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2020-09-28, 20:26:12
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Author Topic: Great Pyramid...  (Read 1431 times)
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For those who find theories about the Great Pyramid rather interesting, I offer this calculation to you...

The Great Pyramid, is made primarily of limestone, with a density range of approximately 2500 to 2600 kg/m^3, which, have P wave, or longitudinal sound wave, velocities of approximately 4400 to 4700 m/s...

So, what would the designed frequency be, if the Great Pyramid was designed to be quarter wave resonant, acoustically, to a specific frequency?

Since it is 146.2 to 146.75 meters tall, or was, approximately...

4400 / 146.2 = 30.0958 Hz / 4 = 7.5239 Hz


4700 / 146.2 = 32.1477 Hz / 4 = 8.0369 Hz


4580 / 146.2 = 31.3269 Hz / 4 = 7.8317 Hz

So, if you didn't 'make the connection', that is roughly the resonant frequency for the Schumann Resonance...

I'm just saying, it is a rather interesting calculation, maybe it is exactly why they built the Great Pyramid to the height it is, such that it could literally resonant with the Earth, or, maybe, it is just an 'interesting calculation'...


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Interesting subject..



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