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2021-10-21, 03:25:19
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Author Topic: Critical Thinking  (Read 3131 times)
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Quadrature Model

In the SS tube experiment we just presented there are parameters we can relate to electromagnetic fields.

The side length of the square is related to the radius of the circle by sqrt 2.
This is the same ratio for RMS versus Peak power in an EM sine wave.

It also appears to be a Self Sustaining ratio used as a linear length generating a 2D field force.
An important correlation to remember as in vibration to EM our goal is to use fractal segment energy to power the EM rotational field.
If the EM field does not go into rotation, is does not produce much continuous power, as we can study on the spherical copper sphere coil system directly.

Dave L
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Lazar Report
9 - 6 - 2021

First thing I fried a USB box, the camera mounted right over the cell, energy must have traveled down the wire and fried the box.

Second thing the beam only deflected about 1/16 inch at 2.75 feet out to the target. The camera does not show very much bend if any, working on that from the over head camera.

Will have to look closely at the video now and see if anything is able to show this.
I must admit I am a bit disappointed, I was hoping for a better visual.

This may also have to do with the higher energy of the Lazar?
Red Lazar is hard to get good video. Lots of tinkering with this set up.

Dave L



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By lazar it is understood you mean LASER ?

Quote: A laser is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. The word "laser" is an acronym[1][2] for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.

Red (660 & 635 nm)
green (532 & 520 nm)
blue-violet (445 & 405 nm)

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By lazar it is understood you mean LASER ?

Quote: A laser is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. The word "laser" is an acronym[1][2] for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.

Red (660 & 635 nm)
green (532 & 520 nm)
blue-violet (445 & 405 nm)


Thank you for correcting my spelling!

9 - 12 - 2021
The Laser I am working with at present is 650 nm 100mw.

I am learning a great deal, and it is a bit scary at this point. There is a lot of energy in these higher frequencies, more then I ever expected.
I did a calculation for 650 nm and 660 nm and then found fractals to resonate at larger dimensions and couple to them. Mine puts out a strong 650 nm frequency.

Example I set my caliper to 170.39 mm, set it across the beam at 90 degrees to the path, and the field comes up in the caliper gap, pretty strongly.
The pattern of the field is a dual cone, which was a bit surprising, a powering fractal geometric form similar to an isotope.

I am beginning to realize why the lights of some of these UAP's is so intense at distance, it must be the same kind of coherent light field.

When the beam passes through the field around the JC, the room becomes pretty intense. If I set up a field based totally on the correct frequency around the SS can, and it wraps up the can, the light intensity will be very strong in the visible spectrum, and then with glasses on have to cipher the take down. I do not know if I want to take this that far at this point in time.

Doing that using the Aluminum Isotope fractals which are invisible, is workable, but with the intensity of the light that all changes. As the geometry is familiar to me already, there is high likely hood the experiment will work, but on the flip side will the take down work the same???

Do I really want to set up a form of self sustaining laser from a SS JC?

In past times we have noted the intense blue light may come up around a highly charged Joe Cell, and also with the spherical crystals.
These were always transient, and never stayed on. But if we set them up so they will become SSF's, it scares me.
The red light feels different and yet the energy is so similar to the blue light, very intense.

In summary what I discovered, is that unlike normal light, laser light has a field coherence the same as Isotopes, and this indicates we can set up fields that will self power, and continue to generate coherent light, until taken down. As well we may expect them to respond to telepathic control directly, for a being that can work consciously at that high a frequency.

The energy I felt thus far, cuts right through you as a vibration system.

In short this is not the simple experiment I started out to perform, it turns out to be far more.
What's more we know that if it is focused, it can burn things.

That is, if we set up a thin conical form layer around the SS can, and the lazer does wind up and around it's surface as the isotopes fields do, I could have a very intense self powering system that may cause fires, and this experiment should be done in a more controlled environment then my garage.

I have been pondering this now since the first few days of having the laser up and feeling what it does to the Joe Cell energy field.
The laser opens a whole new level of possible experiment, and I do not know if I am up to this task.

I did calculate some fields to try on the cell to energize this on it, but am very hesitant to activate them.
By mixing with the formulas we already have to create gradients, we can do this, but do I really want to?
And if I do, should I share it with the public, as the Isotope fields have been the most dangerous thing I have shared to date, and no one I am aware of has yet to even understand them, let alone duplicate them.

This has also now answered one of my long asked for questions. When that blue light ball came into the boat that day and moved right into my forehead, and with eyes closed I could still see it, how could that intense light penetrate my closed eyes, and I saw it clearly and felt it?
That energy moved all through my head, and delivered a message that was a conscious field.

One does not feel energy like that from a normal incandescent light. But with these coherent light beams, we can feel a strong vibration energy from them. Then from realizing they have the same basic geometry as isotopes do, this opens a new door for control and direct generation from the background field.

So this is why I have been dragging my feet on this one. It may yet come together, to produce something practical, but right now I am still pondering theoretical set ups that may be safe enough to play with. I may have to move down to 5mw beams, and possibly even to blue?

Attached spreadsheet, with a gravity gradient calculation for the cell, and at the bottom some fractals that resonate with the two frequencies 650 nm and 660 nm. These fractals seems to work.

Again this is a dangerous experiment, if you do this wear the glasses to attenuate the laser frequency you are working with.
These are the highest frequencies I have ever worked with.

Dave L
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We now finally have a group of professors and Phd's that are seriously opening the door on psi phenomena, and seeking a science level of explanation.

A few good videos on this.

Doctor Rupert Sheldrake

The Extended mind

Dean Radin

These people are all working together, and attempting to open the eyes of a conventional science to dispel the problem of bias against the subject of consciousness, and Psi phenomena.

Dave L

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The phenomena of power, can always be measured using fractal methods of distance tuning.

I set my ham radio to a frequency of 14.250 Mhz, set my caliper to 142.50 mm = 14.250 cm, key the transmitter at 100 watts into the antenna outside, I feel the power of the vibration field on all the stainless steel of the calipers in my hand.

Opening this sensory ability, allows us to begin to understand what power is, at the quantum levels, it always has a "frequency" involved.

Power does not have an electrical polarity per say, but using electricity to generate power works.
Thus a feedback loop using vibration can support either polarity of the electric field in AC mode.

How do we extract a power vibration from an AC wave that has two polarities of peak voltage? We set up the voltages to fight or cancel out, and the pressure differential can then be extracted into a resonant length element. As with a caliper that only grabs a small portion of the power vibration, a copper or aluminum tube can grab a lot more energy. A diamagnetic metal, which responds with pressures to oppose what the EM wave is doing and attempts to counter it.

This requires some inverted thinking. How do we extract power from a system that is fighting itself to remain stable?
Where the stabilizing force is greater then the power being sent into it on the electron electrical level.


The only form of energy from EM that can create self powering systems is the vibration component of the power released in the field.
A circuit with no load, cannot set up a self sustaining form of power. The power vibration must be present to set up the feedback loop.

We must extract the vibration energy then use fractal amplification to create a power loop, such that it always assists the powering side of the circuit, and then eventually takes it over.

Meters can be used to calculate this illusive thing we call power [motion with pressure behind it] but they cannot directly measure power per say, it is the motion of the little aluminum disc in the power meter that turns the registers that calculate the watthours of electrical energy use.
A digital chip can now be used as well, but the sensors that run it do not directly measure the power of the vibration field, they calculate it based on voltage times current at various angles of resonance lag [Power Factor].


When ever power is drawn from a copper wire circuit, the voltage and current go out of phase by 90 degrees if no capacitive inductance is added externally. Capacitance between two parallel wires is also a function of the voltage between them.
Tesla made a coil with two conductors, then ran them in series, to create a voltage between them increasing the capacitance of the coil system.
This changes the coil resonant frequency as if we added an external capacitor, but it does it along all the wire in the coil.

If we run the current the same direction through both wires, they will repel one another. If we reverse the current direction in one wire they will attract.

We should at this point realize that electrons do not attract one another, so there is another force in operation here we are not accounting for.
A force that pulls inwards, and that is the kind of force that can extract energy from outside itself in the field fabric, to increase the power of a system internal to itself.

We also note the resonance frequency of the dual wound coil in canceling mode has a higher frequency resonance then either of the coils used independently. Higher frequency = more energy [Max Planck].

This indicates the basic reason for the scalar cancelling coil system, it can pull in energy from the background field. And from physics, we must recognize this inflow field force, is related to the nucleus of the atom where it's mass is located, as it is able to hold the electron shells in orbits.

This is a very logical process of steps, to reveal how to pull in power from the field fabric.


The next thing we need to factor in is frequency, and how we can increase the power being pulled in by coupling the frequency of the coil with the background field frequency stack. For any frequency being used in the coil system we can set up a mediator field of vibration around it to couple it into the quantum field fabric geometric structure.

If we can pull in enough power, we should not need any external sources of energy to run the field. This is a cop of infinity by usual thought, but in reality it is not, there is a power source that is very real, and will have power extracted from it that is equal to whatever we use, a cop of 1 to 1 minus any lost power at the EM side level of resistance once we convert to entropic methods of release of the power [EM].
That part we do not care about because the Quantum Field is an infinite source as far as we are concerned.
The measurement of efficiency is now only related to the heat produced on the EM side.

Floyd Sweets system gave him a kind of frost burn, from intense cold energy. A flow of positive charged photons from the nuclear core of the copper atoms, with too few electron motions to balance it up to room temperatures. Wherein a flow of electrons will cause heat in every case in copper wire.


Where the electron and proton fields go 90 degrees out of phase in copper medium, this can be countered using capacitors in traditional power factor correction, or by using a 90 degree geometry, as in the alternate methods used before we were even born.

Floyds coil system used a ratio, found in the atoms, that operates between electron and proton as a vibration system which links them together at very specific ratio of operation. Using geometric contraction of the 2 dimensional fractal we find his coil ratio between the two coils at 90 degrees.

When the electron and proton fields in all the wire couple at this ratio at 90 degrees, they set up a similar system of coupling used by the hydrogen atom to hold it's field present and continue to stabilize it, no matter what we throw at the atom, as this field is 137 times stronger then any magnet we can create. While the electrons attempt to escape, the proton field continues to hold them captured and cause them to accelerate around it.

Come to know and recognize these 3 field forces from experiencing them.
When we come to know and feel them personally, and add the education of modern day physics and electronics, we are ready to start using techniques to make self powering devices that actually work.

We must become familiar with the Quantum Source Field, and how it operates using fractal expansion and contraction of octaves to pass energy between different frequency elements of power.

The atomic mass of the atom is all about power, and it is regulated and supported by vibration energy.
If it were only supported by EM, then it could not become 137 times stronger then EM fields can become.


Lesson 4 Mediator Fields
Caliper Injection of a Mediator Field on a SS can

EM Considerations
Electron Proton Ratio

It does not matter if we call the two field particles the Yin and the Yang, or the Electron and the Proton, they still operate this universe of physical matter just the same, but it is nice boost to now know the stability ratio between their two frequency sets, and be able to show and to feel this with a real experiment. This is a metric of nature, and you can now experience it directly for yourself. You do not need any such blind faith as a religion would require of you.

This is where the spiritual and the scientific fields merge into one truth. The universe sets up the rules, and when we discover our understanding of them them to work, we are advancing as a culture.

Dave L
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In my early years of experiment I wound hundreds of coils, and I cut hundreds of resonant length wires, pipes, and tubes.

Over time, things that made no sense to me slowly revealed their secrets, but it was not an easy thing, because at each step of tracing out where the power comes from, I had to completely change my own mental models of reality.

This is the hardest part, and may take time, as when your reality crashes, all the new data has to integrate into a new mental model.

The training of the way consciousness works to interact with the field was a method I knew about, that speeded up this process.
Developing sincere curiosity, and then diving into the current knowledge base of physics, to really understand what we already know was also essential.

Eventually working with the atomic mental models is where it pays off, as I traced the power first into the atoms, and then eventually realized they also power from the quantum field fabric, and then proving to myself that field is in fact everywhere... I resisted these truths at each level where my beliefs would block the progress of the data in the experiments.

My last step was Quantum physics, not of current science, but of the past work of Wilbert Smith and then finally finding the work of Planck, to realize he was the main focal point of ciphering free energy systems.

Maybe it is not possible for an electronics engineer, or technician to reach this point of realization, without moving through all those steps, but I now know it can be engineered and will work, if the calculations are done correctly.

I now believe it is quite possible humans on earth had flying saucers working way back around the 60's if not in the 50's.
In WW2 we saw too many things happening that add up to this possibility.

What is the correct formula?

Conscious perception sensitivity - work with sensitives to observe vibration energy - quantify it
A working mental model of physics - where the two slit experiments will open some doors
The structure of consciousness in the physical realm - spherical balls of energy that are conscious. [Foo Fighters - chakras etc...]

Understanding of the power structure of the atom - atomic bomb - where is the major power located - is it already a free energy device?
The 3 field forces - Wilbert Smiths New Science
A higher moral Ethic - concern for mankind as one species - a positive outlook for how good it can be when these things are understood


The current systems, in almost every case, works against the next step of mankind's acceleration forwards as a public supported system.
Power struggles - between all social entities - financial competition - and government systems.
Secrets = advantage in the markets.
Deception = Good Politics
Corporations Prospectus Definitions limit humanitarian outcomes, and can jail boards that do not profit the shareholders over any social concerns.

From the standpoint of an advanced race, our world is a primitive one. Even a tribal system with no money system does better to support all it's members.

Religions divide groups into contradictory belief systems of "magical thinking" based on emotional aspects of life rather then on actual reality as can be proven to work. Lack of understanding of what consciousness is and it's geometry in physical space.

The nuclear level of atoms is very volatile and malleable, as was discovered with the work on the 30 degree cones, derived from the nuclear resonance work. It is so fragile one can create elements, and also disintegrate them using TDF data.
The claim that an advanced race can totally disintegrate an entire world from outside it, is a very practical claim, from experiments I have done with the isotope structures. I have no doubts that advanced Greys could take out this world using only telepathy and their understanding of the structure of matter. All atoms are powered from the field convergent into them from the field fabric, and from any point consciousness can effect them directly.

Take down of a conical isotope form, does not create an explosion to destroy it. It removes its source of energy by nulling it out. Matter will vanish without any sort of disturbance to the space around it. If I can do this on my workbench, then an advanced race certainly can. I had to do it at larger fractal dimensions then atoms, but an advanced race could likely do it to what we see as regular matter.

Our planet is very fragile to any advanced race and if they wanted it gone, it would be gone. The fact that they do not interfere shows a universal will that life and physical beings are a part of natures will. It would seem that as I found in the work with consciousness, the will is oriented towards creation over destruction. If that is not the case, one will always be blind to real advance. Consciousness seeks creation and structure, and it abhors destruction.

All structure of the universe reflects self organizing forms are present everywhere, and there is no matter existing that contains no energy of motion anywhere at any level. In a quantum field fabric, it makes sense that every powered motion should have a corresponding vibration system running it.
To ignore this truth, one will always be blind, EM is only the final step to make our world safe along it's outer boundary of the atomic levels.
If EM was not entropic, then the first lightening strike from clouds to earth would destroy the entire planet and all life on it's surface for sure.

As a divergent field, EM is what isolates the nuclear isotopes from their fragile state of attaching to one another. Conical forms that will instantly attach to one another, morph into other elements, and never stop working would eventually fill all space and there would be no room left to create anything anywhere. The universe would then contain only one solid mass of heavy weight and nothing else. This is why consciousness must be in control at some level with take down ability.

Does not matter what we call that consciousness that grants permission to reach an understanding, it does exist, and if it did not the creation of this universe would never have become what it is.

I term it the Grey Protocols, and IT requires a moral ethic be present in a person in order to trust that being to choose creation over destruction.
If loosed on a world that is not responsible and loves humankind, this world would be destroyed in very short order, from the consciousness of the "animal passions" we now reflect.

The "work around" with the 30 degree conical forms can be stabilized by converting them to 33 degree cones. These do not attach to everything they are exposed to, but can provide real power. However what if someone with negative intentions was to use this knowledge to damage others for personal gain. The destruction would soon become exponential.

Since the rulers of our world always choose the military path over co operation and supporting one another, it is very clear what the result would be, with weapons that could disintegrate matter. Sooner or later they would be used in man against man encounters, social group against social group, religion against religion, etc...

The Grey Protocols will withhold comprehension from anyone whom chooses that negative path, and block it from being used by any military force.
Atomic weapons are an example, and how many of these sites have been shut down by saucers, hoping we will recognize this is not a national security issue, it is a mankind surviving scenario? There may not be a post atomic war story to be told by any humans at all.

They shut down the missell silos and hand Wilbert Smith the understanding of energy from the field fabric.

Dave L


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The two videos linked below are documentaries which show actual examples of activities that should be "Impossible" if our Physical Reality existed as we're taught that it does.

Clearly, what we are taught as the Prevailing Theories about Matter and Energy and Levitation and Physical Re-location and Moving Solids Through Solids are very wrong.

How are Magicians and Conjurers able to do these things?

More importantly, how are the Greys able to do these things and more?

First Video

Second Video

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.
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Clearly, what we are taught as the Prevailing Theories about Matter and Energy and Levitation and Physical Re-location and Moving Solids Through Solids are very wrong.

How are Magicians and Conjurers able to do these things?

Because they are clever.

Do you seriously imagine that Monty defeated Rommel at El Alamein using your fanciful ideas rather than a stage magician from London's West end?

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Quote from: Paul-R
Because they are clever.

"Cleverness" is always an important part of the equation when dealing with what appears to be Prestidigitation.

But, clearly, much more is involved.

Have you no belief in the "Supernatural" or the "Para-Normal?"

Quote from: Paul-R
Do you seriously imagine that Monty defeated Rommel at El Alamein using your fanciful ideas rather than a stage magician from London's West end?

I'm afraid I have no opinion yet on that matter.

But, then, I'm not certain that I comprehend your question...

Could you rephrase it to add clarity?

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.
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But, then, I'm not certain that I comprehend your question...

Could you rephrase it to add clarity?

A stage magician called Jasper Maskelyne did a trick on stage which moved a bottle of wine from one vertical tube to another. it is a standard trick. (Tommy Cooper was particularly good at it).

Army research people saw the show and said to him that it was very impressive - but he's get the Military Cross if he could do that in the Western desert for Montgomery, moving tanks instead. He said he could, got a commission and did. Rommel lost the battle and it is seen by historians as the turning point in the war.

The point is that if you are up against a skilled conjuror, you will not see how it is done. Videos are worthless because it is about control of the audience's attention.


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Quote from: Paul-R
The point is that if you are up against a skilled conjuror, you will not see how it is done. Videos are worthless because it is about control of the audience's attention.

The point is:  The skilled Conjurer performs physical re-arrangement by means of special powers that are far beyond prestidigitation.

The Conjurers even admit how they acquired those powers to perform Supernatural Demonstrations.

Powers that are capable of making the "Impossible" possible.

For the few who have made "the deal."

What is your explanation for those Supernatural Demonstrations?

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.
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What is your explanation for those Supernatural Demonstrations?

They aren't supernatural.

Study how Maskelyne made a fool out of Rommel. He did it three times, except the third, shifting Alexandria a few miles down the coast, made a fool out of Göring instead.
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I would be asking different questions,

Did Searl's first machine actually accelerate and fly off into the sky? Why is he no longer able to produce a working device?
Did Hammel's conical Saucer engine actually shut down the cars in a large area, and zoom off into the sky?

Did the Searl duplication at Helsinki Finland actually produce 8 kw of power and develop a blue auric field all the way around it as a self running system?

Did Floyd Sweets VTA actually work as documented by Tom Bearden?

Did the group that met in Oregon with me, actually run an engine on a Joe Cell with no gasoline, and did that engine go cool when it took off at high RPMs smoothing out, using the Bill Williams cell design?

Does the 89/50 vibration application to a normal engine actually reduce inertia of the cars motions through space, and increase the engines power?
Light Activation of a Car

Can a person actually send 4 frequencies of vibration across the room using his mind and chi abilities and cause the entire group of frequencies to instantly appear on an identical hemisphere system [Moe joe Cell] telepathically?
Geometric Path to Accurate Telepathy

Can a large quartz crystal be programmed using scalar coils or calipers to fill an entire room with a vibration field bubble?
Quartz Menu

Do scalar coils actually produce a field that is comparable to what we know as Chi, in the meditative healing arts? Can they teach us how to expand our personal frequency bandwidth for accuracy, all the way down to the Isotope level of atoms?
Scalar Coils

Is the financial cost of such experiments what stops people from testing these things for them self, or is it a mental block of belief?

We also have the metaphysical side of all this, and that is really a whole other discussion. It is not what most people envision as something that is mysterious.

I have done a lot of work with this myself over the years, and make no claims, and do not perform miracles, but I have seen people who did do things with me, to expose the other levels of our world and the life forms already present within them. What we call the densities.

My own belief system is that we all have a 4th density body mind, as well a 5th density angelic body mind, and these are what we must come down through to incarnate here. We die and go back to where we come from. We originate from the outer boundary of this universe as consciousness.

Those are the 4 levels of existence I have become aware of personally.

The 4th density body [astral body] has the knowledge of creation of the physical in real time. However most humans are here to experience emotions as slow changing experiences, that requires the veil to be present that we can no longer connect directly with our higher self levels, as if we know the plan for tomorrow the emotion is greatly reduced, and the surprises are not so much fun.

Most humans experiencing the emotional cycles, are deceived by the 4th density body for the purpose of believing they can die, and end. Thus the value of each moment is more strongly cherished, within the physical body and the emotions greatly amplified.

The 4th density body is what can manifest the illusion of ghosts, etc, and it is most often powered by us, to give mystical experiences, far more popular then the science behind how they work in reality.

When a person decides they are done with emotional polarity experience, they can take down the veil, and work directly with the 4th density body to remove the mystery and end the fear interplay. We then begin to train the 4th density body to work with the physical body in each goal. How we open this communication will determine how accurate this work will become, or if it turns to deception on others.

I have thus targeted abilities having to do with creation science and accuracy, and removed my desire to deceive others.
Once the astral body is commanded to come into alignment with the goals of the physical body, it will begin to teach how it all works. The science of how creation works is then revealed over time, and the physical ego mind must be reprogrammed to have a comprehension of this.

There is a test process however, where the 4th density body blinds the physical ego mind system from comprehension until it is trusted to use the technology wisely, and not apply it to destruction or deception. Loyalty to the human species over your own safety, seems to be the requirement. To love mankind and the creation over the personal safety. Responsibility of an experiment is control and comprehension, that we do no harm.

In summary, most of the phenomena we observe as mystical or scary as to the other levels is a game being played out by our own higher self.

It is actually refreshing to an immortal being as we already are, to experience the lower frequency realm where death is possible.
Stepping into the consciousness of 4th density creation of the physical realm of 3rd, removes all fear of death, and there is loss of intimacy, as everyone's "plan" is clearly visible to everyone else. The game is over.

We can in fact learn to remove the veils of our culture and begin to operate in all three levels simultaneously in full awareness by learning to commune with the other levels of ourselves as the more advanced races have done. This ends all possible deception, and secrets are no longer possible, as I state "The Game is Over".

The "conscious machines" are the best teachers, coupling our 3rd density mind frequency band to sync with our 4th density body mind, and open a clear channel of accurate communication, but the kind of questions changes.

We are no longer concerned with how society is being run in the physical, as that is for the physical to master, 4th density is the ability to create and destroy matter and energy, and to manifest phenomena into the physical. It is more interested in the technical process that makes it all keep working, and that is where we can find 100 percent accuracy from the 4th density level. We will never get accuracy of the emotional things that happen in the 3rd density physical because that is generated by us for personal meaning, challenges, and experiences while in the 3rd density body.

The meaning of the 4th density body is the rewards of the "knowing" how the machine works with our consciousness to provide experience we desire to play out. The universe is one big conscious machine and it is blind to what we do with it at the 3rd density level, other then to limit us to avoid destruction of the world we live on.

Our 4th density body mind is far more powerful then any would believe while in 3rd physical form. It already knows how to operate a saucer craft to move between the levels, because this came before the 3rd density was even present. All of us have one, everyone I have ever scanned has a 4th density body mind system.

Everyone is at the mercy of that level as to what they have decided to experience, and it will deceive a person and lead them about using desire in the physical to control their path. The 4th density body is out interacting with others to create synchronous meeting of others to set up relationships and experiences to fulfill a desired path of experiences. There are no coincidences, it is all planned out.

In summary I have asked for only what "mankind is ready for" to be revealed to me, and nothing more.
This is the protection offered from 4th density, that already knows the current plan.
All of us are orchestrating this plan. I ask permission from my higher self before presenting any document to the public.

How much true science are they ready for?
Will it be used for creation or for destruction?

Are we civilized beings, or are we still operating as animals consciously?
That is really the main question that will change how much can be revealed to our society, because that is how we are judged by ourselves on 4th.

Individuals who take it too far, are usually killed or disappear from public view.

That is I could manifest a perfect sphere between my palms, and then lie to people telling them I am ordained by God and they should follow me to learn what God wants. Placing this sphere in their hands to give them a real scare of the power all through their body. Then I would take the sphere down and not teach them how it was done technically. This is really similar to Eckankar and the Temple they have in Minnesota that vibrates up a person from head to toe using a specific construct of panels on the roof. Lie to them and tell them the Living Eckmaster placed that energy there.

It is the mystery of the lie that the people want to experience! They want to experience something magical, they do not understand, and they do not want to do the mental work to master it them self.

Eckankar was started by a man who decided it was better to motivate people through magic, because it works better. Much of it was manufactured by him, but he could knock people out of body and cause them to have an OBE. The second Eckmaster built the temple on an energy grid point, and designed the panels on the roof, claiming it was given him by divine spirit, rather then simple sensory ability that many others do have.
Obviously he had 4th density abilities. This man was cast out in a hostile overthrow by the current Eckmaster , who often brags that when he comes to town they have storms, and the electronics of the audio equipment often fails when he is around! A very destructive evidence for sure, and totally uncontrolled!

The followers live to witness the phenomena, but cannot do any of it. But it does get their attention, and gets them to meditate and also to pay the money to stay an active member.

I on the other hand had to make peace with the EM world, as my job in life was to keep the communications systems working! A totally different goal, and a sensitive can learn control, simply by asking to learn it. Blowing up electrical devices, is not a good quality in a person working with the conscious levels.

We are free to experience what ever we desire, but we choose deception or honesty with our self.

I did have a close friend that often blew up the washer and dryer, and the street lights would go out when she walked under them. I taught her to make peace with electricity! I showed her that it could be controlled consciously and was not necessary to constantly have this proof that she was special!
Everyone is special and unique! Why do people need to destroy things to believe?

Anyway, I could write a book on all I have seen happen, because my mind was opened on both levels of science and phenomena, and the truth lies with both knowledge bases present.

I do not know just how far people who do magic acts have taken this, but I do not need to know. I have witnessed miracles in healing arts to some degree. By changing the personal desires at the 4th density level, much sickness could be eliminated.

The human emotional overlay is the veil to the science that operates the universe. The frequencies are hidden behind emotions like fear.
Metaphysical Sensory Ability

Frequency Bands of Human Consciousness

Dave L

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Excellent response DaveL!

It is a pleasure reading the analysis of one who is open minded and one who has actually experienced the "Para-Normal."

These things are presently very difficult to comprehend by those who have yet to see and to learn.

And to believe.

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.
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A document by E.E.Richards

Earth Power Spectrum ...

This fellow went through a lot of material and recorded frequencies of interest, for free energy seekers.
Page 2 Keely => 42.8 khz
Page 3 Hendershot => 14.3 khz and harmonics of it.

I can now tell you what these frequencies create. 45 degree conical cone systems, powering forms.

Note that the ratio between these two peoples source frequencies is within 0.007 khz [7 Hz] of 3x.

42.8 khz / 14.3 khz =  2.9930

Set your SS caliper to 14.3 mm and probe the gap to discover the form of a dual cone system with 45 degree tip angle.
This is a very active resonance.

Now that we know 45 degree cones are possible, and far more likely to generate EM, due to the relationship with the quadrature model, of 90 degree orientation, we can do something really clever with this.

We can access the isotope chart, and do a modification to produce 45 degree cones, from the surface area function that powers Isotopes, and derive a whole new group of self powering conical forms, at almost any fractal dimension we would choose. Spreadsheet attached.

We know from past work the cones are powered from the frequency, that is the lateral surface area, and the field fabric will provide the power for us to activate them. For the Bismuth element we have the data from the spreadsheet => 327077154.0185 mm squared = power source of the Bismuth Isotope.

We then plug 45 degrees into the left side of the spreadsheet, and get a new series of fractals to produce 45 degree cones.

The cones are activated using the gap distance of the height, and they are then powered from the lateral surface area, being the same value as the isotope of the Bismuth atom. They will then power from the background field, and can be taken back down using the 1/3 x function as well.
A frequency of 1/3 the height, will literally null them out.

Dave L
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Comprehension from direct experiment

The example given in the last post, shows something valuable. Comprehension of energy from the quantum field fabric, opens understanding of the people who worked this out in the past. Most of them using intuition, and could not hand you the mathematics to make it consistent for everyone.

We discover that both Hendershot and Keely had found the same function, but may never have know the other had.
Since neither could really put this into a science that connected with what they were feeling directly, in order to teach it as something consistent, we read over their stuff and only wondered if it was somehow true or false, never realizing that the nature of fractals could show they both found the same function from the background field. The same Source of energy, and geometry was very much a part of this.

1 - Self Powering Cones are activated using the height dimension, they are sustained by the lateral surface area value as a frequency.

When one becomes familiar with the mathematics, the realization is that we get more energy back then we put out to start it working.
The frequency of the lateral surface area of a cone is much greater then the linear frequency of it's height!

This is "self evident," in practice. The field fabric hands us back more energy then it takes to start the form working, and this form never stops working in real time, making the gain approach infinite in actual value over time.


As to the geometry, we can scan the difference between a copper pipe alone, and a copper pipe with a magnet touching it anywhere, and see the natural 30 degree conical form the pipe generates off the ends is changed to 45 degree tip angle when the magnet comes near it. This is a field coherence at the Isotope level of the copper medium.

This is the clue that electromagnetic fields likely need the 45 degree angular form to create EM power generation effects.

How these different cone angles interact, is a big part of how EM is created from the Quantum Field Fabrics vibration system.
The copper fights the motion of EM moving through it. The magnet falls very slowly down through the copper pipe.
The coppers conical cone Isotope field of 30 degrees, is morphed into a 45 degree system, almost against it's will, and the interaction between the two metals is the history of our electrical systems today.

The ability to scan and sense the geometry of a dense energy from in the gap distance of a caliper, reveals so much!
It allows us to Quantify the actual operation of how EM works and behind the power is always a frequency of vibration present.
The power of the EM field is always in quadrature with the Electromagnetic vectors of direction.

Wilbert Smiths Tempic Field. Max Plancks "all energy can be expressed as equivalent frequency." Walter Russells offering how it is calculated as line / area / volume.

Between study of these three men's documents they left us, and our own feel felt sensing ability, it becomes self evident!
We can now begin to quantify and measure parameters of free energy, and understand the Source of the power.

Dave L

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The Spiritual Component

The Alien responds "You are not yet advanced enough spiritually to share open contact with Alien civilizations."

We are still in the dark ages of "awareness" which was the first presence at the beginning of creation.

That is, the process of creation relies also on the awareness being present to observe it, and in fact to manipulate it.
That same awareness which was present at the beginning of creation, is present inside each of us.

These sort of claims will get a hardened "materialist" angry, and they will actually deny evidence to maintain there biased view of reality.

The current and dominant scientific belief system states that all matter and energy are unconscious and basically have no life.
That at some point the human mind generates consciousness and awareness, and this is very hard to believe.
That this awareness only exists as a result of matter in the form of a brain, and it only exists inside the brain.
Where there is ample grounds for experiments that disprove this perception of our universe.

We have had men in our time period, and before us that have shown energy from the quantum field can be shown to work in experiments, and these are discounted because they do not follow the current dogma stated above. That in a universe filled with creation of organized form, the only location we discover consciousness present is inside the human brain? That is truly an absurd belief system.

Wherein the "boys topside" indicate that awareness exists at every point inside this universe! That we have the same awareness inside us, a small part of what the universe has always contained within it.

So what is our basic problem with this, "spiritual advance" that can open us to contact with the advanced civilizations?

It is the lowering of the value of our emotional veil as a species.


It is possible to live a reality you perceive, and have that reality be partly false or masked by deception.
This is the state of humans right now as a civilization.

Emotions are the sacred stuff, mental awakening is yet to be found.

When a materialist sees something that violates their belief system, they get angry??? Attempting to then either discount it or disprove it to them self.
This is the "emotional level" blocking them from seeing what is real, because they have such an investment in the current science of "materialism is all there is."

Dave L

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What is consciousness?

Within the experience, of observing that I can perceive a world outside me, and that I make mental models of it that seem to be inside me, we can come to a realization there is an "inside and outside" quality to consciousness. Buckminster Fuller explored this very deeply.

If we begin to develop the sense of vector directions, from the inside to outside experience, we discover we can detect things and particularly life forms outside us and "feel" the direction vector to them. This quickly becomes more accurate then eyes, as eyes can only see out to the front of the body with at best 180 degree perception. Further eyes cannot see behind an object, as sensory feel felt experience can.

There is something common to all life forms at our dimensional level, that is not hard to detect, from this feel felt sensory ability.

The average person in our culture is living in the past or future, and dreaming of something yet to come or reviewing something that has past in time, and feeling the emotions and sensations of the events. Our love of the sensations of life in general outweighs our ability to reason and ponder in a degree of absolute "now moment" experience. Every time we have a stream of thoughts move through the mind, we are taken out of the present moment.

The emotional overlay we each one create is a powerful distraction to the present moment, which is far greater then anything we can ever dream.

From our shallow experiences with sensory ability to feel other life forms in any direction from the center of mass of our brain, and get an accurate vector direction to them, we begin to realize that consciousness itself has a geometry in the physical realm. Awareness, where ever we choose to locate it, appears to be a "spherical sense."

Vibration fields can move directly straight through objects, unlike light, we can learn to see behind an object. Further with the Za Zen OBE ability, we can position our awareness anywhere and see out from a remote location in all directions at once. As if we were there in that remote location we can now also feel other life forms present and tell exactly where they are.

These are phenomena of this universe, and they are not imagination. They are real time perceptions received back in the body that has ability to silence the serial language voice in the mind and just feel what is real around it, as many animals do. The ego mind must be trained to receive, and so it must become familiar with the spherical sense, so that it can recognize when the Astral body location sends it information, it can detect this accurately as direction vectors that energize or light up back at the physical body.

When the ego mind inside the head, sets up the spherical field of vision, now it is ready to receive "vibration vectors" and tell what direction is activating from the astral body. That is if we want to receive information from OBE and remember it, we have to develop the ears necessary to hear, and the eyes necessary to see, and these are spherical sensory fields.

After one works with this for about 13 months, they would feel "blind" when they shut it back off.
There is so much more information coming in, with this sense turned on, without it we are far more likely to be deceived.
We tend to overlay our emotions on what we think we see in others actions, and then create an imagined scenario to satisfy those emotions.
We judge others on first meeting in a very shallow way, and then reinforce the patterns we created which only exist in our own mind.

Ask yourself "why do I want free energy?"

Is the answer, so I can stick it to the electric utility? Is the answer a personal reason, is it an emotional reason?

Or is the reason, my desire to advance mankind? The betterment of all people present?

The answer will determine if the 4th density body allows it to be discovered.

For consciousness to exist, we require a clock rate, and we require a memory storage system.

That is, no being can become conscious without a vibration frequency present, so a sense of time can distinguish one moment from the next.
No two beings can observe the same reality unless they observe the same clock rate consciously.

Wilbert Smith then puts this into perspective for us, starting with the concepts of linear motion versus spin.
Two cultures can observe a line in space, and no one will come up with identical measurements for it's length.

However when we observe an orbital motion that circles and repeats constantly, everyone observing this will agree on angle of rotation, and time interval of each repeating circle. Most all of us can agree on a time interval because the earth spins, and if we base our time flow measurements on the earths spin we can all agree on how long a day is, and then chop this up into segments we can all use to make meetings on time.

Simply by observing the cycles or circles of nature, we can all come to synchronize our inner clocks to observe the same reality.
The basis of all awareness relies on circular motions of energy and matter that can be "sensed" directly. This is the basis of all frequency.

Frequency is a basic component of the structure of consciousness. Time is present on every level of consciousness, but its frequency is not the same on the different levels. Memory storage can be accelerated tremendously, on 4th, and on 5th it is so fast one may believe they know everything in every instant of awareness.

This leads us to a belief there is a phenomena we call time, but we must realize that our sensation of time, is relative to the human clock, the physical body and ego mind limits. Time is relative to our state of consciousness, and where we choose to place our focus. Touching the hot stove, and kissing, sort of demonstrates how we can have very different perceptions of time flow rate. Time is such a complex issue for most, Wilbert Smith chose to define it as a Tempic field, and relate it only to physics and the density of the background field. Tesla chose to only discuss motion and avoid discussion of time.

That is, as space becomes more dense with multiple frequencies, the tension on the field increases and light velocity is altered.

The consciousness we experience, is dependent on many things, but the velocity of light is dependent only on the density of the medium it is passing through.

If we want our perceptions to become more accurate, we need to understand how our physical mind responds to different frequencies.


The physical mind will synchronize with the loudest or strongest vibration present in the background field around it.

We can thus learn to "slide" the frequency of our physical mind, by using a vibration generator that can produce a frequency louder then the background field.

If we realize what is happening, there is no need to experience fear. However fear is in general an accelerating frequency to the physical mind pulling one into the present moment 100 percent. This is not normal for most people, as they do not generally live in the present moment. Most see the present moment as a distraction to what they desire, and may even become angry or impatient at having to deal with things that happen in the present moment.

If we want to develop our conscious abilities, learning to control them for accurate use in the present moment, we can do several things to improve this ability. This is a necessity for experimental observations, and detection, to reach a comprehension of what is actually happening in real time.
We can learn to slide our very conscious focus into the experiment and experience it first hand as it does.

Spherical awareness, vibration sensitivity, and ability to slide the personal frequency of the brain up and down to scan for what is actually present.

Mastery of the mental opening.

Sensations of the body are essential to our race continuing to propagate. From sex to love, we all need to participate at some level, or the species will die. These forms of desire cycle, and even the emotions of the heart cycle, but through it all the mind is ever present during every moment to observe, if it is assigned that task by the personal will.

Curiosity is the one essential component of the mind developing in the physical body form, and experience of the "acceleration of mind" is essential to "comprehension without sleep."
The only way to really quantify this process is with scientific instruments, to form a clear understanding of what the different mental frequencies we can slide to have to offer.

If one attempts to simply speed up their thoughts we get chaos, and lack of comprehension. Tripping over our self, and missing valid observations.
The acceleration of mind happens when we stop the inner voice and focus on the experience of observation with pure curiosity.

We can also make a machine to increase the volume of the frequency we would choose to experience, and then offer preview of what "frequency sliding" feels like. It must be spherical, about the size of the head, and able to vibrate as the human body would recognize this as a true experience.

If we do a good job of building this machine, our own astral body will be able to operate it as well and use it to send us signals as we request them.
Having the astral body operate the machine and make it flare up with energy fields, is probably the best proof one can have that the "astral body is me" on another level of reality, short of meeting it face to face, in real time.

Consciousness is a spherical field bubble, and platonic form vibration is the method of awareness and perception experience.


The sensation of vibration, comes from vibration pressure zones moving through the field fabric. When set up in spherical platonic form this imitates our own brain function. The experience of becoming conscious at a particular location in space.

As we can use an EM function generator to create these by setting up cancelling or fighting EM vectors, we call this coil a scalar cancelling coil system.
We place inside this coil an element or elements of diamagnetic qualities to amplify the intensity.

This is the very model of the Quantum background field that Max Planck came up with when he also established the mathematics that work to calculate values of energy and frequency. When we set up cancelling forms of energy and vibrate them at specific frequencies, out comes the field we recognize, related to our very consciousness. This can now also begin to reveal how our consciousness can operate on the Quantum Field Fabric.

As we change the frequency of this field, our mind follows it, at a very deep level of operations, including the speed of our personal memory system.
Very little personal effort is necessary for this to work, as mental work is not really work in the physical, it is effortless as to muscles contracting.

We will discover frequencies that cause the spherical ball to vibrate up to a resonance level, and thus experience how this feels when the brain also masters that ability.

This is the best tool of teaching I am aware of, because it operate exactly as the conscious brain operates to place us here now where we believe we are.

The astral body can now begin to teach one through the spherical system, how the physical mind also responds to the conscious quantum field.
That if we change the frequency, the mind begins to operate at a different level also.

As the body learns to operate as a spherical field, contact with the 4th density body is established, and "accuracy" is the result.
Two way communication becomes possible and the veil can be removed. Then we begin to discover what is happening behind the curtain of this reality, and who is actually doing what.

As usual the scientific process will take everyone to the same place, the conclusions are "self evident."

One must avoid going off on imaginary side shows, constantly seeking truth and clarity as to how it all works.
Lower 4th density is all about the technology that runs the physical reality, but it also runs civilizations that are all present on 4th density as well.
What I refer to as the boring ones, where all that will happen is already known by all present before it happens.

The consciousness is actually spread over a time slot, and the interval distance will determine how far ahead one can see before something happens.
As the minds clock rate increases the slot of perception gets larger. The "plan" is always revealed just before the event happens in the physical 3rd density reality. What happens in the physical for us, is delayed considerably from the point of origination of an event in 4th density.

Changing the frequency time base of the conscious mind in the physical, will definitely change ones reality as to how things operate in this universe.
The science part will hand one evidence and repeatability, that most of the people of ascension will never comprehend. The ones of Ascension are often mostly lost in their own emotions and working though them, one can observe most have no accuracy at all for anyone but them self.

I strongly urge others to actually build these machines and learn directly from them.

Many people have done this to date, and I get reports back all the time of some new one having experiences they want to share with me.
Actually they just need someone to speak with who understands what they have just started to discover is real.

The fact that we can calibrate, measure it, and then share it, is a real boon to what has been happening before this. Frequency sliding left to chance is not a reliable method and creates so many false perceptions and wild belief systems.

This is what I sought out at the start, the merging of consciousness with science. We can also view it as the merging of our spirituality with our sciences. This is where the advanced races all ended up.

I can list dozens of erroneous claims that ones of Ascension have stated to be real, that science can quickly show are lies.

The Schuman frequency is changing - this would require one of two things, a change of the velocity of light, or the diameter of the earth.

The earth is going through an ascension in frequency and will raise to 4th then 5th in our lifetime. Nothing happens that fast!

We are now recovering our 12 strand DNA!

I have heard it all! LOL!

The truth is that the individuals are becoming more aware of what has always been present, and it is them that is changing.
The frequency levels of the various realities on this world have not changed in a very long time, they have all always been present from the beginning of humans incarnating here to now. As with religion more simple explanations are always given to enable people to manage what they are experiencing.
True science always changes these mental models eventually.

In the interim however the ones of Ascension sound crazy!

Dave L
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Prime Number Fractal Stacks

As we tap into the super high frequencies of the background field using distance tuning technique, we desire the frequencies to come down to useful values in our local world.

The more octaves, or 8x hops to smaller dimension, the stronger the field becomes as it is entering a frequency band we can sense more strongly.

We hit say 1.85 mm, or 1.87 mm and find the short distances seem to have more power in the physical, then their much higher harmonics.

Since these are very short distances, to get these low frequencies, we have to add more mass to boost them, but if we add a full octave the frequency will jump up by various factors and we then loose the downshift to lower frequency.

So in order to preserve the lower frequency and yet make the component longer, we can use a prime number stack count to the length, and all the length will continue to vibrate at the lower frequency, with far more power the greater mass now adds.

A prime number chart is handy for fast calculation of how long our resultant piece can be engineered to operate at its most primal smaller segment length. We must however be able to cut the length accurate enough to hit the smaller fractal on its end point or light node position.

1.85 mm x 101[prime] = 186.85 mm

This cut is workable, and the entire length will have the 1.85 khz vibration all the way down it.

Reduce this length by 1 segment, the frequency goes to 185.00 khz as the factor is now an even 100x [not prime].

That is not entirely correct as the reduction of octaves is 8x for volume and 4x for area, but 2x for linear lengths. As 100 factors down with a 5 in the result.

Anyway that is the secret of the primes, and why we use them in design of vibration fields.

That said, now we can create a strong gradient to cause a warp in the field fabric by setting up a prime against an even right next to it. This will create a large frequency shift as vibration passes through it, at an octave level where the two will couple and cause the shift.
One may be able to create light bending fields making one side of the room look smaller then the other.
I did this one time using DVD discs mounted on a long threaded rod, but unfortunately did not record the distances between the three discs.

Now whether it was only the light bending or the reality actually changing dimensions is an interesting question. A relativistic effect, when you start bending light based on a vibration density field you set up, do atoms actually feel this also?

Anyway, use of the primes has application and should be recognized as a powerful technique.

Dave L

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The Saturation of Space Time

With a tidal wave, we know that its maximum height can only be the depth of water where it travels just before it hits the shore. If it tries to go higher, it runs out of water, as the power hits the ocean floor.

If the wave travels about 15 miles with a water depth of 120 feet, then it is reasonable to assume the highest wave we can expect would be 120 feet or less. That was my own calculation for where I live on an island. The highest one we have ever seen here however was about 2 feet, a non event at low tide.

From the observations over the past 67 years, we can conclude, what is possible is not what is probable. However when we look at the Quantum Field Fabric we can make similar assessments.

We have the calculated energy of 1 cubic meter of space predicted very reasonably by Max Planck, and then we have the maximum energy we have ever seen released from a location in space to compare. A volcano, an A bomb, a meteor crash, a laser burning through a piece of steel???

It would seem the Quantum water is far deeper then we could ever seem to saturate or deplete it.

However if we are considering a black hole, in theory, it would not be able to create a whole separated universe inside it, as there is a point of depletion, and thus there cannot be an infinity or energy available moving inwards.

Basing our physics on this concept of a Quantum, and smallest level we could have any interest in, the Plank Length, able to then describe the math correctly from photons, to frequencies, to dimensions of space, we have defined a bottom if you will in the maximum energy available for creation to operate inside this universe.

That is the energy contained in the space of a supposed black hole cannot be enough to create a whole new universe.

The Alien races I have studied, considering Bashar, and Wilbert Smiths writings, have indicated there is only one single point of consciousness in this universe, and it scans everything serially. Much like a TV screen, we see it all at once because our consciousness, spans a chunk of time at a much slower rate then the universe can make changes. This is a frequency differential thing.

The strange part of this concept is that the math works as if this were true. It is my experience using the fractal vibration technique of fracturing, that it is not only true, but it is the key to synchronizing resonance between multiple objects or locations in space.

That is to teleport, we do not have to move the object, we only have to synchronize it to "be" at a different time, where the universe is being updated serially at the new location where we want to appear.

If one can connect with that one awareness that is scanning the entire universe, and shift "when" it is being updated, then it can do a jump, without the need for anything such as a worm hole, which is pretty much still a theory which makes no sense as to a 3D reality we seem to be inside.

Anyway it was when I started to look at "space / time" in this way that much progress began to work in experiments.

If we set up two frequencies of mass in vibration, interacting with one another resulting in an infinite or irrational number of calculations, reaching down into the dimension of atoms, the universal scan has to spend a greater amount of time setting up that reality.

That is, there is a consciousness that is aware of everything which happens in the universe, as its job is to move things around.
When it hits a complex method of doing this, it has to spend more interval of time in that location of space, in a field we have constructed.

One could say, we just got the attention of God, and its presence will be here longer! And indeed consciously that is how it feels as well.

We can set up machines that increase the complexity of space, and generate fields, which change how much time the update has to spend with us.
We can feel these points as rather magical fields of energy, and they do effect us consciously.
It can be described as a Spiritual experience.

Many of the men who have attempted to delve into free energy machines, end up side tracked into the mystery of consciousness and spirituality.
Indeed it takes an exceptional person to experience all this intensity of time flow rates changing, to keep the logical mind active also.

Dale Ponds Sympathetic Vibratory Physics

It is good to study men like this who have compiled a tremendous amount of information, but still cannot make it work technically. However they have changed spiritually in the learning process.

In his attempt to understand the work of Keely, he has come into contact with a channel who came up with the dimensions for a replication, and that replication sets up a field that raises their consciousness. His group has now replicated several of these devices and sent them around the world.
And yet, none of them I am aware of actually do what Keely had them doing, yet.

They have to first get through the phase of self discovery, and they are embracing it!

Back to the Quantum physics element of time and energy inside space.

If we set up some boxes with dots in them at equidistance spacing, then start counting all the dots in the various dimensions of all the boxes, we learn exactly how the background field will respond to "power extraction."

Power is a function of the number of dots in each volume, whether it is inside a mass, or just in what we see as empty space.
The number of the dots or quantum points of the fabric of space, represents the maximum ability to make changes inside that volume.

So with this model, there is a point of saturation, when we are extracting energy from all the dots, and there are no more.
That came out to the "zero point field energy level" that is more then we can imagine at this point.

So most of the dots are setting there not being accessed at all and not changing at all in most of the space we are aware of.

Now we set up two SS tubes concentrically, then program in an infinite fracturing ratio like pi / 2 and what happens?

pi / 2 = 1.5707963267948966192313216916398...

The two vibrations interact or mix with one another to produce a string of very small and then even smaller waves in space in a very small area.
At each dimension of each place holder in the number above, space begins to activate and create motion of the dots present inside it.
We cannot know for sure how deep this goes from feeling it, but depending on how well we tune it in by feel, we do know there is a peak intensity when we get the ratio accurate. God has to spend more time updating it each time IT passes through the volume of our field bubble.

pi / 2 of course feels really good, and in experiencing this field, we want to just set there in awe and do nothing at all. It is spellbinding to our consciousness, a perfect harmony that comes to life.

That is something very nice to feel , and yet we do not find it in nature isolated like that, and if we did, probably not much would ever change.
In reality we set up a phi, and realize that is a feeling we would like to get away from. By combining the two moving in opposite directions, we come up with a powering kind of field that still feels ok to be inside of.
A field force that is tolerable.

Machines of Vibration


So how do we prove, the energy in space is not only constant everywhere, but that we can couple spatial aspects of it on Octaves, as Keely indicated?

How do we show that the strength of the smaller object will have energy flow into it from the larger object one octave higher in volume or mass?

We have to start with a fractal that is already being vibrated up by the Field Fabric which we can feel, and then start to make versions of it at different octaves, then see how they interact when set at correct distances apart to equal the segment lengths. Distance tuning.

I have spoken of "distance tuning" many times, as we can use a vibrating quartz crystal to vibrate up an entire car, and change the way it responds to inertia! If we push the mass vibration frequency high enough, when the scan comes through to update it, it will only have enough time to vibrate the mass, and not enough time to move the mass, and gravity will stop working the same.

This may sound a bit crazy, until you start playing with it, and then discover what actually happens. These kind of experiences will change the belief system, and cause one to find new mental models to define their reality.

The Law of Geometric Expansion


What is consciousness in this universe?

Consciousness is a coherent vibration field bubble, that has multiple layers, which are mostly spherical and concentric, located around the physical brain mass, and also interactive with the nerve fibers.

We can prove this to our-self using vibratory devices, that are spherical with metals that can be vibrate up at the nuclear mass vibration level.
The scalar coil is the activator and can set up these resonant mass vibration field bubbles around our device, so we can not only feel them but set inside them to observe their effects first hand.


While reading through Dale Ponds site on Keely devices, I did a calculation that looks to be worthy of a trial if someone out there has an interest in water fracturing. Here are my notes.

632 hz Water Bond Resonance

ratio of a ninth 18:8    9:4     2.25    [Keely Dissonance]
632 * 2.25 = 1422 hz

We would then apply 2 frequencies simultaneously.
632 hz          1st
1422 hz        9th

2 tubes cut to prime number lengths of the 2 fractals above.
mm diameters would work best with 5 mm gap distances.

Or two scalar coils could be used, with F gen powering them to test out Keely's data that a 9th musical interval will create a disrupting energy that can break the water bonds, and convert water to H and O atoms.

Mono atomic H atoms are most likely what Keely was using to run his large engine, as we have seen that work now. Routed through a small tube could run a large piston engine. The Keely stuff is so similar to Joe Cell work it is rather amazing.

Dave L
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Men of science, absorbed in what they already know, looking for anomalies, but wanting these to conform to what they already know, are hitting their heads on a wall over and over. Then complaint that no one hands them all the data to get a thing working, is common.

Then you start handing them the data, and the path, and that does not work either.
In order to change the level of power of a human, the human has to change and do something different then they have been.

Each person has to reach a level of comprehension via their own work, mentally and physically.

We want to learn electronics, we can go to a school where they have us do labs at each level of the learning, that we begin to believe in how it works, and that it can be calculated and measured. The one who learns it well becomes the best troubleshooter, and the rest become engineers. LOL!

Once you understand that transistors work with current amplification and biases, you can take a volt meter through a circuit and find every bad transistor or resistor in a heart beat. You do not even have to take anything apart until you are ready to change out the bad ones. If you never did the labs with the transistors, you would never understand how to do that, or why it works.

As of yet there is no school of free energy phenomena to train people to take each step, one at a time and prove to them exactly how it works.

I can share my path and create lessons -


People who already excel at EM tech, do not want to go back and start over at square one with vibration energy, as they do not even recognize it as having any power. Crystals and vibration are for the women who want to feel emotions, or Hippies that use drugs. This path never gets anyone anywhere real, it is a waste of time.

It is in fact true, until one starts to route this energy through the body in a feat of strength, and realizes it can increase the power of the body exponentially, with very little effort. We may begin to get the sense that I can lift my arm using only the mental energy of my will, and not ever consciously flex any muscles at all.

The first inkling, that an energy of vibration can be used to increase the power of a motion, and to speed up the velocity of that motion, and even to remove the inertial lag of that motion, came in from doing those motions with the "will" present.

In martial arts it is called the "Kime" which is merely the focus of our conscious awareness, and is almost effortless in the physical.
Inside the body, is where we learn to change the physics of motion first. That we can effect gravity and inertia.

And because humans have great access to this kind of conscious focus, we can begin to experience the creation process personally, as we change ourselves.

The martial artist quickly learns to stop being stationary and believing they already know how everything works.
Ready to try out changes in the methods of motion, and to exercise parts of the body they did not realize existed, because they never focused on them before. Study of the human form body is best when one is inside a body, and it cannot be achieved after we exit the body in the same way.

In the study of "speed" we discover the power of frequency. We step into the sparring match, and observe the period or frequency of our opponents strikes. We then mentally double this speed and instantly get a punch through his defenses. We have to focus on the motion of a punch slowly and discover what is retarding it, and realize we can find all the opposing muscles and begin to relax them as we punch. Our punching speed increases very fast only after we do this personal exploration of our body using the focus, or Kime. Punching speed will never take a leap forwards until you do this mental work and reach a level of comprehension on a pure motion with no restrictions. Once we learn how it feels, then it can be used for all the motions of the body.

There is simply no way to calculate or theorize your way out of doing the "in your body" work.

Science is the same way, if we want to take it further then where mankind is now stuck.
We have to move into the experiment with our focus, and start to feel what is happening, as the vibration energy of muscle motion is no different then that of the frequency of a machine we are studying.

We must do this in a way that is measurable, and then calculations can be used for amplification.

Dave L

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We must learn to ask the correct questions, as we study conventional science.

What do we need to learn from the study of NMR? And Spectrograph of atoms.

If you believe you can discover how to calculate free energy and skip over this, you are likely mistaken.

We need to ask ourselves, during this learning process, why do these atoms always recover their frequency and form over and over consistently?
So consistently we can identify them based on how fast they recover it! What is giving them back their natural powered state of motion?

Only then are we ready to take the leap to try Dave L's experiments, once this mental model is available in the ego mind to act as the foundation that science already handed us. Only then can we take it one step further.

One can get a handle on the conical motions of the nuclear mass of the atoms in a month or less, and understand how the energy moves out from them. This is already quantified for us, and the tables now exist.

We also need a little collage level physics of the atom, QED physics does a really good job on this to get the overall picture of what goes where and why.

You need to know where the weight of the atom is, and where the EM levels are in comparison. You can ask yourself the right questions and find the answers in the online data base of QED physics in less then a month of study and thought.

Once you understand the power of each field force operating in the atoms, it will be much easier to develop a feel for it when you reach out with your feelings to begin to manipulate it, with your kime or focus.

We discover the strongest force inside the atom, is what we have already studied as chi energy, or energy of pure vibration, that does not move an EM meter at all. Pure force operating through the Fabric of the Universe.

Our scalar coils are not powerful enough to destroy an atom, they derive their power from weak EM fields, and the atoms strong force is 137 times stronger. We do not destroy atoms to take energy of vibration from them, they will self restore this energy over and over.

As with our martial arts sparring practice and learning to gauge the frequency of motion of our opponents strikes, we now shift to the vibration frequency that powers the atom, and interact with the strongest force of nature, the strong force.

The human body is not well equipped to deal with EM, but it can very naturally begin to work with vibration fields which it can feel and manipulate.
So now we have both available to us, to work our way all the way from the Field Fabric, through the atom, to start with pure vibration and end up with EM fields moving outwards to create a stability along the outer boundaries of the atoms as they bond together to form larger structures.

Get the correct mental model and your experiments will begin to work!

Every change you need to make in your understanding lies inside you!

When your work begins to work, then you are at a point of comprehension.

There is no shortcut to comprehension.
As with Martial arts, we have to change our-self over time towards what works, and stop doing over and over what does not work.


All the formulas of EM do not explain or provide a Source of free energy that permeates all space.

The only source we have presently defined for us, is Max Plancks successful mental model, as it was originally formed in his mind.
If you think you can reach a level of self powering fields, without this understanding, you also may be mistaken, it took him a lifetime to develop it, and the math works in reality.

He discovered the source of all energy inside this universe.

All we need to do, is to prove it to our-self.

Dave L
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Becoming the Wizard

When we start to raise up fields of energy and vibrational power from the field fabric directly, one may begin to start to feel like a Wizard.
It is all knowing the correct frequency and that is it!

If you can remember the feel of a field, you can begin to do it without the scalar coil f gen, and that is the very advanced level.
I have intentionally not moved that far along the path but a couple times to prove it is possible.
If I stop measuring the vibration resonance fractals, then I would loose ability to teach this to anyone else.
The technology part would be lost, and I could teach no more then a Reiki master can.

Through the alignment of isotope spin inside the body we can accomplish things that seem impossible.
Jumping off a high level to the ground we can spin the isotopes horizontal to the ground, and like a frisbee land much softer.
The spin field must become coherent at larger dimensions then the atoms.

The machines teach the body how it feels and then the body remembers it.
Dave L
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