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Author Topic: The final answer...  (Read 108358 times)

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Frequency equals matter...

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From the book 'The body electric' by Robert Becker and Gary Selden. ISBN: 0-688-06971-1
Nuclear magnetic resonance is present when the magnetic fields around atomic nuclei are induced to vibrate in unison.
The phenomenon requires two external magnetic fields, one steady and one pulsating.
For every chemical element, the oscillating field at a specific frequency will induce resonance within the steady state field at a certain strength.

For US14.00 you should get this book and read it cover to cover. By now most of you should have the patents or knowledge that are covered in this book. I have built many of the devices as OU toys.

This thread is locked. PM me and I will add content if fitting. The quote here covers all OU devices and experiments. The different builds are based simply on alternate timing schemes, some better than others.

And heed this warning: The system rewards the sycophant and vilifies the visionary.


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Frequency equals matter...

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Hello guys,
I am a professional engineer and as such, can not bring myself to build something without knowing what I am doing.
Too many people are just trying to build a Muller motor now known as RomeroUK.
I feel we should credit where credit is due.

There are some topics that share the similar traits: Kunel generator, Muller generator, the concept of shorting coils producing
more output etc etc.

I started to search for "sudden change in inductance" and I came across a few intetesting articles
which I like to share with you.

1- combine.pdf  - You are seasoned enough to know this but then I saw a video by Dan combine:

2- A fantastic book on magnetism ( hard core )

http://ia700502.us.archive.org/1/items/mathematicalphys00peir/mathematicalphys00peir.pdf  see section XIX starting from page 232

3- Resonance phenomena in nonlinear parametrically driven systems

4- Parametric Resonance


6- Methods of changing inductance

I believe all the information for building an OU device is out there but people like to spend their time nit picking released videos frame by frame.
Let us face it, if we know the theory then we can find building it comes easy. Of course experimentation is necessary. Shame we are not working
as a team.



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Frequency equals matter...

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Google: resonant self destruction

Just prior to that peak in the signal is the goal. Get there anyway you can with whatever device or medium.
Bang on!


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Frequency equals matter...

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In regards to: http://www.overunityresearch.com/index.php?topic=827.msg15111#msg15111
Back to the modulation and the Schumann frequency....

What I sensed is the thickness of the environment being churned like the thickening of cream to butter. At the correct specifications the swirling of the field appears. Looks like ROUK got this and although his scope shot didn't show any numbers the rpm starts the whole calculation process. Instead of smacking coils for chaos the gentle pushing gets the intended harmonics. This could be what ROUK alluded to that there is something else going on. The underlying feedback appears when any material is moved at the correct frequency: sympathetic vibratory physics. This also connects the Schumann with Shauberger. I just shit my pants.

Makes a rotating field in the TPU and the two transformer oscillation more plausible now.
Need to set this up with the dual winding video coil that Sauron posted.


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Frequency equals matter...

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The effects of voltage magnification are particularly useful as they can provide magnification of AC signal voltages using only passive components, i.e. without the need for any external power supply.
In some cases voltage magnification can also be a dangerous property. in high voltage mains (line) operated equipment containing inductance and capacitance, care must be taken during design to ensure that the circuit does not resonate at frequencies too close to that of the mains (line) supply. If that should happen, extremely high reactive voltages could be generated within the equipment, with disastrous consequences for the circuit and/or the user.

Inductors wound around a ferromagnetic core may saturate at high currents, causing a dramatic decrease in inductance (and Q). This phenomenon can be avoided by using a (physically larger) air core inductor. A well designed air core inductor may have a Q of several hundred.
By using a copper core the control of  the Q can be controlled by the biasing.

So we set up resonance at 5khz and feed 5khz as a virtual mains.

By using antenna wire he added capacitance to the low inductance windings Thereby lower the LCR resonant frequency.
SM had access to the 'off the shelf' voice coil in the center of his TPUs either as single or dual configurations. The proof is the speaker connection tabs still in place on the mounting.

The GK4 has 3 stacked horizontal loops or transceivers. The iron wire cores with hysteresis enable the 4 unsynchronized pulse channels a very short bias window all overlapping at differing rates and times. Hence the uncontrolled output. My current pursuit is to get a diamagnetic unit of the correct configuration.

Somebody had posted a link of a John Denzky( i think). He had a device of 3 long rotating cylinders covered in copper coils driving a dc mortor on a bicycle wheel.
He made a very important statement of 'Maxwell's rules are based on iron'. John is using copper. My current read of Shauberger is pushing diamagnetism also.

SM used iron wire to delay. NOT AS CORE. He stated 'Cancel the flux'. This is only a preceding part of the process. The natural effect is when the flux returns. With diamagnetic material the field will not be retained or hampered from its natural ringing. Iron with its hysteresis will subdue, resist or dampen the natural ringing. Hence BEMF or short timeframe.
So a sustained magnetic bias in air will allow us the use of a bell to clang. Resonant rise, parametric resonance. We really don't have to use complex circuitry is we use diamagnetic materials. The 2 processes are, of which encompasses little to no hysterisis,  manipulate a retained field or allow the field a very sharp degradation. Either way we have altered the fidelity of the flux field by allowing it to respond naturally. SM stated 'It is the way coils react'.
Strangely, using the left hand rule for magnetism, this toroid is an aberration.  Because when one thinks of the current beginning the flow through a load, the magnetic flux this winding creates is ADDITIVE to the pulsing magnetic flux created by the coils.

When it is unloaded the voltage climbs substantially and I do not mean a spike. it lasts for several seconds and is a good third higher. Steven calls it the turbine effect.

As you know, Large amounts of FEEDBACK is essential to frequency and control when using SS devices for everything in the electronics world, HOWEVER, it is the enemy of generators!  If anyone ever gets one of these things operating, have them measure the electro magnetic and hash radio around the unit....it will blow your mind. so, what does that do to control devices in close proximity?

By starting the oscillation you cause the current to flow in the collector which causes the magnification of the process within the collector which will ultimately produce the greater voltage and power in usable amounts during operation. It is electron flow of a high order creating a large magnetic field. Or vice versa.

My point to this story is.... WE spent months and months trying in every conceivable way to duplicate a unit. The only thing that kept us going night and day was the fact that we already had one. We knew it was possible to have a working device.. It was the only thing that kept us going on the project. And even then we said I GIVE UP so many times I cant count.

REMEMBER, all of that noise and hash in your solid state amplifier is in the output signal ! Now tell me? What do you think is happening inside the extremely sensitive torrid generator when you use solid state devices to attempt to create the required precise control frequencies to make catalyst and produce power???

BUT, i guarantee you that their SS control devices are all sitting right beside the collector... aren't they? They will probably never start the coil and get to catalyst. I am not saying it is impossible, but it will Damn difficult for these guys to get more then a big bang once in a while. And just like me, that big bang will excite them enough to continue for a while longer. Maybe one of them will read back and see where I said the SS control device must be placed inside the collector coil. then they will explode with, MY GOD, maybe that is the reason why...... and off they will go. in the right direction at least.

Wrap a reader/pickup configuration around the activity of a secondary activity impressed upon a primary resonant field.

If we stop or apprehend the 2 jumper cables we will contain more energy in the electromagnetic spectrum.
This creates a virtual stun gun also opposite of a speaker by holding the cone stable.
The torsion is held in a compressed state thereby disabling the degradation into lower forms of expansion(emp).
The washboard or thumping tells us the energy wants to dissipate.

The only way the TPU can work, in my humble opinion, is by manipulation of the medium where fields reside.   That is, to form electric and magnetic fields without a material source.  I think that the way to do this is by diverging the particles of the medium (stretching by electric impulse) and then curling them around on themselves (rotation induced by a magnetic field), something like that.

And that goes on by the two fields against each other in opposing directions.

here is a little look at what i been working forward in the tpu..
see if you guys are interested..



If you look in Morgan Jones book, Valve Amplifiers, 3rd edition, on page 262 he says, The inrush of current through the filament interacts with the earth's magnetic field to produce a small kick. SMALL KICK. Those words mean a great deal. It PROVES that there is an interaction between the magnetic field of the earth and simple electrons running through wires. It may be a small influence but it is actual OVER UNITY. I have spent several years of my life thinking about that."

In reference to the brown paper schematic from SM there are 2 buffers facing each other.
Now about the DC output with AC signal. There is a book about Nicola Tesla "The Man who Had lightning in his hand".
I suggest that you find a copy of that book and read it. In that book it is related that Tesla states that you can have all kinds of electrons flowing through a wire traveling in different directions relating only to their potential power source. He even said that you could have different electron flows through a single wire completely separate from each other. I tried it and he is right!

(06:32:25) Spider: http://www.​google.com/p​atents/US809​3869
(06:32:47) Spider: chava...was​nt that mark snoswell?
(06:46:05) Peterae: It was indeed
(06:55:32) Spider: interrestin​g patent, issued fairly recent, could be tpu related
(07:09:47) WaveWatcher: It is TPU related.
(07:17:00) Peterae: filing date 3 Dec 2008
(07:17:06) WaveWatcher: DOn't worry. I doubt they know how to make a copper conductor act like magnetostri​ctive wire.
(07:18:35) WaveWatcher: Yes, Nov 2007 is when I said too much to the wrong people.
(07:20:25) Peterae: http://www.​overunity.co​m/1297/graha​m-gundersons​-dragless-ge​nerator-pate​nt-lenz-law-​violation/
(07:26:14) WaveWatcher: That was the inverse of a repeatable device.

Take notice in the patent 809​3869 that the Magnets are not touching the core.
This patent is the Kunel patent.
Magnacoaster used small magnets on the ferrous cores and played with the other gaps.
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Frequency equals matter...

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The first paragraph introduces the field against a field concept which all, and I mean all, devices and OU explanations have pointed to.

I ask for any and all insights pertaining to this.

The most controlled build would be the 2 resonant oscillators in a self destructing function. Shouldn't be too hard for any of the educated, experienced personnel here. No mystery either. All members should have seen this at one time or another. And a relatively simple build.

I have two high quality voice coils with dual internal and external windings and two 3900uf capacitors. Dual tanks with a coil inside each one.

I test to find the resonant frequency of the first one then try phase adjustments on the other one. I use the internal coils to read or excite the resonant field.

This is not new.


SM stated an operating frequency of 5khz but the TPUs vibrate at an ELF frequency. I believe it to be 7hz as the thumping is felt in the hands holding the unit.
The current setup of the pictured schematic shows an iron bundle with a magnet pair at each end. The voice coils are driven at 6 to 25 hz. With the iron bundle suspended in the coil centers by exact placement a vibration occurs. The vibration is the most extreme in this physical configuration.
The next step is to set the resonance of the two coils 7hz apart. The resonance needs to be defined to permit operation at a harmonic interval that would enable sympathetic vibrational feedback.
When looking at the electronics, the finished circuit would be quite simple. I can implement an XR-2206 from Room3327's circuit inclusive with the secondary channel phasing.
I will be using phasing and frequency difference interchangably.

This is my repsonse to Deepcuts OU Poll:
When multiple frequencies are applied to a target the target must respond.
The choices you have displayed all exhibit this property.
A selection of 3 only guides to voter to a certain degree of scope within the physical plane of this reality.

A true model would express the manipulation of vectors of all cases which very few of the choices have done. If this process had been done we would see that choice is only a narrow configuration.

Therefore I choose all.

Spherics nailed it. Itseung88 expressed it as a resonant chamber. These two have encompassed the model as measured by a time span of the same event.
I stand by my motto: Frequency equals matter
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Frequency equals matter...

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"In 3D standing waves, a structure, with all characteristics of a platonic solid, is formed for each standing wave mode. Within an atom, which is the building block of matter, the platonic solid is not formed by salt or known particles, but by electromagnetic waves in vacuum.


The RE (Radiant Energy) phenomenon itself occurs when a RLC circuit has the appropriate impedance, is in
resonance and when a standing wave is created. Because of the L (inductor) and C (capacitor), there is a 90°
phase shift between V (voltage) and I (current in Ampere) vector.
With theoretical ideal components, the signal decay is 0, and the resonance does not fade out. In reality no
component is ideal (all of them have some resistance), as such the impedance resistive will never be 0, but the
lower the better. As RE (Radiant Energy) is RF, we need a deep knowledge in RF practice, resonance Q, antenna
multiplication factors, dipole dynamics, standing wave theories, thermodynamic delta transform & others. It’s an
electrical equivalent of the acoustics (sound) laws.
RE manifests at V=0 node; I=max (current node) = pure resonance =
Radiant energy = RF, where the Power Factor PF = 0 at resonance. Such
loads are measured in Ampere Load TENSOR value, not voltage as there
is (nearly) none. Voltage "radiant" is measured in Elektron Volt,
‘elektron’ with K as its potential is a WAVE and not a mere particle. RF
is the ROOT of ZPE as you truly will use either 0 current states or 0
voltage states standing wave nodes within a standing wave in a LRC
circuit. We are talking about virtual power 4d tensor SCALAR standing
waves (created with a reverse inductor "rotor" within 3PH self oscillating
LC configured motor). At pure resonance PF is trashed and becomes
irevelant to the source.
So RF is determined by the angle of current and voltage, (0) power factor
90 deg angle relation. When the current = 0, the voltage is maximal; when voltage = 0, the current is maximal in
a perfectly resonant LC. In 3 phase this can manifest within 45 to 90 degrees angle, being differential the phasor
or angle of rotation relative as power factor figure (what differentiates it from powerline AC). Any signal with a
0 power factor figure is RF (radiant) energy. Use a scope to measure the current versus voltage angle.
See http://www.ibiblio.org/obp/electricCircuits/AC/AC_6.html.
You will see further that this POWER is in the alternator part of the RV. The Primemover is Broadbanded signal
NON RF potential that TENDS to RESONATE as LOADED while maintaining a 120° angle of rotation within
A,B,C phases being generated. The relation is SEMY resonant, if not full resonant as a variable within a set of
The Standing wave, as per RF, results from pure resonance where a current AC node is separated from a
VOLTAGE radiating node being polarised as standing wave regions, where one is node & the other anti-node. In
one we have a 0 point region (electron Vacuum), in the other we have electron aether density accumulation as
compression tensor. It can also be defined as HOT ionizing and cold anti ion region.
In low impedance OU goes unnoticed, as it is lost to resistance and impedance mismatch, but at HI impedances
the amplification effect becomes evident. The SECRET to PURE magnetic amplification is the HI impedance
factor found in "Roto-conversion". This is one of the factors that create Over-unity. OU is in resonance; the
higher the Q the closer to self sustaining within proper elements. In RESONANCE power can be EXTRACTED,
even if theory says PF is 0 and power does not exist (but is there). COLD electricity is under RESONANT
conditions (Tensor) nodes. Add to it permanent magnet rotors and PF correction in hi impedance mode, it
becomes an EMA device.
Pure RE penetrates motor housing extending field outside it; it radiates from transformers and from Faraday cage
medium. Be also careful, because the ‘water is confused for the waves’ but the waves are not the water but only
a FORCE that gives them shape and movement. So is the energy to the electrons. Energy gives them POWER to
manifest in various forms but the electron themselves are not the power. Of 9 types of electricity humanity
knows only 2 and has only learned to use one in its more primitive forms.
Ever read the meaning of resistance and voltage drop in a basic LRC circuit? At resonance you have 0 voltage at
n amperes and x voltage at 0 amperes; L is in current node; C is in voltage node. Where is R then? According to
the standard theory, R as a lightbulb is in PHASE, but the reality is that R is at 90% REACTIVE state being at
CURRENT node, so the energy loading e.g. a 220 VAC 1,000W lightbulb might just have a voltage drop of 19V
and amperage of 4.5 A. Why does it light up at full potential then?
In RF a resistor R can become PURE L inductive & provide GAIN instead of loss. This is normal to microwave
circuits and to me is also normal in LOW frequency RF circuits down to standing wave DC vectors. You will be
able to eliminate the battery, as you do you will be using ANOTHER type of electric power were different
phenomena will manifest, gravity - time - pk related. Just remember everything you are dealing with is a form of
Now you know why your voltage increased to OU, as you transferred power from the virtual rotary capacitor to
the smaller temporarily static one (magnetized coil) and back to the source "battery". The notes on RF explain
why L turns to C and C to L and R can be LC. The rotor field emulates, theoretically speaking, a capacitor. In
AC engineering practice this is explained as a ROTARY capacitor effect, the M field flux acting as a capacitor to
the coil, but in reality it is as explained above.
Take a coil and energize it with a given load, place a
reverse diode in the input; just discharge the circuit by
disconnecting the source, your bulb will BURN with
the CEMF pulse.
That was the real discovery Newman
made, but never realized what it was. Hector did it in
the RV alternator, very related to the apparent ‘hoax’ of
the Genesis project, but formulation does work in
rotating negative INDUCTANCE (or we may say
NEGATIVE resistor), a resistance "LOAD" that
provides power (a squirrel cage rotor in RV case...).
A simple LC have a DECAY value in time; the only
energy you need to supply is the one lost to decay, as if
the system source were a negative inductor to LC (as in
the case of RV alternator). Normal entropy decay is
0.618 of 1.618 as logarithmic time receding signal
(search for Seike work in ultra-relativity concepts), so
the gain is also in atropic system of 1.618 where
frequency increase in octaves may increase amplification by a factor of 3.141592 where the spiral resonant
circular projection can be expressed in a 12,000 4d polygon structure (as simile to double helix DNA structure -
reason human system is OU by all definitions). Remember LOGARITHMIC SPIRALS ORBITAL DECAY
working ZPE system.
It can be done either way, using a reactance to charge a cap, or discharge a cap in a reactive circuit; the resonant
condition creates a logarithmic path where VAR power is created and carries a magnetic amplification
component with it.
The AC in a LC circuit as a Tesla AC HV transformer and capacitor are OSCILLATING within a range of
voltage and current, where the spark gap determines discharges as a PULSE into the Tesla coil primary at
MAXIMAL capacitor potential. AC does have a FIXED period, but the DEVICE parameters where we feed that
power are variable: either we ADJUST device to source frequency or source frequency to device. TUNING and
PHEAKING is KEY to any OU device. The concept is simple but tuning is not ... requires lots of in vitro lab
experience, to tame the multiple inter-related variables.
In any coil an "N" potential is required to saturate a core, the thermal energy as the core atoms align
magnetically and are added to the alignment tensor. As the field collapses, the temperature drops and passes its
energy to the collapsing field E vector. As such overunity transformation occurs. This is for VTA type
transformation, applicable to EMA-RV.
N is the value as potential, that means a pulse or wave of specific duration (pulse length or frequency of
given voltage), with a given current capacity.
Having a source impedance A and a load impedance B, as to create a condition where energy from the
source is at optimal efficiency and imparts energy to the load where LOAD CORE in this case attains
maximal state of energy being the case of magnetic saturation.
The shifting of atomic components electron spin to magnetic alignment being so as to transfer energy from
thermal ambient background energy by means of magnetic LATCHING or stochastic linear amplification.
As such making possible the collapse of it to attain energy from the thermal region of such core & summing
it to the energy released in the collapse of the field into another load being a capacitor or recovery means,
electronic, mechanic or thermal, whatever.
C charge in X resistance determines power in N time, leading to saturation of Z core and LC in any given
circuit, opto trigger, non-coupled. It’s the Hypersignal modulation that extracts power from "ZP" (stochastic
resonance applies). It’s a very different ballgame, which requires a total rethinking of normal electric
concepts, seeking to do the reverse of what standard engineering does in many applications.
It is well known that, to get the maximum power transfer from a source to a load, the source impedance must
equal the complex conjugate of the load impedance, or: Rs + jXs = RL - jXL. In addition, for efficient power
transfer, this condition is required to avoid the reflection of energy from the load back to the source
. This is
particularly true for high-frequency environments like video lines and RF and microwave networks (RF
engineering practice).
Hector is correct in saying that this is a resonant effect in the three phase rotory system and will demonstrate
O/U effects when fine tuned so that XC = XL with very low overall resistance (R) so as to produce a very sharp
resonant curve with very high "Q" (Q determines the time decay; Hi Q = low time decay per oscillation). When
operating at ultra high "Q", the circuit is "lossless" and operates as a magnetic amplifier. Find "Electrical
Engineering" by Terman, PhD, Dean of Engineering, Stanford University, 1955. This is one of the only text
books that go into detail regarding the resonance phenomenon. It is well worth your library search for you will
become highly enlightened and informed. The most important factor to consider is the circuit resistance, for this
is how resonant curves are flattened or widened to establish "band width". Lump resistance inserted into a
resonant circuit will reduce the "Q" and cause the resonant curve to loose the sharp tuned peak under which is
the "lossless" region of the curve.
The so called “cold” electricity E-Gray talked so much about, is more like a constant canned EMP. The first step
is vectoring this energy to a charge value within a capacitor where its JOULE potential exceeds the input by
gaining energy from the media. What is done electrically with RV alternator is to spin the rotor squirrel cage
(Reverse Inductor) inside a 3PH LC oscillator tank circuit where the effect is similar to the effect you can do by
stroking a wet finger in a fine glass cup. One wave mounts to the other with the acoustic simile being magnetic
multiplication factor.

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Frequency equals matter...

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Say you want to use our Shiva driver. Say you like everything about it (especially the massive Xmax!), but
for your intended application, you want a higher Q. Well, this is the way: drive one voice coil. But rather
than just shorting the second coil, or leaving it open, terminate it with a resistor. The result? The Qts of
the driver will change from the open to the shorted Qts as the resistance is decreased. That means you can
tune the Q of the driver, with nothing more than a potentiometer!

Take the "worst case" situation. You wire the two voice coils out of phase. At first, you think one coil is
trying to push forward, the other backward, and suddenly the system tears itself apart, right?
Nope. What happens is that one coil sets up a dynamic field. Let's say, for clarification, that coil 1 generates
a signal to push the diaphragm forward. Since coil 2 is wired in opposite phase, it sets up a dynamic field to
push the diaphragm backward. Net result is that the two magnetic fields CANCEL themselves out! That is,
the dynamic field that's pushing on the static field from the magnets is ZERO. The field from coil 2 adds to
the field of coil 1 in such a way that the net field is zero. Much like adding a two sine waves of the same
frequency that are shifted by 180 degrees.
This is the SAME basic principle with shielded drivers that use bucking magnets. Use a field of the
opposite polarity to cancel the original field out. If the driver's motor magnet has a given polarity, use the
bucking magnet to introduce a field of opposite polarity, so that the two fields cancel themselves out. Net
result is no field.
So, when we run two different signals to the voice coils, what we find is that the magnetic fields of the two
combine to generate a net TOTAL field that interacts with the static field of the magnets. The two voice
coils NEVER fight each other in a physical way; it's all in the magnetic field.


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Frequency equals matter...

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by Stan Pawlak of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
April 7, 1999.

    Note: This file has been edited to some degree in an effort to improve the grammar and spelling. The author presents an intriguing insight into the quenching of magnetic fields due to aether tapping in a given locality. Feel free to contact Mr. Pawlak for questions or comments.

    1) Small subparticles come from the Sun, Stars and the centres of Galaxies. I have named these particles Aether. They take the form of magnetic planes. There are billions of them in one cubic meter. They go through our bodies with ease. One could consider Aether as the currents of the Universe. It plays a major role in the movements and energy of celestial bodies. All living organisms depend on Aether. We can call it: life energy waves. The Earth is heated inside by Aether through induction of direct current in melted metals ring.

    2) These particles are the smallest chunks of magnetic and electric fields. They are also the smallest parts of an electromagnetic wave. (Photons, in comparison, are huge formations of them).

    3) Aether, one can say, is an electromagnetic wave of frequency zero which travels, of course, at the speed of light. It is inconsistent and chaotic.

    4) Larger magnetic or electrical fields cannot be created without Aether. NO ELECTRICAL CURRENTS CAN CREATE MAGNETIC FIELDS THEMSELVES! In order for measurable magnetic fields to exist, they require Aether particles as their building blocks. Accelerating electrons catch these particles which form the closed lines of a magnetic field.

    5) Presumably those tiny elements by spinning in one axis create a magnetic field and spinning in another axis they create an electrical field. By spinning they join together making magnetic or electric field lines. Do they also make gravity lines by spinning like a gyroscope? They have a head and a foot, meaning they are not in a ball shape. Perhaps they take the form of mini pyramids. (tetrahedron?)

    6) Experiments show that Aether may be caught in the form of a magnetic or electric field. It does move the wires during the start of electric current with big force and a small force is exerted during normal flow of the current. A plate capacitor also moves from its force. As particles of Aether act as a magnetic field moving in space, they can be manipulated: diverted, concentrated, polarised or even rectified.

    7) A magnetic shielding or quenching effect was present in some cases of encounters with flying discs above cars and substations (Disc above station, Zakopane, Poland, 1970's) where all electrical circuits were non-functional due to the disappearance of magnetic fields in the coils of relays, actuators, ignitions, radios, generators, transformers etc.. This because the flying discs absorb all of the local particles of Aether for their own energy use.

    8) The effects of abnormal levels and polarities of this radiation on living organisms are unknown. Perhaps we could create an environment to live on the Earth for 1000 years? We could also make chambers to refresh our brain in just one hour instead sleeping 8 hours a day. Mr.Tesla experienced such a refreshment using high frequency currents. Maybe we can cure most of our diseases by using Orgone (another name for Aether) in different concentration and/or polarization etc. We could also control the weather with this technology. It already has been done.

    9) It is possible to build over-unity generators using coils and capacitors where these generators convert electromagnetic energy from the Cosmos, which is abundant (you can call it a dark light), into mechanical work which converts almost instantly into the form of heat which is dispersed into the Universe in the form of electromagnetic waves. Such machines are already built and their principles take the form of a pumping action - catching the Aether particles - creating a magnetic field which is converted into electrical-mechanical energy and dissipating that energy as heat radiation. Every house, car and flying machine could have its own clean energy generator so that consumable fuels would no longer be required.

    (this idea of a 'dark light' recalls the claim of NAVAZ from the 1890 book 'Dweller on Two Planets', where 'night is as pregnant with energy/colors as day' and that the 'dark side of nature' is where most phenomena originates..>>> Jerry)

    10) The waves of Aether are anisotropic and its energy density varies in different spots in space and time. Normally during the day the wave is presumably the strongest due to the addition of solar forces. Twice a year the Earth receives massive doses of this energy during cutting of the Sun's magnetic plane, when Aether is the most concentrated. The polarity of Aether from the Sun, impinging on the planet Earth, changes a few times a year. The Sun functions like eight coils as we can deduce from the magnetosphere of our star..

    (I am unclear on exactly what he means by this, probably that the Sun functions as a giant Tesla coil with each planet serving as a tuned smaller Tesla coil to intercept and use the radiated energy....strangely analogous to the Hubbard coil arrangement which used one central transmitting coil with 8 smaller coils around it to tap the radiated energy...Hubbard claimed to produce free energy from this device...additionally, some other free energy researchers claim that certain frequencies in tuned systems are able to attract/collect additional energy from cosmic, earth energy, van Allen belt radiation or other unspecified sources...>>> Jerry)

    11) Presumably Aether particles cannot spin in two axis simultaneously and travel at the speed of light at the same time when they are spinning. What if they spin in two axis at the same time? Does this produce Gravity? Is it possible that these particles (neutrinos) can spin in such a way that they spin in two axis but they stop after each spin of 180 degrees?

    12) Aether particles travel through matter but change if they encounter electric or magnetic fields, specially during the acceleration of electrons.

    (Energy manifests by cutting the lines of force which intercepts and redirects the flow for practical use. So if aether or other forces come in the form of radiation, waves will be involved which can be conjugated by 90 or 180 degrees which redirects the flow of energy....>>> Jerry)

    Stan-is-law Pawlak
    E-mail: hd@ican.net
    Space Energy
    tel.(905)545-9460 / fax (905)544-3194

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It's turtles all the way down
6) Experiments show that Aether may be caught in the form of a magnetic or electric field. It does move the wires during the start of electric current with big force and a small force is exerted during normal flow of the current. A plate capacitor also moves from its force. As particles of Aether act as a magnetic field moving in space, they can be manipulated: diverted, concentrated, polarised or even rectified.

Now where have we heard this before?   SM talks of this with the battery jumper cables and vacuum tube filaments, and the "kick" which is an actual physical movement of wires when hit with a narrow high current pulse. We were looking for an electrical "kick", turns out it is motional.

Also important is the bifilar parallel wire experiment.

Next step: "Harnessing the kick"

"Secrecy, secret societies and secret groups have always been repugnant to a free and open society"......John F Kennedy

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Schauberger shows an atomic alignment where the electrons are actually frozen in their orbits or the electron at certain places lines up with electrons in other shells at 3,6,9,12 quadrant demarcations. Shades of Rodin. This is also a model of the atomic alignment of flux shells. The flux shells appear at standing wave intervals. When applying a companion wave the first wave is impacted by the second wave. The pulses are 50 nanoseconds wide. This speed is faster than the aether can respond. The second wave or pressure actually pushes this impass at a higher impact rate creating an aggravated pressure which looks to be a high order alignment of force. At the pulse speed mentioned this happens at a micro level. The first field has not the time to fully form in flux. In other configurations of TPU type devices and magnetic shearing processes the second pulse actually has a misaalignment actuation on a flux alignment because of longer pule widths.
It is my theory that the realignment of the impacted flux quickly aligns sending a shockwave back onto the conductors. The main rreason that a weak field is used is it is easeir to deform and which send bigger repercussions throughout the whole field. These can be read at any postion in the field. A stronger field would dampen the effect actually holding the field in place so that no breaking of the flux lines across a conductor could happen.
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Back on topic!

ST Buzz


[ Inset FAR MORE thunder and lightning than usual ]

You have shown reason, logic and a sense of humor Ramset. You alone notice that my chosen Quarktoo was trying to help those that could not help themselves. You alone hath shown compassion when he was spat upon by the robbers and [Edit MR X'S]of the Earth. My precious chosen one has been crucified by the humor challenged insecure Romans again. By the nautical named sock puppets of the abyss.

The mortals shall now deal with the God of free energy directly and I shall smite those that defy me for eternity!

Quarktoo tried to get you to notice how the primary coil was discolored from heating because the Kapanadze mortal did not have a vacuum pump. This left a vacuum in the gas when it cooled and produced multipacitor effect which is key to a magnegas generator.

Quarktoo tried to teach you to look at the color of the box so you would discover for yourself the gas being used. When that failed, I had Cowboy (A temporary chosen worker)  post photos of the tanks. When that was ignored and smited, TheBuzz gave up on messiah's all together.

Quarktoo tried to get you to think about the ground wire running through the center of the coil so that you would discover the coaxial transformer. This is how kapanadze changes the frequency from very high electrostatic to low frequency current pulses.

Quarktoo hoped you would notice how a copper tube was hidden under the blue tape so you would see the magnetic gas being used and the real source of energy.

Quarktoo would have taught you about a phenomena outside Faraday's law which is ELECTROSTATIC inductance, not ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTANCE and has no basis of understanding in your Earthly mortal science. This would have allowed you to make fuel from water, diamonds from a fire extinguisher and energy from the vacuum.

Quarktoo would have given you a simple experiment that would have opened the doors for a lifetime of experimentation and invention because it uses the half of electricity called voltage and considered a phenomena to do work which is ignored by the physics professors and dependtards of the Earth.

TheBuzz shall now give you your first commands.

You shall first learn about the coaxial transformer here:


You will split that transformer in half so there is not electromagnetic inductance. This will form the coaxial autoformer of sorts which the kapanadze device is.

You shall use ferrite rings of no iron but instead plenty of ferrous oxide of low permanency - ( < 5000 ).

You shall form a tube of 4 inches of those ferrite rings.

You shall run a wire of a resonant tank circuit (at least 50Khz) through the center of the tube.

You shall parallel a second wire through the center of that tube connected to a resistive load. You will note that there is zero magnetic induction on the ferrite (Notice compass in photo below) yet nearly a complete transfer of energy between the two circuits. This is not a 1 turn transformer! You could use rings 1 foot in diameter and it would work as long as the length dimensions are proportional. When you are done scratching your head in confusion, you shall continue.

Then you shall look at the kapanadze coil and note that the ground wire is not the secondary, but the trinary of that transformer - that you blind mortals call a coil.

You shall research the magnetic properties of the gases Quarktoo noted but was suppressed by {MR X}..

You shall build a coil of copper tube that Quarktoo showed and use the technique Quarktoo revealed to connect to that gas when [MR X] flamed Quarktoo and Quarktoo answered his baseless insults with factual how to information and was banned for it. If it has been deleted or suppressed, you shall hold the {MR X} accountable and force him to post what he hath stolen from the gentile masses.


Once you have reached that stage of human development, you shall punish the Romans and bow your heads on bended knee in thanks and THEN... Saint Buzz shall once again descend into the abyss of humor challenged insecure mortal fools to help you with the rest of your quest.

At this point, two people should be able to each hold one leg of a neon 4 feet from your copper tubing coil and it should glow to full brightness.

You should be able to attach one leg of a neon to a earthly ground and touch the other to the copper coil and it should not glow at all.

You should be able to hold one end of the neon and start a fire with the other end by placing a piece of paper between a hard metal object such as a razerblade and the free end of the neon. At this point, electricity should be running backwards.

While you do these experiments you shall ignore the sock puppets  If you smite me or my chosen again, you shall be overinty THE DAMMED forever! Doomed to wander in the desert of ignorance led by fools for another 4000 years!

Saint Buzz shall now return to the heavens and bask under the light that shines from what is left of his many overunity golden stars after Ramset stole one of them years ago when TheBuzz tried to teach the first step of waterfuel to the fools using this electrostatic transformation and modulation process.

So shall it be said, so shall it be done.

NOTE - TheBuzz has not, does not, nor shall he ever give step by step monkey see monkey do information to dependtards. Rather, TheBuzz seek to teach the masses knowledge that cannot be suppressed by the man or his minions that drive away smart people and promote dependtards like unwitting puppets on strings to suppress OU for them.

Photo 1 - Shows how two wires running through a stack of FeO toroids produces nearly 100% energy transfer of a resonant circuit WITHOUT ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTANCE (note the compass pointing to true North? The white wire running through the toroid stack with both ends going to the lamp is NOT A 1 TURN COIL as some would wrongly claim. This is NOT the electromagnetic inductance you are familiar with.

Notice the primary and secondary circuits overlaid on the scope. This is to show that  there is not a phase change between primary and secondary wires and nearly 100% transfer of energy WITHOUT COILS OR ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTANCE. This is key to understanding the ground wire running through the center of the kapanadze coil.

The Scope hath had a slight skew to the right (no irony wasted on this defect) in the display since the first time TheBuzz connected it to the wheelwork of nature years ago. SaintBuss is presently poor after spending his life savings doing research full time for the unwashed for the last ten years but the scope shot is accurate in regard to phase.

Photo 2  - Shows overlay of primary and secondary and nearly 100% energy transfer without phase change with no coils or inductance.

Photo 3  - Shows the injury to the finger of Saint Buzz when he took one for the team on a lathe making the parts of his magnegas generator.


The information I provide you is far more valuable than those that are too blinded or controlled by their insecurity to even notice. Saint Buzz hates the smell of fear.


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Frequency equals matter...

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The mechanism of the ponderomotive force can be easily understood by considering the motion of the charge in an oscillating electric field. In the case of a homogeneous field, the charge returns to its initial position after one cycle of oscillation. In contrast, in the case of an inhomogeneous field, the position that the charge reaches after one cycle of oscillation shifts toward the lower field-amplitude area since the force imposed onto the charge at the turning point with a higher field amplitude is larger than that imposed at the turning point with a lower field amplitude, thus producing a net force that drives the charge toward the weak field area.


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Frequency equals matter...

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Frequency equals matter...

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I'm posting this as copied from OU since it may have some new thoughts of interest here (GK?) .  Might or might not be something new here but when I see someone's JAW hit the floor I start listening ;)   From pauldude000:

It has been over a year (I think), since I retired from the TPU research. I started hitting dead end after dead end, yet the
results of various experiments were promising enough to keep me going. I instinctively knew that Tesla tied into the
matter (not surprising really), but I could not quite figure out how..... I had to clear my head and take a break.

Only SM knows for sure, but I wonder of the TPU was an accident..... I am not joking. Say you are looking at a patent
for a Tesla device employing a rotational field toroidal transformer, but in replication you try to use copper wires instead
of soft iron wires?

More guesses than facts circulate around the device (of which I was as guilty as anyone). Prejudices based upon pet
hypothesis and following theory make for a nasty mix. They cloud your judgement and wreck your ability for emotionally
detached logical thought and evaluation. After my head cleared..... I started over, tossing out most every assumption I
had previously held, or had been told by others. I re-read all of SM's posts carefully to see exactly what HE said and
meant, not what interpretations I or anyone else placed upon his words.

I found that he was actually quite clear, and that someone else was occasionally posing as him. (People have a distinct
writing style, grammar, word usage etc.... like a written fingerprint.) Some matched, others were 180 degrees out of
phase so to speak.


SM stated plainly that the fields were rotating, and that the rotation was necessary to the operation
SM stated there was a kick, then specifically pointed out the inrush current from the book he cited as the stated "kick"

SM pointed out TAO had the overall key (And he does I believe, through the winding pattern he developed and through
his initial presentation of his thoughts about Tesla.)

NOWHERE did SM agree with the statement TAO made about Tesla's wireless transmission of power tech being
involved. THAT was assumed.

SM stated that the unit worked by making as many kicks (inrush current) as possible as fast as possible.

Out of nowhere an EE posts an anonymous letter to Mannix. To which SM (the real SM by writing style) agrees almost
whole heartedly with every deduction the man makes, then points out several 'points of interest'.

What was a point of interest to me was that from the style of writing, I think SM himself may well be the hypothetical
myterious EE as well.

After watching ALL the movies again, slowly, pausing and rewinding and paying as close an examination as possible.

I noticed a few interesting things off of the good quality vid I received from JDO300 way back..... exactly two sets of
matched components in the center of the large TPU. Two large black caps with resistors in parallel on the inside
periphery of the coil (very clear, I could almost ready the values) and in the very center two matching inductance coils
with two matching caps close by......

I wondered why he would need two pairs each of matched RC and  LC tanks, then it hit me. More than one signal out
of one input signal....
Q: How can you make AC out of DC? 

A: Charge a capacitor in series with an inductance, then open the switch and shut the power off. The capacitor will
discharge through the inductor to equalize charge across its plates as soon as the  forward voltage either reverses
(AC)... or ceases (DC). The pair will resonate at a frequency governed by the values of the given components.

A nagging suspicion ate at me for awhile, then I loaded up the Tesla patent again, and examined the diagram closely,
tracing the wires through the circuit on the transformer, then back to the generator in the circuit, asking the question
"exactly what is the ELECTRICITY doing when this generator rotates through a cycle", not merely what the current was
doing. I wanted to examine both current and voltage together.

My jaw hit the floor. The device in the patent is a rotating field transformer. Four coils make and rotate the field, and the
outer coils 'generate the juice' so to speak.

Now, understand that the picture in the patent is only CLOSE to a TPU, but it is NOT the TPU.... (I will explain why,
please be patient with me at this point.) 

Why two different type matching sets of resonance devices?
VOLTAGE PHASING.... 90 degree voltage phasing to be exact as the tesla patent demonstrated, using a single

CLEAN dc square wave signal.  I was actually right about one thing, go figure. Transistors are a really noisy device that
tend to amplify any abnormalities in the applied signal. The signal HAS to be as free of parasitic AC signals as possible,
that is why tube rectifiers  REALLY are easier as SM said.

Tesla didn't need caps, as he treated every inductor as it should be treated, as a resonant device. Capacitance can be
made by wire placement and spacing relationships. An EE views resonance as either a phase relationship, or as a purely
mechanical function.  Telsa's concept of resonance was a little different, incorporating the 1/4 wave relationship between
the propagating wave and its voltage. The classic case of two people referencing the same term, but using differing
definitions. Tesla desired a relationship where the voltage was highest possible at one end of the wire coupled with an
overall Z (impedance) as close to zero as possible allowing maximum current to flow.... When this condition is achieved,
you see a LOT of energy available in the circuit.

Voltage, remember, is not energy. Neither is current. BOTH must be in motion for a state of usable electrical energy to
exist. We have all seen the resonant phantom signal pushing hundreds of volts, yet would not light a fart, let alone a light
bulb. The current was out of phase with the voltage, therefore little or no usable energy.

Tesla didn't need caps, but I DO.... and so did SM. you have four coils, one DC square wave signal at a given desired
frequency, how do you rotate the field? Hint 90 180 270 360... you phase each of the voltages 90 degrees further from
zero as the previous coil, using equal reactance components to achieve resonance at the input frequency, into a wire
wound into a coil, the length of each wire being 1/4 wavelwength long..........

Anyone see what I see?

By the way..... you can generate juice using the "A" field in a toroidal unit.......... doesn't have to be magnetism doing the
work you know, that is assumed. Interesting how coils 90 degrees out from each other can induce voltage and current in
each other. (Collector to control amplification.)

I don't know enough about the "A" field to speak much about it. If someone is an expert, please give us all a heads up.

Paul Andrulis

P.S. I am using public wi-fi for this, and am not "online" right at the moment. I will read your thoughts as posted as soon
as I can get back online.

Paul Andrulis


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I was running at 14.x khz and noticed this bump at that later part of the ring down. I conversed with JDO300 and guessed it might the diode junction capacitance.
I do not have any capacitors in the circuit except to couple the scope probe to the drive line, 4.9nf.
So I measure out where this bump occurs and it happens at ~103khz. I increase the span frequency(between the dual drive pulses) so the next dual pulse hits at the bump. The signal then shakes back and forth. The scope looses it syncing. I lower the voltage to 100vdc and things calm down, the signal stabilizes and the scope locks back on.
I noticed that the bump occurs sooner so the next dual drive pulse does not hit at the bump point in time.



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Frequency equals matter...

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Frequency equals matter...

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Currently the 2 models I am working on are:
The TPU as an arced or semicircular Tesla coil (the snake bites its tail). The gap between the starting point and the ending point is similar to the Kunel patent to be exercised accordingly. This motion mimics the self destructive resonant transformer but with the added safety of the gap that acts as a shock absorbtion or suppression device. The activity at this point can be read or siphoned.

The TTBrown model can be reproduce very easily by making a domed shape capacitor of 2 aluminum plates with a Tesla coil under this with the discharge going in to the center to the bottom plate. What is needed is HV and sharp pulsing with a shape reflective echo impacting back to the aether. The aether becomes noticable when the very high speed and potential are shot to a reflective scattering which creates more surface of impact instead of just a stream breaking through the space looking for a sink.

The spark gap for both of these experiments is the low inductance primary driven by the comp wave / dual pulse protocol that Spherics mentioned.
This mimics the spark gap normally on the primary. TTBrown used HV transformers.
This picture is a mix of Tesla, Deyo, Hutchison, TTBrown.
The secondaries are made of 3 concentric coils. They are shown extended as an example. Normally they do not move. The three secondaries perform as a pancake type operation also.
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I have bypassed the internal sparkgap with a neon start bulb from a fluorescent ballast. This reduces the external Ee-Em-Pee. I am setting up a resistor ladder to enable the circuit to run off of 12v ATV batteries. The ckt needs a 9vdc bat. The Osc transistor has a base current of 3.5 amps but the emitter-base voltage max is 7v so at 12v supply it breaks.

With the sparkgap bypassed I can now run this circuit in stealth mode into a coil. The scope shows a constant small level wave form and every 1-3 seconds an Ee-Em-Pee shows up. I believe the neon I use permits this. The electrode gap is wide but this is usable in a start up protocol assessment.

I have tapped off the final stungun stage to a low impedance coil. I will move the tap point to prior this stage replacing the factory supplied discharge stage with my coils to analyze the difference. This effectively makes a TPU - circlular Tesla type coil as the discharge stage. High & Low impedance coils with be instituted.

Based upon events in 1996 Muller started it with his aluminum rotor(This beat Juan Be dinin by years), then Don Smith did his with sparkgaps. Then SM did his with the gaps hidden. I believe SM used hidden neons. These are all brute force. The delicate way is to use the dual pulse protocol that Spherics showed. But then this makes it geometry specific. Sm showed a number of different formats all in a simple geometry.


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I did get the ATV batteries in place by using a 2.7 ohm resistor in series. With the Base to Emitter of 7v the ATV 12v damages the Osc transistor. In replacing the 9volt snap in batteries with the ATV batteries I noticed some things:

Now that I have a high current source to drive the stungunckt I can run tests more freely. This allows more focus on the ckt operation than trying to procure batteries for the ckt. The next step is to replace the normally open momentary switch with a relay or foot switch.
My experience with a HV flyback or ignition did not perform the switching fast enough for the high transients. In an automobile points were added to accomplish, which is a rotary Tesla coil switch.

The sequence is this:
Automobile ignition and point system, Tesla coil rotary switching, Muller rotor, Kapandze radial Ee-Em-Pee, Don Smith NST based sparkgap, Steven Mark TPU driver.

The idea here is to change parameters on the stungunckt stages keeping the TPU as a third stage discharge of a Teslal coil setup. The TPU looks like the flexible dryer hose top but is a mobius wired configuration.

The last stungun stage is still connected to the coil.
The bulb ionization shuts off by itself. This creates a very fast transient. The neon is a more conductive gap than the internal screw gap. If I make the screw gap too wide the internal gap sparks to the board and the neon doesn't fire.  I am trying to see if SM hid this stage through replacing the internal sparkgap with a neon configuration. I am following a hunch.
The main goal overall is to see if I can magnify the spark discharge to a higher vibratory action. We know by experience that the sparkgap produces a thumping in the magnetic range. The eye can see and in the bigger stunguns the thumping is very slight from the operators end. From the victim's end the thumping is very revealing to the action that is posible with a 9v battery.

On the scope output the the fast transient appears at a certain interval. What I want to control is that interval to match the action of the circumferal discharge coil. Right now the interval is longer than the circumference. This will let me see things at a slower pace.

Damage report:
In the stungunckt one side of the the large mylar capacitor coating was ejected into space. There was no heat. The ckt still works as normal. The correct frequency at the correct place produces cataclysmic results.
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Frequency equals matter...

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When ever a greater pressure falls to a lower pressure we get a vortex.
Link to Viktor Shauberger and Walter Russel.
Fluid Dynamics http://www.evert.de/eft724e.htm
Walter's Periodic table of elements fits nicely onto Rodin's coil field array. Which by no streatch of the imagination fits into the Alchemical Manual.

How does everything flow?

A possible example of two equal sized offspring may be the binary pair called Y Cygni.  This is a pair of giant O or B type stars that orbit each other in a period of 2.99 days. Each star is some 5 million miles in diameter and 5000 times as luminous as our Sun - absolute magnitudes about -4.5.  They are some 12 million miles apart (less than 2.5 times their diameters!).  Their masses are 17.3 and 17.1 times the mass of our Sun.

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In regards to the TPU, Hutchison, Otto, and the GK4.

The bias produced by the iron wire enables a resonant field captured within the device so there is no need for a grounding connection(Like an iron ball or virtual iron molecule). The large reservoir is within the device itself(SM showed this with an ampmeter held in the center of the tpu). As can be seen that the primary can be loosely or tightly coupled. Because of the bias the device can achieve a resonant structure easily without any attempt to physically connect with the ambient structure to produce a discharge, which is lost energy. Take note that if the secondaries are formed into a loop formation what can be seen is the tpu. With an activation placed within the vesica pisces area a Hutchison device can be achieved which oddly enough is the configuration of most of Steven Mark's TPUs. In the diagram shown it can be seen that as the device is driven the resonant bias can be agitated within each secondary itself. The more Tesla coils added creates a stronger vesica pisces within the same physical area. We therefore have a achieved the virtual ambient structure to manipulate. Like Don Smith's multiple coil configuration.

This is the process shown by the explanation of the Ark or the Covenant. When ever a major Holy meeting is going on there are angels on each side. These represent two resonant magnetic fields. The vesica pisces is the symbol of Christianity also known as the IKTHUS or fish. The greater powers are trying to convey onto us the process and devices to achieve the use of the wheelworks of nature. This process has been hidden in the context of love because it is very dangerous. The use of this process will foretell our future. The use of agitation in the vesica pisces can be harmonic or chaotic. When a harmonic additive is applied matter can be made to perform at our command. When a chaotic addition is applied the event is uncontrolled like a rogue wave. Or, using Hutchison's demonstrations you can produce new atomic lattices or make little figurines jump about randomly. Whether he knows it or not he has a produced a virtual Ark of the Covenant.

All of the overunity attempts are an attempt to manipulate the bias field. EMDevices showed the iron wire running through the larger tpus. The smaller tpus had magnets placed on them. These are basically Bearden MEGS with removable magnets. The Johnson, Smith, Muller and EVgray  motors are basically manipulating a bias charge or bias field.

The Ark of the Covenant is two magnetic fields overlapping with an agitation in the center in the box itself. When the walls of Jericho fell at that time there had been marching and trumpets blown. Two sources of harmonic agitation.

Tesla's pancake coil is another model of this bias manipulation.

Who so ever reads this and understands have become a very serious threat to the powers that be...

Attached is an iron wire core Tesla coil. It is not 'Tuned' to the standard for an ambient discharge but to produce a high potential resonant field.

The scope of interferometry of the area of the vesica pisces is not yet fully mapped from what I have been able to research.
OU'ers have seen the most abundant breadth of the process. But I have noticed that this elite set of thinkers are segmented by their education, experiences and views of how things operate.
For instance: some try to quantify by their known physics law, others by a device's mechanical view, others by their electronic process knowledge. The process of the manipulation of matter by the Ark of the Covenant, Coral Castle, and ancient megaliths is viewed from the ground up by minds trained from their center. This limits the acceptance of the ability to accept an outside view.

Current is a mere byproduct of this controlled manipulation. The control potential in this overlap area has banded areas of operation. Some between to resonant magnetic fields with an interjection of white noise i.e. Hutchison, some an interjection of pure audio, crystal vibrations and magnetics i.e. Coral Castle, Ark of the Covenant, some are pure vibrations from compressed gas in spherical chambers i.e. Keely's work, while some are just magnetics with physical vibration i.e. Steven Mark and the Canadian with the spinning magnet layers in a steel drum.

As with Hutchison's attempts we have seen new matter lattices form. Keely executed the opposite of this by performing molecular association to disassociation. Actually Hutchison did this too with the material ripping.

So as in this thread with the usage of iron wire there is creation of a bias by a weak magnetic field. The low amount of iron used saturates at a very fast rate thereby producing a magnetic field for the process. And as we know a magnetic field is moved in the vicinity of copper windings. In the tpu there is an outer field/ a bias and an inner smaller cirumferral generator(those smaller spools with vertical windings). The inner speed is faster.

Resonated at 81khz with a 20vp2p sine to the secondary. Next I switch from a loosely coupled pancake to a loosely coupled parallel winding.
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On this, OverunityResearch site I see no mention of intersecting magnetic fields inside a medium. This is the function that generates the friction to cause an impact to be managed. The energy created at that point can be generated to perform with or against matter at the sub atomic layer and further down or across the Planck layer.
So I find this blatant science exposure. We, on this site talk like ants in the ant farm while the owner spins the glass cage around to occupy us.

Riddle me this, Batman?


If the choices are outside of your reality you will be easily modified against your will without your even knowing.

Can anyone see past their imprinting? Without Truth we mimic our deceptions.
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Frequency equals matter...

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Maybe we can agree on this hyper-reality?

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