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2019-06-19, 10:09:15
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Author Topic: Canola Oil also called Rapeseed Oil is a pesticide  (Read 1118 times)

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I thought i would put this up as it seems important that people are aware of this information.

I was looking for a pesticide that was Organic & cheapish and came across a video of a guy who paid $15 for a speciality pesticide and discovered it was 96% canola oil, so he took it back and bought 5 times as much canola oil for $2  ;D

Now curious how canola oil can be a pesticide i thought i would have a quick search to see if it is harmfull for human consumption as nearly everything is fried in the stuff and i found a video which was quiet interesting, the video below throws enough doubt to start thinking if it's a good idea to use this stuff, in the UK we called canola oil Rapeseed oil.

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