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2022-01-18, 10:56:59
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Author Topic: 1 Watt TPU tear down from Akula  (Read 9394 times)
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It's not as complicated as it may seem...
Sorry Chet but that's not a TPU.

It's simply another blocking oscillator circuit barely driving some superbright LEDs off a large capacitor that gets charged by the battery.

I'm amazed how very few learn anything on these forums even after years and years of the same things appearing time and time again.
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On the ring the coil-capacitor has not enough of capacitance to sustain power for more than few seconds. The trick is with electrostatic induction like in Hendershot device. The Lenz reaction is displaced and the coil is inside capacitor there...
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Yep, another strip-down yawner where everything is not actually stripped-down, dissected and closely examined.  C.C
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It's simply another blocking oscillator circuit barely driving some superbright LEDs
People should realise that LEDs do not make a useful load. The current needed to drive a LED is approximately nil.
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I read somewhere that Akula did some high six figure deal with some folks in Germany..
Exactly why he is still doing these types of demonstrations ,or is this TPU phrase "his" wording
or someone elses?

remains to be seen....

maybe he's just fishing for more "bling" ?

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While I agree that this is trivially easy to fake I do not think that saying the obvious really helps our cause.  I think it is much more productive to say that this might just not be a fake, and then to consider what the modus operandi might be.

When I see a toroidal coil wound around copper foil strips I immediately think distributed inductance and distributed capacitance, in other words a delay line.  And when I see one end of the coil not connected I think open-circuit termination.  Then that immediately takes me to a quarter wave or half wave resonance, so I see a tuned oscillator there.  And while talking of delay lines, they don't all have real (resistive) characteristic impedance, in fact magnetic delay has an imaginary (reactive) Z-nought.  And if you slog your way through transmission line theory you will find that a reactive delay line terminated in a reactance can have a real (resistive) input impedance that is negative.  And negative R can create self oscillation.  The math is in a paper elsewhere on OUR.

Another thing that strikes me is the plastic ring.  Now this might well be a slice cut from a plastic sewer pipe, but what if it is a special material of Fe powder bonded in some plastic?  Now that opens up further possibilities.  With the Fe particles having en mass a large surface area compared to that of the ring, there is the possibility of the magneto-electric effect coming into play.  If the bulk magnetization of the ring can be controlled electrically then that could be the reason for the copper electrodes being there, and controlling the magnetization by non-magnetic means is almost certainly a route to OU.

If the story that the Russian device gave out less power when demonstrated in Germany is true, and that this is because of the different earth's field there, then that takes me to the earth's scalar magnetic potential.  This little known and unused feature of the earth's magnetism goes from zero at the equator to something huge at the poles.  And just as the electric scalar potential can influence the dynamics of moving charge,  so is it possible that the magnetic scalar potential can influence moving poles, and you can certainly move poles around a ring core at great speed.  Perhaps Akela lives nearer the North pole than where the German demonstration took place.

Finally if there is Fe powder in there then each grain is likely to be a single domain.  And noting the third winding L1 in his circuit diagram which produces a field at right angles to that of the others, I see the possibility of ferromagnetic resonance. I can see each grain's magnetization precessing in a maintained way where they act like quantum dynamos.  Using precession as a charge pump has already been demonstrated in the laboratory.

So yes, this could very well be a hoax.  And on the basis of probabilities it likely is.  But it might just offer us an insight into other possibilities.


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You make a series of excellent points Smudge!

As thoughtful evaluation and analysis proceeds it
would be very good to consider each of the possibilities
you've given us.  It is such inclusive thinking that is
able to more accurately determine what, if anything,
unusual is taking place.

There are indeed many 'fakes' in the realm which
utilize examples of 'bling' as distractions to 'oooh'
the gullible but...

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.
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