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2020-05-27, 07:18:43
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Author Topic: Overunity is real, repeatable and peer reviewed  (Read 929 times)
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Mark Dansie shared this here




I did not think I would live to see the day where an experiment has produced overunity and is peer reviewed and is repeated in different laboratories.

It will be interesting to see what costs would be involved and if it can ever be commercialized. That is the reason I titled it overunity, not free energy. There is always a cost involved.Regardless of that this is a real and important breakthrough.  The energy is only small being only a few watts, the important thing it is excess energy.

 The repeatable excess heat is generated in small quantities of Pd/Ni/Zr composite nano material when heated in H2/D2 atmosphere. "The produced excess heat is enough to boil a cup of tea". The article is peer reviewed and the test is repeated in different laboratories.


end quote

To note member ACCA posted an article on the 2018 ICCF conference  By George Egely


George mentions a window of opportunity and Tesla's carbon arc discovery [which he says Tesla
felt his most significant discovery [powered his car ..............

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Well that's a bit exciting.... ok who's working on the batteries? :) My new shed is nearly complete and with it comes the new bench :)

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It would pay to go and read how they achieved this !overunity!,and them see how you feel about it being free energy--as i did.

First you need to buy hydrogen.
Then you need to try and find some of there special formulated nano metal particle dust.
Then you mix it altogether,and raise the temperature to over 200*C in a special oven.

Once you have done all that,you will get an excess heat energy equivalent to 24 watts for a period of around 30 days.

24 watts continuous for 30 days,or 17.28KwH will cost me about $5.80 from the grid.
17.28KwH from my solar panels will cost me $0.00

All who have carried out the experiment state that they do not fully understand as to what is taking place--so how can they claim OU ?

You will also note that Mark Dansie says he will not call it free energy,as it is very expensive to do.

The estimate is 24 watts for 30 days at a cost of close to $3000.00 dollars  C.C


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  This is Metal Hydrogen Energy, (MHE), which I have discussed before -- and its root source is not well understood.  But the results appear to be solid.

  MHE is observed by the Akito Takahashi team in Japan - and quite independently by the Francesco Celani team in Italy.  Personally I prefer the Celani approach because micro-alloys are NOT required - instead, he uses Constantan thin wires in H2 (also D2 works) gas.   I've attached a PDF on this.. you may wish to take a look.
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