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2024-05-23, 06:25:03
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Author Topic: Lead-out/Bring-in Energy - magnetic energy  (Read 2871 times)
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This topic involves the simplest of all experiments.  However, its impact is most profound.  The experiment is a simple replacing of the ordinary pendulum bob with a magnet and the placing of another magnet below it to either attract or repel the magnetic pendulum.  The period of oscillation will change.

We cannot easily change the gravitational constant but we can easily change the strength and the direction of the magnetic field.  We can even turn the magnetic field on and off.  The magnetic field strength can be many times that of the gravitational field. 

If we can extract, lead-out or bring-in gravitational energy via a simple pulse-pushed pendulum, we must be able to lead-out or bring-in magnetic energy via a magnetic pendulum that is pulsed by a magnetic or electromagnetic field.  The smallest magnet or dipole is an electron orbiting around a nucleus.  There are literally trillions of such magnets or dipoles surrounding us.

If we can bring-in via sound resonance the surrounding kinetic energy of the air molecules, we may be able to bring-in via electromagnetic or LCR (Inductor L, Capacitor C and Resistor R) resonance the electron motion energy of the orbiting electrons.  There will be no violating of the Laws of Thermodynamics.

This will give the theoretical basis of many of the claimed overunity devices.  The power of this short but important thread must not be overlooked.
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