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2022-11-27, 13:05:36
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Author Topic: Alexander V. CHERNETSKII [ Chernetski / Chernetsky ] Self-Generating Discharge  (Read 35004 times)
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There is a lot of info about this plasma effect and it looks like it is related to Correa's abnormal glow discharge but the Correa's used argon and Chernetskii used hydrogen and sparks.
The Correa's call it "autoelectronic emission" where Chernetskii calles it "self generating discharge"

I will present the schematic as i think i understand how Mr Chernetskii's device works.

5 220Volt lamps are placed in series with the step up transformer that steps up 220VAC to 1KVAC.

When Switch s1 is closed the lamps burn slightly, but when switch s1 is opend the spark gap ignites and introduces the negative resistance plasma arc into the circuit.
All of a sudden all lamps start to burn verry bright.....etc.
This is what led Mr chernetskii to think there was comming energy into the circuit fromsome other source.
Power Measurements have to be taken to examine this somewhat further ,which is why this is on my to do list. :)


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if this wheel doesn't work, try another one...


Chernetskii talks about "unknown longitudinal waves" - you may want to Google "companion wave" and "longitudinal". 

You will come across the name Lewey Gilstrap - he is still alive (in his 80's) and lives in the D.C. area (USA).

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Frequency equals matter...

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On March 2, 2007, I got an email from Lewey Gilstrap. Portions of that email are reproduced below with his permission. I found his idea interesting.

What this amounts to, in essence, is that electromagnetic energy can propagate over a continuum of conditions from E < cB through E = cB to E > cB. The first part of this spectrum is what I have described. The second part is what Gilstrap describes. That is to say, the conventional electromagnetic wave (with E = cB) – which today is seen as the be all and end all of electromagnetic propagation – is just one point in this spectrum.

The enormity of the combined idea can be seen by considering just one minor consequence of it: It will put paid to the anointed cosmological discoveries that are based on the assumption that electromagnetic waves are the only form of electromagnetic energy propagating in the universe. – BRD]


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deleted. i've build it doesn't work at all outside normal.
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ive build it too and it certainly did intresting things.
If it doesn't work for you then you are probably not pulsing into the abnormal glow discharge regime.

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The microwave oven transformer gives 2000v (with a mains voltage of 250).
So, presumably we can pick one out of our cupboard and connect ten lamps instead of five.

We need to avoid low energy discharge lamps, I take it.
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I was reffering to the hydrogen tube that evolved from the 5 bulb schematic shown above.
It shows 1000 volts but in reality 1Kv isn't going to create much of a spark.
This means more bulbs and higher voltages like you are sugesting Paul.
The best results ive seen was with a tube filled with solar mix.

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Don't forget that we have an LCR circuit driver by an alternating source.
This must be tuned to resonance, mustn't it?
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Are you reffering to the setup with the five lamps shown above or are you reffering to the gas filled tube?
In the case of the Hydrogen tube it has to be driven into the abnormal glow discharge region and that point is not related to any resonance peak.

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