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2021-12-05, 19:34:21
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Author Topic: RuslanX Study Hour  (Read 5179 times)
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Spent a good part of the day watching videos from this YouTube channel:

GreenHulk and Ken Wheeler got me started, so I wanted to digest as much of it as I could.

This one set the stage.  It's a clip from one of Eric Dollard's lectures:

These seven videos have quite a bit going on in them to think about:

I downloaded them all to study frame by frame.  What I notice are some unique transformer designs, apparently required if you intend to use spark-gap derived impulse energy.  The shear amperage in some of these output coils is quite impressive.  Where I'm most curious is how this can be applied for Energy Amplification.  I get the feeling a single impulse source can drive multiple output stages with minimal losses at each stage, thereby multiplying the total energy required at the source to deliver to the load.  Also notable is the way in which the magnetic flux can be manipulated and channeled to go where you want it to; reluctance is key.

Something I should have done, but didn't think to at the time, was to use my plasma ignition system as a highly controllable input source.  The beauty in doing this is you can calculate the exact joules per pulse and frequency rate you want to run at, instead of guessing what you are getting from a typical spark-gap generator.  With my plasma spark, I fire exactly when I want to, instead of letting the voltage build and jump across the gap when it wants to.  This makes for much better tuning.

For those that do not know about my plasma ignition system I built a couple of years ago, here's a video:

Comments are certainly welcome, especially from those that can speak Russian.   ;)
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