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2021-04-12, 08:45:06
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Author Topic: Peswiki JT Article  (Read 4794 times)
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Found this rather interesting, but haven't seen any reference to this Peswiki article on the forum, so just wanted to bring this to peoples attention.


What I find rather odd is that Sterling Allen (rather typically) would expect to see a voltage drop overnight from an AA battery powering a single LED in a JT configuration!


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Hi Farrah,

I would suspect that most have now realized Steven E Jones is indeed our "PhysicsProf" here at OUR?

He is discussing this circuit at his bench.

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Hi .99, yes I realised that not long after I posted, but I've been away for a few weeks and so have lost touch a little.

I was just bugged by the fact that in the article, Sterling Allen (in his wisdom, lol), reckoned that an AA battery would be down to half its full charge voltage after operating a single LED via a JT for just 7 hours. What an utter muppet!

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He wants to be our spokesperson. He'll fold like a wet nappie when the authorities come asking questions. You know, from friend to snitch in a heartbeat.

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I've not read through the PhysicsProf thread fully yet because initially I didn't even realise that it was about his JT variant - frankly I didn't even understand the thread title, lol.

However, in my humble opinion, it has to be said that anything coming via Sterling Allen, instantly loses credibility due to the fact that the guy clearly has no background in science, believes everything he is told (a lot like Ramset - perhaps he is Ramset!) and is as gullible as they come. 

I noted that there were some quite pertinent comments about how measurements were been taken and some genuine concerns as to whether there was any real value in the claims.  I remember similar JT claims on Hartmanns forum from GadgetBoy, but he was clearly as thick as two short planks and resorted to vulgar personal emails if you challenged him... and of course ultimately nothing ever came of it.

However, that said, and aside from the fact that Sterling Allen views everything through frosted, rose-tinted spectacles, I'm sure members of this forum will sort the wheat from the chaff.
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