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2021-06-24, 16:53:16
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Author Topic: Electricity using low grade heat  (Read 187 times)
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I am an Indian inventor. For a long time, I am continuing personal research about a theoretical machine that can extract atmospheric heat and convert that into useful power. Recently, while searching net, I have found out that the necessary machinery is already available in market. In short, the machine now can be built easily.
But, I need some assistance to do the job. I am assuring that the prototype wouldn't take big amount to be made. Kindly tell me whether you can help me to make my idea a reality or not. If yes, then kindly explain how.
This technology actually is a combination of a market available blower and a new kind of turbine. The turbine has already been built and tested successfully. A 1 meter diameter turbine can generate 3 kW output at 8 m/s wind velocity. While a market available 1 meter diameter and just 50% efficient blower can generate 8 m/s wind velocity at the expense of just 500 W.
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