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2021-04-12, 08:00:36
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Author Topic: TPU Back to the Basics ~JT Varient~  (Read 21147 times)
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Hi All

Progress is made by stupid and misguided believers, or is it?
 A research and development  team making a fast dry coating for lenses became stuck in their stupidity....
Today we call it superglue.

Everyone used wood for wheels way back and today we used encapsulated air.
Back then they would have locked you up and thrown away the key for such a statement  'rollin on air'

Einstein was a true hero...... NOT AT ALL.. He was a great thinker though.
Now are ALL his teachings totally relevant and correct today..........NOPE.

Maxwell and Heavyside....

This could go on and on.....

Facts are made at their time of creation but subject to change, so are all facts actually factual?

Now to a related finding.
 While energising my 2 variant coils to obtain the best output/input with a little feedback, I had unknowingly switched on my RF cable detector receiver only.
As standard I heard a faint 50 HZ buzz . When I energised the coils at  50KHZ and up, the coils output   increased toward  resonance as expected but the 50 HZ buzz also increased to a point where then unit maxxed out. Not saying anything but the unit hardly gets affected when changing the coil to a standard wound type and this 50 HZ is not there. It could be anything fets unscreened .....field feedback modulation  etc.
I would suggest though that an audio amplifier input open ended near the TPU on test could be a power line absorbtion related experiment. If all of us getting a good output test this for a hum it may prove Turbo 's assumptions correct. A joule thief retro.
I may run a 10KV power line effect  above it if it gives 99% or so efficiency  but  that may never happen..
keepin on keepin on.

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Experiments that don't work as expected can be more important than ones that work well, and every year that you are still alive is a good year.

For example, if you pulse your coil and don't see "anything", then take a good look at what you are actually doing.  Did you use high enough voltage?  Did you meet the 1000v drop across the coil requirement?  Was the static coil on or off and if on, then what were it's parameters?  If you saw nothing in space outside the coil, did you see no thing on the static coil as well?   If using a plate detector with screen (grounded) and a VTVM, did the meter rise of just fluctuate?  Why?  Did you attempt to match the impedance of the coil to the line?  If so, why? This is not part of he circuit.   If you matched it then you dumped part of the pulse across the resistor.

Every time I have failed to get good results, I have learned something, and the failure was my own fault.

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Buy me some coffee
Does it really matter if it was a fake or not, the important thing is that a lot of learning has happened because of it, and i think we all accept that the thing needs time spent to come to our own conclusions, specially if the end result is knowledge, more importantly it has brought a lot of people into this area of research and one day one of those people may indeed make a discovery in another area, fact is the more brains playing with this stuff stumbling around in different directions the better.

I have to say the only reason i started working on OU stuff was because of user Mike the guy that vanished without a trace with the window motor, that's how my interest grew, but it takes a lot more inside a person to work on this stuff, you could almost say we were born to work on this stuff, it makes us feel good and it can make us feel bad, but we are doing it because we enjoy doing it, and when we stop enjoying it we might as well move onto Stamp collecting or something.

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You believe the device is fake correct? Well then, I will build the device to your specifications, and I will drive to power lines that are of the correct voltage, and see if I can tap into the power line. I have not looked at all of the specifics of Mark's unit, so I would definitely need help in building it. But I would be willing to build it. If it works I will video tape the device as we drive away from the power lines. It would end this once and for all.

So if the real thing can't be made. Let's make the fake and prove it. Any info you have on the specifications would be appreciated.

Have Fun :)

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@poynt99I think it may help to use the technical term for this circuit, it is in fact a self oscillating boost converter. As well if you follow lineage of the circuit you will find the "joule thief" patent is pre-dated by other patents by more than 30 years, as such the joule thief patent should never have been granted in the first place. As Albert Einstein once said---"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." :)

AC   check out this self powered unit that runs with gain ...  no battery peroid ..


hello st



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 IST looks very cool.  I have only viewed part of the first vid but it looks very interesting.

 Is it like Luc's set up?

Give us some build details so we can replicate.


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You just missed him... you can probably still see the chemtrail left by the mothership...
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I have seen this link before and it is very good for new players in the JT field.

Thanks for posting this!

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