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2024-04-20, 17:42:02
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Author Topic: Anti-Gravity & Supporting Physics & Evidence  (Read 13139 times)
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((((Please move this topic)))))

You've got a mind-blowing trip of fact checking to enjoy ahead ;)


If you're tuning out, please look at this:

http://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/frame/?AS15-P-9625 <---- Located very close to 'Delporte crater' on the far side of the moon - see if you can find some more recent images of this part of the moon ;)
^^^ My understanding is that the authenticity of this image is not in question (If youre having trouble finding the subject of this photo, look in the dead center of the image) From the amount of impact craters, I've read that someone has ascertained this thing is 1.5 million years old

(The counter argument     http://sites.google.com/site/tasfastas/apollo20-pseudospaceship22322222222223           I'm honestly not sure, but it does seem to have some symmetry and interesting features that I haven't seen in other images)

Apollo 15 took the above image - shortly after NASA Canceled its moon program citing funding costs. (Since then, a few probes have gone to the moon with the stated goal to image, in high detail, the entire surface of the moon - Most recently Kaguya... None of these probes have released images of this part of the moon to my knowledge. So, the story goes that, NASA did indeed send a manned mission to check this thing out, in fact there's some (ALLEGEDLY) Leaked footage from that flight...


You can read more about this by searching for 'Apollo 20'

Some other bits

(careful with this documentary, a lot of the facts are wonky, but there's some hidden gems)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iDSuTB0dKU&feature=related  (@ 8:00 mins in)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e4DxncZDpQ&feature=related (@ 3:28 & 4:30 & 5:42)
(There's 6 episodes 2 hours long each and there's lots of fun to be had)

Some other stuff

Why after so many years is the lid being pulled off of this subject matter? My opinion - The us Gov's stated plans are to develop space based laser weapons platforms (satellites) that are nuclear powered (Unnecessary for function). If a satellite such as this was to burn up in orbit, the radioactive material on-board would disperse in the atmosphere and contaminate (im told) the entire globe... There's 60x the amount of material required to contaminate above safe radiation levels... Nuclear powered space-based weaponry has intel superiority and air/space superiority; anything below is within reach and cant fight back. The kicker is they want these things to be able to nullify even bullet sized projectiles at any time.

Please consider though that 70 years ago we developed technology to destroy entire cities with one weapon... Since then, the process was made electronic by Philo Farnsworth. How long until some psychopath with a grudge out there figures it out in their garage? In my mind, this explains why the emphasis is on "Tune out and have fun" in the mainstream media and why the education system is so backwards. I suppose it has the effect of limiting the possibility for reckless destruction of the planet (which is a nice silver lining to that cloud)

Additionally, if someone somehow tries to liberate the planet by shooting down such a satellite ... Someone who tries to do this risks annihilating most of the life on the planet if they are successful. So, if we're intelligent enough to develop advanced technology, we should also be intelligent enough to see that peace is the only way it can be used... Sounds good to me, that's the way it should be anyhow :)

This is why I think the lid is finally coming off advanced technologies which truly could cause devastation in the wrong hands - because with these new satellites, now the risk is minimized and hopefully we can start increasing all of our qualities of life with such technologies, peacefully, together... Finally
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How about Super-Gravity?  Check out this absolutely unfaked clip (probably won't be up too long...Yahoo Sports).


Now what are the chances of that?  The ball hits a soft spot that is so perfectly tuned to absorb its bounce-back that the ball just sticks as if it were Velcro'ed to the court!  Hidden magnets?  Or just an amazing coincidence.

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