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2021-04-12, 08:13:09
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Author Topic: Don Smith LTspice Sim  (Read 14915 times)
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I need help with a Don Smith LTspice sim I've been working on.

The problem is that it is showing a COP of 1.128

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why don't you integrate from 5 to 6 ms.   Starting at 0 s is before steady state has been reached. 
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I'm starting the integration at 4ms.
  .tran 0 10.6m 4m

If I start at 0s I get a COP of 1.059

   pin: INTEG(v(vs)*i(v1))=-13.0589 FROM 0 TO 0.0106
   pout: INTEG(v(vout)*i(rl))=13.8418 FROM 0 TO 0.0106
   cop: (pout/pin)=-1.05995


I think you misinterpreted what I was saying.
The  efficiency greater than 100%

Yes I am delaying recording of data 40ms to overcome the initial power draw establishing a somewhat steady state condition.

I am trying to get the simulation back to  realistic conditions.

In case anyone is interested, I figured this out.

Determining the input impedance and setting the Source series resistance equal to that value  corrected the problem. It now show realistic results.
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