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2022-08-16, 14:47:09
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Author Topic: Part 1: Marx stack/TV flyback/Cockroft-Walton transformers...newer patents  (Read 10422 times)
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Archival thread for now:
As a new subject for consideration---mine or anyone else's:  Can a more efficient high voltage generation system be engineered with toroids, Caduceus coils, Mobius coils or possible some combination of these?

For a reference, the reader is suggested to look at this,
U.S. Patent:  #7,170,198
"Trigger Arrangement for a Marx Generator"

So, as a set of creative modifications, use series/paralleled toroids on the vertical side "posts" of Fig. 1?  Polarized or non-polarized capacitors for the individual top and bottom rails?
Use a tower arrangement for the inside of the series bays on the step-up pulse input stage, especially for Fig. 2?
Add diodes, as in a Cockroft-Walton voltage bridge generator?  (There are variant ways of configuring Cockroft-Waltons---and patents exist for some of them.)
Use a transistor bridge to rectify the AC?  (Square waves and sin waves behave differently to rectification.)
      (I'll try and find the patent.  I had a representative copy of such a device once, but I can't find it now.)

One can possibly gain insight from the patent and modification suggestions.
      This is a concept archive thread for now---and "sticky" for that reason.  Members can add to it if they wish.

Reedit, 10 Sept '11: Reworded title.

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...      (I'll try and find the patent.  I had a representative copy of such a device once, but I can't find it now.)
One can possibly gain insight from the patent and modification suggestions.
      This is a concept archive thread for now---and "sticky" for that reason.  Members can add to it if they wish.
Further Note:
      If this information gives you inspirational ideas to further your research efforts, more power to you.  It's here as an archive to public references that a company may sue you for patent infringement if they think they have a case.  I think this database of peculiar patents is valuable for that reason.

In the meantime, here's an Internet reference for Marx generators:

Well, here's several patents for starters:
This one can be used with toroids, as I suggested.  Whether or not their toroid wiring scheme is particularly efficient or not should require experimentation.  I have other patents at home that are more electrically-based on Cockroft-Walton bridges, but time's getting short on this computer.

I'll update this post as a distinct subject, instead of uploading a new post.
Later that day:
http://www.pat2pdf.org/patents/pat4370607.pdf   ... also ...  http://www.google.com/patents?id=9FQxAAAAEBAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=4370607&hl=en&ei=r9VqTv3XNuHhiAKI1PGbDg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CCwQ6AEwAA
Found another:
This one is older, but has a parallel/series structure shown in Fig. 1:
This one looks like some diagrams on either OU.com or OUR.com:
This one is also like the one immediately above:
Another older one from 1930:

Subsequent update,
The "#3's" in the first page drawing might be replaced with toroids:
Similar to the one immediately above:
These coils can be replaced by toroids; otherwise this is pretty much a Marx generator:
The coils in Fig. 3 & 4 can be replaced by bifilar toroids or opposing in direction, side-by-side or overlapping turns:

You get the idea.
The thing is, these inventions weren't designed to produce OU free energy.  Other considerations like frequency filtering and random voltage spikes were what the inventors intended to be claimed as improvement(s).  How to modify and tweak these to get OU?  Experimentation.

The 'Web addresses for some of the individual patents looks the same for several of the last ones on the list, but clicking on them---for me---shows different patent numbers with their individual texts/drawings.  This shouldn't be happening for identical addresses, but it is.


Reedit, 10 Sept '11: Added more patent references and reworded thread title.
Reedit, 21 Sept '11:  Text editing with 'Further Note'.
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Archival thread for now:
As a new subject for consideration---mine or anyone else's:  Can a more efficient high voltage generation system be engineered with toroids, Caduceus coils, Mobius coils or possibly some combination of these; insofar that they replace the original coils of the design in question?
40,000 characters is as long as threads can get before the software setup complains about the length and gives you an error message.
This is Part 1:  Patents from the present day down to #4,000,000.   Applications from any past year are in Part 2, as well as 'Web information on relevant subject points.  I'll have to begin copying-and-pasting the text into a Windows Word file to count full numbers of characters, so as to prevent this problem in the future.

As a more complete expose' of basic work what's been performed and completed by others, I'll begin listing those patents that involve the subject of this thread; namely, resonant voltage multipliers the contain the likes of stacks of series or unconnected coils---with or without rectifiers.   Modified Greinacher cascades; regular or peculiarly modified Cockroft-Walton voltage bridges with coils or additional transformers; series-wired pulse amplifier transistor circuits; Marx generator columns, which have coils and spark gaps and are specifically triggered electrically; and certain series-wired bandpass filters that can be modified for high voltage output, as well.

The biggest question I can ask myself, or anyone else, is:  Will using any one type of toroid, wired any particular way make any difference in circuit operation?   The idea is to experiment and report test results.  The same goes for any type of regular or modified Caduceus coil.

Further Note:
      If this information gives you inspirational ideas to further your research efforts, more power to you.  It's here as an archive to public references that a company may sue you for patent infringement if they think they have a case.  I think this database of peculiar patents concerning high voltage is valuable for that reason.
      I was a volunteer librarian for the LDS Church for several years and I've accustomed myself to think in terms of large volumes of information, and I think some Members would agree a great many types of circuits are represented here for inspection.
      Someone, with or without an electrical engineering degree, already did research you don't necessarily need to repeat---as long as you know what the inventor(s) did, understand their methodology, and then decide for yourself whether or not the information is relevant to you.
      Finally, if there is anyone who might, in their mind, question why I would go to all this trouble, the short answer is:   I anticipate I'll find a particular use for high voltage in my research efforts as a feature in a project I'm working on down the road, as it were.  I'd like the information available for access when I need it.  And the project at hand will dictate my choice of high voltage generators.

To be more specific, I'm gathering information to possibly use later when I have the time and money to combine with these threads:

and the...  Google/Advanced Patent Search  ...function will give you .PDF printouts if you like.

Non-patent information concerning the same type of information as this thread subject(i.e., high voltage circuits with sub-units of coils and inductors, diodes, and capacitors can be found at the bottom of the page.
This thread is so long, I'm backing up the information by both data-copying it to a thumb drive and printing a hard copy of it.  If you view the information regularly, a hard copy of what you've see in the past will give you present reference to look at what I've uploaded recently.

"High-Voltage X-Ray Generator" ...here.
(A series of full wave rectifiers with paralleled primary coils on the transformers---Fig. 3A.)

"Contactless Energy Transmission Converter" ...here
(Look at Fig. 4, Pg. 10 of the patent.  Would severe, broadband EMI be radiating from this device like a Lakhovsky coil or not?)

"Switching Power Supply Unit" ...here.
(this was designed for an electric car power supply, so it handles voltage and current---lots of power, routinely.  More parallel, series or parallel and series, output modules can be added, especially for very high voltage.)

#7,755,217  "Pulse Generator"...Here.

"Method and Apparatus for a Wireless Power Supply"

"Multiphase Transformer for a Multiphase DC-DC Converter"...Here.

"Marx Generator"...Here.

"Circuit for Reduction of Voltage Stress Between Windings"...Here.

"Variable Inductor"...Here.
(For those who're interested, this inductor/transformer is designed to reduce induced voltage stress to coil windings between the three legs of the inductor.  As such, it's not designed for OU, free energy applications---and a few of these patents bear some resemblance to drawings found on a few threads at OUR.com, OU. com and EnergeticForum.com.   If several are wired in series, then high voltage may be possible at the output.   I think one tries to overcome the perceived, prevailing opinions of conventional scientists and engineers when it comes to achieving OU.
        Some of this information may show where not to look in your search.  It might also inspire you.  However, anyone can look all they want.  That's why it's here.

"High Voltage Generator and Accelerator Using Same"...Here.

"Trigger Arrangement for a Marx Generator"...Here.

"Inverter Transformer and Inverter Circuit"...Here.

"High Power Modulator"...Here
(Look at Fig. 5 on Pg. 4 of the patent to see comparisons to Don Smith's work with circular resonant tower coil generators.)

"Multi-Cascode(sic) Transistors"...Here.

High-Voltage Transformer"...Here.

"High Voltage X-Ray Generator"...Here.
(Look at Fig. 3A on Pg. 4 of patent.)

"High Voltage Modulator System"...Here.

"High Voltage Transformer'...Here.
(Fig. 1 is the most explanatory.)
"High Frequency Power Amplifier"...Here.
(Look at Fig. 5, Pg. 6 of the patent.)

"High-Voltage Power Supply Circuit Having a Plurality of Diode Bridges Connected in Series to the Secondary Winding of a Transformer"...Here.

"High Power High Impedance Microwave Devices for Power Applications"...Here.
(Similar to #4,001,725)

"High Voltage Modular Inverter"...Here.

"Apparatus for Efficient Remote Ballasting of Gaseous Discharge Lamps"...Here.

"Multi-Level Inverter with Low Loss Snubbing Circuits", ...Here.  (Can be expanded.)

"Distributed Planar-Type High Voltage Transformer"...Here.

"Soliton Quenching NLTL Impulse Circuit with a Pulse Forming Network at the output"...here.

"Variable Impedance Transformer"...Here.]

"Controlled-K Resonating Transformer"...Here.

"Pulse Power Generating Circuit with Energy Recovery"...Here.
(I read the abstract and I still don't know how this circuit will do what the inventors assert say it will.   There are no SRC's and no transformer cores to manifest BEMF to the power source.  I don't know of this will work or not.)

"Fast High voltage Modulator Circuit"...Here.
(Look at Fig. 2)

"High Voltage Transformer"...Here.
(TV flyback for a CRT picture tube.)

"High Voltage Multipliers and Filament Transformers for Portable X-Ray Inspection Units"...Here.

"Push-Pull Inverter"...Here.
(Can be used for high voltage applications if output transformers are wired in series for secondary coils.)

"Electric Supply Device for One or More Metal Vapor Lasers Using an Electrical Power Charging Circuit with a Variable Inductor to Provide a Variable Charging Gradient"...Here]
(These individual sections can be modified to eliminate the 'metal' lasers and rewire the parallel sections to series.)

"Line Filter"...Here]
(Can be used for high voltage applications if another coil was added to each transformer core in series.)

"High Voltage DC Source Including Magnetic Flux Pole and Multiple Stacked AC to DC Converter Stages with Planar Coils"...Here.

"Pulse Forming Networks" ...Here.

"Bi-Mode High Voltage Resonant Power Supply and Method" ...Here.

"Multi-Stage Insulating Transformer Type High Voltage Generating Apparatus Having a Connection Structure" ...Here.

"Main and Auxiliary Transformer Rectifier System for Minimizing Line Harmonics" ...Here. [
(Look at Fig. 10, Pg. 7 of the patent.)

"Flyback Power Supply"

"High Voltage Electrophoresis Apparatus"

"High Voltage Power DC Power Supply"

"Flyback Transformer with Integrally Formed Resonance Capacitor" [url=http://www.google.com/patents?id=NZsfAAAAEBAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=patent:5012179&hl=en&ei=OtyQTpPwDaXXiAKc0InNCA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CC8Q6AEwAA]...here

"High Voltage Power Supply"
(Look at Fig. 3)

"Method and Apparatus for Generating Pulsed RF Power"

"Domino Effect Amplifier"
(Look at Fig. 3)

"Ferroresonant Constant AC Voltage Transformer"
(Look at Pgs. 6 & 9.  Paralleled secondaries can be rewired in series for high voltage, even with the strange, 3-cornered lattice type core structure.)

"High Voltage Amplifier"
(Look at Fig. 7)

"Inductive Coupled Powered System"
(Look at Fig. 7, especially)

"Circuit Arrangement for Producing High voltages"
(A straightforward Cockroft-Walton voltage bridge arrangement.)

"High Voltage Power Supply Particularly Adapted for a TWT"

#4,723,848  "Electrical Power Inverter with Sinusoidal output",  [url=http://www.google.com/patents?id=SPMwAAAAEBAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=patent:3723848&hl=en&ei=XWCvToekKqewiQKtlewP&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CDAQ6AEwAA] Here. (Load connections can be wired in series.)

"Saturable Inductor Switch and Pulse Compression Power Supply Employing the Switch"

"Multiphase DC-DC Series-Resonant Converter"

"Semiconductor Switching Device Having Plural Mosfet's, GTO's or the Like Connected in Series"

"Apparatus for Converting Radio Frequency Energy to Direct Current"

"Generator for Generating a High D.C. Voltage"
(Look at Fig. 4)

"Oscillating Flux Transformer"
(This one has possible application, as with a Gabriel Device, especially with several wired in series for high voltage.)

"Fly-Back Transformer with Reduced Ringing"
(Look at Figs. 3 & 9.   The series-connected diode secondary is also grounded through the ferro-resonant core as well as being in a circular series winding arrangement (Fig. 9.) from the inside out with built-in rectifier diodes at the top of each finished coil.)

"Rotating Flux Transformer"
(The question is:  What will Fig. 1 or Fig. 6 do with, say, 500-1,000 turns of magnet wire wrapped around them as pick-up coils as a modification?)
        (There's something else:  Patent #3,004,171, Fig. 2 can be used in place of coiled co-ax cables---and if they are---what effect will that have??)

#4,635,179   "Transformer Rectifier", Here.

"High Voltage Transformer and Rectifier Arrangement"

"Multi-phase AC-DC Resonant Cascade Power Converter"

"High Power Voltage Linear Amplifier Apparatus"

"High Voltage Power Supply"

"Electrical Excitation Circuit for Gas Lasers"

"High Voltage Supply for an X-Ray Generator

"Power Supply System" Here.

"Current Transformer for Measuring Instruments"
(Look at Fig. 1)

#4,447,695 "Inverter-Type Power Supply Circuit for Electrical Machining"...Here.

#4,447,181"Electronic Ballast"...Here. (The output transformer coils can be wired in series, rather than in parallel.)

"Current Amplfying Apparatus"
(Look at Pgs. 9, 10 & 11.  Can a specialized transformer produce OU if its properly designed?  Can they be used on a very large scale as ambient power capturing antennas?)

"High Voltage Field Effect Transistor Pulse Apparatus"

"High Voltage Power Supply"

"Static High Voltage Switch Usable in a Switchable High Voltage D.C. Generator"

"Switching Circuit Comprising a Plurality of Input Channels and an Output Channel"

"High-Voltage Transformer-Rectifier Device"

"High Voltage Winding for Dry Type Transformer"
(Look at Pgs. 1, 3, & 4)

"High Voltage Circuit for Insulated Gate Field-Effect Transistor"

#4,316,125  "Power Supply for a Flash Tube"

#4,293,799 "Power Supply Systems"...Here. (This circuit can be modified to eliminate the fluorescent tubes and wire the output coils of Fig. 1 in series.)

High Frequency Ferroresonant Transformer"[/b]
(Look at Fig. 1   Drawing items 23, 24 &25 can be connected in series.)

#4,259,616  "Multiple Gaseous Electronic Ballast Circuit", Here. Step-up and step-down connections can be reversed.

"Base drive for Paralleled Inverter Systems"
(Many paralleled modules can be added to the circuit.)

"Variable Leakage Transformer"

"Variable Reactance Transformer"

"Regulated Multiple Transformer System"

Transmission Line Pulse Transformer"
(Fig. 8)

"High Voltage Pulse Generator"

Dual Phase Input Multiplier"
(This is a highly modified Cockroft-Walton voltage bridge.)

"High Power R.F. Induction Heating Generator"
(This is something to consider:
Can Toroids or Caduceus or Mobius coils improve the performance of this circuit?  This isn't the same as Rosemary Ainslie's circuit.  Thusly:  http://dandelionsalad.wordpress.com/2009/12/24/the-strange-case-of-the-rosemary-ainslie-circuit-by-steve-windisch/
        But, the question I ask is:  Can the effect she claims occurs in her circuit be duplicated in another type of circuit?  Why or why not?)


Reedit, 19 Sept '11:  Added more patent #'s
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Reedit, 22 Sept '11:  Add further patent reference numbers.
Reedit, 23 Sept '11:  Add further patent reference numbers, as well as a 'home brew' section at the end of the post.  Finally, added notice to the top of page that I had done this.
Reedit, 24 Sept '11:  Added further patent reference #'s + further text editing.
Reedit, 26 Sept '11:  Added more patent #'s and corrected punctuation w/additional text editing.
Reedit, 27 Sept '11:  More references added.
Reedit, 28 Sept '11:  Added more patent #'s and added another .HTML page as reference to the bottom of the post.
Reedit, 29 Sept '11:  Added more patent #'s, + minor text editing + additional 'Web page references.
Reedit,    4 Oct '11:  Added patent #'s and 'Web references in .HTML
Reedit,    5 Oct '11:  Added more patent #'s.
Reedit,    6 Oct '11:  Added more patent #'s.
Reedit,    7 Oct '11:  Added more patent #'s.
Reedit,    8 Oct '11:  Added 'Web linked addresses as such to patent #'s without addresses.    (Today is my birthday!!)
Reedit,   12 Oct 11:  Added 'Web patent #'s.
Reedit,   14 Oct 11:  Added 'Web patent #'s.
Reedit,   15 Oct 11:  Added 'Web patent #'s.  Plus some minor text editing.
Reedit,  17 Oct '11:  Added 'Web patent #'s.
Reedit,  18 Oct '11:  Minor text editing in morning.  Added more patent #'s as well.
Reedit,  19 Oct '11:  Added 'Suggestion' at top of pg., and more patent #'s as well.  Split this thread into 2ea. sections.
Reedit,  31 Oct '11:  (Halloween)  Look at #4,635,179 or #4,259,616.   It has the new address format.   There'll be more.
Reedit,   1 Nov '11:   More addresses added w/patent #'s.
Reedit, 16 Nov '11:   More addresses added with patent #'s.
Reedit, 28 Nov '11:   Compressed URL text on final screen.
Reedit 7NoK bff.,   (I didn't do this shit!   A glitch in the system?   What did it!?!?)
Reedit, 28 Feb 12:   Added one patent # after I saw that crap immediately above.)
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