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2022-11-28, 06:08:15
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Author Topic: Member TinselKoala will be made homeless as of August 1  (Read 1467 times)
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It is very good news but no reason not to pursue the idea of using crowd funding to support his research.
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He might have room for a small lab
He did mention it!

Who was it ?? Ben4Kzep (or something) had world’s smallest lab ?
I wonder how he is doing ( cool guy)

There are a few things kicking around that may show a need ?
TK has seen more actual lab work towards FE over the years it is hard
To bring something forward which he has not touched on !

It’s always been a dream of mine to help those with the tools and skill set
Do work which others could only dream of !

So yes I agree !!

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I stumbled a bit by chance on an old scam, the worst in my opinion that free energy has known, the QEG, which allowed the manipulative "Hopegirl" gains of hundreds of thousands of $ through crowdfunding and exploitation of the gullible.

And sure enough, I come across a post by Tinselkoala, dating back to 2014, so at the very beginning of the QEG. And Tinselkoala already had the precise vision of the scam:

"If you look closely you will see that this is a religious cult-type activity, and that the design for the thing was "revealed" to the "inventor." They do not have any kind of working prototype, they only know that it will work because it has been divinely revealed. For these people to be soliciting funds in the way that they are doing should be illegal, or at least against the fund-raising site's TOS. It's delusional and cynically manipulative."

The sequel proved him totally right. What insight! We should follow his thought pattern in our analysis of the claims, it would save us 90% of our time.

"Open your mind, but not like a trash bin"
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