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2023-09-26, 06:22:29
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Author Topic: Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor Self Powered  (Read 476 times)

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1950 engineer built table model of free running magnets motor.  2 large discs with 90 degree rod alnico magnets. The discs were in line , but turning opposite directions. The back 2 sides were in bearings going to 2 gears in 2 : 1 ratio. Separate adjustable magnet in front was for starting, then locked down. North + South poles caused attraction + interference .

 Gears are expensive, so I devised a method to make any gear ratio cheaply. Get thin rubber cogged appliance belts approximate size. Cut belt in half. Get plastic disc trimmed so as slightly larger than circumference. Put disc spinning in drill press. File down disc  outer edge. Stop. Keep rechecking rubber over circumference. When the 2 ends meet, remove disc and super glue the belt to discs.  The gears need the teeth counted before hand on straight belt so as can get the required 2:1 ratio. Oilite bronze bushings can be used or bearing blocks mounted on wooden board. The two horizontal non magnetic brass shafts require nuts and dual lock washers.  Surplus Neodymium rod magnets are on Ebay from China any size. My idea was to mount wire induction coils around outer edge of discs for 24 hour permanent night lights at low voltage. See data on Internet about the original Bowman Motor.
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