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2024-05-23, 07:19:05
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Author Topic: Iron NMR  (Read 833 times)
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Nearly done with my design. Spherics said the tetra needed to be pulsed at a harmonic of iron's NMR. He also stated that the tetra deliberately requires "high megahertz square pulses". For the love of God the next time someone has some information, a little clarity would solve this completely. What is the frequency target?

With no upper target I'm going to have to assume a very high frequency. 50mhz is about the best I can do, with serious design headaches. Mosfets, even if mosfets, just cannot turn on and off must faster than 20ns, which is the limiting factor.

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He later said that you can add a magnetic field around the entire tetra device (i.e. a solenoid coil) and operate at frequencies down to 3kHz

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iron's NMR

Long ago, I carried out an experiment with a ferrite rod from a radio receiver.
I wound 2 coils on a ferrite rod, each with 2 turns.
I installed a shielding partition between the coils so that only the ferrite rod passed through.
One of the coils was supplied with the generator output signal from the Frequency Response Analyzer, the opposite coil was connected to the input of the Frequency Response Analyzer 1 - 1000 MHz.
The impedance of the coils was matched as closely as possible to the output and input impedance of the Frequency Response Analyzer.

Interesting signal transmission maxima were observed somewhere between 60 MHz and 120 MHz. This happened when a neodymium magnet was brought to the end of the rod.
I can’t find more accurate information now, a lot of time has passed.
I haven't found any practical use for this. All this is in the region of very weak signals.

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Found these papers on Iron NMR on my computer.


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Simple Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (MRI without magnets):

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