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2021-10-19, 19:29:30
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Author Topic: using centripetal force to fight BEMF  (Read 4188 times)
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ok, so this stemmed from thinking about how to overcome lenz law with gravity

i thought of a magnet on the end of a lever, with a free standing inductor next to it, we push on the other side of the lever and this causes the magnet on the other end to pass the inductor and induce electricity

the problem with this is that when we push down on the lever, the BEMF is directed downward

lets interpret this as gravity, so in a sense it gets "heavier"

this means to balance our lever we would need to add a counter weight and we could use less energy, however this presents a problem because on the upward stroke of the lever, the other side becomes "lighter"

and now we have to lift the difference in weight of the lever, in addition to the force of the bemf

then i thought about how it would behave on its side

now, if we had a wheel or lever we were spinning, we would want it to be balanced, and currently it would be "unbalanced", because even if the weight ratios were correct, while it spun the magnet side would get "heavier" due to the bemf

so i propose using the natural pull of centripetal force to allow a counterweight to gain distance from the axle, making the lever "balanced", could this possibly cancel out lenz law, if we use a flywheel?

let me know what you think

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No, the "opposing force" produced by current flow to a load
from the energy induced within the inductor by movement of
the magnets cannot be canceled.  It may, however, be
"overcome" by a stronger force.

Gravity could be used to assist that force on the downstroke
but on the following upstroke the "assist" would have to be
returned to the rotating lever armature to sustain its motion.

Getting something "up" to enable the use of gravity to pull it
"down" is work.

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