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2019-05-20, 00:03:49
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Author Topic: Question to Steven Mark or Spherics regarding the TPU and Gravitational Effects  (Read 920 times)

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Are there any weight-loss or other effects associated with the various devices known as "TPU's" that could be gravitational?

Anomalous movement, changes in weight, wobbling, pushing or pulling of objects over or under the device, etc.

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If anyone else can answer this, feel free to respond.
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I was informed by somebody who should know that coils would jerk and jump when testing /tuning .

At one point when driving a ferrite core with 2 frequencies i felt the skin on my hand vibrate but was not ever able to repeat it .

My suggestion would be to make a low power circuit to make a central compass ..spin slowly at first .

Professor Seike pdf is the best document i know of who tries to explain something of this nature .

Hendershot was all about compasses SM was keen to mention magnetometers and a little research into the magnetic effects of lightning suggest a lack of understanding but
a puzzle to solve .

lots of clues not much time or health but those on this forum have the right attitude.
I have to laugh at the irony of so many renewable energy sources wind ,solar, that dont work when the main grid is down ..we have along way to go.
Efficient storage is all we really need .


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The force is in the direction of current flow in the collector. 

This woudl have been hard to discover in the TPU's but should have been found in the AVEC.
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I'll have to dig out my AVEC and try.

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The attached is my rendition of the SM TPU with focusing magnets, it works a bit like the picture tube of a TV and why it was referenced to.

I am posting this here as I think as the Earth's magnetic lines of force pass through the center, the power increases.


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