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2022-08-16, 13:31:31
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Author Topic: Swedish Motor/Generator information  (Read 233 times)

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Hi every motor/generator builder:

"The input the electrical energy of the electric motor increases only by about 3% for this work effort, this depends of the energy conversion being performed between the stator/rotor inside the motor by the same supplied energy. Adjusting the rotor In the working position of the stator, we carry out the assembly, there measurement takes place of the output power."

Bert Ivan Harju, winner of the glorious "Grand Prix de jury" as world champion at the innovation fair Eureka 1998 in Brussels, is no longer with us.

He lived between 1942.03.02 - 2022.06.07 and will forever be remembered for his happy mood and positive outlook on life, in addition to his inventions.

His two greatest inventions are the Harju motor and the Harju generator. And because he received both a Swedish and an American patent for the two inventions. He was open to describing from the patents exactly how the Harju motor and the Harju generator worked on their website that no longer exists.

But as I happily printed out and has now scanned in the Swedish language with the address:


The English Google translation that I inspected and made a few changes is on:


Best Wishes, Hermes
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