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2021-03-06, 17:38:29
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Author Topic: help with investigating the Universal Motor Claim [unlimited output ?]  (Read 1599 times)
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Not sure if this is the proper spot,however I have started to investigate this
and would appreciate any feedback from OUR Australian friends ,have you
ever heard of this fellow over there?

He shows a running Unit and claims to offer the tech Free of charge for the first two
years? {been almost two years since he shared this offer]


also being discussed here

and Here


thanks for any contributions

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Actually the video does not show a "running unit", it shows a _driven_ unit, a very different thing.
It is being driven by a motor, through the chaindrive that goes off screen at upper left.

I've found nine lapsed patent applications in Australia and two in the USA (these don't appear to be lapsed...yet).

As far as I can tell there are no granted patents. The video, as you note, is nearly two years old.

Nobody, including the inventor, is using such a system to power their homes, or even to demonstrate a self-runner.

You will note the peculiar language in the website:

We are eager to see this arrest to global warming implemented as quickly as possible right around the world.

To achieve this we are offering FREE use for 2 years of this technology to the first 50 entities that notify the implementation of this technology.

He is trying to sell "licenses" to use his "technology" and he is offering to waive the license fee to the first 50 "entities" who actually make and use
something according to his patent applications.  In other words... he's not offering anything at all, really. He's hoping someone will build it and
figure out why it doesn't work and fix it so that it does work.

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