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2024-06-20, 00:13:11
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Author Topic: The Structure of all Matter  (Read 1278 times)
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Group: Moderator
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Posts: 274

A basic description of the next level of the structure of creation, necessary for the next leap in technology.
We have to go one level deeper into the atomic model, to begin to manipulate mass.

Once we have the correct mental models our experiments will begin to work.

Nuclear mass is powered directly from the Quantum Field Fabric that fills the universe.
That is mass vibration techniques work everywhere.

From this level then the strong force vibration field stratifies the electron shell layering and controls it establishing the structure of the atoms.

The main difference between Electron fields, and Nuclear mass fields, is that of 3D structure, without that structure the electron shells would never hold one shape.

The method of control that works, at the level of the nuclear mass is vibration. Mass Vibration.
Attempting to control the mass from outside the atom using EM is a challenging proposition as the atom will fight everything we throw at it to maintain its form and frequency.

If we instead use an Aluminum Bismuth transducer coil, we can cancel the EM and modulate the mass vibration system directly.
This is what the term "scalar cancelling coil" is all about.

2 - 9 - 2023
Dave L

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Note that as we move up the chart to hit the horizontal line between inner and outer world energy systems, the word chi is used on the conscious level.
And while we can learn to feel and recognize a particular element by feel, we can also now use a frequency chart with a Bismuth core coil and Frequency generator to identify it.
This is the point where the human mind has enough power of mass vibration that if focused can manipulation these fields also.
However to have accuracy, the human must be trained to recognize the "frequency."

Thus we can approach this new technology, using electronic equipment also to increase our accuracy.
Everything that manifests from the Quantum Field Fabric, has specific frequency, and all forms of energy and matter can be reduced to vibration frequency.
This was Max Planck's original model.


I set up an F gen Bismuth coil, with the frequency of one of the 2 copper atoms isotopes.
I set this up in front of a sensitive, or a psychic channeler, and place a small copper pipe in their hand, then ask them to describe what they feel.

I start to get first a bunch of emotional descriptions of how it makes them feel.
Then I start to get wilder explanations, maybe something about health, or anything from demons to angels.
From any two people there will be no agreement on the reports.

Next I change the frequency to the sum of both copper isotopes, and the description changes.
Now they are feeling harmony, and a very smooth and united feeling of integration.
However none of the descriptions agree, and as emotion and imagination are the source of what they describe, this is to be expected.

Next I tell them they are feeling the copper atoms internal resonance.
Some of them will be surprised, that I was handing them something technical which everyone could come to agree on if they approached it from that perspective.

Do you think you might be able to now recognize the copper element now that you have felt it? Answer - yes.

Some will be upset at how I "deceived" them, they may resent the concept of their own authority to be accepted as an accurate channel.
"Ego" will be exposed.

One of the things we have to then recognize is that our very emotions, travel over this vibration system that penetrates to the very core of matter.
When we generate emotions, they also can propagate in this way. However if we stop looking for emotions, and start looking at the science, it all shifts to something we can all agree on.

Dave L

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Ecat forum posted something which seems inline with your work ( cones etc)

And this link

Chet K
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