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Author Topic: Overlooked 1973 Ether wormhole paper by H. G. Ellis at University of Colorado  (Read 384 times)

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Most of the papers on the subject of the ether published in peer reviewed journals are over 80 or 90 years old and therefore to many researchers and scientists these papers and the idea of the ether itself are mainly of historical interest.  However in 1973 a paper appeared in a peer reviewed journal that described the earliest-known complete mathematical model of a transversable wormhole using exact solutions to the Einstein field equations entitled: Ether flow through a drainhole: A particle model in general relativity by H. G. Ellis Journal of Mathematical Physics. 14 (1): 104–118, using the the Ether model Einstein postulated in 1920 at Leiden University.  I've seen the Ellis wormhole model referenced in numerous articles and paper's about wormholes, and a Bing search for "Ellis wormhole" gives tens of thousands of results, but I've never seen any of these articles point out that it was based around Einstein's ether theory, nor have I seen a single fringe or recent ether science book or even a single post to an overunity or ether online forum mention this paper explicitly before, suggesting to me it's been somewhat overlooked by modern ether theorists.  An interesting thing about this paper is that it raises the possibility of using the ether theory to unite general relativity with quantum mechanics, through Einstein-Rosen bridges or wormholes as they're known today. Ellis describes the ether as "more than a mere inert medium for the propagation of electromagnetic waves; it is a restless, flowing continuum whose internal, relative motions manifest themselves to us as gravity. Mass particles appear as sources or sinks of this flowing ether." There's a Wiki page at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellis_drainhole, which discusses the paper and the Ellis model and the paper itself is at the now deceased author's website at https://euclid.colorado.edu/~ellis/EtFlThDrPaMoGeRe.html. The Ellis wormhole idea was taken seriously enough by M. S. Morris and Kip S. Thorne to manufacture a duplicate of the Ellis wormhole to use as a tool for teaching general relativity and it was also considered as a model for the wormhole in the science fiction film Interstellar.
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