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Author Topic: John W.Keely Devices In Philadelphia, Pa., And Gravity Control Test Late 1800's  (Read 1997 times)
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Research data, research data, I spent 8 1/2 years with old Keely documents. The Compound Disintegrater had don nut shaped high pressure tank, covered in shiny brass,  filled with 23000lbs air pressure. The small table brass cylinder with PULL RING has internal diaphragm. When ring handle pulled sharply, The slight pressure on other side of diaphragm pushes air through small platinum tube up to the other diaphragm actuator on top center of Disintegrater.This releases the high pressure through ONE of the brass short tubes wound AMONG the other wound tubes, and goes down to hollow steel ball at bottom. Then Keely allows pressure to go across room through tubing to table top short hollow cylinder before going to the vertical air cylinder with rod that lifts up 18000 lbs pressure against heavy weight on warehouse weigh scales. This was to show power. The horizontal lever arm is negative leverage meaning the force is amplified 14 times , so as a 550lb weight can be used at end of scales. He had a large 30,000lb. screw type fluid hydraulic pump that ran from 40HP engine that filled all his pressure tanks with water, leaving large air pocket at TOP of tank. When valve opened at top of tank the 23,000lbs air pressure came out. There were heavy walled thin brass tubes under flooring going to various points in building. His floor carpet had designs made in. The foot pressure release valves, under carpet, at designated spots,  were stepped on, when necessary for various demonstrations to public. The water sample in steel ball  disintegration to ETHER pressure vibrations  unit was locked in Phil bank safe , after Keely died, and examined later with scrutiny.  Expose January 29, 1899 , N.Y. Journal And Advertiser of step by step documented fraud as was printed in national newspapers and magazines. Read on Internet, or purchase photo copies Inter Library Loan.  The real experiments Keely toiled at, were not mentioned in the various magazines and newspapers. 114 devices. Keely got the Earth frequency from Tesla. Tesla did not like Keely, since Keely got more Investor's money than he did. The HEAVY 2 ton sphere pressure tank was seen lifted by thermopile/ thermocouples Gold, Silver, and Platinum wires of tuning forks vibrations and set upon strong tripod, .... as during a gravity control test witnessed, and had signed affidavits of the  persons present. His heavy platform with 3 spinning sirens with compressed air turned until harmonic sound was at state, then he adjusted speed of two , so as ratios on inharmonics was in place. The steel unit raised up from floor , then settled down as rpms reduced. Also I had surmised that it was entirely possible , since Keely was a machinist, Inventor,  and musician, that the Disintegrater could then be operated for TWO purposes- fake and real by using resonance harmonics to also operate structure for separating water sample to hydrogen and oxygen at lower settings. Statement made by Keely in the  back of the "Discoveries" book said he could not account for the oily substance in ball after hundreds of expulsions. In 1800's he would not of known about Deuterium, heavy water, that accumulated in the small chamber. It has the consistency of glycerin, and is in tap water as 1:5000 molecules of water. The vibrations resonance point would not have affected that and would of accumulated there over time!!!    WOW
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