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2022-01-24, 17:48:37
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Author Topic: Fast Freddy's car runs on water!  (Read 46317 times)
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The infamous Fast Freddy has now closed his You-tube account...  and without open-sourcing the details of his WFC as promised  :'(

Apparently he's scammed enough people to buy another truck... he filled it up with 'petrol' and he's high-tailed it out of town... :o

...and that's why they call him Fast Freddy! ;)
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Fast Freddy returns with yet another great work of fiction, aided and abetted, of course, by the irrepressible, totally irresponsible and supremely gullible... SSSSSterling Allen.

Group: Guest
And if you really want a good belly laugh, have a read of this:


I was almost rolling around on the floor as I read this article.

These parts stick in my mind:

11 atempts on his life... Right, and no one has yet managed to do the job?  The MIB are nowhere near as competent as in the movies, are they?

Freddy (aka, Dr X - love it!) was, and I quote: 'offered a billion dollars to walk away from the technology'.  Yes, a Billion Dollars!  But I guess God wouldn't let him take it  ;)

Now he also claims that his unit only makes 2 litres of gas per minute (Yes, just TWO lpm... not 55lpm as first stated). But - I love this bit - and I quote: 'for every horsepower's worth of HHO gas produced the engine produces four horsepower'. lol

The guy gets more absurd every time. It's a sham and he's a disgrace... but I shouldn't be too hard on him, after all he is still recovering from the latest two attempts on his life.  C.C

I think he must be related to the infamous, Bob Boyce who is also full of all this crap, and who also has feigned various extraordinary claims, but sadly never substantiated any of them..
Group: Guest
One more for a giggle:


I love it. Now FF, aka Dr. X or Mr. X... or whatever, is claiming to have a degree in HYPER PHYSICS! Anyone know what that is? Anyone ever heard of hyper physics?  ???
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