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2019-05-21, 11:44:17
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Author Topic: Paul T's nikola-tesla-s-turbine-secrets-global-open-source-project-  (Read 460 times)
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Paul has shown preliminary Runs with this Turbine , here a placeholder which will have all the Bits added to replicate.
as well as what to expect .

for Clarity the Device is said to create a low pressure anomaly ,resulting in a gain mechanism ....
topic started here
Paul has sent all info, files and such for machining or 3d printing
Chet K

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Thanks Chet. I love things that go wheeeeiiiiizzz. It will be a good learning project for me.
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Paul added a video link on one researchers experiment

hopefully starts at the beginning where he explains the operating principle .
Link to Pauls thread is in my post above ,he is adding all sorts of files and info.

I have a personal belief that some form of Phase change might happen too.

speaking of phase change

also to note ,perhaps unrelated but very interesting .
At this moment Tom Reed is building a scaled up version of his Clem engine ...once at speed he found that odd things
started happening ,similar to what Paul is seeing here but in an oil hydraulic device.
input power started dropping dramatically , and the output started driving the whole works
I believe thousands upto ten or more thousand PSI started manifesting [crazy heat potential too... a phase change to Vacuum
is Tom's interpretation of the M.O. , a Vacuum happens and forces a flow to pull the fluid behind it from the pump/drive side.

sans his new build and going for the full monty.......

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