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2024-06-19, 23:51:03
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Author Topic: Real Bedini 10 coil Alternative Discussion  (Read 1724 times)
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The Bedini 10 coil motor/generator

I thought I would start a thread for the more open minded people here who are interested in how and why a Bedini 10 coil could work versus the more critical thinking people continually telling us why nothing can work. I have built Bedini, Adams and Tesla motor patents as well as more than a few of my own designs, some of which the supposed experts have told me are impossible. My variants were motors which can only act as motors and no emf is induced by the passing rotor magnet and generators which have similar properties. Other variants include rotary transformers, homopolar generators, rotary pole and motor/generators which move on multiple axis.
I would ask people to give their opinions and comment on others but this is not the place to state why the Bedini technology cannot work as it should be obvious that a non-working device is of no use to anyone. I would like everyone to consider this fact very carefully simply because I have found that in many cases simply believing something has merit is enough to lead to new ideas as to how other things could work in reality. I cannot tell you how many times I have failed to produce the desired results in a device but discovered an incredible amount of new things in the process, so intent does matter. If for any reason you have doubts that you will never succeed then I would suggest you take up another hobby or just walk away until you have the right frame of mind.

I will jump into how to bend the rules concerning what is possible with my next post.

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please, no more fancy talk. The monopole/ ssg is the most replicated device in Free energy research history COP>1 has never been achieved, we are all open minded but when over 1000 replication fails, are we all that incompetent or is it the platform itself?.

Yes, there are many genuine devices that do produce COP>1, however they are buried far as the Bedini movement has been escalated to rock star status.

I am working on the Nigerian girls self excited generator, I believe that it employs the Unipolar magnetic flux effect, I wont get into detail as to avoid getting off topic.

Please provide youtube or pictures of your work.

Good day.

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Well, according to "spherics" in the AVEC Disclosure, "Cold current" will charge batteries and can even replace them in circuits.

He explains "how", but not "why". 

What is "cold current"?   I've never heard a good explanation of it, and many think it is a myth.

However, if rotating or moving aether induces a current in a conductor, then it induces a polarization current in a dielectric.  (I used "polarization" because I think it is more accurate than "displacement" in this case.) IF correct, this could be the alias "cold current", which is good for lighting bulbs, and charging caps and batteries.

So, how do you produce this "cold current"?  Not the way Bedini claims to do it.  You have to make aether real rather than virtual.  The only way that I know of to do this is to pulse a large coil, or a nuclear bomb.   I'll take the coil method.

It is my understanding that pulsing a coil can not equal a rotating field which is cumulative, but if you just want to charge a battery, it may be good enough.

You might be able to dumb the coils on a 10-coiler and step the spike up through a pulse transformer.  Send this to your RE coil.
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