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Author Topic: HV Bifilar Coil  (Read 7462 times)
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Anyone have any experience using Bifilar coils at high voltage?

I am trying to test a Bifilar coil in place of a regular Solenoid coil but the Bifilar wont perform any work other than pumping out huge amounts of ozone.

I think that i am within the voltage rating of the c-200 magnet wire.. but i do know there is a greater difference of voltage between windings on the Bifilar.

Im considering trying it under an oil bath to see if it fixes it.. anyone ever have this problem?


PS; I have never seen good reference material on Bifilar coil design.. anyone know of a source??
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He he... I know what you are about to say... but its one of those things that i wont be happy till i know what i does in my particular application...

Dont forget Tesla coil for electromagnets is bifilar.. there may be more there than meets the eye..
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I have two coils driven by dc pulse

coil A : 4000ft 28 awg c-200 245ohm

coil B : 4000ft total 28 awg c-200 ( two wires of 2000ft each in bifilar )

at lower voltage coil B is stronger, as the voltage increases the power of A increases and B decreases - but coil B puts out more and more ozone

so im wondering if it is shorting internally, if there is some sort of capacitive action going on, or ? that is consuming power in coil B

Coil B is good to about 2kv then it starts to decline

coil A will punch up to 15kv with no problem
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Just wound a second bifilar coil and it also dumps a huge amount of ozone.

This has to be due to the voltage difference between adjacent conductors in the bifilar.

Im going to try making a form around one coil and casting it under a vacuum and see if it fixes it.

It is kind of interesting though..
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