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2022-01-24, 07:11:47
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Author Topic: Newman Motor  (Read 10009 times)

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Anyone have experience with the Newman Motor?
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He was going to ask Poynt to move this post that I threw on his bench,

 Re: Effects of Magnetic Bias on Common Mode Chokes
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I know you have studied Newman
can you comment? [mostly the water Pump]

NOT NOW I just wanted to put this here since I couldn't find a Newman thread!!
From user bolt at OU
AT giantkillers thread
Here    http://www.overunity.com/index.php?topic=8227.msg261927#new

Think about the Newman motor the "Giant Hotdog"   He has converted a low voltage stack PP3 battery source into an ELF pulse through large inductor. The inductor the coil of the motor prevents current flowing so the power factor has been trashed it now like a PF almost 0

http://www.josephnewman.com/  yes i know he is as Loopy as a fruit cake but he worked this out decades ago!

"The energy machine is proof that the strength of the motor's magnetic field
is dependent upon the VOLTAGE --- NOT the CURRENT!

For the first time, Joseph Newman demonstrates the
energy machine that turns a 1,650-lb rotary and powers a
375-lb positive displacement pump using LESS THAN 20 WATTS!

In the video demonstration, the energy machine produces phenomenal
speed, torque, and continuously pumps water using LESS THAN 20 WATTS!"

In so doing now you have a machine which is basically KVARS due to current < very small on the batteries yet in circulation is > massive together with a circulating voltage of hundreds or thousands of volt  from a few PP3 batteries. The central motor contact ARCS violent on switching.

WHERE does the machine gets its power from?  The answer is a PF 0 trashed power factor conditions create large magnet forces from the ambient.  So powerful in fact a magnet 12ft away hanging on a thread spins violently! This magnetic energy is converted to motor torque which provides more HP out then the power IN.  This energy came from the ambient due to scaler PF 0 electrostatic field causing disruption to local electron spin. The misalignment is over corrected in the windings and iron cores where internal spin domain currents create a magnetic field as a result.

Anytime you have a moving charge you get a magnetic field.

So as Newman motor works so slow its the best visual example to see how to convert VARS to magnetic force then use that to create shaft power far in excess of the PP3 batteries.

As also per Don Smith teachings a HV source can become electrostatic (VARS) and THEN modulated to create a powerful alternating magnetic field. Use this FREE magnetic field for the source of your energy and NOT the EM fields. Alike his 1 to 4 copy Tesla tower device.

As TPU its the free magnetic rotational field which does all the work.  The conditions to create a powerful magnetic field in rotation WITHOUT power banging fets is the key!  Class C modulated electrostatic fields is the answer.

If the coils have a rotational 3D 2 layer magnetic force spinning it only takes another standard coil placed close by to make a generator. There is no EMP, no banging not in uS anyway only gentle switching. No CPU's and no 30 volt 20 amp lab PSU's required. OH shit that rules out just about EVERYTHING in the last 5+ years:)

ION'S Responce

Lets ask the moderator to move this to an appropriate "Newman" thread, then we can have some fun looking at it. Meanwhile I'll check out the video......Cheers
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I was once wild eyed and convinced that Joe Newman had discovered a new principle that would revolutionize the world of energy production. That was 1984-1985 period.

Bought his book, The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman $35 gold trimmed full size hardbound text printed on expensive glossy clay backed paper. Studied it cover to cover many times over. It was my bible.

I set out to build a smaller scale version of his machine. The commutator was the most difficult part. Ran many tests on the bench. Never got the results Joe claimed.

Over the years I would check to see what Joe was up to. It seemed Joe was running from one machine to another, never perfecting anything to the level of production. He was doing a lot of carnival type shows reminiscent of Dennis Lee in large and small stadiums for an entry fee.

Today I watched a few Newman videos and was saddened by what I saw, an aged man slinging BS in an evangelistic manner more in the style of an infomercial than a scientist.

I admired Joe in the beginning, he was my hero. Now he tells half truths running large motors with no load from banks of 9V transistor batteries, telling his audience "you know that a little transistor battery can do nothing"...but I can run a giant motor with the current from one of these (in a bank).

Yes, the current is very low, but he has so many of them in series he is getting lots of volts and enough power to keep the motor spinning for the duration of the test.

Today I'm disillusioned with Joe. He gave it a good shot in the beginning. Had all kinds of affidavits from testing labs etc. I really thought he was on to something.

Thane and others seem to be using the same methodology, test labs, endorsements,etc.

All I can say is there is much trickery in the world.

"Secrecy, secret societies and secret groups have always been repugnant to a free and open society"......John F Kennedy
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All I can say is there is much trickery in the world.

I would agree but we should remember that sometimes trickery may overshadow the good intent behind it as dreams of what could have been but never was. This may occur in all fields of research from the newman technology to government grants in the scientific community, think of the billions upon billions of dollars given to what many call "real science" which we have nothing to show for. All too many times we are all so eager to jump on the bandwagon and condemn individuals for trickery without proof and yet we do have proof that "our" money amounting to billions is squandered among pet projects and "make work" government projects employing supposedly credible people who have nothing to show for their supposed efforts. I was reading an article addressing this very issue where researchers being paid in excess of $100K a year could go through a whole carreer, 20+ years, and never accomplish anything of real value, to make matters worse we know this happens. I would also imagine all these researchers also have affidavits, methodologies, test labs, endorsements etc... which basically amounts to a mountain of paper but paper does not make my life better or easier and it does not solve the many problems we face in this day and age. So yes I would agree there is much trickery in the world, it's funny how everyone seems to be working so hard to make this world a better place but the fact of the matter is that it is not getting any better, it is getting worse. Personally I would be much more inclined to give money to individual researchers like the kind discussed here rather than money as taxes where I know 80% or more will be squandered in administration costs -- paper chasers and bean counters.

Comprehend and Copy Nature... Viktor Schauberger

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” George Bernard Shaw
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All Canadian

Thank you for your perspective on this ,I agree.
Bang for the buck! pound for pound! If I had my druthers, Thane would get much more of my Tax dollars!

However this part
it's funny how everyone seems to be working so hard to make this world a better place but the fact of the matter is that it is not getting any better, it is getting worse.
That part I believe is much more personal than such a  broad statement implies!
Change starts in the mirror,every breath has potential.

Speaking of potential
Can you teach us how you bounce a bowling ball?[small dribble maybe??]
Change!! It does a body good!!


All Canadian to Thane quote,

 I like your analogies however I do not think anyone here has yet to grasp what your talking about in your posts which is really a shame. I have been working along similar lines in developing various generators and hybrid drive systems. I guess part of the reason I made this post here is that I use the same rowboat analogy,lol, and I find it kind of amazing how simple mechanical analogies can bring a great deal of understanding to what appears to be complex problems which usually turn out to be simple problems. One of my favorites is the reactive mass problem---
I am in a rowboat and I throw a bowling ball out of the back of the rowboat which is equal in mass to myself and the rowboat, I accelerate forward at the same rate as the bowling ball accelerates backwards, the momentum is split. As well we can throw the bowling ball over the back of the boat at a higher velocity but really we just end up throwing the ball "away" at a faster rate and the ball has energy intrinsic to it's velocity. Now some might say this action/reaction is the total energy of the system but of course this is a false assumption because I could just as easily throw the ball backwards into the back of another boat and we both move in opposite directions or if I throw the ball backwards very fast which then hits a trampoline attached to a second boat imparting a force and then it bounces the ball forward and it lands back in my boat which is the same boat it initially left. If my boat moving forwards is the total reaction to the bowling ball leaving my boat backwards then how in the hell can the ball end up back in my boat?, lol.
Here is another brain twister, I am in a rocket in orbit and I want to go to the moon so I fire a bowling ball out of the back at great speed and I move forward towards the moon due to the "reaction" which is basically how a rocket works. Now if the bowling ball was fired towards the earth and was accelerated due to the "slingshot" effect of earths gravity, made one half orbit and accelerated back towards me in my rocket and struck the back of my rocket then what is the "total" reaction force? You see everything goes to hell in a handbasket when "open" systems are considered and that these systems may impart there own forces. As well, all of these analogies have electrical equivalents which are by no means apparent or intuitive but none the less relevant.

I think it's just great that the many critics here like to drag the textbook understanding of science into the debate but I think they should understand that for almost every rule of science there are more than a few exceptions to the rule. My game is not to try to understand the rules, my game is to understand the rules to such an extent that I also understand the exceptions or limitations of the popular understanding of them and this is the area in which actual progess is made. This is the exact area Thane is exploring and it is not easy by any means, in fact it is very hard in that all the lines many have drawn in the sand become blurred to such an extent that in some cases they no longer exist.

P.S.-- Thane, I was also wondering, are these twins in your rowboat analogy blonde by any chance?

Best Regards
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It's turtles all the way down
Please watch this video of an honest experimenter that has spent a lot of time trying to replicate the Newman motor. I feel his disappointment, but he has the courage to tell it like it is.


Anyone that is impressed watching Joe Newman's latest video should also go here and read all about 9v PP3 battery types and power densities:


Then realize that Joe is using banks of these in a series connection to run his specially designed high voltage motors.

Joe makes the statement that he is only using the equivalent current that one of these can deliver, which is true. When you stack 100 or more of these in series you are talking considerable power regardless of the low current. P=V*I

So Joe amazes and mystifies his audience by holding up one of these saying the current from one of these can do nothing.

There is virtually no load on these motors, just a little bearing friction. The water pumping is feeble.

These are not scientific tests, rather sideshow acts, not befitting a seeker of truth like the Joe Newman I once knew.

For an overview of Joe's motor theories this is pretty good:


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"Secrecy, secret societies and secret groups have always been repugnant to a free and open society"......John F Kennedy
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