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Author Topic: S1R9A9M9: 1978 El Camino V8 + Briggs 18HP ran on water 2005-2008  (Read 326 times)

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Tap water to old car carburetors with accessory 6-7 amps current passes through spark plug along with high ignition volts.  Small Hydrogen generated at spark plug gap acts upon water , so as vapor pressure is ALSO  available to run engines. 0-34 degrees late timing ATDC required.  Car driven 3000 miles, about 18 miles per gallon water, at lower power level, and lower RPM.  (Engines must have EGR applied and adjustable. (Nitrogen impressed in moisture from compression aids engine efficiency) Data was gleaned from web site/ message board before it shut down in Dec 2019.  Battery and 24v DC power supply converter needs diode bank to protect battery and power source. (2) 2 Millihenery inductors inside vintage traffic lights controller vacuumed relay, per car engine cylinder, and diodes ,were the secret! Some S1R9A9M9 information is on internet, and related You tube videos. I studied, and figured out most of it from the old messages forum, and slow motion frames. . The magnetic coils assembly in the hanging plastic container on Briggs 18HP mower engine was a hand wound 13T + 7T , with 7T magnetic field over the high volts cable to slow the spark , so as more milliseconds time for water + current at plug. step down 3 terminal auto-transformer 2:1 ratio for 6-7 amps. My Attempt at bench assembly of Briggs engine near completion. Have you read or heard about this topic?? His Engines would start , but need carb main jet drilled larger for more water flow, for off idle/power mode of engine. Nathren's lawn mower engine was also self sustaining , running on the dual alternators 10A output current and water drawn in, after battery disconnected from starter and engine.( Current Flow was the Peak higher current as seen on garage oscilloscope.) Check You tube videos ..#1 and #2...S1R9A9M9
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