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2022-01-18, 10:09:13
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Author Topic: Inertial Aspects Of The TPU  (Read 5538 times)
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It's turtles all the way down
In some of the videos, Steve Mark liked to demonstrate to observers the slight vibration and gyroscopic effect of the TPU. Also there was a claimed stiction or washboard effect when moving through free air or on a smooth surface.

Here we can discuss the possible mechanisms for how a device with no large moving parts may have generated these effects. We might attach a probability to each possibility.

The list might include:

 The high speed rotation or modulation of :

A magnetic field

An electric field

The Ether

A plasma

The very atoms of the material e.g an acoustic wave or acoustic ring resonator

Free electrons or electron charge held in a dielectric material

Artificially created gravity field

Or some other unknown type of interaction with the existing earth magnetic field, electric field or gravitational field.

This list is overlapping and incomplete, thus all are welcome to comment and add to this quest.
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It's not as complicated as it may seem...
The one and only logical explanation that seems reasonable to me is that the TPUs produce short sharp pulses of magnetic energy, and because the unit is awash in the earth's magnetic field, there is of course an interaction that manifests itself as the tactile forces as described by those who experienced them.

It is possible these magnetic pulses are traveling around the TPU or are stationary.
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I will add one small comment here ,several years back there was an investigation into a special coil arrangement from OU.com
the inventor had been working with his coil and had what he felt was a huge energy event on the bench. Snizzled everything.

it was a quiet investigation with a few fellows and the inventor ..one of the gents in the group was Lindsey Mannix
and he felt the same way about the Pulse [felt this part was of huge importance],and mostly it was the back side of the pulse and rapid Closing which was being worked on at the time and it seemed that there was nothing on the market that could handle this abrubt closing.[maybe 5-6 years ago]

I realize You are being specific about the type of pulse ,I must confess at the time I thought Lindsey's comment Odd [placing sooo much importance on the shape and severity of the pulse]

I will reach out for the inventor and see if he is still available to comment on where this ended up.


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It's not as complicated as it may seem...
Sounds good Chet.

To be clear; my opinion is in no way intended to deter others from exploring other possibilities. It's just what makes sense to me.

Anyone heard from Lindsay? Last username here was gridbias or something to that effect.
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When I first heard that in the videos after studying the TPU construction for some time it reminded me of Tesla's "Egg of Columbus" demonstration. If the TPU has a rotating magnetic field and the device in the center is a bit off center and fixed to the same board as the coils and made of magnetic materials I can see how that could make the entire device vibrate.

It may be related to the the original Columbus demonstration in that the TPU might be easy once you know how to do it. That's also sounds a lot like Steven Marks.
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the researcher in the above "mention" has contacted me and I will hopefully be speaking with him in the near future.
and Yes Gridbias was Lindsey's handle ,not sure his old membership made it thru the Forum upgrade here ?

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Repeat of post on another thread.
Use fine magnetically soft wire as the core of a toroid.  Have that wire suspended in some manner so that it can vibrate (didn't SM have his wire on thin cork?).  Wind four drive coils of sufficient diameter that the magnetic wire core can vibrate within them.  Now supply HF drive to the four coils with a 90 degree phase shift as you advance round the hoop.  You get a rotating magnetic field as Tesla predicted over 100 years ago.  You get magnetic poles whizzing around that magnetic wire at tremendous speed.  And according to my theory published elsewhere on OUR that pole movement conjures up inertial forces from the Earth's huge scalar magnetic potential.  That excites the hoop into mechanical resonance if you get the right drive frequency.  Now you can have other coils taking off energy from that vibrating wire.  As the TV advert says, "Simple".


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Everyone can experience the inertial effect for themselves with an experiment.

Wind a coil in a Brooks fashion. Use about 1200 feet 28 AWG magnet wire, preferably with a
hi-temp coating and some sort of potting to hold it together without a form.
A thin plastic form is ok.  Styrofoam melted in MEK or acetone is good.
MEK works great but is very toxic.

Brooks coil dimensions: http://info.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Workshop/advice/coils/air_coils.html

In lieu of a Brooks coil just wind up an air coil of about 1200 feet of 28 AWG  magnet wire.

Pulse this coil with high voltage pulses a few ns in duration, straight up, straight down. 

(EDIT: use at least 1500v DC pulses)

Current should be as low as possible, 10 ma range.

Hold a magnet near this coil and it will jerk violently.

I hypothesize that this effect is exhibited in the TPU, and that the TPU has a series of coils around the circle and a toroidal magnetic field.

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SM wrote in one of his letters to Lindsey:

"The interesting thing is how with the right combination of
frequencies, you can actually create a revolving field with inertial!"

I have an experiment, where I can create rotational plasma arc, with different rotational speeds, where these inertial effects are very measurable (observable also), on these low power density level. I could only imagine how big the effects could be, if the rotating "wavelength" would have the power density of the TPU. No physical vibration here, because of the gaseous transmission line.

I find very interesting the way mixed waves interact. With the right ratio of mixed frequency's you can create series, where the resultant frequency's will able to mix with the frequency's those created it, resulting an infinite series. SM also mentioned if the frequencies goes too high, the TPU would self destroy. I think SM mixing two, maybe three different frequency's in an unseen way ,to create a field around a collector.The created field, could be equivalent to a power source which has the internal resistant of the collector, and voltage which is preset by design.

Several ohm internal resistance and 110V or higher short circuited, you can imagine how big power density will created when short circuited. The wires all will burn up, if the field behind the potential could supply the current.  I like to imagine the resultant "wavelength" around the collector which has a potential distribution as the DC wave (potential  difference between the ends), and when loaded a current density  close to the DC wave on that potential, with a little ripples in it. When shorted, or too low output resistant is used, the collector will dissipate the bigger part of the energy, and here comes the big BUMM!

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Revolving field 5khz

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Has anyone here ever gotten a clamp on amp meter to register any kind of reading while not being clamped on anything?
Am I the only one here to have reproduced SM's clamp-on readings around their TPU attempts?


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