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Author Topic: Alien Influence  (Read 343 times)
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Alien Influence

The accounts of Wilbert Smith, handed us a number of facts, which at first we may have trouble believing.
If we approach these with opened mind and sincere testing, we may discover the truth behind them.

1 - Within every location in the universe [in space] there is awareness. Awareness is a quality of our universe that is universal. Thus all forms of creation are intelligently directed, or at lease have a conscious feedback system while in development. We have this same quality within all of us. We are present, and we are aware that we are.

In the structure of the universe from "nothing at all" awareness is considered the first thing necessary to be present to result in what we see around us today.
Awareness works on the Field Fabric to create form, and once created that form will self sustain, and self recover.

Right off, with saucers and aliens, we are faced with the psi element as integral to how they work, and how to reach a comprehension of how they operate.

2 - Play with the scalar cancelling coils, and discover what you are missing in your basic EM technology. This is an operation of opened minded experiment, and then observation of the results. Scalar coils can generate a form of energy we are in ignorance of, and it is the basis of how the higher technology works. It is directly related to consciousness and awareness.

These statements are pretty direct, and if we give creedence to Wilberts contact with the Boys Topside at all, this is now our basis to begin a deeper understanding of this universe.

We then apply these basic concepts, and begin to experiment with them. Using our personal conscious awareness we start to observe how the scalar coils first effect us.

We discover this vibration energy can penetrate our "mass" to the core. Unlike electric fields it can move right through matter.
We can dial the frequency on the coils and feel it inside our body, change the frequency and feel it move up the spine to the head.

This new kind of energy seems to be related to gravity, that is, it works from the center of mass in platonic form. One can vibrate up a sphere and find the energy nodes at equidiestant points around that sphere, and the coil can do this from outside the sphere! The parameter necessary to master is frequency. [Buckminster Fuller studied this.]

We discover that every emotion we have, can be measured and tuned using this coill system. So emotions may now be a side effect to consider when using this kind of energy.

This now describes why people will have one of two reactions to observing Saucers. Either angellic euphoria, or nasty feelings of the presence of evil. The only difference in these two feelings is frequency of mass vibration.

It may be a shock to realize that our emotional state is a result of mass vibration frequencies that we do feel, and come from deep inside the atoms of our nerves and body.
This is then realized to be a wholistic study, and for a human there is nothing it does not effect.



My record, shared, for others to consider.

I had all the effects, from tingles, to emotions, to channeling a scientific crystaline data base that exists, to directly meeting a Grey one.

The way mass vibration works, results in consciousness entering the physical, and then self powering and self recovering from the background field that is everywhere.
All beings that are conscious, are positive towards life, as if they were not, they would die.

Discovery of this level of knowledge causes one to begin to respect all life forms. This is a natural side effect, of connection with the background field awareness.

Lastly my observation that accuracy in psi abiity is atainable only for technical aspects of creation. Because humans consider emotions more important then technical truths, it is rare to find accuracy with most of them.

Dave L

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    That all sounds pretty interesting, for Wilbert Smith, and yourself, especially the part about meeting a Grey.
   Can you provide us with any more important details about the Grey, their ships, or any other important details related to free energy, PSI, aging etc...

   We have seen that Tesla had built some huge coils and would sit next to them. Perhaps that had a similar effect on the human EM body systems.
   Also seams to me that you may have some kind of "connection" to these types of things, already. Some people may not be as affected by the same  things, in the same way. Ones personal vibration determines if we are accending in spirit, or going down in life. Also, if we can feel things, that others can't, if we are telepathic to some degree, or not, etc... Seams as if most of that has to do with the degree of personal awareness that we have. If we are or become telepathic we can't be fooled by people, their lies, and oppression. Such as is happening now, world wide, especially in Russia. So, the last thing that a government wants to see is a truly smart, wise and healthy population. That can't be controlled so easily, as what we have gone through lately with the corona virus scams. And what they had to go through to "control" us to their wishes, with the lock downs, and economic problems that they created, to crash the worlds economic systems. Just like what Putin has been doing, in Russia. And in my country of birth, Venezuela. Where people are being killed while trying to leave.
  It was known that those that can't "tune in", to their "voice", may not make the grade in future times. Many are dying and leaving this world, at this time, instead. And there is something that is holding us all down, as well. And also keeping us from achieving free energy, and independence from the power companies. And of the control that the government has OVER its people. Like with the masks, and lock downs, making us loose our jobs and taking away our rights, and our freedom of choice, so we get used to their methods of controls over us. It's sick... and we need to wake up to what is really happening.
 Before the nukes go off...

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The 4th density Grey ones,

Our astral existence.

Humans are unique in that on this world we all have separate 3rd 4rth and 5th density bodies and minds. Higher self is a concept that sort of opens one to the possibility that we do have have access to a higher form of existence, which is as eternal as this particular universe.

Most animals do not have this same structure, one species, one ant hill, all the bodies may share one 5th density mind, and with some even one 4th density control system.

Humans however are free to agree or disagree as individuals even on the level of 5th density, the direction we want to take as a society.

IE: Every one in a war is praying to their God with success, and the Gods themselves will be at war because we do not have just one, we each have an individual one.

This is my map, over many years of scanning and measuring frequenncies, for example scanning up the astral cords of bugs, and dogs, cats, etc, compared to humans.
Where an animal is born already with instincts that are natural to all of them, humans are not so fixed or organized.

The Grey ones of earths 4th density are US.
To incarnate here, we come down through all the levels to connect into the physical, we remain connected to all the levels, and can operate in any one of them.


I really did not want to believe this one at all. This is part of our deception experience on earth.

A lightworker will say, what all of them say, "No one can harm you without your permission."
They are quoting a truth of the 5th density body.

In other words, what is happening to our physical body, is orchestrated by our own higher self, in joint agreement with others.
At least as to human to human interactions.
We place a veil between 3rd and 4th, so we can experience intense emotions in the physical. We can be surprised, and not already know what is about to happen.

If from moment to moment we all were aware of our 5th density body, that we are as imortal as the universe, there would be far less emotional intensity.
The yoga teaching is that the physical is like watching a TV show and forgetting you are still in your chair as an observer of the show.
If someone is truly awake, then they can slide in the astral and do accurate remote sensing.
As well access the higher light for at least a yes or no answer. These things can be tested!

Too many pretend preachers and teachers, and too few actually awake.
Ask some of them to be tested for accuracy and watch them run away in denial.

What happens is the ego mind of the 3rd density body, wants to take control and start to define what we are, as a mental model.
Then it wants to make everyone else the same.

To feel secure in life in the physical, we need to have some measure of control over our society, or at least a trust in it.
At first we live as animals.


When I discovered the GL frequency, and was tracing it into the earth grid, I was drawn to stand at a location near a rock cliff facing the rock.
A Grey one appeared to me, and it just staired at me for the longest time, as I staired back at it.

I did not understand at first why it was there for so long and constantly present, as usually they are very fast and quickly gone.

It finally hit home. IT was staying there unitl I realized it was my own 4th denstiy body. IT was removing my veil.

The 4th density body is our Personal Power.
Took me a time to accept this new revelation.

Lower 4th density, where humans feel fear, is where the technology that operates the physical universe is found and controlled from.
We all have a body there, manipulating us through a path in life, baiting us at each step to do what IT wants us to.

That is, we all have full access to how this universe operates, its physics, and we all have control over more then we may imagine.

What is awakening?

Becomming fully aware of all the levels of the incarnation cycle, while still in all three realities. Still in the physical.

This is an expansion of our "bandwidth of perception."

This is what the scalar coils are all about! With an F gen you can learn to slide your conscious awareness through the bands, and discover yourself present on all the levels.

Consciousness is like a magnetic field, it can be expanded geometrically, but unlike an EM field it's frequency rises with it's dimensions.
The CU is a coherent vibration field. That is the science I am working with.

Someone needed to map it, and to assist to understnad how it is structured. This is the only way we can all begin to agree on how it works, because it will lead to consistent experiments that always work the same.


Finding out that the Grey one in the dark decieving you is another part of yourself setting you up for experiences in the physical, scary at first, very scary.
This is the deception, "they" are speaking of, that we are playing with, which could lead to our very destruction in the physical.

Our deception was a personal choice. It can only be removed by a personal choice.

By blaming others constantly as in the news media, we avoid the truth.



Dave L

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Frequency is the universal parameter of all matter and structure

If we set out to map the structure of anything, mostly matter, any physicist will tell you everything vibrates at some frequency, or stack of frequencies.

When we open the door to sensing and feeling frequencies, and sliding up and down the bands of vibration using our crude tools, F gen and scalar coils, we discover a system of measurement which can be used to map anything from the point of origination, to it's full blown manifestation.

Our work will not dissagree with the data of current science, it will mesh perfectly with it.

Everything can be quantified as frequency, and the human body is already very familliar with feeling this.
Every organ in the human body moves through a cycle of varying frequencies. We experience these as emotions, and color them personally with an overlay we create, that labels them either good or bad.


We can in fact learn to measure these emotions when they are happening, using various tools.
They can be quantified.


Caliper Fuunction


Self Sustaining forms of energy are everywhere once we learn how to measure them accurately.

As with Tesla's opening us to the realm of EM power, quantification of ohms law handed this to everyone, as a consistent technology.

Dave L
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Actual Aliens

As a Slider I ran into real Aliens several times. They have never shown much interest in earth or humans, and most would rather stay very clear of us.

With the Grey ones, that all share a common anchient form to one degree, there is a lot of confusion, and mixing up of what they are, or who they are due to our own astral deception experience.

One very well known species I have run into, operates like bugs, with a general hive mind directive. However they also have a personal existence similar to us, but they know the difference.

The universe does not run on a democratic decision making system. The physics of how it works is not up for debate. As intelligent beings, these ones do not try to go against the natural physics of the universe or pretend it is not as it is. In this sense we would see these Grey ones as almost militaristic in operation, because they are working along the universal rules that are that concrete.

However while observing earth at times they communicated with each other more like us, musing and feeling things personally. But when a directive comes through they snap back into the servants they are for the greater good of the entire collective [species]. They show tremendous dicipline in doing their particular functions.

Some of them have a hive body mind system, maybe 5 in a saucer acting with one mind on 4th and 5th. That is a bug orientation. But then they can detatch and turn it off and be individuals too. This shows that when they need to work as one, they can, and they realize that many of them must be in full agreement to do that.
Yet when connected, they can operate much faster with everyone getting all the information simultaneously but only one collective mind making decisions.

We would call this a psi phenomena, and yet here on our world it is everywhere in the insect and animal kingdoms.
We can fully study it, and I have only scratched the surface of that persuit.

One insect like creature in a ship, landed on the moon and got out to get some sun energy. This is 4th density now. I met IT, and asked if it would merge , and psi often works to converge a complete reality almost instantly. IT stated he had seen our kind on many worlds and had no desire to see that again, but would merge if I desired it to see his reality.
I also then declined. This is typical of many space travelng beings, more interested in their ship then any cultures they happen to pass by.

Then there is the tall grey like being with the black tight suit, head is a bit larger, and body thinner then us. He has assisted me on several occasions, do not know why he follows my work and offers to assist now and then when I get into trouble.

Early on I reached out to any and all beings in the universe to come to assist in the seeking of gravity control, and several of various cultures have responded.

Rather then turn this into a string of tall tales, I would prefer to convey how it works ,that others can have their own experiences also.

I have however seen enough to believe in the work Wilbert Smith began, and the path to get there, offering the correct tools and devices to start.
One of those ones I have met already may be the species that Wilbert was working with too. I had a feeling it was. The tall one that always popped in when I needed it.

Dave L

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Frequency equals matter...

Buy me a drink
For reference:http://ufoevidence.org/Researchers/Detail26.htm
Wilbert B. Smith In the 1950s, no-one in the UFO field in Canada was better known than Wilbert Brockhouse Smith.
Smith is generally known as an official with the Department of Communications (DOC) and the head of a Canadian Government UFO project, Project Magnet. Wilbert Smith held both a B.Sc. and M. Sc. in Electrical Engineering, and was Senior Radio Engineer, Broadcast and Measurements Section, Department of Transport (DOT). Smith was internationally recognized for his work in radio communications, and he held a number of patents. He had been responsible for engineering aspects of everything concerning the use of radio in Canada, including equipment standards, radio relay systems, broadcast facilities and interference studies. He was in charge of establishing a network of ionospheric measurement stations throughout Canada, and he often represented Canada at international conferences.
Smith's interest in the UFO phenomenon and his influential position within the government caused him to make a proposal to the DOT to establish Project Magnet. Smith stated in the proposal that his group believed that they were on the track of something which may well prove to be the introduction to a new technology. It appeared that their work in geomagnetics might well prove to be the linkage between our technology and the technology demonstrated by the saucers. The purpose of this proposed project was to study how magnetic and gravitational principles might account for the reported flight characteristics of flying saucers.
There has been a resurgence of interest in Smith in the last few years, primarily due to what has become known as the "Smith memo." This was a memo which attracted a lot of attention around the time of the MJ-12 papers, and the Smith memo helped lend a certain credibility to the whole MJ-12 milieu. The memo, which now has been widely circulated, is dated 21 November 1950, and was originally sent to the Controller of Telecommunications as a proposal to study officially the UFO situation. In this memo, Smith wrote, "The existence of a different technology is borne out by the investigations which are being carried on at the present time in relation to flying saucers." He also stated that by making discreet inquiries at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC, he had learned from Dr. Robert Sarbacher that:
A. The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States government, rating higher even than the H-bomb.
B. Flying saucers exist.
C. Their modus operandi is unknown but concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Dr. Vannevar Bush.
D. The entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance.
Once discovered, this memo, sent by an influential Canadian government official, wrought a bit of havoc within the UFO community. The information contained in the memo, of course, resulted in the tracking down and interviewing of Dr. Robert Sarbacher, and added considerable fuel to the MJ-12 debates. But in a more practical sense, the memo's most important aftereffect was far more immediate. After receiving the memo, the Canadian Department of Transport quickly approved Smith's proposal to investigate UFO reports in an official capacity. On 02 December 1950, Project Magnet - a classified Canadian government project - was officially born.
Smith and his group studied flying saucer reports from all across the country and worldwide, and issued interim reports. On 10 August 1953, Smith filed a report in which he stated, "It appears then, that we are faced with a substantial probability of the real existence of extraterrestrial vehicles, regardless of whether they fit into our scheme of things. It is therefore submitted that the next step in this investigation should be a substantial effort toward the acquisition of as much as possible of this technology...."
A mere three months later, on 13 November 1953, the first "flying saucer sighting station" in the world was operational, at Shirleys Bay, Ontario, ten miles from the nation's capital of Ottawa. At this site were some very sophisticated instrumentation for the detection of flying saucers. The equipment included a gamma ray counter for the detection of cosmic radiation, a magnetometer to detect disturbances in the earth's magnetic field, a radio receiver to check for radio noise, and a recording gravimeter to detect variations in the earth's gravitational pull.
On 08 August 1954, at 3:01 PM, the equipment at Shirleys Bay registered a very definite disturbance. In Smith's own words, "the gravimeter went wild." All evidence indicated that a UFO had flown in close proximity of the station, perhaps within feet. Smith and his group were alerted by an alarm which was linked into the equipment. Unfortunately the area was clouded in and no visual confirmation could be made, but the instrumentation did in fact record that there was a major disturbance. Two days later, the DOT announced that Project Magnet was being shut down. There were several reasons given by the DOT for this move, but they did not include lack of results.
Interest in the life and work of Wilbert B. Smith is arguably more intense now than it has ever been, and with good reason, it would seem. Research projects have been started, archives are being scoured, and new information is being added to the record. There is already so much literature devoted to Smith, that there is ample room to disagree on many of the details of Smith's (and the Canadian Government's) activities. For the most part, however, the picture is clear: Wilbert B. Smith was a sensible and serious scientist who held an important post within his government. He had a very sincere interest in the UFO phenomenon and used both his scientific talents and some leverage from his position in government to cause a real and true scientific study to be undertaken.
And this he did.
Canada lost one of its most influential UFO researchers of all time when Wilbert Brockhouse Smith died on 27 December 1961, at the age of 52.
(Biography written by Michael Strainic, 9/30/2002, for the NICAP web site)

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Actual Aliens

As a Slider I ran into real Aliens several times. They have never shown much interest in earth or humans, and most would rather stay very clear of us.

Don't believe that. My green alien friends who regularly come to eat at my house, we often have a barbecue on the terrace, have a lot of empathy for earthlings. They always ask me how we are doing, and if there is the slightest problem they provide me with medicines, including the Schmilblick that they produce on the third planet of Betelgeuse and which is a panacea. It is thanks to this that I am now 223 years old and feel as if I were 40.

They share many things with us. For example, their children have fun like ours. You have to see them take their flying saucer from Tinyesla, a toy for children under 10, and do aerobatics at a few parsecs from the house (they have orders not to go beyond this distance so that we can watch them, because once they were found lost in the Virgo cluster).

The last time I saw my alien friends was last weekend. They particularly appreciated the rosé wine that I served them, and I appreciated the grey-green smulch that they offered me (you mustn't abuse it, otherwise you levitate easily and the fall back to earth is painful). We discussed human failings. They told us that they have the same ones. On their social networks interconnected by gravitational waves accelerated to a hundred million times c, they also have plenty of idiots who assert conspiracy theories, such as the fact that no other species exists except the green aliens, that the grey aliens or the tribe of earthlings in the solar system never existed and that it's an urban legend, besides how could a race with only 2 pairs of tentacles, upper and lower, be viable, when they have 12 (or 16 since the effects of their last nuclear war)? This is a problem when they come here, half of their tentacles are used to hold 5 or 6 glasses of rosé that they sip at the same time, not easy to provide!

All this to say that aliens are very close to us, just as human except for the physical aspect, which does not even prevent love relationships. If you have the opportunity to go sightseeing in the NGC 3992 galaxy, make a detour to the fifth planet of the J1124 system: love with a green alien female who embraces you with her twelve tentacles and her triple pair of breasts, what a kick!    O0 ;D

"Open your mind, but not like a trash bin"
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I have a friend who's initials are E.T. but everyone kiddingly calls him ET because he believes that he was abducted when he was young.  He told me the aliens gave him a message.  They didn't say to give it to someone.  They just said they were giving him a message.  He said the message was "magnetism is torque".

I define torque as an off center rotation.
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