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2020-12-04, 04:20:50
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Author Topic: HF Flyback driver  (Read 27343 times)

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Did you figure out your capacitors?

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poly boards are great!

are you going to drive the tetrahedral unit with this?

G. - Thanks for the idea to use cutting boards - i never stopped to think they were polypropylene before you said that!

$12 for a variety pack at Target  ;D

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I ran the flyback for a number of hours today and it seems very stable...

There seems to be an amazing amount of pressure sensation in my ears when i run it.


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MOSFET powered flyback circuits are very interesting.

Have you considered the use of a MOSFET Gate Driver
Chip to attain most efficient switching with minimal heat

MOSFETS can perform superbly in this sort of application
when well driven.

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