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2020-04-08, 10:34:31
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Author Topic: Is there a Third-Law Reaction Force on the Magnet?  (Read 1111 times)

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A compass can show the polarized field of earth. I once 6 years ago began to see just how powerful the earths field can be. After some 7 years of playing with mags the way we do, I had never seen a magnet I was working with disrupt my work, due to the compass effect.  Only 49sec, but second half is better.


The earths field strength seemed mostly nil when encountering it on a real compass, because they are damped down to keep the needle/indicator from moving too fast, that really seems to be a bad example of how strong it really is. I would imagine a 6in dia by 1in neo disk one might feel some nice torque in spinning that like in the vid.

One would just have to set up another identical magnet on the table, on a thin plastic base so it will sit still up on edge, and say put it to the south of the test compassing magnet, and see how close the based magnet has to get to the compassing magnet in order to just cancel out the earths field on that magnet. So then the strength of that magnet is equal to the earths field at that distance measured from the face of the mag.

So now, lets say we made a very light weight frame and ran many thin wires in parallel over the area under or even above the frame and all the thing wires were electrically in parallel say with long copper wire of a heavier gauge to solder to, then discharge a cap into the wires. If set so the wires were inline east and west, the device should have a tenancy to go up or down, against earths gravity. So the amount of wires and the amount of energy to move up and down should be able to be calculated if the flying frame shows any results.

So I could imagine, if possible, say 8 of these on a larger frame, set up so the can spin on their circumference in order to keep the rows of conductors east and west at all times, that this could replace drones as we know them with props and blowers.

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Agreed. But, Tesla did not have much of a chance to prove his theory, concerning the Aether. And to develop devices that use that as their power source. Such as his UFO, and his self running car, etz...
The secret is still a secret, until it's no longer a secret, to us. As all this has been known and used for many years now. But, we are still in the dark.

I wouldn't say were all in the dark just that some are more illuminated than others. It's a duel edged sword in my opinion and when a person finally gets to the point of understanding required to solve this riddle they also understand there is no such thing as riddles. Also, giving technology to beings who would use it to destroy themselves is counterproductive. This is basically why the aliens won't talk to us... were suicidal and counterproductive, lol.

First of all, "gravity" is a misnomer, as is overunity. There is no such thing a gravity pulling on anything. There is however a pushing force from the outside to the inside. This force is caused by the power of the Earth's vortex, which is external to the planet. And not the other way around, as is being taught to this day. If we think it terms of "gravity", we will get no where.
So, it's time to change that false theory. And work with the true cause of ambient energies, the Aether, along with the vortexial power source as Tesla stated many times. As there IS energy in thin air. If we just knew how to tap into it. That is the part that is still hidden from us.  But, no for long...

I would agree and from experience I would say the best place to start is to discard almost everything everyone else believes as hearsay, lol. I call it a clean slate perspective, keep in mind all the science and data and history we know but without letting it corrupt our own individual experience of being. As some of the most brilliant minds have said, look at everything with the eyes of a child as if we have never seen it before, question it, break it all apart and then build it back up. The real secret is not any given piece or parcel of knowledge, not what we may believe or think in any given moment but how we think and rationalize the world around us.

As you say gravity isn't even remotely close to what most think it is and the question is not what we think it is but why we think it is.

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All of the responses here are a prime example of why we are in our current position regarding gravity.
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