time raising a conical field from the Field Fabric, this is the closest thing to magic we can conceive of. As 4th density time flow rate is so much faster then 3rd, the fear can be instant and searing powerful. If using an RM-1 crystal sphere with scalar coils and F gen, the first time gazing into your own auric field around you can reveal every trauma event you have attempted to avoid feeling and locked away in attempts to forget. This ties up a piece of your spherical awareness and blinds one to what is possible to use it for, as a fully functional sensory ability.

Merging this with the sciences, also gives the mind an out, and a path to fix it, to heal the damaged locations of the emotional body.

We must face every fear and trace out it's Source, to clean and clear the spherical auric vision system to maintain levels of accuracy.
The spherical sensory system offers instant 360 degree perception if there are not emotional blocks in the field.
This is a tremendous quantity of information all at once. One can trace backwards in time everything they have experienced in this lifetime.

If one does not do this in 3rd density life then it will happen after death at the upper 4th density location where most people will go very naturally.
The field must be cleared and cleaned to enter 5th, and end the incarnation cycle of that lifetime.
So this is a natural process. It is very intuitive after a long life of emotional experiences.
That is why older people can master this much faster then the young who are still working with the powerful emotions, and holding onto them dearly.

Dave L
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In the seeking of accuracy in telepathy, we cannot avoid facing the emotional overlay.

Any true science does not deny what is present.

The relationships of my 30's, the woman was mostly absorbed is seeking happiness.
The belief she needed an external target to overlay her emotions on, and really sustain them longer, is the illusion spoken of in meditative arts.
The emotions do not work this way to maintain a never ending state of emotional happiness.
She may chase this illusion for a major part of the life time, that her emotional state is the responsibility of others, thus no internal controls are necessary.

Modern science has identified a lot of this interaction my parents had no clue of. We now have words like codependence, to describe the bad situation of making dad responsible for how mom is feeling at the moment. He gets the blame for all her states of depression that follow the highs of ecstasy.
She justifies her emotions constantly over the logic of what is actually creating them.
Happiness can be the result to two people working to constantly resolve all the conflicts they encounter, but it is a temporary state of emotion.
It is an illusion to believe in a permanent state of joy, short of entering the upper 4th density and standing in that frequency to fully heal.

The meaning of these temporary emotions are the construct we create, that becomes our "illusion" in the world of meditation on higher self awareness.

The illusion spoken of is not the physical reality, where we have real atoms and matter and energy that is consistently real for everyone all the time!

These "emotional constructs" are the biggest hurdle to accurate telepathy experience. A distraction into what is self created personally.

We are the ones who feed on emotions, not some off world entity who wants us to feel fear so it can have it's dinner!
During self observation this becomes self evident!

Dave L

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The true science can answer all the questions of the universe and how it operates.

The scalar cancelling coil system emulates how the field fabric works, with billions of tiny points of spins in a tightly stretched Fabric, such that the spins cancel out to a net zero point field, filled with tremendous energy at every point within it. Exactly as Max envisioned it when he came up with all the calculations that work to exchange mass for energy, and distance for energy. Any field force originates from the same field, and the prime force is pure vibration.

This cancelling effect of the dual spin systems in the Field Fabric, can be used to manifest matter and energy, through the use of correct frequency applications. The Fabric itself then begins to power what is created operating against itself and to sustain it. The original yin and yang of creation are a frequency ratio we can identify using the sciences.

The original operation is performed by the awareness present, which sets in quadrature to the Field Fabric itself and can observe it, to cause fields to be expressed from it. The universe is constructed and maintained by consciousness, as a large conscious field fabric.

This can be proven in experiments.

Energy is not lost in the cancellation, it is converted to it's root form, vibration, with no EM charge present.
This is the huge secret, and comprehension, that allows us to begin to use the Field Fabric for powering applications.
It is how all the advanced alien culture operate. There is no way to separate consciousness from the operation of this universe.

Indeed we can experience faster forms of consciousness by sliding our personal frequency field bubble to larger diameters.
This is the halo of spiritual ones of the past. There is a mathematics to generating it.

The mind can stay fully awake for days, as the body is relaxed more, if the RA fractal is oriented horizontally passing through the center of mass of the brain. The mind operating at high velocity, with the body stilled and receiving the rest it needs, while the mind is calculating and feeling various parts of the 4th density sciences. This is the mental control of the zazen field mastery. It works.

The intentions are driven by the Will of the person performing the zazen state. One can even overcome the need to sleep at all for a time. It is learned from personal experiment with the mind understood to be a higher consciousness state then the emotions and the body functions.
The mind can put the body into a state of relaxed power, and freeze it even setting with back straight up in a zazen posture and resting.
Mental control of the nervous system can energize the body better then sleep.

This why after a 3 hour Karate practice one can be more energized then when they started, seeing the blue light glimmer from other peoples heads.
Tapping into the Field Fabrics energy is all about finding the correct frequencies. It is the same with the tools of vibration and now we can show this using science. This was the reason Wilbert Smith was handed the scalar cancelling coils.

Scalar technology as revealed by Tom Bearden was given an evil connotation, and called something like a reverse conjugate wave effect.
He had no idea how deep this goes into the fabric of the universe, and the very roots of what consciousness is.
He believed it could all be ciphered through the use of external study from the outside, and his attempts failed to really manifest much at all.
They were a theoretical attempt to understand Floyd Sweets actual successes with this. But Sweet actually ciphered the E/P ratio in a coils system! Bearden totally missed this one, having no real concept for the two forces pitted against one another to create self sustaining forms of energy, which also self regulate power output to be constant.

A true self sustaining field needs no regulator chips or governor to regulate it's frequency.
This is built into finding the correct ratios between two vibration frequencies generating an infinite effect that is stable through time, and self recovers.

I puzzled over this for a long time, as we discovered phi ratios either build up and explode things, or they move the other direction and die out.
Pi/2 ratios set there happy to do nothing but self sustain, and mixing the two at 90 degrees generates the gravitational field with tremendous power to accelerate mass, but at certain diameters can also create orbits that self power like a clock.

Dave L
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If we place our conscious focus out in free space, and then start to rotate a large mass, as planets rotate, then we start to ask the right questions to begin to comprehend the forces that are real, and must be present for it to work as it does.

Inside earth gravity field, we discover there must be a gradient that changes the fabric of space, and controls the velocity of light as a gradient.

When a beam of light passes through a gravity gradient at 90 degrees to it, the closer side of the beam feels a slower light velocity then the further side of the beam, and this is the space time curve Einstein defined, gravity can bend light.

This is why mass is attracted by gravity, one side of all the atoms, is rotating slower then the other side of the atoms, and acting like a brake, causing an attraction towards the slower side. The mass then begins falling through a light velocity gradient.

This gradient of light velocity change as we move away from the earth has already been calculated, and it should become self evident why this works.
The GPS calculations, make it very evident why it works.

We have to also understand that light velocity is the rest state of light photons.
They travel without energy loss through the Field Fabric and are sustained with the exact same energy, which is relative to their frequency.

This is the work of Max Planck, and the reason that NMR technology can even work. Without his calculations of energy and frequency, so many things could never have been ciphered.

Yet we toss out his mental model of the Field Fabric, because no one in the science community can detect it accurately.
And yet in the advanced martial arts and in the healing arts it is taken as fact, there is energy all around us and it responds to our consciousness!

Get a clue, if your ego mind is tossing out real evidence, then the path of your science is not complete.

The desire to make everything work with the flip of an electrical circuit switch, and to believe everything comes from electrical fields, then you have no clue of the actual structure of the 3 field forces.


If we envision the Field Fabric as a dam, and we begin to tunnel into the base of the dam with a small hole, and the water starts to come out with force, the main question now is how do we control the flow, so that the flow does not increase exponentially and destroy the dam. How do we regulate the flow to match the power we need from the generators at the power house?

Understand that with an atom, they do this function internally, with out external means to regulate the flow of energy, from the Field Fabric.
They do this using correct frequencies and ratios.

If one uses the wrong ratios, they can create an expanding vortex which continues to grow. It can destroy things.
Some people claim that phi is the big secret ratio that runs everything, but I know from direct experiments that a phi ratio can destroy things in a very mystical way. It can knock down a tree, it can flex the beams of wood in your house, it can manifest as though a hammer is pounding on the floor.
Accurate phi is the most dangerous resonance to set up as a mass vibration if not tempered at 90 degrees with a pi/2 field.

This is why a Joe Cell with water inside it can bend a beam of light passing by at 90 degrees to the center of gravity of the water in the cell.
It uses vibration to create a gravity gradient where light velocity is a gradient.

The more vibration we concentrate into one contained volume of space the more it stretches the Field Fabric.

If we take the visual of a drum head, and then pass a sine wave across it, the drum head stretches into a sine function and the added flexing of the head causes the head to increase the tension.

If we then send a second frequency across the drum head, the second sine wave adds more tension by the same ratio as the first one does, and these frequency then begin to stack up and increase the tension even more.

Each time we add a sine wave the tension on the head increases by a factor of pi/2. This is the same ratio that operates between the electron path around the electron shell and the vibration path directly straight through the center of mass of the atom.

If we attempt to explain all the physics at the electron shell level, then we miss the base energy that passes directly through the nuclear center of the atom, and have missed our target of comprehension of how the atom actually operates.

The electron path has no power without it's curve, and the mass vibration field is what holds it in that curve at specific orbital distances.

Without the nuclear mass vibration system to make the electrons dance in various geometric forms, the electrons would just go flying off the atoms, and quickly loose all their power of motion.
EM is the dance that operates over the mass vibration field, which is the self organizing form of energy.
Electric field is the result of two tensors operating at 90 degrees to one another.
Magnetic field adds a third tensor to create a 3 dimensional donut to create the secondary curve.

This is really simple geometry, and if we use it to do our calculations, they work.

Caliper Injection of a Mediator Field

This is the most simple experiment to show one this effect, to create a vibration field powered from the field fabrics frequency stack, and increase the field density of space inside the can.

There is your personal proof, do that experiment and witness a phenomena you never realized existed.
You can create your own field warp in a small volume of space, and stick your hand inside it.
It will self power from the Field Fabric, and bend the space by creating more tension at the point of convergence of the field.

This is so simple to duplicate, why is there so much resistance to study of the prime field force?

Dave L
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Caliper Injection of a Mediator Field

So why does this work?
Obviously sticking a hand down inside the can, we can feel that space is being modified in some way, and possibly we do not understand why or how, or the mathematics that makes this possible. That this simple experiment using only a SS can and one caliper to set up, continues to operate forever until we shut it off using a secondary frequency to null it out.

The light switch is a frequency, "on" is 1 frequency, and "off" is that same frequency divided by nine, and there is your connection to the value of 9.
x/9 is the off switch.

The field comes up instantly, and is easy to detect using the human body to sense it, which is a very natural sense, to feel the compressive force of space being focused adding tension, using a frequency that is always present inside it on earth. How did we do these calculations?

The added tension on the Field Fabric causes energy to be increased inside the can, and it powers itself, it also regulates itself.

How does this primal field effect the EM side? There is a 90 degree connection between the Electric field and the Tempic field we are now playing with, and it is so much easier to do this then all the strange concepts that EM people have dreamed up.

When the truth becomes "self evident," then the experiments will begin to work.
It matter not what we call the Field Fabric, it only matters we have the correct mental model to access it.


333000 hz is a vibration that is ever present in the Field Fabric, and to increase its power, we access more space, like drilling hole in the dam much further down near the bottom the pressure increases.

333 mm can be expressed as a line, area or a volume, and in each case the Field Fabric itself will resonate with our container.

The activation frequency of these resonance effects, is always a straight line with specific length, or a scalar coil set to specific frequency.

That is if our calculation of the diameter of a circle with the area of 333 mm is accurate then that calculated diameter will bring up the circular field.
It is the same with the spherical system, as a volume.

Now to increase the pressure of the manifesting field, we use geometric expansion. 2x, 4x, 8x, 64x, etc...

333000 hz x 8 = 2,664,000 hz

That may create enough volume to set up a volumetric sphere with a diameter we can use to activate it.
Find the diameter of a sphere with a volume of 2,664.000 mm. Remember that in experiment we have proven by Plancks concepts, x mm = x khz, so we loose the last three zeros in the conversion to khz from Hz.

Do the math and then set up a distance for the diameter of this sphere to manifest from the Field Fabric, the Quantum Field will manifest the complete sphere, and power it.

That is how we extract energy from the Quantum Field Fabric.

The math is straight forwards.
Calculate also the TDF, take down frequency by dividing this by 9.


Now if you have a spherical crystal or say a spherical metal object calculate a mediator to couple that sphere into the object. The field will come up around it instantly, and self power until the TDF is applied to it.

There is your on off switch, and can be done with either a SS caliper or a Scalar coil F gen if you want EM control of the field.
The scalar cancelling coil will act the same as the Quantum Field Fabric, because it places the two spins in cancelling format and it's energy then moves directly into the vibration field.


I have handed you, the concepts that work, the calculations that work, and even how to couple this into an EM field to make the field jump with a 4x voltage increase. How to access the Field Fabric, how to calculate it to draw energy from it.
Dave L
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As we move into more complex formulas with say cones, it is very important to have a comprehension of the correct mathematics to apply with each of the field forces and the various forms of energy we can manifest directly from the Quantum Field Fabric.

With the cones we have to change the TDF calculation, because they actually power from the lateral surface area of the cone system, and 1/9 the height of the cones will not take them down.
Where in we calculate the height to activate them, the Gold atom for instance will produce 3 cones in a system of overlapping or concentric geometry. Trying to take each one down will not work as the other two to turn it back on.

To take down the conical fields, we use 1/3 of the height used to set them up, and this translates to 1/9 of the lateral surface area of all three simultaneously, and takes the fields back down.

Setting up a gold atom isotope field anywhere near 8 inches is disaster. It may couple to the power grid. So there is danger involved in these experiments with cones. Keep them smaller and use the 33 degree modification of the math and you should be relatively safe in experimenting with dual cone systems, manifesting directly from the Quantum Field Fabric.

The experience of sensing a conical field like this is a true experience of gazing down a field that couples directly to the Quantum level, very tiny at the tip, and brings a connection all the way up to what ever size fractal we choose to use.

Because once they are activated using the first frequency they never shut themselves off, we must always have the TDF ready to shut them back down.

COnical Tensor Field Menu

Within this concept is found the ability to generate EM fields directly from the Quantum Field Fabric.
We set up two conical systems that will attach at 90 degrees to one another and we get a magnetic field response.
The math is a little more complex but achievable in experiment.

Thus even if we use one tensor field to boost a voltage on a spherical system, we can also then create voltage directly from the Field Fabric, it all depends on how deep you want to take this comprehension of the geometry and mathematics. So learn the geometry and math well, to gain this ability.

The Law of Geometric Expansion

This is the fractal method to extract energy from the Quantum Field Fabric and corelate it into all three of the field forces.
This is the mathematics that works in practice, and in experiments.


The gravitational field is a result of a stratification of vibration tension around all mass.
A field gradient that bends light, because at each distance from the center of gravity there is a different tension on the field fabric.

The field can be quantified using fractal equations, and is the result of the creation of matter as an inflow field and the creation of EM which is an outflow field that results in new frequencies being produced, that then mix and eventually form a phi function operating directly through the center of mass as a straight line accelerating force.

An orbit is established by adding the pi/2 component at 90 degrees to the G field and that creates the curve of the orbit that will act like a circle.
The two ratios combine at 90 degrees to produce the gravitation field gradient.

Distance from center of mass versus distance of the curved path, is a self sustaining ratio from the Quantum Field level.
This is demonstrated in the beginner experiments under the heading Machines.

Introduction to Mass Vibration Science

If the calculations work, it is not pseudo science, it is the real science.

Dave L
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Solving simultaneous equations

In the use of fractal extraction of energy from the Quantum Field Fabric we may want to produce frequencies that self sustain and also couple into the background field for added energy at some fractal expansion of the Source of the energy.

While setting up random pi/s fields that self sustain, we may also wish to connect this into a the 333 khz field to increase the holding power of the system.

To find these sort of frequencies we have to solve simultaneous equations that both describe the system from two different requirements of math and geometry.

Lets see if we can locate two frequencies that will interact with a pi/2 ratio and also add up to equal some harmonic of the 333 khz field fabric.
This requires ability from Algebra Level 2, from my own high school training.

x = y * pi/2
x = (333 khz * C )- y

C = a geometric expansion value for the field fabric 2,4,8,64 etc...
This will expand our calculation to greater levels of power.

If we make a spread sheet with correct values, it will produce a list of possible frequencies, F1 and F2 that will meet these parameters.

To solve this we have to create a new formula that has only x or y in it so we can solve for a finite value of the first variable, and then go to the original formula to get the second variable.

y * pi/2 = (333 khz * C ) - y

Solve the equation that gives us the value of y, and then go back and solve one of the equations for the value of x.

The two values given will then operate on the field fabric to derive two frequencies that have two connections to a free energy system.
To take them back down may be harder as we have to drop both connections simultaneously.

Obviously if we add the two together we get 333 khz and 1/9 of this is 37 khz, with is a standard take down diversion for a flow set up from the Field Fabric directly. One can now experiment with various other ways to crash this field and cause it to shut down.

The two frequencies can be applied to two concentric SS tubes, the power and size of the field can be expanded geometrically using the C constant to add or remove power from the field that results.

We can set these up using two calipers, or if we want to go much larger then the calipers can reach we can use two F gens and two Scalar coils to apply them simultaneously to the two tube, and make the field any fractal size we desire.

These are the calculations that will work. I have used them many times and they do not ever fail.
The background field is not a random thing, that moves itself about in random ways as heat in a gas does.
The Field Fabrics Quantum level of power is like a Matrix, like the pixels of a TV screen.
It is very stable, and more stable then EM fields are.

As to flexibility,
Magnetic fields in opposition act like a spring cushion and will bounce off one another.
Electric Field are less flexible but will discharge one another if they touch
EM resonance can be changed in frequency by bringing a hand near the coil.
T field resonance operates underneath these other two fields and is so stable it does not change ever, because it is the structure of everything that is.
T field resonance distances do not change no mater what we put inside them as to EM. They have no flexibility what so ever.

Dave L
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From the last experiment we see there are a lot of possible connections we can set up to form a web of relationships, and the structures formed can become very complex very fast, and with each connection of ratio or sum, we can begin to increase the complexity and power level of a form of energy that will sustain itself from the field fabric at almost limitless sizes of dimension.

Where in a few simple experiments can show the basics of how this can operate to produce fields of energy that will self sustain, and self correct.

Every form of energy possible can eventually be calculated in this way as all of them originate within the same root quantum field force of nature.
"The vibration went out to create all the worlds."
"The vibration is the word of God, and the word was God."
"God is a verb"

Spiritual ones of our history have come up with these phrases, over and over which all have the same meaning.
Creation stems from a vibration field, such that it sets up all that is, and maintains it over time without loss.

It is the part that lies underneath the fields of divergent entropy.
The creative force which can organize energy, creating form and structure.

We can show these concepts in a lab, or in your own garage, and no billion dollar machines are necessary to experience it first hand.

We can use many different elements of the table of elements that are not expensive to experiment with, because we have the frequency data of all the elements in one way or another from our current sciences. A great many have NVR values and the rest have mass values.

We have full access to experimenting with any element, using the the understanding of where it gets it Source of energy from.
We can verify that Source of energy on any of it's geometric levels of dimension.
Using little more then high school math and geometry to bring up Tensor fields that will self power.

Dave L
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Gravitational Relativity

Mass produces a gravity gradient.
For a small mass it is very small distance out.
For a larger mass it is a very much larger distance out.
But gravity works due to it's divergent nature, with a back flow inside it that is convergent towards the center of gravity of the mass with an accelerating ratio of phi.

The Boys Topside "We cannot eliminate gravity, we can only bend it. We can bend it enough to achieve levitation."

Now according the Relativity, the faster a mass is set to motion, the slower its internal time flow rate becomes. The background field is more busy moving the object through space and has less time to make changes with what is inside. However as mass approaches light velocity we get relativistic effect from the matter as to time and weight.

Now Dewey Larson states, if we accelerate small amounts of mass in a lab environment it does not become infinitely heavy, it gets lighter. He says in the lab I proved Einstein missed the negative sign, as he was a theoretical physicist, and I am an experimental scientist.
Dewey's observation were ignored do to the rest of his theories, seeming to be just too far out there at the time.

So now lets talk about the velocity of a mass with respect to a stationary atom.
As we all should know by now the mass of the atom is found at the nuclear center, it is negligible in the outer electron shells.
What happen if we start to vibrate the mass very fast at very high frequency, just moving in small distance but at very high velocities.

We get similar relativistic effect, to a ship doing the same thing. We get a time scale change as well as a gravitational change.


Next we take into consideration all the saints that have been able to levitate over our historic past, the monks and the yogis, who ramp up their personal frequency, until they appear as divine beings. Many could levitate. How do we explain this? Using the physics that we now have access to?

This is not rocket science it is Quantum Field Fabric science, and it is straight forwards.

The conscious field of the human is able to connect with the mass vibration frequencies at the core of the atoms, and accelerate their frequency, exactly what has been claimed over the eons of mankind playing with this.

As these nuclear forces approach c velocity, there is a relativity effect, causing a loss of weight. They slide the frequency of the body mass upwards, creating a higher velocity at the nuclear mass level, with a field coherence that is larger and larger, and this ramps the frequency up even more.

Changing the frequency on the mass of the atoms is identical to accelerating a rocket through space.

We note the same effects as the GPS sat system where the clocks go a little out of sync with the ground.
The Sats also do not feel gravity, as it's acceleration keeps it moving around the planet constantly changing direction and coming back to where it started over and over.

We have now identified the location of the field force of gravity and mass, and that is the location where it can be manipulated.
"Mass Vibration" as a conscious sense with a connection to science brings both paths of seeking together.

The scientist who denies the phenomena, will never find the answers.
The spiritual person who denies the science will never fully understand what they are doing.

If we are aware of our world and take the word of many whom have observed levitation phenomena, and light balls that move about scanning us, saucers that are seen by millions, even my wife, then we have to take this as a legitimate observation. Levitation is possible, and it is not the same as flying where the air pressure of a moving wing provides the lift.

Levitation is a Quantum level manipulation of the mass of the atoms involving a frequency, and the aware person who works with Chi is in tune with this force, but only the science can quantify it and calculate it.

Scientists who spend all their time inside the ego mind, may reject this as a mystical path that leads to errors of thinking, and in this they may be mostly correct. The person developing their consciousness and rejecting science is just as blind.

As a martial artist I realized we can set up a vibration inside the body that makes us feel much lighter.
A resonance that moves between the perinium, and 1/2 way between solar plexus and heart center, vibrating at a resonance that couples to the earth, the entire body begins to vibrate and feel much less gravity. It becomes easier to move. Even the feet vibrate up.

Now with the science part, we know we can accelerate this frequency by expanding our field bubble at this frequency geometrically. Now that we can measure this frequency we can then begin to design a field to increase it's frequency and see what happens. We can activate it using scalar coils at distances greater then a caliper can reach with better accuracy.

This is not pretend stuff, it actually works. The same as we can do on a car.

Because the person of awareness of the frequencies can remember what they feel like, they usually have no desire to quantify these frequencies.
However to design a levitation craft, we have to quantify what we are doing so everyone can then learn to do it as a science that is repeatable.

The scientist with vibration sensitivity that embraces the feel felt system of measuring and detecting resonance at the Isotope level as we have shown the data on how this works, can now become sensitive enough to start experimenting with this things, as they may now even begin to recognize the elements and remember how they feel, but also then how to calculate larger field bubbles and increase the mas vibration frequency.

In the Advanced Lesson 1 I state that one must use the safe chart to begin to become familiar with the elements, measuring the frequency of resonance and beginning to identify them using only a caliper or scalar coil.

These Lessons are not arbitrary, they have a calculated outcome.
Identification of the Elements

They are designed to bring together both the feel felt senses, and the science behind how they work and then how to extend these effects geometrically.

In this path is the next level of science, that includes self powering devices and Gravity effects.

And as Wilbert Smith recorded for us, it also includes personal awareness.
"We cannot teach you, we can only assist your learning process."
"Nothing is hidden or secret, everything that is present can be understood if we ask the correct questions."
And as I also channeled from these beings " Seek to attain your own comprehension."

When we open the door to Mass Vibration at the nuclear levels, we get all the field forces, including Gravity.

Dave L

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Creation over Destruction

Within the seeking of free energy from the Quantum Field Fabric, we must focus only on the phenomena that will self sustain.

If we set a large piece of explosive under a tree stump then blow it up, do we assume that all the motions produced were present inside that stump ignoring the explosive charge? This to me is similar to what they do with the nuclear accelerators. Motions that last a millionth of a second then disappear, are they really particles that can self sustain smaller then Electrons and Protons?

After some really deep study into all this construction of theoretical particles that are supposedly smaller then atoms, I found it totally impossible to use any of this in a practical way. It could not be applied to anything which would self sustain to become useful to the experimenter.

We do learn from this, it takes a lot of energy to destroy a Proton, but for me the rest of the theoretical knowledge has not had any real world application, because the concept of having to destroy a fuel to make things that power, is a rather primitive idea from the point of view of the solar systems and atoms.

Would it not be more beneficial to try to understand why the atom keeps working, without any external energy we would consider "destructive fuels?"

Why the Proton seems to have such tremendous energy to hold itself together, when it takes so much power to smash it into pieces? Way more energy to kill it, then we ever get back from these accelerators. Then the motions of the pieces that fly off, and do not self sustain anymore.
What is the point of this?

The seeker of free energy is more spellbound to the fact that the Proton is a self sustaining form inside the Field Fabric, and due to its mass it is an extremely high energy particle that never seems to die on it's own.

In my touching the other levels in conscious sliding, I pretty much received the message, the atom is the only distance moving inwards we need comprehension of, if our goal is to understand creation, rather then destruction. A constant presence of energy without decay of it's structure.

In the more recent years of progress, I found this to be absolutely true, as we can use Isotope frequencies to raise up self powering fields from the field fabric at larger fractal dimensions.

And then to finally realize that the crossing point of consciousness and the structure of matter itself is the Isotope level of the atoms.
We need go no deeper to create matter then study of the Protons frequencies and geometric motions. The Quantum Field Fabric does the rest of us, and while we may never now why at this point, we can show in experiment it does. If we hold a correct distance in space, then seek to observe the field, it appears. However the scalar coils can teach us this, and they can also become our observer function.

This is the level of dimension where conscious observation effects the outcome of the experiment.
Wilbert Smiths statement "Awareness in quadrature to the Filed Fabric"
This is why the Advanced Lesson of learning to identify an atom based on it's Isotope frequency is so valuable.
This is what makes a Joe Cell manifest an element, when we set it up correctly.

These effects can be scientifically ciphered. We only need realize that all the people who witnessed Joe doing this, were telling the truth!

One cannot duplicate this without the connection to what makes it work.
Many have attempted and spent years, to finally get it working to manifest something, working on only how it feels.
Observing the cells intently over time, a long process indeed!
It works. Creation of elements is possible.

When one experiences this, they immediately realize how stupid it is to instead attempt to blow things apart to study them at the Quantum level.
Was it the Protons internal energy, or was it the accelerators energy that we observed?

The correct question is how does the Field Fabric maintain Protons, that they continue to operate for eons, and never wind down?

If we ask the right questions, we can cipher how the universe actually operates.

The mental objective, has to begin to match the desired goals. This is why so much verbiage is necessary to enlighten people, their very thought process needs to be examined.

Dave L
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Most normal humans of my time would rather be building homes, then tearing them down.
We enjoy building a functional world. We do not enjoy having hinderances placed in our way, like the concept of money.

So why has science amplified dissection and destruction over creation? Why constant war over peace?
Burning fuel over self powering systems?

Tearing apart another life from for food, is what the animal hierarchy is built on. The food chain.
For animals this is not really motivated by vengeance, or hate. It is motivated by hunger.

Many belief systems of faith, will generate emotions powerful enough to kill other humans over, and yet there is no self evident proof these beliefs are always true.

Wherein if we become sliders of frequency, we can resolve all these faith based belief systems into a provable system that also contains science.
The science of sliding the higher levels of our own conscious field!

Sliding the Universe

This is the value of the RM -1 spherical system of personal experiment using F gen and scalar coils to slide the universe. To have a coil system that can effect the frequency of the physical brain, raising the field dimension to frequencies of 4th and 5th density, to routinely return to the same frequencies over and over, to learn to observe the other levels directly using a method of quantification!

To meet some of the beings on these other levels and realize they are us at a different point on the incarnation cycle.
This kind of exploration is scientifically targeted, and is repeatable.

This is the value of lesson 3. to convert the worlds religions into a consistent ability to observe what is really there, and end the necessity of blind faith totally.

To the observant scientist with genuine curiosity, moving through the worlds religions one at a time, trying them on, and finding the truth, while discarding the propaganda, these are "stepping stones" to find what works, and what is destructive then keep only what is true.
All the mental models of religion eventually prove to be false when compared to accurate frequency sliding up the levels.

They all project emotional content of judgment of souls, which does not exist on the higher levels of frequency.
That is everyone goes to the same place after death, and there is no wall that anyone cannot pass through.
We have total freedom to explore all the levels after death of the physical body.
As far as I know we can all incarnate as good or bad people, and it has no bearing on our existence on 4th or 5th density.
We come here to be here. We die and go back to where we actually are.

Consciousness is universal to all life forms, and any being can try out any of them.
There is no judgment except in the physical.

One cannot know this for sure using the path of religions, as they cannot produce real repeatable effects very often.
They are a means to organize people of emotional decisions, working in the emotional perceptions of "physical sensation."
All of this not realizing that the emotions are the least stable thing we can experience. They always cycle and change.
Operation of the universe, and the creation from atoms to solar systems does not change, and it is far more rewarding to experience then human emotions inside the physical body at such low frequencies.

A 5th density being cannot experience deception as we can, on its level of existence.

Even just opening the solar plexus center on 4th density can reveal everyone's agenda in the physical.
How can we learn this without using frequency markers to consistently get us back there to the same frequency long enough to study the physics of that level of our reality structure?

It is not really about having one world religion, as we see religion today, it is about discovering the truth of the other levels, and that they are not only real structures of existence, but that the physics on each level is very different.

Saucers can slide upwards right into 4th density and vanish from the physical, then take off at velocities we cannot even fathom, with personal reaction times of micro seconds. Intelligence increases with the speed of memory storage being so much higher in full spherical format. Gravity is far lower, and light velocity is much higher. These are all things I have experienced with the RM-1 unit over several years of working with it.

Where all the religions I have tried on, have never revealed these truths to me directly.
There is value in many religious mental models to learn to see outcomes of actions that lead to pain, or to more happiness.
But there are no real answers there we can call concrete, until we experience these levels personally.

The RM-1 with scalar coil and F gen allows us to quantify these things of conscious sliding, and record the frequencies for consistent contact across any distance of space. This is the starting point of accurate telepathy, and universal communications with other civilizations before we ever consider traveling there. Discovering how this operates removes all the fear of the unknown, and even the fear of death. Something no religion has ever handed me. To experience the other levels first hand and realize I already exist in them now!

I have combined the spiritual exploration with the critical thinking process, and used a device to get my proof consistently.

Dave L

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All these tools of vibration, consciousness, and personal experience from atoms to the universe, are based on how to achieve accuracy with our sensing ability.

The advanced races have told me to work on this stuff locally on earth, and at the point where we can achieve accuracy of communication, we are then ready to contact them directly. Until we work our way through the emotional cleaning process, to escape the limits of our personal projected vision system, and move outside this into the consciousness of the Quantum Field Fabric itself, we are not ready to have a connection with them. There will be no accuracy of the communications at all if we are perceiving them through our personal emotional overlay which we create.

We note channelers of the Galactic Federation of Light, stating they have "authority" to be this communication link, yet are not willing to be tested between points on the earth for accuracy, and often times reacting with conflict towards others, this is not ever going to work. They are still working on themselves, until they can get complete accuracy in what they channel. We are no where near this point as of yet.

What we used to call the "conscious machines" like the RM-1 unit are the path to this accuracy, and we must test it out fully on this world where it can be verified to be accurate every time.

We can do this now by learning the ABC's of the table of elements, that is a universal method of gaining 100 percent accuracy in the feel felt conscious realm. It is the starting point of perfect accuracy in using vibration detection and exchanging comprehension.
It is the fastest method I am aware of to make this advanced step.

We can set up unknown elements in photos or videos and test ourselves across the internet for accuracy even at distance.
If we can identify the element present at distance, with 100 percent accuracy, then we do have something real to advance from.
I can already do this, but I do not know any others who have even attempted to do it for accuracy.

The recent scan of the mysterious Utah monolith is an example of one I recently did remotely using the NVR chart. I scanned it and discovered that using niobium with quartz crystals creates quite a field of energy. The Orgonite people responded also when they tried it, to say basically wow, it works.
We can achieve 100 percent accuracy in this sort of testing ourselves.

Dave L
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Power from a coherent mass field is a new concept for most people today

We were all drilled to the extreme with how a magnet works, an electromagnet with a soft iron core.
The iron atoms clump together and form small magnetic domains, and the coil causes them to align and begin to act as one field, a Quantum field with only two poles and one blotch wall at the center.

As we increase the current on the coil, we start to saturate the iron domains and at the point where all the domains are in alignment is the strongest magnetic field we will ever get from that iron core. Increasing the current over the point of saturation will only waste more electricity with no more magnetic field increase. The electric field operates in the copper but the magnetic fields limits operate in the iron.

The power of this field comes from the electricity applied to it. It is obviously not a free energy system if we have to hook it to an external source of power. Iron atoms have almost no nuclear hook to the mass of the atoms, the magnetic elements are Iron Nickel Cobalt etc... Only specific elements have this quality for generating large coherent magnetic fields using an electrical coil system.


Now lets compare to a "coherent mass vibration field bubble" which can modify light velocity inside it, operating directly on the Quantum Field Fabric.

As we use a scalar coil with a very tiny trickle of vibration energy from an EM F gen. We set up a "correct frequency," such that the entire aluminum engine block of a car starts to align all the aluminum atoms to come into "nuclear spin alignment" at the mass level.

Keeping in mind that [ energy = mass x C^2 ] this force can become 137 times stronger then EM can become, and it is powered from the atoms in the resonant field, not from the power supply used to start it working.

We set up the field, with two such vibration frequencies, such that it then begins to self power and then remove the f gen scalar coils, and it continues to operate a coherent field bubble with no input power from anywhere except the mass of the atoms.

If we did not realize the power of the Quantum Field Fabric to feed the atoms, we would have no clue where this energy is coming from.

As with most people observing a JC powering the engine of a car, they see one big mystery they cannot even begin to quantify.
They start to argue over what they do know, air pressure flows, valves opening, magnetic fields of the HV coil, the earths magnetic field, the qualities of SS and water, etc, but in the end without the knowledge of Max Planck they all walk away saying something like this guy is just "magic" and we will have to simply ignore this phenomena. We cannot even understand why or how it works let alone begin to engineer it consistently! He is just speaking gibberish, about what he observes he is feeling, and saying it's all just frequency, cars run on vibration frequency.


From the first time we set up a pi/2 ratio between two stainless steel tubes, we remove the calipers we used to start the field working and quickly realize it continues to self power a vibration field bubble we can feel.
The larger the tubes, the more mass, the greater the power level and both the large tubes and the small tubes can be set up using the same calipers or scalar coil input energy level, yet more power will come back out from the larger SS tubes.

A magnet will not stick to high grade stainless steel, 316, as the content of Chromium is more, and that element is the diamagnetic nuclear hook we access to set up these vibration field bubbles, that alter the velocity of light and generate vibration field gradients.

In a water cell it is the H atoms that are diamagnetic and this field can become dominant, to pull energy inwards into the cell, as the O atoms do the opposite as they are magnetic. A very tiny electrical current between inner tubes to outer tubes can change the spin balance of this H / O field spin dominance. We use very little energy of an electric field, and changing electrical polarity inside to outside, flips the state of the water between inflow compression and outflow release of pressure. This only works inside a SS tube system, in a plastic system the O atoms will dominate creating outwards pressure which can cause an explosion.

With SS tubes and can, we can maintain an inwards vacuum energy system that pulls inwards compressing the water and holding the H atoms inside it.

Inflow inwards into a device or system is the very description of free energy from the environment, only this energy does not come from, the air, or the grass or the heat in the air, or the environment really as we know it, it comes from the Quantum Field Fabric that sustains all the atoms. This stuff will work out in free space!


Obviously saucer craft do not need to maintain a standard orbit as in Star Trek. We see them often setting stationary in the sky, or traveling at high velocities through the sky, and even leaving the earth into space. Whatever powers them is not drawing energy from the earths environment.

UAP phenomena has been witnessed from the ISS space station that is in orbit, and these craft have absolute control of the mass spin of there atoms to the degree of compensating for all gravitational forces in all directions of motion. They can neutralize all motion or they can create accelerating motion in any direction they choose to. How does this work.

Well we can use the example of gyros, in a small airplane. The planes have three gyros spinning at 90 degrees to one another in a box to maintain a reference to earths motional field. Because the planes move through the earth gravity field which is bent, they do not have to constantly pull the nose down to keep from flying higher. The gyros align with what they "feel" is a straight line, but as the inertial gravity field is curved they have no problem maintaining one altitude with the gyros. A spinning gyro with mass in spin, will maintain one altitude and cure along with the light velocity gradient at specific distance from the center of mass of the earth.

If we take one of these boxes before the spinning gyros have stopped, and turn it fast, the box may fly across the room under it's own power.

This is how the spin of mass can be manipulated to create motion. And we now become aware of where this mass is located and how we can align it using a coherent mass field at the nuclear core of the atoms of diamagnetic materials. ABCH.

From our NMR studies we should come to realize that at room temperature most materials come to a balance of about 50 percent spin alignment. That is about 1/2 of all the atoms are spinning opposite of all the others, and we cannot expect a gyro response form a basically neutral alignment of all the atoms.

In crystal work, we may have attempted to install circular fields on the crystal and discovered these spin at the crystal dimensions. Sometime disorienting us when we set them up and take them down.

However in the UTRON set up of Otis Carr we see spinning cones of aluminum and also stainless steel being used. Two of the diamagnetic elements, where we can manipulate the coherent spin at the level of atoms, much deeper then in the Quartz crystals, and closer to the Quantum level in dimension.

Rather then using resonant mass vibration spin alignment, the cones are spun up then pulsed with various frequencies that alter the nuclear spin angle repeatedly to generate motion of the outer ring of the craft. He hits a mix that causes the cones to rotate their axis with no torsion resistance on the shafts. The vibrations produced from this also hit a self sustaining mix of frequencies at some point and the craft self powers.

Most all self powering fields use mass manipulation to operate, that is the greatest source of power present.

In NMR we learn how the nuclear mass gyrates in conical motions when it is hit with a magnetic field at 90 degrees to its normal spin orientation.
We also know the mass is spinning the opposite direction as the electron shells electrically in the low energy state but the same direction in the high energy state.

Add to this what we do with Isotope fields, raising them directly from the Quantum Field Fabric and they then self power, and we can see there will be specific frequencies where all these spins come into a "precession motion" that will then begin to self power.
The spinning Aluminum cones have to go into precession of their axis for the outer platform to begin rotating under its own power.
When the precession frequency hits specific gyromagnetic ratios, the Quantum Field Fabric will power it at larger fractal dimensions.

We can show all these effects with small experiments, that create these spin alignments of nuclear mass by cutting copper pipes to very specific lengths. We do not need to spin them up at the copper pipe level, as we can instead spin them up at the level of a nuclear field coherence.
These specially cut pipes was act like they have internal spin, and feel like a Frisbee when we accelerate them in the correct orientation.

The point here is that coherent nuclear mass fields can be manipulated to create motion or to neutralize motion at the level of inertia directly interacting with the Field Fabric as if they are moving or stationary based on the spin alignment of all the atoms.


Cars with engines that set horizontal, or sideways, have less resistance to a change of forwards acceleration because of this Frisbee effect, which is a gyro effect. The old straight six setting with spin of the engine at 90 degrees to the vehicles direction of acceleration acts to resist it.
It works the same with nuclear mass alignment at the atomic level, and we have all the frequencies necessary now to manipulate this setting right there on the NVR table.


I once made a scalar cancelling coil using fiber optic leads and lazar light from a test box, to discover the energy was as strong or stronger then using electrical cancelling coil systems. The problem here is changing the frequency of the light, but that maybe controlled by pulsing the light, I do not know.
Supposedly the Tall Whites have miles of fiber optic cable in their craft. I wanted to know if the concept was real, I got my proof.

Dave L
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Energy from all around, must be moving inwards to a center point in space. A convergent flow.
Inflow, the one that most of the Orgonite people do not like to feel.
It may stimulate fear, and bring up any trauma events that have not been healed.

In Sedona Arizona, there are energy Vortexes, and these are very large. Entering them one is effected mentally and emotionally.
In Boynton Canyon there are many places where we get distortion of light. There are a great many small vortexes present that can distort your sensory field.

Bell rock is an outflow vortex. It feels really good. Your consciousness moves to a higher place where nothing of the physical seems to matter any more.
We hiked in around noon, sat to meditate, and before we knew it daylight was leaving. We did not care, as it seemed we were in a place as God might live above all earthly concerns.

Cathedral Rock area is an inflow vortex. It feels uncomfortable at first, as if you are descending into a deep place in the water. A compression of your reality pressing inwards. After a time I started to see a past life...a trauma event... a soul that I knew in this life was being thrown off a cliff as punishment for going against the local tribal spirit man. I recognized both souls, and mourned the death. All these feelings of that life were felt strongly.

The inflow vortex was like accessing the Akashic record and finding every point in time where I experienced trauma events.

This is the protection system of the universe. It causes those whom have not healed their emotional scars from obtaining the "power."
Men who had the power were feared, because of this inflow effect.
Men of power had faced their fears and come to a point of balance, that they could enter the vortexes to use them.

Unfortunately, the consciousness at the tribal level was very primitive and filled with animal worship [animal consciousness] during those times.
Life was mostly about survival and emotions.

Visiting those placed again in this current time, I had no problem dealing with these large vortexes, without fear, as I had been taught how to feel deal and heal by ones of Spiritual healing. I knew how to release the trauma energy and to cry, then bring in the Love and realize, that here I was again living a lifetime with these same two souls present in it. The one who had died, was there with me and I hugged her dearly.


As to power and why many run from the room screaming,

An inflow vortex that creates mass, and increases the field density of space has "mental and emotional effects."
However this is the dynamic that pulls in energy from the field fabric, from the Quantum level, as a convergent vibration field bubble.

Once we experience this, a person can then practice the inflow while reducing the outflow and begin to almost disappear to others.
I scared my wife a good one, while doing this meditation one time, she thought I was dead, as I started to go dark in the face.

Our "conscious will" does have a lot of power with the field fabric to bend and alter energy flows of vibration.

Other times I become a light to the world and turn the darkness inwards inside me. the convergent field points inwards, and the hgiher light comming outwards intensifies. This is light activation of the auric field, to a point where others will begin to feel it.
Become a light to the world, and contain your darkness inwards in purity and honesty.

So by combining the two kinds of energy flow in different balances, we can either shine our darkness on the world, or our light.
People do not respond well to the dark flowing outwards!

We have to sink the opposite energy inwards and deal with all our own darkness, in order to shine our radiance outwards on this world. There is no Yin without the Yang, there is no Electron radiance or heat, without the Proton to contain it.

These are universal forces of this universe we find ourselves in. Inflow and outflow are the two forces of nature that must find a balance in all conscious field bubbles. Increase the inflow, and the outflow accelerates. The very structure of the atom, and the basic level of all creation as we are aware of it, from a perception of the human body, heart, and mind.

To purify our dark side, the invisible part that sucks energy inwards, is the healing process. To experience the inflow without fear or trauma coming up then move to the center point and establish the radiance that feeds off it.

When a person is processing their past trauma events, they may go dark and stop interacting well with others.
It may take some time before they are ready to open up outwards again.

The human conscious field bubble is extremely flexible at manipulation of the field fabric and it's energy flows.
The job of the healer is to free it up that the cycles of emotions can be restored to a fine balance.

The emotional field bubble, as with all the others that were developed before it, is eventually stabilized into it's natural cycles, and we then begin the acceleration of the mind. We are done playing with the heart, it is working well, and it then becomes old hat. With the mental opening, we realize we can actually control the emotions and manipulate them when necessary to heal faster from the daily bad experiences of life.


What is not realized is that all this energy is "frequency" at the Quantum level of the Field Fabric.
We are inherently connected to the Quantum Field, and not very many are aware of it at our dimension of being awake in the physical body.
For every emotion we feel we can resonate it either in a caliper gap, or with a scalar coil, and record it's frequency.
We only need measure it as it is happening.

This technology gives the power of emotions to someone whom understands it.

When we started to explore the frequency spectrum, we found specific resonance lengths that would tend to restore the healthy balance of the emotional state of the human. Emotional healing, can get a person back into a healthy cycle, and sometimes avoid a negative self feeding loop, which can lead to depression and even sickness over time.

At the top of the 4th density is a frequency, that heals the emotions, we called it the GL, Golden Light Length.
It is a radiant energy flow that can enter our inflow points of depression and fill them with a higher frequency.

It is an ideal first experience of vibration for a beginner, because it lifts ones spirits.
It is a very safe fractal to play with, and will not cause inflow depression as some of the powering fractals may if you have trauma events still locked away in the memory you do not want to face and heal.

It is important to self observe your own emotional state when working with powering energy from the field fabric due to the strong inflow fields that can come up. Some will produce intense fear and even bring up past life recall of events that were very painful.
This is because when we experience these emotional states we set up the same kind of field to draw energy inwards, and stop radiating it back outwards.


The point here is that when we start to use quantum powering fields, we have to learn to feel deal and heal our own reactions to them which may be interpreted as emotions.

If we accomplish our engineering designs well, we will end up with a radiant field setting outside the inflow field, and stop feeling these as they come into a balanced state of self powering mode.

The scientific limit to this sort of inflow energy appears to be the black hole. Gravity has become so strong the electron shells are expelled, and we have a proton collection of higher mass compressing downwards and inwards.

I worked with a gal whom had lost a child, and there was a black hole at her solar plexus. It just sucked inwards constantly, and was very hard to ignore. As I worked with her to restore the balance, she began to feel the energy flows, and was then able to heal herself.

Associated with death, are many such inflow field imbalances that get stuck in humans and freeze the emotional cycle.
One successful trip out of body, can often heal these, when it is realized our conscious field does not end with the physical body death and we recognize one another on both the other levels.

Sensitives often know when they meet someone they are going to be interacting with in this life. They will recognize one another on the first meeting, and remember them as a soul they know well already.

However when the higher mind comes online, we begin to see everyone in the same light and remember them all.
The personal emotional process has now played out, as it was planned to be experienced, and the mind is now ready to seek a higher understanding of the entire universe. We may begin to see all souls as equals and with the same inner light and the same importance. From the town drunk to the mayor, we see little difference at the soul level. Interacting with each one a new sacred experience.

The wife may not like this change in her mate. As she seems to be demoted in importance, as everyone becomes seen as of equal importance by the one who is accelerating the mind.

This is a natural development of the auric field expansion, developing a larger field with higher energy state.
The halo that some can see appear around head.

This reflects the true physics of science, as accessing the Quantum Field Fabric and experiencing it directly.
There is a diameter for each development in life, as we glow our conscious field into the physical realm with more power.
We can learn to measure this field, just as a nurse measures our height and weight at the doctors office.

These things cannot be hidden from a 4th density aware being. There is no way to hide your agenda on 4th density.
This is just the physics of how the Field operates, it has nothing to do with some being claiming it is your God. All of them on 4th have these same abilities.

Since we all have a 4th density body already, when we finally remove the veil of the lower emotions, we too will have this same ability.
This is built into the very structure of the universe. We have no control over how this operates.

At each step of opening, I was handed devices to assist, and people appeared to assist my learning process.
The RM-1 unit was the main method used to clean and clear the entire emotional overlay, and begin to exceed it's frequency bandwidth.

A 2 MHz Function  Generator was definitely a high enough frequency spectrum to start finding light beings and 4th density worlds.

For manipulation of magnetic alignment of atoms, we want a spectrum up to around 15 MHz.

To construct powering fields, we want a full range up to around 60 MHz to start pulling in strong inflow power fields for machines that will self power with appreciable levels of power.  And again the frequency does not have to be high voltage it only has to hit a target frequency to set up the power of the Field Fabric and then it can be shut off, as the Field Fabric then begins to power the device.

So it is highly recommended working with much weaker fields of self sustaining form to first learn how to set them up and take them back down, as with a very powerful field, it will be far too late to attempt to cipher this.

One can attempt to follow the Lesson material as laid out, or they can cipher it blind for them self and face all the extreme hurdles I have had to face with powering fields I did not understand how to shut back down for a tense interval of weeks.

Dave L
9 - 2 - 2021
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Human Conscious Field Development

Many of the cold hard science of experimenting with what they consider to be external to them self, will not want to face the self, to heal the emotional overlay. At the first bad emotional experience they will shut down the experiments, and never return to them, not wanting to face the negative emotions that we all must learn to deal with.

When we raise up a large field that can counter gravity, and we must learn to deal with these fields and how they effect us. A good engineering will be able to overcome any human imbalance it creates. However in levitation craft it has been stated in many experiences do not touch the outer hull of the craft. Our body needs to be inside a gravity field , and if that fields comes into us, and we loose connection with gravity, it may cause death over time.
Also some craft also use high voltage at microwave frequencies that can burn people. These are a technology that does not yet fully understand vibration manipulations. There is a patent on file that gives us a description of how the triangular craft built by humans works.
It has microwave wave guides all around the outer hull, and these are extremely deadly to our body.

Where these land the grass is scorched.

In the crop circles, the grass is warped, bent but does not die or burn.
These are vibrational powered systems that do not use high voltages or microwaves that generate tremendous heat

Because men who have not yet awakened to how the Quantum Field Fabric works, want to have the power of levitation, they resort to EM technologies.
That is all they know, and what they can quantify and control.

A monk that is levitating, does not need high voltages, or burn the grass in the field he lands back down on.

Dave L
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My equipment has arrived to do the lazar experiments, including a fog machine so we can see the path of the lazar.
Should be interesting, I just need to now raise my energy to a level of constructing this stuff again.

I noticed that the adjustable height platforms have a base that is 150 mm square. This should make things interesting as that is a vibration resonant distance, as well they are stainless steel platforms. LOL!

Time to see if we can truly bend the path of light using Joe Cell technology, which most science has rejected as nonsense.
Any one want to predict what might happen?

Are my calculations real and accurate, or is it all pseudo science?

I find this rather humorous. LOL!

"The next 7 years will pass, whether you develop your sensitivity abilities or not!"

This was a statement used in the martial arts, when facing the reality that it may take 7 years to master a chi flow of the bodies orbits.
When facing a long term goal, it is helpful to focus only on the next step, but to often remember the end goal.

The Science of the Field Forces is the Quadrature concept, which adds one field force mankind has totally avoided speaking about.
The Field Force that involves consciousness, and all things spring from.

The intersection point of consciousness with the physical world, is the Isotope level of the atom. We can easily learn to manipulate the structure of matter at this level of sensitivity and knowledge.

Built into the nature of the Quantum Field is the protection of the creation, that no entities of animal consciousness, deception, and destruction, can ever reach comprehension of the structure of the creation. The universe is an example, as we can see it has been present for a very long time.
Creation always eventually wins in this universe.

Once we have a clear vision of how the structure is organized, this becomes self evident.

If there is a trap involved, it is that our very consciousness is immortal, and we cannot end as the universe itself does not end, and our awareness is part of it, technically.

From the 5th density level we have to face that reality, and that is why we are motivated to create new experiences. The illusion that we can end, is attractive to our 5th density body mind system. Physical lives, that offer an ending point in time, is desired by our 5th density reality which seems endless.

Every atom of our physical body also has a CU conscious awareness present at some level.

In the beginning was the Quantum Field Fabric, and awareness that could observe it!
Today inside each of us is that same awareness, that was present at the beginning.

It is good to ponder what that "awareness" is.


Yoga is the science of learning to observe the self, the body, the mind, the spirit.

Trace out the receiver of the senses. See where you end up.

There are things of these realities that all conscious beings observing them must agree on, as we all live inside the same universe.
This is the science part.

There are also things we each create that others in the physical cannot see. These are 10,000 things we can discover with wonder.

Seek to become aware of the difference.

None of us can change the basic operations of the Quantum Field Fabric of this universe, it treats all beings with the same support, no matter what they choose to do with it.

For a time in the physical body we get to believe we are separate from the universe. We get to choose a path, using free will. We get to experiment with many paths we choose over the eons we have existed as awareness.

However in the science of fractal resonance, we discover we are a smaller fractal of the entire universe, and have always had access to IT's operating structure.

Consciousness is universal, but it may be set up at various levels of spherical overlay.
All the realms are physical, within the universe, but the physics changes based on the base frequency of the structure, and the number of spherical shells that are visible from that frequency bandwidth.

We can measure these things, using our conscious sciences, from the physical, and learn to expand our personal consciousness, while we are still in the physical body. Consciousness itself is a field inside the field fabric, and it can be expanded to larger field coherence, just as a magnetic field can be expanded.

The 5th density body finds it attractive to experience ignorance, and free will choices, based on that ignorance. This is the attraction to incarnate over and over on various worlds.

It is reasonable, this science may be distasteful to many who are incarnating on this world.
This is why the veil is there, to hide what is behind the negative emotions.
This is our creation, the emotional overlay that hides from our view the true science of the universe, and allows us to experience deception.

The true guardians of this world are us, on 4th density, we are the Grey ones that maintain this worlds veil of deception.
Any one of us can leave this world during the 5th density part of the cycle, retracting our field back to the outer boundary of this universe.

However it is very nice not to have to deal with an infinity of being conscious while here in the physical, this is an escape from the 5th for a time.
Moving up and down the levels, incarnating over and over, is fun for the soul.

Time passes so slowly in the physical, compared to the 4th, and in 5th we seem to know everything instantly, but the 5th density body is tight lipped, it does not want the physical body to have to share its knowledge of the entire universe all at once every moment of it's existence.
So from the physical we have to climb the ladder, over and over, always seeks change and advance.
Yet all development of a civilization brings us back towards what we are, what we already are, and the things we already know of this universe.

The discovered term is "waking up" not realizing that from the other level we do not desire the same thing.

So what we can discern from all this, once experienced the complete incarnation cycle while still in the physical, we came here to be here.
Start to love it, and seek to experience it to the full.


Dave L

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Geometric Equivalence

When pulling energy from the Zero point Field, we use formula of Geometric Equivalence.

As we add dimensions, we gain more energy, as the frequency we use to establish a form, to turn it on, is always a straight line, yet what comes up, may be an area, or a volume.

The atom stated to be mostly empty space is absolutely in error. The so called empty space is actually filled with a field. If it were not filled with a field force, the electron shells would crash into the nuclear center, and people are not very bright to accept such an explanation.
They can be easily fooled because the atom is too small to really observe directly, so they just accept what they are told, take the test, pass the exam, and get their diploma. The ignorance lives on with the so called scientists who do not reason for themselves.

The field forces originate from what appears to be empty space, and any one playing with a couple of magnets should realize there is something happening in the space between two magnets. However that force jumping through the air will move a magnetic material, but it will not move a non magnetic material so it is not really an inertial force as we define inertia. It is material specific, because it only responds to atoms of specific structure.
We cannot use a magnet to power a craft that can leave the earth behind, with no other material to push away from.

The entire technology of EM is confined to specific elements on the table of elements.

We can go through the NVR chart and play with the various frequencies, and note that they are different for every element, and to have a magnetic field extend external to the atom it must have a very specific number of E/P/N so the EM fields are not balanced and cancelled inside the atom.
Use of EM is limited to a few specific metals, and the entire technology would not work at all using other elements. Copper Aluminum Iron Nickel Cobalt, doped silicon, etc...


When we however access the Quantum Field Fabric, we suddenly have access to every element with a field force directly connected to it.
That of vibration frequency, and if we have done our lessons, we also now realize, [distance = frequency] in the Field Fabric.

We access a specific distance in space, a fractal of an element, a dual cone comes up in the space of that distance, and we can study the form directly.
Something is going on inside that space, and it has a frequency to set it up, and another frequency that is an area which powers it, which has more energy then the distance we used to set it up. The cone is powered from the lateral surface area, not from the distance of it's height.
Thus it qualifies as at least an electric field by definition.

If we calculate another cone to power off the first, at the difference of its frequency from the background field, that second cone attaches to feed off the first and it goes into a rotation, such that now it interacts with a magnet. We have crated a complex light velocity spin, that might describe an atom.

We simply set up a couple of distances, and we end up with a complex set of areas, with one in light velocity motion creating a circle with volume.
The field density of the first cone jumps into the second cone on it's outer area of spin, creating a new field force that is 3 dimensional.

We put in two linear distances, and got out a 3 D field in what was called "empty space" with seemingly "nothing at all" inside it.


The sphere generated from atomic mass AW is another, this we can examine at much larger fractal dimensions as well.
We can also generate a sphere from the field fabric directly on any of its geometric levels of vibration resonance, by calculating it's geometric equivalence. These fields are very easy to feel.

Because vibration frequency is universal to everything that exists, we can use it with any atom, any element, and if we get really good any field force, and even any emotion.


We can set up a vibration on a SS tube, using a platonic form calculation formula, these patterns will come up and self sustain because the areas inside the form and the area inside the circle have specific ratios. For two dimensional forms, the frequency is the area, not the side length. However we use the side length to start them working. This demonstrates directly, getting more out then we have to put in.

Fractal Length = Diameter * (sine (1/2 the angle))

If we set up a square platonic form vibration inside the end of a SS tube, the ratio between the two areas will be pi/2.
However we set the calipers to a linear distance of one side, or fractal length of the square, to start it working, a lower frequency linear T field.

Lets solve for this on a large SS tube, and show how to set this field up.
We are now going to set up a vibration field on a single tube, using the pi/2 ratio of the two areas.

Center of the meat of the tube diameter is 101.62 mm - 1.78 mm = 99.84 mm

Fractal Length = Diameter * (sine (1/2 the angle))
Segment length = 99.84mm * (sine 45 deg) = 70.59754 ... mm

Set the caliper to 70.60 mm, touch it to one point on the end of the tube, and the field comes up in a ratio resonance.
This ratio feels very good indeed. The vibration can be felt sticking a finger inside along the lines of the inner square, and outside it can be felt to about 1 diameter out all the way around the tube. I also feel it in my head at 3 foot away.

Now lets take the field back down using a TDF.
70.60 mm / 9 = 7.844 ... mm

Set the caliper to 7.84 mm touch it on the tube and boom the field crashes and is gone. Vanished.

We used a linear caliper distance in the air to both set up the square area field, and to take it back down and yet we could feel and recognize the pi/2 harmony ratio when it was up, indicating our area fields were interacting.

These are the kind of experiments, necessary to prove to oneself, these fields are real and also can be calculated.

People would work with these tubes for months to raise up similar self sustaining fields, using only their feel felt senses, never understanding where the energy comes from or how it can be set up instantly, and then taken back down instantly.

Dave L
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