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2024-06-21, 03:13:44
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Author Topic: The Memory of Silver Water - The Silver JoeCell  (Read 931 times)
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The Memory of Silver Water - The Silver JoeCell

It is unfortunate that I am the only person on the planet who makes these. I have supplied many with just the schematics for them to assemble their own but in each and every case, it either took them many months to get it right, the costs for a ‘one of’ is to great or they gave up with a non working device. To reverse engineer these you need 2 things, a working model and the schematics with operating instructions. Otherwise, as experience has shown, the first build maybe flawed. Helps to have one to compare to.

The amazingly simplicity of the SilverJoe Cell, has seen 100’s customers worldwide. Joe invented this design and its operating parameters for silver rods as well as for other metals that can be used for Life Enhancement. Joe with his God given insights to Life has earned the respect of many. His Silver Cell design is simple enough to understand but one must follow ‘Field Science’ principles in its manufacture.

This is a Field Science device which is separate and totally different from a particle science device called a colloidal generator. There are no "instructions" on how to make 'colloidal" silver that is applicable to this Field Science Physics of this Silver Charged Methodology. This is for those with an inquiring minds and well as a Health Provider tool. This unique invention is a way of testing for the Memory of waters with a JoeCell design that makes water Magnetic for many other experiments.

A Colloidal Silver device operates by electrocuting 2 silver wires in water they term “electrolysis”. The SilverJoe operates by making the water magnetic with a geometric pattern of silver electrodes as the Antenna creating a Magnetic Field effect which is also known as a Wave form effect and can be visualised by the iron filings around a magnet.

The Physics of 'Electricity'. https://www.magneticwaterscience.com/?page_id=14

To explain this simply... When 2 wires are 'electrically' Vibrated by Direct Current in water, there is a 90 degree interaction with the 'current' between the 2 silver wires. So the 'electricity' travels between the two wires at the shortest distance between the wires. The electrical ‘action’ of the Vibrations on the wire is much like a flag in the wind, the stronger the wind or current the more it 'whips' or shreds the flag at the extremities resulting in 'bits' of silver breaking off from one wire. And all kinds of various Battery or DC sources are used. There is no standard. But it is muchly contested that my particles are smaller than yours, mine is ionic not colloidal and look a laser proves it. They know not what they do.

To make a Silver Generator with 4 electrodes, wired in a geometric pattern or Field Generating Antenna array, will give a different result in the ‘action’ of the Vibrating 'electricity', when making a circuit in glass of water. The X pattern of the wiring diagram sees that each 'electrode' has 2  electrodes to travel to, making multiple PATHS and for every action there's an Opposite and Equal reaction, this ends up or results in, multi billions of paths the currents use to form the circuit resulting in a Magnetic Field being created within the Antenna and radiating outwards. Similarity, a COIL has a billion circuit paths for the vibrations to interact with the adjoining "insulated" wires being essentially in close contact the entire length of the wire making the coil, for the 90 degree interactions that IS the Mechanism for Magnetic Wave Field Generation. The entire glass of water vibrates with the Wave frequency of silver and retains this as a MEMORY as the wires never degrade in the ‘right’ water and used as instructed. It will wear out in Multi National Bottled Beverages and will exhibit any graphene if present using SS rods.

The choice of water for Colloid production is claimed to 'require' that only a NOT FOUND IN NATURE or Distilled water is only acceptable. Takes about 4 hours as little bits of silver is degraded/corroded by electrolysis (like in an engine between 2 dissimilar metals in a liquid medium) from the wires and a PPM meter will say 20 of them is enough. Use topically and if ingested, anything over a teaspoon full daily is highly toxic to your body. An FDA ‘licensed’ by omission procedure, to manufacture for sale, a toxic solution with unknown chose your own, variable power sources in an un-natural water to purposely kill life many Lifeforms is safe and effective. Well yes but…  A Science all based upon a rigged 'electrolysis' experiment programmed in High School and believed to this day.

Principle of the Silver Generator is, the Direct Current vibrates all 4 silver wires which vibrates the Water from multiple contact points, imparting the Frequency of the 'elements' of the Antenna, in this case, silver to the water. It is similar for a radio antenna, all the ‘Air’ receiving signal strength is vibrating as a “Field” effect. In the Air and we call this ‘signal’ but really it is the Air that is vibrating the receiving Antenna. Air or WIND, is water vapor of varying frequencies we call 'elements'. By adding more ‘electrodes’ in the “electrolysis’ like experiment we can surmise that, 2 ‘electrodes’ fails to generate a Wave Form or Field effect whereas a geometric pattern does. It would appear that Water and Wind are Super Conductors. It could be said we are permanently changing the Vibration of the WIND we breathe.
The choice of water is as important as the 'value' or amount of the vibrations we call Direct Current Voltage. For there to be a Current Flow in the water, there has to be some sort of 'electrolyte' in the water. Given no 2 waters are the same like no two snowflakes are the same, what we are looking for is pure water that has an EARTH Charge factor. Hydrologists are at a loss to explain why pure water travels to the top of a mountain to form a 'spring' defying gravity theories. In the ‘rigged’ high school electrolysis experiment, the 'gas' produced by the Negative electrode is 'lighter' than air and the other 'heavier' than air. Liquid water can also be ‘charged’ with a Bias of Polarity and remain a liquid. Underground water which is charged by a Negative Earth Strata or a Conical shaped mountain, will impart a North pole Field Effect that sees the water being expelled by the earth or repelled as the Polarities are the same. This is the water we are looking for. Negatively Charged Pure Spring Waters. By contrast, Positively charged water remains underground and may turn into Oil or Coal if the Field is highly Positively Biased. See this Field Effect duplicated in the workshop here.

In having a new Charge factor or being magnetically charged or vibrated above ambient background, such Spring water is 'naturally' susceptible or reactive to the vibrations of Magnetic Current. Water that has been ‘conditioned’ or Charged by the Magnetic Fields of the Earth is vibrating with the Bias of Polarity of the Field acting upon it which is determined by the ‘layers’ and shape patterns of the earth and/or aquafer. This difference of Charge bias from normal pond water or distilled water verses Spring Waters literally means Spring Water vibrates at a ‘rate’ different or ‘higher’ rate than other waters and is highly reactive (even if pure) to the vibrations of Battery Current Vibrations. A comparison can be made with water treated in a Pyramid and its effect on plants.

4 Silver Rods in a special format creates a Magnetic Field in and of the water. This Silver Field Charge is retained as MEMORY within the water making the water 'milky'. Or to say it another way, the water is electrically vibrated and takes on the Frequency or Memory of Silver. Standard water meters, pH meters or PPM meters are adding 'electricity' to Magnetic water to get a reading and the conflicting Vibrations are NOT calibrated for these 'basic' or simple meters that cant register the Field Charge and so interferes with its readings. Again do not use any battery powered meter on Magnetically Charged water, they not only give false readings but interfere with the quality of the product. You may even find strange readings with Litmus papers to.

So we look for Bottled at the Source Spring Waters for this device or ‘similar’ in a trial and error testing procedure. I once went to the store at the Gold Coast and bought 7 or so different bottles of water. When I got back to the house I even filled up one glass with Gold Coast tap water. The multi national corporation waters ‘oxidized’ the silver electrodes almost immediately indicating poor quality and too many other elemental frequencies. One bottle of 'boutique' water worked as good as Fiji Water used to. That is after a few minutes the water achieved the milky color indicating it was 'enough' and the 4 rods were UNTARNISHED. When it came to the tap water, it instantly began to smell like a sewer. Yes the Gold Coast recycles grey waters back into the drinking waters. With this device you can learn lots about water and know what water to consume to maintain a healthy body.

The SilverJoe Generator will release the elemental frequencies within the Memory of the Water as color, smell and taste and one’s Bio Meters can sense these ‘memories’ as a frequency. The Magnetic Field of the 4 silver rods will set up a Memory Pattern in the glass of water much like it does in an iron ingot which we see as the Iron Filings Pattern, after being Magnetized by a coil of DC.

"Elements" are Magnetic Resonant Field Patterns. Each 'element' has a unique 3D snowflake pattern in its crystalline water Tetrahedron structure and we detect this pattern as a FREQUENCY and give it a NUMBER per second. Except “Frequency” is a Spiral not a ‘sine wave’. Our measurement apparatus for Frequency is 2D when what we are measuring is 3D.

The products or applications of the schematics of the wiring pattern alone are 'patentable' for their many uses. One guy from Utah saw the SilverJoe and made one with Stainless Steel rods and used it to separate Gold from dust. But he didnt understand that he was only getting half the 16 different types of gold from his ore. With other ‘elements’ one may want to invest in guinea pigs for the Lab trials though. Stainless Steel can have most any voltage applied to the rods. Once I drank a Platinum Elixir and instantly I got a euphoric high in my Mind that lasted several minutes. Gold Elixirs, like the metal, charges and makes ones Bio Circuits or nerves ‘super’ conductors. These are the ‘original’ reasons why metals are Precious.

The choice of the Direct Current source is as important as the water. With each 'element' having a unique Frequency, it follows that there will be HARMONICS at play with the Voltage of the DC. Standard Colloidal silver generators may have an AC to DC power supply up to 48VDC as the source of vibrations.

Battery powered CS generators usually have a couple of 9V batteries in series. No mention of which battery would be best and usually the cheapest are used. "Electricity" is Purely the Vibrational energy transfer between two differing frequency sources like Nickle Cadmium in a 9 V battery. Neither of these 2 Elemental Frequencies are beneficial to life nor are they suitable for Elixirs.

AC electricity is made from an Iron Magnet Passing by a Copper Coil. The copper coil is vibrated with the Iron Filing Invisible Wave forms. So we have the Flavour of both Iron and Copper in our DC that is filtered and rectified from AC. Iron comes from Biological Life. Copper is a Precious Metal as it has Healing attributes. These elemental frequencies benefit Life. Nickle, Cadmium and Lithium do not.

The oldest known batteries were once on display in the Baghdad Museum prior to its looting in 2003. These 3 batteries were made with Iron and copper and presumably vinegar as the Medium for Vibrational interaction. There were 3 of them and generally one gets 4.5 volts from 3 single Cell batteries in series. This is the Harmonic we are looking for when Charging Silver. Other metals will have different voltage requirements. Excess voltage will vibrate the silver past its natural rate and degrade the Wires while activating the Field effect. Given Archaeologists have NO explanation for the use of these 3 Baghdad batteries, we tender that their use was for electrifying Metals in water for Healing and used with electrodes for Point activation on the body much like acupuncture for which Joe also has a procedural Healing technique.

Again, Scalar energies are required for elements to ‘transmute’ or water to become Silver (or even Oil). Water is a Liquid of Light Crystals in the shape of a Tetrahedrons. Being a Light Universe these Magnetic Light structures results in everything having a Magnetic Charge or Polarity Bias. We think of this a ‘diamagnetic’ and Magnetic. Our glass of Spring water sits within the Magnetic Field of the Earth and vibrates with the Earths Frequency. To create this Neutral Centre for Scalar energies to manifest within our glass of water we spin or stir the water with the 4 rods of silver ANTI Clockwise to interact with the earth’s magnetic Field as a ROTATING magnetic Water Field that is being Charged by the Magnetic Field generated by the 4 Silver Rods at the same time. We have 2 interacting Magnetic Fields with one rotating, which is a pre-requisites for Scalar energy production, even if with a very limited ‘effect’. It provides what is required of it.

By stirring Anti Clockwise regardless of where one is on earth, the water is interacting with the earths Field and imparts a Negative Polarity Bias or Life Enhancing North Pole energy to the Water.  To understand the difference of Polarities on Life and how to make Magnetic bracelets or mattresses, place the North Pole to a box of worms and watch them flourish or the Sth Pole to the box of worms and watch them die if you leave it on too long. Alkaline or North Pole Bias Water is ‘health giving’ water. pH is Potential Hydrogen and comes from the Negative or North Pole in ‘electrolysis’. The opposite of hydrogen or alkaline is Acid and it degrades Life.

How to build one.
The 4 Silver Rods MUST be cut from one length of silver. This then guarantees that the 4 rods can be magnetically aligned as everything has a North Pole and a South Pole.
A 2.7mm in diameter silver wire/rod, 360mm in length at 99.99 purity from Palloys in Sydney who refine silver to this purity and make them specially.

After cutting into 4 pieces they are bevelled at one end to fit the wires when screwed to the terminal block. At NO TIME should any heat be generated when fitting or machining these wires to the terminal block. Heat will place another Pole to the wire and it will not be harmonically aligned any longer. (this single cutting issue was responsible for the near 100% failure rate of those who followed the Experimenters Guide to the JoeCell. Everyone bought short cuts from a cut-eff saw that made it too hot to touch. Heat is energy and energy ‘embodies’ polarity)

2 Narva Terminal blocks that are made from Nylon and Stainless steel. Nylon and natural rubber products can be used as insulators in Magnetic Field Generation devices like JoeCells. Nylon bolts and nuts to join these 2 together. Stainless Steel is Non Residual Magnetic meaning its ‘Like New’ each time its turned on and has no residual ‘memory’ of its previous Field effect it was used to generate.

Silver plated electrical wire, or fine silver wire but more expensive. This ‘conditions’ the Vibrational energy of the DC power source to be sympathetic to the Silver rods and thus the Field.

Sony ‘sockets’ for the Sony Plug that’s on the Sony 4.5 VDC E455 Power supply. The silver wires are soldered with Tin/Silver solder as Lead is not harmonious to Life for the transmission of the electrical vibrations.

The silver plated wires cannot be cut but must be continuous in the X pattern wiring diagram. Bent before twisting at the first terminal screw.

A stainless steel scrubber for keeping the wires clean between usage or water testing experiments in a handy all weather carry case with usb instructions.

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It's strange how most supposed critics have said silver and colloidal silver has no benefits.

However the pioneers used silver coins in there water barrels to inhibit bacteria as well as the ancient Romans. Of course the critics were completely wrong yet again and the countless benefits of silver have been scientifically proven.




It begs the question, should many of the supposed critics be included in the 50% of internet traffic proven to be bots and paid shills?. Are they just wrong about most things or are they being paid to spread misinformation by vested interests to hold the status quo?. It just seems strange that so many critics who appear intelligent could be so dense.


Comprehend and Copy Nature... Viktor Schauberger

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.”― Richard P. Feynman
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