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Author Topic: Addition of Guests button at the top of the screen.  (Read 7347 times)

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Due to recent events, it has become necessary to add a feature where private groups can be created and managed by moderators.

You will notice the addition of a button at the top of the screen 'GROUPS' this can be used to add members to the private board for which you are a moderator.

It is now possible for me to setup a board for a user and then that user can select the users he wants to be members of that group, this way any number of selected users can talk and work together without interruption from unwanted users.

If you want a private board setting up then let me know it's name and i will set it up for you to moderate, either PM me or post here.

It is also possible to set up a board that has all members as members of the group and then 1 or 2 users can be deleted to stop just 1 or any number from seeing the board.

I can also apply this mod to your bench if you have one.

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