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2021-10-18, 07:33:11
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Author Topic: Steorns December 2009 Demo  (Read 84451 times)

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It's not as complicated as it may seem...

I am predicting death for Steorn in 2011!  Others are saying that they will go into a deeper level of hibernation where the company will only exist on paper and surface from time to time.  Sean and his one-man band.

DON'T watch this video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5O3eobu-Ig


Looks like your prediction came true MH.


Good to see the universe eventually takes care of everything.

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The happy time:  April 20th, 2010

Guys Panacea got a sponsor and now has the solid state and rotational plans , its safe in our possession, we cant share or we get in trouble, but we can design applications for the public (non commercialization license) you instantly get access to the plans for their nominal fee.

A great day for humankind today, i would like to say all of you made panacea possible and now its time to give humanity FREEDOM, we have the weather engineering knowledge held in a public trust, and now free energy, this year i think our lives will change forever, panacea steorn video production coming.

Non profit and behind you ALL till the end
Ashtweth on behalf of your non profit org.

Ps, you wont believe how simple this process is.
For Tesla and Hector.


An excited Rosie Posie cameo the same day:

CONGRATULATIONS ASHTWETH. WELL DONE. Truly a landmark victory. Can't wait to hear more.

The sad new reality:  January 23, 2012

Hi Bob /ALL

Yes it, i understand, it would certainly appear that way to any one not on the forum or doing the rep work, it would take this effort to understand the difficulty.I do have some news.

We are trying different frequencies ATM to try and get some understanding of the heat production, but i dont hold much more hope on this, this year we will be throwing in the towel on the pulse motor and heater.

At least we stuck at it , and with respect the other developers did their best too , all credit to them.

If Steorn have a heater then the developers certainly dont know how they are doing it. Its theirs not developers i guess. If the developers knew they would have the same heater. If Steorn have succeeded then i dont think they need developers any more, but i would have to review their device.

It was a large expense of all developers to try and assist them, i dont know if they will help us in the end. I doubt it. Ill have a final report on this after March. No heat so far in their figures , we will report our final heat test after march. I would expect bad news.

Such is life, we move on and search for other things. Happens all the time. I have the deepest respect and thanks to Phil and Clanzer (Sean), those guys did a lot that we all should be grateful for.


No more full-page ads in The Economist I suppose.  I am not sure if anything has been breached yet.

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Frequency equals matter...

Buy me a drink
The hector Torrez model failed because the generator and motor on the same shaft = losses.
The howard johnson items sit side by side. Hector changed the model.


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Here is a paper I wrote some time ago looking into the Steorn motor and Naudin's replication.  Didn't publish it at the time but doing so now in case it helps others to understand what went on inside the device.
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