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2021-04-12, 07:54:13
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Author Topic: Mr. Donald L Smith's Reputation  (Read 5779 times)
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I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, home of the Farnsworth House where Philo invented the TV. Our hometown electronics store was Pembleton's Electronics. Fred Pembleton was an authoritative man that frequently gave heck to the green engineers from Magnavox who would come in with their bright ideas telling them "your thinking to much, keep it simple stupid". They would huff off laughing to themselves that he was a fool only to come back a week later and seek his insight.

Mr. Pembleton knew Farnsworth, Einstein, Tesla, Steinmetz, and worked with them in the 20's. When I first started seeking th OU grail 20 years ago Mr. Pembleton questioned why I was purchasing such a hodgepodge of parts. I told him and instead of getting the usual "won't work, can't get more out that you put in", he said "Well, we have a scientist amongst us".

This gave me confidence and I pressed on. Of course I was no scientist, no college, just a newbie technician tinkering around. A few years later I was at a brick wall and decided to seek Mr. Pembleton's wisdom. I asked him if he knew anything to help me along, he said:

 "Of course I do but you have to find it on your own, thinking OU takes a paradigm shift in your thinking of open and closed systems, your classical training is bullshit. The law of conservation of energy is bullshit, a singularity created to satisfy complex equations that could not be completed with out it."

I ask him if he did it, he said " Yes we all did, many times, Tesla did the most, but we are prevented from going further"

He never asked anymore how I was doing after that, or brought up the subject, and when I tried to strike up a conversation on the matter, he acted like he never heard me.

I find it interesting that Mr. Smith mentioned Mr. Farnsworth's device as being OU, and the NST's, this is what makes me think he was onto something and trying to tell us by making such blatantly erroneous statements, in other words "I just said something stupid, look at it".

His bumbling oratory during the videos while being questioned does not sound like a well versed snake oil salesman, but more like a professional who's been instructed to lie, and is trying to formulate it while saving his pride. He did not do a good job at that and now many take him for a nut. I for one do not subscribe to that asseveration
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HA!, that's a laugh my brother across the pond! We Americans are known for letting our employees (Capitol Hill) tell us what to do and to like it when they steal from us!

But I agree it's going to take guts, but the better way is for forums like this to develop groups of individuals that know how to transfer info amongst the others without NSA knowing about it and then when its up and running release it to the world all at once so they cant stop it.

USG like's to tout "National Security", but that equates to" Corporate Profit Security". One very little known fact of the CIA in America, Almost all "Heads" of the CIA have been Wall Street Lawyers, there's your intelligence "Focus". >:(
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