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2023-02-01, 06:01:28
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Author Topic: Energy from electron spin  (Read 6862 times)
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I doubt anyone was holding their breath for this test but as promised I'd try the two spherical magnets again on full Moon and they failed to go up as they did the first time when it was near full Moon.  I tend to think that these hematite magnets have simply lost some magnetism over the course of testing this.   First couple tries they did go right up nicely which I think relates to the spin direction that gets some traction on the upper side so they go up when spinning that way. I don't have any spherical neo magnets though to test this with.   Did anyone else try with neo's?

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This is the paper mentioned by Robert Holcomb in one of his vids discussing electron spin. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/334153308_Magnetic_resonance_imaging_of_single_atoms_on_a_surface
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