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2022-08-13, 10:27:41
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Author Topic: How Bessler made it work. Live Build 6 part series.  (Read 21755 times)
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Group: Guest
I posted one message with just the picture.

Then I posted with the picture and the word interesting.

These 2 individual posts are now combined into one.

I do not believe the code in your forum is doing this.
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Well I am going to try this one more time.

Group: Guest
This is ridiculous.

Apparently God doesn't want this info out there yet.

Of course this post will go through, but not the posts with the information in them.

We shall see.
Group: Guest
I just posted twice. Once with a picture of the axle. Which of course has disappeared somewhere. But the useless frivolous post goes through without a hitch.

I am not a believer in coincidences.
Group: Guest
Another useless post. Let time it.

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It's not as complicated as it may seem...
Are you in the USA?

I'm in Canada. I have no problems posting with images 99% of the time.


I see my image attached, but it is not visible. Hmm. Let me change it.

I presume it didn't show because it was very tall and skinny. This image of Tesla's tower is ok.
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I can see your image.

Of course this post will go through because there is no information in it.
Group: Guest
I am just south of Canada.

Again this will post because I am not trying to tell anyone about the build.

I just resent the post about the axle. Did it show up?
Group: Guest
Group: Guest
8 1/2 hours later we will see if this forum is going to be able to receive what I post.
Group: Guest
Ok so its a little past midnight and all through the house not a creature is stirring, not even a ...........

Maybe while everyone is sleeping the forum will respond.

The head has been severed and the neck ground down.


On the bolt. What were you thinking?

We shall now forever refer to this as the inner axle.
Group: Guest
I was walking through the yard one day when these two mosquitoes just picked me up and started carrying me off. One said to the other should we eat him here or take him home? The other one said we better eat him here if we take him home the big ones will take him away from us.

I sprayed them with off.

The next part we need is a hub to affix the spokes to. I have found in my menagerie, a circular metal object that will suffice. I have attached a close up photo of the inner axle and a photo of the hub.

Group: Guest
The hub I am using is approximately 1/2 inch thick with a hole that fits on the threaded part of the axle nicely and has an OD of 2 1/2 inches.
Group: Guest
I have attached the hub to the inner axle with 2 square nuts. Why square nuts you ask? It because thats what I have on hand. 8)

See photos.
Group: Guest
The Sleeve

Alas my love you do me wrong, to cast me ff discourteously; and I have loved you oh.........

Ooops wrong color sleeves.

I am now going to go hunt for a sleeve.  8)
Group: Guest
Well, I have cut the head off a bolt and screwed 2 nuts on in 2 hours. The rest of the time I have spent trying to post.

I am done here.

Have a Great Day!
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I wonder how many posts it will take from this IP to have my messages blocked?
Group: Guest
Not long at all.
Group: Guest
Not long at all.
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It's turtles all the way down
Hi Bronco

Hang in there, I am very interested in your approach to the Bessler Wheel and your ideas, should you continue to share them.

Besides building many wheels, I have done a lot of modelling to determine which designs might have merit. Of course modelling programs only simulate gravity, but it is no replacement for the real deal.

I have pondered some thought experiments about the nature of gravity and would like to share them here, so please continue to post and we will get the dialogue going and hopefully others will also get involved.

The clues you listed are important, now getting it all to come together is the next step. Maybe present your hypothesis so others could also build it or test it long with your step by step build instructions.

Best regards, ION

"Secrecy, secret societies and secret groups have always been repugnant to a free and open society"......John F Kennedy
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I simply want to be able to post.

Now why could I post the first night with absolutely zero problems, but as soon as people can read what I am doing my posts will not post.

It's not a coincidence.

All my frivolous posts come right through. The posts that contain build information. It shows they post, but never show up here.

Two separate posts have been combined into one post. Not sure how that happened.

I am sure this will go through, you see there is no build information in this post.

I need to be able to post or I won't stay.

Many people shop for Internet hosts trying to save money.
What they are really doing is trying to find the slowest provider.

Too many connections was one of the errors I would get.

Also if your service provider puts you on a server with 500 other companies, your connection speed is then determined by the visitors of all of those companies.

Not sure what's causing this but I am just throwing things out there.

Group: Guest
See that post went right through.

Let me eat breakfast and go into my shop and see what happens today.

If things post, I will continue with the build. 8)
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Here we have a host [Peter] that allows no advertising or other Monetary venues that would help underwrite this site.
he covers all expenses here out of his own pocket and has for years .
and he is steadfast open source ...

the world needs more fellows like Peter !!

It would be nice to sort out what is happening with your internet ,these types of violations are Not Uncommon in this day and age.

Like a different Kind of Mosquito  :o [or parasite]

welcome to the forum .

Chet K

Group: Guest
Good Morning,

We shall see if today's events are going to differ from days gone by.

Chet thanks for the comment. I have no idea whats going on, I am just tossing ideas out there.

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