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2021-04-12, 07:19:36
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Author Topic: Where D. Smith based his device on.  (Read 5604 times)
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Where D. Smith based his device on.
Btw i am from the direct and no b.s. sort. And a tech-pro and done my homework, so here we go !
D. Smith deveice is based and inspired by Tesla, Moray and Grey. Meaning:

- Hitting a short dc puls in a coil. And those d.c. pulses must be hightension too.
- It is not said that the sourcecapacitor must be in resonance with the prime coil.
- There a several hints online and even a working example online !  [if you only knew where]
- This is hot stuff so not for public eyes only private techies who need this stuff. ^-^
  So far.

  I won't be every day online so don't dispair.
* Dig and you will find sooner or later.
Group: Guest
Can you say "Longitudinally excited Copper cavity EASER"? :D
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