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2021-03-06, 18:14:06
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Author Topic: 15" coil winder  (Read 3633 times)
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I water-jetted two 15" X 2.5" discs of plexi and mounted them on a "lasy susan" bearing

I am wrapping the form with two layers of polycarbonate film and bonding it with coil dope (Dolph AC-43).

Wire spool rides on a flat roller thrust bearing, 8" x 5/8" bolt, and 5/8 retainer

Once the coil is doped and given time to harden, the disc forms can be removed and the excess polycarbonate can be trimmed from the coil

This creates a ultra thin former / coil with a much lower self capacitance than winding on 15" pvc ( which is not really 15" )

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test run... with 28awg c-200

It took about 15 min just turning the rig by hand..


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save that large outer coil for other experiments
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save that large outer coil for other experiments

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