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2020-09-25, 17:14:12
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Author Topic: current limiting capacitive battery charger  (Read 29047 times)
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I surely don't recall signing any legal document declaring I must bring truth to the masses.  In fact, if I find the kind of truth I'm looking for, I may sit on it and if someone else is interested, they will just have to ask me nicely to share it.  Isn't that a refreshing spin on OpenSource.

There it is isn't it?,  I can only hope that if another person might ask, hey what do you think of this?, we might respond in kind with our genuine thoughts however that is seldom the case because we are reserved. Myself I have had such moments after a few glasses of wine where I was hoping someone might ask such a question so I might disclose those thoughts I hold close to my heart for all to know but then again there is that ...hesitation. We are peculiar things... beings... and it is only when we look below the surface that we realize exactly what we are. Such contrivance, such denial, I can only imagine how we have managed to survive this long. Sheer luck?, maybe, but within us I suspect there is creativity to overcome our indifference in regards to the reality we have been led to perceive. It remains to be seen and yet it is our hope.That thing we know but cannot accept, knowing and acceptance, alter ego's of one and the same thing.

I am lost in you and yet I have found myself... there it is isn't it?


I don't like morning people... or mornings or people

Be careful when you blindly follow the Masses... sometimes the "M" is silent.
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