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Author Topic: The Doleshal Letters  (Read 4394 times)
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It's turtles all the way down
I will be posting the email exchanges between Dave Doleshal and Stefan Hartmann or postings by Lindsay Mannix regarding Dave Doleshal's input.

For original context go here:


While working at Spheric Audio Labs, Dave shared one or more patents on 3D technology with Steven Mark, and therefore knew him well.

In a few of the emails Dave is clarifying or rebutting statements made by Jack Durban back on OU.com

The first email

From: "Dave Doleshal"
To: "Stefan Hartmann"
Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2006 9:56 PM
Subject: Re: Steven Mark TPU unit witness ?

> Hello Stefan,
> I am sorry to say I probably can't be much help on this. Yes, I did see the unit in operation several times, but that was many
years ago. I do not have any technical secrets or details of how it works, beyond being fairly sure it does not have any thing to
do with the kinds of things so many people have been speculating about. Mark his associates are the only ones who know about this,
and they are apparently still not revealing anything.
> What I did see when the unit was in operation was that it DID appear to operate as Mark says it does - yielding an output of
several hundred watts, with no wires leading in to. The possibility of it containing some kind of hidden batteries within it was
often raised by skeptics, but every consultation with battery experts or battery salesman to explain how such a thing might be faked
using the smallest state of the art batteries came up empty handed. Mark did demonstrations in which engineers measured the
surrounding area to see if he might somehow secretly have been sending it energy via a radio waves or magnetic fields,or something,
but none of them ever detected anything of the sort, despite heroic efforts to do so. Potential investors hired all manner of
high-powered experts to debunk it or detect some fraud or trickery, but none were ever able to do so.
> So what does that prove? I don't know.
> One thing I am certain of is that all attempts to settle the matter by trying to evaluate the inventors character, etc are nothing
but a waste of time. I see people do this with other kinds of technologies, and I understand why in the absence of hard evidence
people feel the need to fall back on this grasping at straws approach, but it is utterly worthless. It is easy to make up with
accusations and insults or nasty stories about ANYONE, but whether true or false, they amount to nothing. There is this human
tendency to feel that if you can somehow find a flaw in someone's behavior, morals, character etc, you can therefore feel safe in
dismissing them. But if you look at the history of famous geniuses like Da Vinci, Galileo, Lord Byron, Newton or Edison, they all
were rather eccentric characters with colorful and checkered pasts. Edison was apparently a very rude guy in person. Einstein had
six girlfriends in addition to his wife. Their detractors had an easy time
> concocting all manner of fake charges against them, but none of that - false or true - had the slightest real bearing on the
value of their creations. The opposite is equally true. So far as I know, ALL the nasty accusations against Steven Mark manufactured
out of thin air, mostly by people hoping to blackmail or pressure him into making a deal with them and/or angry at him when he
wouldn't. But even if they weren't, so what? Even if you find people to swear on a stack of Bibles that the inventor was a saint of
stellar virtues and pure motives and morals, would that really be proof that his inventions worked? I don't think so.
> Good luck with it all.
> I haven't heard from Steven Mark in many years, so if you are in contact with him, please say Hello form me and wish him the
best, and ask him to contact me.
> Regards,
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"Secrecy, secret societies and secret groups have always been repugnant to a free and open society"......John F Kennedy
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first posted by Lindsay Mannix on OU.com April 24, 2006

link: http://overunity.com/937/new-steven-mark-video-released-april-2006/msg7034/#msg7034

 I have been asked to prepare this document to address some criticism, which may exist in relation to the "TPU" power source as developed by Steven Mark. I have seen the various videotapes and have attended live demonstrations of the device in operation. I have also received the feedback and comments of various engineers and experts in electronics and electrical power generation who have also seen the tapes and witnessed live demonstrations.
 First of all, there has been some considerable speculation as to the origins of the "TPU" technology and who actually owns it. It was conceived and developed by Steven Mark and is owned by Universal Energy Corporation and has been legally owned by that company since 1992. I have personally seen the various contracts and summary evidence myself to conclude that the "TPU" technology is owned by Universal Energy Corporation. I have heard that someone named Brian Collins in Australia has claimed that he invented the technology and has used some of the videotapes to gather sums of money from would be investors. This activity is criminal and Brian Collins did not invent the technology and does not own it or have the right to sell any part of it in any way. Additionally, there have been others that have found a way to "Cash In" by using the videotapes and claiming they own or represent the technology in some way. This is all very unfortunate because the "TPU" is a real power source and deserves to be developed by legitimate means. These people in Australia and other places have taken advantage of, and grievously injured the inventor (Steven Mark) and legal owners (UEC) of the "TPU".
 The second point of criticism is that the "TPU" is a fake and doesn't really work. I have received the input of a variety of engineers and technical people. Most relevant is the feedback from two highly qualified individuals. The first of these is Chris Campbell, an experienced Radio Engineer from California, and the second is Roland Shinzinger, a well known authority on power systems, and a Professor Emeritus of Engineering, (UCI).
Mr. Campbell was selected by myself because of his well known expertise in radio and microwave transmission devises. Mr. Campbell was asked to be as skeptical and critical as possible regarding potential ways that these effects might be faked. Dr. Schinzinger was hired by an outside firm and presumably given similar instructions to examine the device for possible fraud or trickery.
 Mr. Campbell made it very clear that it was virtually impossible to transmit the necessary energy via radio or electromagnetic means of a magnitude necessary to light all the light bulbs seen lit in the demonstrations. This is especially true because of the inventor's willingness to drive around town and perform the demonstration anyplace desired.
Neither Campbell nor Dr. Schinzinger, nor any of the other technical personal have been able to find any evidence of fraud or trickery. Nor have they been able to offer a plausible explanation of how the device actually functions.
 The "TPU" units apparently heat up to a potentially dangerous level after a considerable period of time, and must be shut off at that point. This makes some people suspicious of a battery that is being depleted and which must be recharged after a few minutes. However, after having cooled down, the inventor has always managed to start the unit up again and light the lamps again for the same amount of time as before, until the unit heats up again, without removing the device from the observers sight to be recharged. This can apparently be done any number of times, such as the cumulative "ON" time can be extended to at least 30 or 40 minutes. This is several times longer then the theoretical limit of any kind of concealed battery pack that I, the battery experts or electrical engineers have yet been able to discover. I have personally seen this demonstration at least fifty times.
In point of fact, there is in existence a video tape showing a "TPU" putting out over 1,000 Volts and lighting ten 100 Watt/ 120 volt light bulbs in series for ten minutes. (I have seen this demonstration in person several times). In order to light ten 120 Volt, 100 Watt bulbs for even five minutes, the size and weight of the batteries necessary would need to be quite large.  I have discussed this issue with a number of battery experts who have assured me that such a power supply made of batteries would need to weigh somewhere between 25 and 70 pounds or more.  When I asked if there is not some way, perhaps using Nickel-Cadmium or Lithium batteries or some other kind of exotic or extremely expensive batteries, to make such a unit that would weigh less than 20 pounds, they have frequently laughed at the absurdity of the suggestion, insisting that I am asking the impossible.  One battery expert told me that by using some kind of extraordinarily expensive new military spec Lithium batteries that he has heard of (but never seen), it might be possible to get closer to a figure of 20 pounds, but that he knew of no battery in existence that would actually power ten 120 volt, 100 watt bulbs for even five minutes that could possibly weigh under 20 pounds.  Since the total weight of the larger TPU unit in the demonstration is only about 6 lbs., it seems impossible to do this even if the entire weight of the device consisted only of batteries.  The bottom line is; the TPU ain't a battery.
 I understand that an Engineer, Michael Fennell, has written a paper comparing the small TPU in W-Hr / Kg to all the various battery types currently available. In this paper the TPU has an energy storage advantage over the best (Lithium-iron Disulfide) battery of almost three to one!
So, even if the TPU were nothing more then a battery, it must be some new kind of fantastic battery. Therefore, in itself very valuable, regardless.
 As a final word, I must say that I saw what I saw. As unbelievable to me as it is. From all I can see, and from all the things the various Engineers and technical experts that have witnessed in the video tapes and live demonstrations, so far the device appears to be most genuine.

David Doleshal PhD.
PO BOX 5165
Balboa Island, CA.

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"Secrecy, secret societies and secret groups have always been repugnant to a free and open society"......John F Kennedy
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(Stefan Hartmann):

Here is another answer I received by email from
Dave Doleshal:
     All of what Jack Durban has to say about prototyping and his own supposed assistance to SM in developing this device is nonsense. SM already had working devices as advanced as any shown in the various videos for many years before he met Durban, whatever Durban may think. As for other matters:
(Jack Durban said): "Steven established by actions that he did not trust anyone around him including myself. He could not go to anyone for help without revealing the technology and creating unintended competitors. He was on his own.--------- After meeting Steven I immediately detected some quirky personality traits and a real sense of paranoia"?
 This is a true statement. It would be fair to say an aspect of Steven's personality is that he is not particularly trusting of his fellow human beings, especially not when they behave suspiciously, and vast sums of money are at stake. Perhaps this is a character flaw. However, others might call it simply being realistic. Since as Jack himself seems to admit, Steven was at that time surrounded by people claiming to be his friends, but who were even then talking seriously amongst themselves about planning to break into his house and steal his technology. Given that he was surrounded by sharks, SM efforts to shroud what he was doing in secrecy and a fair amount of obfuscation is easily understandable. To call this paranoia seems to be going way too far.

  As far as Durban claims that the 3-D audio technology was not real or involved "hidden" speakers in the walls of a "blue carpeted room" here again Durban reveals his complete ignorance of the matters of which he speaks. The 3-D audio was never demonstrated in a 'blue-carpeted room" (The blue carpeted sections of the theatre that eventually ended up in Jack's facility were used only for entirely unrelated purposes. Durban was retained to help with some other, minor and less sophisticated audio devices the company wanted to market, but he never completed them. The 3-D audio system did make use of elaborate, difficult-to-create and very non-intuitive manipulations of "white" noise to generate some very interesting 3-D dimensional sound effects. However, Jack was never directly involved with this project, and so far as I can tell, doesn't seem to have even the faintest notions of what it was about. I'm flattered by Jack's statements that I was the master mind behind this technology, and Steven contributed nothing to it, but that was the way it happened. Steven really is much smarter than Jack is willing to give him credit for. And,  I have, mentioned, neither this audio technology nor the company that owned it had anything directly to do with the TPU technology.
     To me, the puzzling question has been why Jack seems to have so much venom towards Steven, so much so that he is willing to make up outrageous lies about him. However, one of these later posts, Jack seems to address the issue directly:

 (Jack speaking): "So anyway as I sit here after another 16 hour day designing the same old consumer electronics products day in and day out, year after year, making millionaires more millions I feel nothing but failure and disgust in myself looking back fin failing to get this life saving technology to market all because of greed and vanity. Steven Mark could have made this technology available at any time he chose to and for some reason did not. It was not because it did not perform as touted. I can assure you it did."
   If we take Jack's words literally here, and I see not reason not to, it sounds like poor Jack is a very unhappy person, dissatisfied with his lot in life. He specifically says, "I feel nothing but failure and disgust in myself"?  If so, I am sorry to hear this. I always thought Jack was a fine man, with a lot going for him and plenty to look forward too ? high intelligence, a great family life and a successful career. But if he feels unhappy and feels like he is a failure, then that is how he feels. If this is true, I don?t wish to judge him too harshly. I have had many dark moments in my own life, times of deep despair and hopelessness, and I feel sympathy to anyone in such a state.
    However, it would seem that for a number of reasons, Jack blames Steven for his own lack of success in achieving some of his own goals. This apparently accounts for his intense vendetta against Steven.
Jack does admit some things that I find very disturbing:

 (JACK SPEAKING) "Why did I not observe more of the inner workings of this device or try to steal it? It wasn't mine to take. And as dopey as it sounds I was honest and couldn't muster up what it took to just steal it. And as stated I had no reason to believe that my dealings with Steven would cease".

Now, against my better judgment and the fact that it is very late I am going to elaborate on the break in that was planned by Mercury Marilla and another individual that I will identify only by his initials D.K.

 M.M. and D.K. and I met after the demise of Extreme Technologies and funding to keep the needed cash flow to keep Steven funded. In light of Steven isolating himself after the fallout I expected that we would be discussing ways to replicate the device mostly based on my observations and Mercury's shopping lists. Not long after determining that Mercury had little memory of what he bought for Steven when going to Radio Shack for supplies, it was apparent that we were up a creek and bye-bye free energy.

Then it was proposed by D.K. that we just break into Steven's house and steal one. Seeing how comfortable Mercury was with this option it was apparent that they had discussed this prior to our meeting. I made it clear in no uncertain terms that this was not an option and that I would not participate in any way in such a plot. I even said to both of them that if I were to hear of such an event or if ever questioned that I would testify against them. I told them that I was not going to have my kids visiting me in jail in an orange jumpsuit.

I did not hear back from them and just carried on as if they clearly understood my ultimatum.  More than a decade went by and I never heard from either one of them.

     There was indeed a break-in to Steven's house in 1996, and the culprit did manage to get away with one of the larger TPU units. This upset Steven a great deal. So far as I know, this unit was never recovered. If we take Durban at his word here, and as before, I see no reason not to, this is a very serious admission.  He clearly implicates Mercury Marilla and this "D.K." in the theft.   D.K is not the initials of anyone I can think of who was hanging around during this era, but Durban obviously knows who he was. This is important because it implies this D.K., whose identity is known to Jack, has (or at least had) a working TPU. Who is this person, Jack? Although Jack seems to clearly attempt to exonerate himself from any wrongdoing in the matter, I am not so sure a court would see it this way. If you were involved in the planning and discussion of a crime to be committed, and keep quiet about it such that the criminals get away with it, doesn?t that make you an accomplice? I'm not a lawyer, but to my mind, doesn't this imply a significant degree of guilt upon Jack. (So who has this unit now?)
    Jack goes on to say something else that seems rather revealing:
  "I have not been completely honest with you guys except for two forum members that I have been fortunate to call friends and confided with that know the whole story? On my own initiative and no one else?s I purposefully with forethought went on a character assignation mission against Steven in an attempt to flush him out of possible hiding?I just assumed that Steven, if alive would pop up to defend his honor against my groundless personal attacks but I fear that either he is no longer with us or he is not allowed to make contact. This explains why David Doleshal was taken aback by my many barbs against Steven."

    This seems to be to core of the matter. Note that Jack admits the things he said were GROUNDLESS PERSONAL ATTACKS against Steven. I don't know if people reading this list understand the full implications of it. Jack clearly acknowledges all the slanderous and libelous lies he has been spreading via internet for several years about Steven are just that , slanderous lies. I realize that this may lead some people to condemn Jack and disregard the few small shreds of technical information he may have to add. Although Jack's approach seems like a stupid, underhanded and unethical tactic, I would urge people not to write Jack off entirely. In some of my earlier posts, I've clearly said I think Jack is not only very bright guy, but a man of high integrity. Tempted as I initially was to revise that opinion downward when I first saw Jack stooping to slander, libel, blackmail and character assassination, I don't retract that opinion. I still think Jack Durban is a very intelligent guy and a man of high ethical standards. Though I thoroughly disapprove of his methods, I must at least admit he was acting from what seems like an admirable intention. I too would very much like to see this technology made available to the world, and will confess to feeling great regret and frustration over the fact that all my own paltry efforts in that direction ulitmately amounted to nothing. If I were in Jack's position, I might well have done something equally distasteful. If there was something I thought I could do to make this happen, I'd have done it. If it involved doing something a little dishonest and underhanded as Jack has done, I can't say I wouldn't have given into the temptation? if I thought it might work  I empathize with you Jack, I just wish you hadn?t resorted to anything so harsh and dishonest.
    Perhaps this is just a personal sore spot for me, and I am over reacting. But please understand, this opens an old wound for me. Steven was my very good friend since we were teenagers. He wasn't perfect, but he never claimed to be. But none of us are, least of all me.  Steven and I went through a lot of hard times together, and he often helped me through some very rough days in my life. He was there for me when no one else was. The unpleasantness surrounding this whole TPU incident basically marked the end of my relationship with him, and I have not seen him in many years. If in fact he is no longer among the living  a distinct possibility, that is a sad thought for me, and it only made it worse to see his name being slandered and ridiculed on false pretenses all over the world.
    Any way Jack, despite the nastiness and unpleasantries, it is good to know you're still out there. I think you did a good thing by publishing the video. It'd be good to see you again some time. Get together, shoot the bull, talk about old times and what might have happened if the world had gone differently. I wish you the best, and greater happiness in the future. Don't blame yourself this TPU never got to market. It was not our fault. The ball was never really in your court, or mine.

     And to the rest of the folks on this list, I would reiterate what I have said before. The issues of personality and character are not very relevant or helpful in this matter, much as many people seem to insist they are. Whether Steven had been a saint or a devil, neither wouldn't say a thing about the value or workings of the technology.  I suggest we all pull together, pool such shreds of knowledge and hints and clues about the technical aspects as we may have, meager though they may be, and try to solve the mystery, if we can. Tesla evidently did it. Steven seems to have done it. Maybe together, we can eventually do it again. If anyone really knows, anything, come out, come, out, wherever you are.  If I had more to contribute on this, I would do so, but sadly, I have nothing else.

"Secrecy, secret societies and secret groups have always been repugnant to a free and open society"......John F Kennedy
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It's turtles all the way down
(from Stefan Hartmann posted on OU.com)
I received this email message from Dave Doleshal and
post it here without any comments.
Dave's comments to Jack Durban's interview text are in red color.

Hello Stefan,
Dave Doleshal here,

I wrote you a response a few weeks back regarding the interview with Jack Durban, even though I had not yet actually had the time to read the interview directly. I've been preoccupied with other matters for a while. However, I have now had a chance to read the text, and can offer a little more precise response. My comments are in red, Jack's are in black. In case I didn't make it clear in my previous response, you are welcome to post both that response and this one to your list:

JACK: "I worked with Steven Mark and could share some interesting info. I met him 1996 when the main video was made. I met all the players and took over a couple of his projects. I am an accomplished inventor and product developer. See http://www.vorel.com or do a patent search on 'Jack or John Durban'." (March 14,

(insert picture here) Jack Durban

  Yes, this picture looks like Jack, though I haven't seen him in a decade. As per my earlier comments, Jack Durban is for real. He is a very intelligent and highly skilled man in the electronics field, with numerous patents, accomplishments and projects under his belt.  When last I knew him, I thought very highly of him both in terms of his professional competence and his ethics. I doubt there are very many people in the world today who are as good at things like circuit design or prototype development as Jack. That was my opinion a decade ago, and I'm quite sure ten more years of real world practical experience has only improved upon his already excellent abilities.  He is for real, and he did observe the TPU in operation at last once, as he says.

On March 16, 2008, Jack Durban wrote:
"A little background on who I am and why I remained silent for over a decade.
I have been an avid inventor and product developer since I was a kid. I was drawing detailed engines and mechanisms by age 9 and just had a knack for looking at a product and finding faults in the design. In school I spent all my time drawing machines and basic circuits. I worked on my first patent in High school and it issued in 1977. Since then I have developed over 200 products that cover several industries. I currently hold 21 patents that have issued or are pending published applications. As a product developer I have prepared dozens of patents for clients and read thousands of patents during searches over a quarter century now. I have seen it all when it comes to technology and I have an open mind which is rare in my field. I have designed and worked on alternative health devices like the RIFE machines and even worked with Barry Lynes the author of "The Cancer cure that worked". I designed the world's first Brainwave analyzer to measure correlates of I.Q. with Dr. John Ertl a brilliant PhD in Cybernetics. I am putting this out there to say that I have always entered into any design or design evaluation task with eyes wide open and no preconceptions."

   All of the previous paragraph seems like accurate information to me.

JACK: "The reason why I didn't come forward sooner was due to an NDA I signed back in '96. As one who makes a living working with invention, patents and is a caretaker of others intellectual property, I have to be very careful in discussing anything of a sensitive nature. Although all NDA's have to expire by a certain date, I waited an extra 8 years just in case Steven ever surfaced again."

   Once more, accurate information, so far as I know.

 JACK:  "I have seen several so called free energy devices, and all without exception were failures. Not all were fraudulent. Some were just not well understood by their creators as not meeting the requirements of producing over unity power or work."

  Once more, all accurate, so far as I know. Jack is simultaneously open-minded and skeptical, a rare combination. It would not have been easy to put one over on him. He'd seen several fake free-energy devices in his time, had a pretty good idea what kind of tricks could be used, and was alert for any trace of such fakery. Even so, he evidently couldn't find any.

JACK: "When I was approached by M.M. to work with Steven Marks, I wasn't overly excited after years of seeing these all crash and burn, but I was again all ears. When I saw the devices work and was able to rotate the units 90 degrees without loss of output power, I felt a chill go over me like seeing a ghost. You see I know Tesla's works as he is one of my heroes like Edison and others. I fully understood the impact of being able to rotate the device without performance depredation. The gyroscopic sensation felt when moving the device made it clear to me instantly that the coils displaced about the perimeter of the device were switching in a quadrature fashion like stators in a motor yet there were no mechanical devices in the unit. It became clear that there was a lot of current flowing from winding to winding."

   I was not present for this event, but I later talked with both Steven and Jack about it. For what its worth, the details given here seem to be accurate. I'm not sure what is meant by quadrature fashion (as I often have to tell people, my electronics and engineering knowledge is limited). However, this feeling that the device is somehow spinning rapidly as if it were a gyroscope is a sensation these real TPUs do create when you hold them. And as Jack points out, it is somewhat startling since there does not seem to be any kind of literally spinning wheel contained within the device.  When you touched it, the sensation was reminscient of the old style power sanders that vibrated rapidly and intensely. However, the device was silent when in operation. What, if anything this might reveal about the inner workings of the device, I'm afraid I am in no position to guess.

JACK: "The device worked and the video is real. It was shot at a mansion that Steven rented in Lemon Heights California. Steven's face does not appear in the first videos but I did notice that he does appear in the one on youtube that shows potential investors. He always wore an all black suit and shoes even when doing basic lab work. It was part of the facade."

 Also accurate information. As far as the suit, ties and shoes, yes that was a little personal quirk of his. He liked to dress that way, even as a teenager. As far as dressing that way when doing lab work, I can't verify that. Steven usually changed into old clothing appropriate to the task when working on a car, fixing a fence or doing any electrical work. To call it a "facade" seems a little uncalled for.  I don't see any grounds to criticize him on this, nor do I see it as being relevant to the nature of the technology.

 JACK : "The sad thing is that Steven was a bit of a hustler. He received millions from several investors, and never delivered the end product. Steven spent wildly on a lavish lifestyle. The seemingly sophisticated test equipment one sees in the videos was in fact a collection of audio and video gear. It was all purchased for audio development on Steven's so called 3D audio theater system that was shown at CES in 1996 or 97".

    One thing I had not appreciated until I read this interview was that there seems to be MUCH animosity between Jack and Steven. This apparently developed since last I had any involvement with either of them. It is hard to comment on what this is about. Last I had anything to do with any of this, I was trying to help Jack and Steven put together a deal for producing the TPUs round about 1996. That deal never went anywhere, but at least at that time, the two of them were getting along fine, and each seem to have a high enough opinion of the other they were willing to work together. Obviously the situation between them has deteriorated considerable since then.

 JACK: "I have no doubt that Steven was not the true inventor of this device, as he was not technically savvy enough for such a feat. His only technical background was working on televisions and cars."

   I must confess it surprises me to hear Jack say this. Although Steven was not a university trained engineer, he was very talented and creative where technical matters were concerned. I have no explanation for Jack's attitude. Jack clearly has some extreme venom against Steven. Perhaps it is mutual, but if so, I have no specific information about this.  As far as Steven having been the inventor, I have no reason to doubt this. He was obsessed with the idea since 1974, believed Tesla had built such a thing early in his career, and felt it was possible to replicate such a thing. He tried a lot of things over the years that didn't work, chasing down every lead he could, including reading every bit of Tesla material he could get his hands on. For a long time he had the idea there was some natural frequency of the earth (approx 6.8 hz) that contained a huge amount of power, and if one could only tune into it as one would a radio station, it'd be a source of free energy. He built all kinds of receivers trying to do this, but they never worked. Eventually he gave up on that angle and started trying other things. For a couple of years he was doing things like grinding up gem-quality rubies for some reason I never understood. That was a very expensive set of experiments, but evidently they led nowhere. Years later, round about 1988, he started making the device that later ended up being called TPUs.  It is possible he met somebody who gave him a device or revealed the secret to him, but if so, I can't imagine who that would be. If so, why haven't they come forward? It has proven thus far impossible for any of us to gain even a clue about what this thing is or how it works. Thousands of people have sweated through all the Tesla books and materials and other so-called Free-energy material out there, and grilled every eccentric and crackpot who claims to have such an invention, but we have all come up empty-handed.  So are we to believe there was someone wondering around Southern California in the 1980s giving away the secret to people for free, yet we find no trace of them now? Who could that have been? Anything is possible, but somehow I find the notion a bit hard to swallow without some solid evidence.

  Jack: "I met Steven in 1996 when my company was hired by Mercury Marilla, Steven's boyfriend at the time, to replicate the device's capabilities by any means possible. At First I thought he was trying to find out if there was another quick way to produce the same result with an alternative approach, but I later realized he was likely looking for a second design that he could pawn off on investors so he could retain the original design."

    Although I wasn't present for this meeting, I have a few relevant comments. As I understood it, M.M. stole one of Steven's units and started taking it around to various engineers without Steven's permission.  It was M.M. not Steven, who wanted to try to reverse engineer the TPU. By this time, Steven had already built at least a dozen of these things himself. So far as I know, most of the engineers reacted about like Jack did. They were evidently convinced it was real, but had no clue how it worked. I don't know what kind of tests Jack did with it, but it seems clear his was not able to look inside, nor take it apart.

  After Steven found out what MM had done, he was furious. However, he did want to talk with Jack about it later. My understanding of Steven's interest in Jack's feedback was not about trying to reverse engineer it, but on trying to get ideas about how to do a more convincing demonstration for potential investors. I say this only because of what I saw SM do with several other engineers. The problem seemed to be this: He would show the device to investors, and they would say,
"Yes, but how can we be sure it isn't fake"?

Since few of them had enough tech savvy to evaluate it for themselves, this was an impasse. They'd say they wanted Steven to give them a device, let their engineers dismantle it figure out how it worked before they'd give him any money.

Steven was unwilling to let them do this. Mainly his concern was that once they knew the secret, what was to stop them for revealing it to others, or making their own devices? Things like NDA agreements are not very powerful legal devices. They work fairly well between honorable men with good intentions, but they don't do much about inscrupulous people wanting to steal an idea. And it's hard to prove in court that somebody revealed thus and such information to so and so, especially when they did so privately and deny it.

  What he seemed to want was for engineers to tell him how such a  reputed device could be faked, and then arrange his future demonstrations so as to rule out that possibility. (How do you show it isn't full of batteries, isn't just a receiver of broadcast power from a nearby transmitter or powerful magnetic coil hidden in the wall, etc).

 JACK:  "There were many, many investors pouring in money like there was no tomorrow in the hopes of getting their hands on what appeared to be the holy grail of free energy."

  I don't know if this is actually true. Steven received a lot of money for other projects, but the way I always remember it, his frustration was he couldn't get money for this device. People were reluctant to invest, as discussed above. They either weren't sure it was real, or else were afraid that even if it was, it might be such a hot potato they'd never be allowed to manufacture it and sell it.  My understanding was that he did eventually sell the rights to someone, but it was for a fraction of what he figured it was worth. Who exactly that was, and what they did with it (Evidently nothing, else we wouldn't be here trying to figure it out).  What Steven told me a decade ago was that part of that deal included that he was not to reveal any technical details about how it worked to anyone, ever, and that is what he intended to do. He told me then he had lost all interest in the matter, and so far as I know, that is so.

   That being the case, I am very skeptical of people that tell me they have been in contact with Steven and he has told them such and such. I have been contacted often over the years via email by people claiming to be the real Steven Mark, but when I start asking them questions only the real SM would have the right answer to, they always fail. So do be careful.

JACK: "There was a reason beyond the endless supply of investment dollars that kept the technology from ever being delivered, and that was the fact that the device only ran for so long before it shut down due to overheating, which averaged 20 minutes or so after it was activated. He was very frustrated with the thermal issues, but every time I came up with a solution he would say he would check it out, but nothing ever came of the remedies. He would never allow me to take the unit apart or do any dissecting at all."

    Again, perhaps accurate information. However, long before he met Jack, Steven said it would be simple enough to just have a device consisting of two or three such units sitting next to each other. As soon as one got close to overheating, just have it automatically shut off and have another take over. Seems simple enough. Whether he ever built one like that, I don?t know.

Jack: "The design was quite simple. There were two sets of windings arranged in a fashion that very closely resemble the Tesla patent 381,970 circa 1888."

  I confess I am not familiar with this particular patent. I know Steven scrutinized everything Tesla ever wrote, at least everything he could get his hands on, including all the patents. I know that because I was often the one who dug things out of the library and brought them to him. There was no internet in those days. Far as I know, Tesla never  patented or published the secret of his supposed free-energy devices. Perhaps Tesla did so in some veiled way, and Steven discerned some clue the rest of the world has missed. If so, I have no clue what this may have been. However, as I believe I have mentioned before, Steven always did say he believed his own device was basically a reconstruction of what Tesla had once made, or at least operated on the same general principles. Also relevant is that Steven used to say he believed Tesla?s device was something Tesla invented before the mid 1890s, based on such knowledge of physics and such electronic equipment as existed then, not after things like quantum physics or solid state electronics were available. He use to laugh when he heard people speculating about elaborate things that could tap into other dimensions or such, insisting all this came from humbler more mundane origins. What, if anything, that may reveal about the working of the device, I have no clue. But I do think it interesting Jack is here suggesting the device was at least partially inspired by a Tesla patent of 1888.

Jack: "There were two large chokes and polypropylene caps that appeared to be an output smoothing function. My Instincts told me that the choke and cap pair was a tuned tank, but knowing how little electronics knowledge Steven had, I could not see him being capable of doing any tank tuning, and there was no grid dip gear around. I'll be releasing more information as I get time."

Other than reiterating I find it strange Jack should be so disparaging of Steven's technically abilities, I have no comment on this passage.

JACK : "Oh one little side note among many in this interesting moment in time was Steven?s use of a magnet to activate the device. This was just a ruse. The magnet, a cheap Radio Shack magnet at that was deployed only as a means of closing a simple Reed switch that closed the primary circuit. Steven thought this would throw off those who viewed live demos, as he was well aware that many potential investors were bringing their top engineers with them."

   I confess I don't know what a reed switch is, but I've seen plenty of simple magnet activated switches, so such a thing is hardly amazing. I'm not sure it was a ruse, but I am sure it offers no clue as to the inner working of the device. Steven did take pains to obscure how it worked. If he thought he was giving away some secret, he'd have never let this be filmed. Some of his devices worked merely by flipping an ordinary off/on switch. If these is real feature of the device, it's probably more like the ability to push start an automobile. It works, but it reveals little about how to build a car.

JACK: "I am thinking about writing a screenplay on this, as there is much, much more to the story, including , crimes and misdemeanors. I have been sitting on this story for over a decade now."

  Perhaps not a bad idea. It is probably the only way Jack or I are ever going to make any money off this event. I won't deny there was what at least some people might consider outrageously scandalous sexual behavior going on amongst some of the people involved. So far as I knew, Jack was never a part of this, being a happily married heterosexual and who probably had little direct info about the juicier aspects of it all. However, in all fairness to some of the parties involved, and to clarify some of the statements I made in haste earlier, I don't want to imply that everybody involved in the companies connected with all this were involved in sexual misconduct. Some were, some weren't. The general pattern seemed to have been it was the Church-going, squeaky-clean, conservative, "respectable" bankers and accounting types with billboard resumes that went around lecturing everybody else about morality that were fucking around on their wives, lying to the spouses and fucking their employees. On the other hand, the "Hollywood-types" with their counterculture reputations who you might expect to be the one behaving scandalously who were the honest ones who behaved properly and who were to decent "family men" who behaved properly and who had nothing to hide. Good luck on that one, Jack. You can count on me to by a ticket that that show, even if nobody else does. Just remember the redhead was Vanessa, the blonde was Monique, and the brunette was named Kim. Make sure you don?t confuse them. And remember, Tatiana was Russian, not a Ukrainian, and she is real particular about that point.

 And all this, of course, have no bearing whatsoever on the workings, technical aspects or validity of the technology in question, does it?

 In a (later?) post, Jack said:
   "For some odd reason I just thought it was time to tell the story that few have ever heard. Perhaps it was seeing all the pretenders making up stuff about the man and the machine only to profit themselves from the legacy.
I did secretly release some secrets to Keely net a few years ago and they agreed to keep my name a secret.
Now after 11 years I no longer am concerned about breeching anyone's confidence. NDA's only last so long!
I hope you have an open mind as the technology did indeed work.
As one who was often hired to debunk so called over unity devices I was very fortunate to play with the device and work on a couple projects with Steven both power and audio related.
I should tell you in advance that I have a pretty good idea as to how it worked but I do not know enough to build it without spending some serious time in the lab which."

    Not much to add here beyond what I already said. The only relevant point seems to be that despite Jack?s apparent hatred of Steven Mark, which you?d think would make him want to dismiss the possibility the technology was real, Jack seems to steadfastly insist it had to have been real, even though he doesn?t seem to have any more of clue about how it worked than the rest of us."

     I suppose that is the thing that still intrigues me about the whole affair. There were times I figured it just had to be fake. But, as with Jack, I had seen a lot of these so called free energy devices, and all of them were fairly transparent fakes. That was obvious even to me. Yet they threw very brilliant and competent electronic experts at this TPU, quite determined to debunk it, and even after ten years no one can expose it as a fake or explain how it was done. Usually a good stage magician can detect fakes of this sort even better than scientists and engineers can. But even after ten years, none of them seems able to debunk it. Perhaps next week, or next year one will step forward and do so. I for one would be relieved. But until they do, all I can say is that if this was a fraud, it sure as hell seems to have been a good one.


On March 20, 2008, Jack Durban wrote:

"I would like to add the following...

This was part of an email of 20 March 08, between myself and one of the respected elders in the movement to reproduce the SM Device. This email is redacted and only shows one question of many and my position on Steven Mark to clarify my motives in this matter.

     I think that you offered some sound inspiration but i did not see how knocking him technically helps as  there may come a time when he will be more forth  coming.       

Let's examine this situation.
If there ever was a man deserving of some knocking it is Steven Mark. I understand that you guys are walking on egg shells with this guy with the hopes that he will someday reveal the final formula; but there is little reason to believe beyond hope and despair that he ever will reveal the final answer."
   As I have said before, so far as I know, Steven has lost interest in all this years ago, and whatever deal he made forbid him to ever discuss this secret with anyone, so I doubt he ever will.

JACK: "Megalomaniacs like Steven need an audience to feed their narcissistic appetite. To give anyone the final keys to making the device work would be cutting the umbilical cord to his adoring fans. All he could gain from such an act is a thank you. Remember, Steven knows how to make these already. If he wanted to help you or anyone else he could have without hesitation long ago."

 Again, apart from his personal grudge against Steven, I have to agree with his main point. I think if Steven intended to reveal any secret about this, he'd have done so long ago. I have no reason to suspect he's interested in doing so now.

JACK:  "There are several others doing this and are well beyond where Steven is. Once he realizes this watch how quickly he comes forward to help when his obsolescence becomes a self realization and his fan base loses interest."

   An intriguing possibility. Who are these people? What are they doing? If Jack knows them, why is he worried about what Steven does or did? Why not try to get them to come forward?  What can they tell us?

   Steven made at least a dozen or so devices prior to 1994 or so. I have no idea who has them now. He made them several years before he met Jack, probably beginning in the late 1980s. Maybe one of them will turn up?

JACK: "The reason I came forth yesterday was to tell the truth about what I experienced while working with Steven Mark. Contrary to some of the less than friendly posts regarding my inability to shed any light any light on the technology beyond what is already known, I never represented that I possessed or would reveal anything of a technical nature that would further any development underway. If I had I certainly would have finished the device myself.
What was a payoff? None for myself. Most of the feedback I received publicly was negative. The only payoff I can hope for is that if a guy like Steven Mark, a hustler and tinkerer with less than extraordinary intellect was able to reproduce this free energy device there is hope for others to replicate this device also as many others have to date."

Again, if Jack knows of "so many others" who have replicated this device already, why waste our time on SM? How about revealing who they are, or trying to get them to come forwards?

Well, I guess that's it for now. If I had anything worthwhile to reveal, I'd have revealed it long ago.

 Best wishes and good luck.



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Stefan Hartmann <hartiberlin@gmx.de> wrote:
Hi Dave,
many thanks for your reply.

Can I post this in the thread at


Well, do you know, who this Universal Energy Corporation
is, that seems to be said is the holder of the rights to the TPU ?

How can they be contacted ? Do you know any address of them ?

Did Steven Mark sell the rights to them ?

Did Steven sell the rights to the TPU to his attorney Paul Stemm ?
Is Paul Stemm or does he own Universal Energy Corporation ?

Or If Steven did not sell the rights to the TPU to UEC how did UEC gain control of the device ?

Why does Steven not what us to see the patents granted to UEC for parts of the TPU?

Do these patents really exist?

Is the Universal Energy Corporation a real company and are there public records that can be consulted that show records of this

If the UEC really exists who are the shareholders and were shares raised by making demonstrations of the TPU?

Do you know any answers to these questions ?

And Dave,
how were you involved in all of the testing and demos at this time ?
Did you measure yourself the output of the device with measurement equipment ?

Do you still know some other people , who I might cound contact,
that could answer these above questions ?

Do you know John Sanchez who was with Prof. Schinzinger testing the TPU ?
How can John Sanchez be contacted ?

Many thanks.

Best regards, Stefan.

hello Stefan,

Yes,  its all right to repost this.  I wish I could be of more help to you, but unfortunately, most of the kind of information you are seeking simply is not available. All this happened years ago, and my own memories of most of this are hazy.  My understanding is that Steven lost interest in persuing the matter years ago when he sold the rights to what he had to UEC. All such trade secrets and information would be property of UEC, and under such an agreement, Steven would not be permitted to reveal such secrets freely to others that he had sold to UEC for money. You probably can't get much technical detail from Steven.  Eariler this year, I heard there was some group in Ireland who was very publicly making the claim to possess such a device, but I don't recall their name, nor am I in any position to evaluate their claims. Also, there was a prominent group of UFO fans based in Virginia, (run by a Medical doctor named Greer(?) that was publicly claiming to have such a device about 2 or 3 years ago. The guy seemed to be an ethical and intelligent person, but I never actually saw his tecnhology demonstrated, and have no way to evaulate his claims. However, you MIGHT have more success investigating one or both of these groups than from Steven.

Regarding UEC, the way I remember it, UEC was to be an Australian corporation, possibly with affiliates in Europe or America, but primarily an Australian entity. If so, all relevant legal documents should be a matter of public record in Australia. They should be accessible, but I an not personally familiar with Autralian business or governemental procedures. It is quite possible UEC has changed its name or been sold to some other entity, but I would not know anything about this. My understanding was that Brian Collins was setting up UEC along with his associates, but I don't know their names.  I think Steven was not wanting to be part of that company, but simply wanted to sell his technology to them.  I have no address not contact information about them.

Reagrding Paul Stemm. Yes, Paul Stemm was the lawyer who put much of this deal together. He might have been one of the partners or stock holders of UEC., but I don't know that for sure. I have not seen Paul for many years.

Regarding patents on the TPU, I don't know whether the device itself has been patented. When last I knew anything about it in the late 1990s, this had NOT been done yet. Perhaps it has been done since. But if it has been done, it should be a matter of public record. A routine patent search should turn them up. Such procedures are now fairly easy to do over the internet. I don't see how Steven or any one else could prevent such patents from being examined. If they exist and are therfore publicly examinable government documents that anyone can look at, I don't see why Steven could or should want to prevent any one from seeing them.

About where UEC may have gotten funding, I don't know that either. If they possess a working technology, the obvious strategy for raising money would be to give demonstrations to potential investors. But I haven't heard of such things being done.

As far as my involvement in the testing of the device, I can tell you this much. After consulting with a number of highly experienced, intelligent experts in the field of electrical power generation, and asking them how a clever person might fake such a device as the TPU was claimed to be, several possible tests were suggested.

First of all, was necessary that no external wires or connection be permitted. (Some inventors insist their devices need to have such cable for "grounding purposes" or whatever. But any wire leading in could be used to send in power. Any "free energy device" that can't be demonstrated without such wires is almost certainly a fraud). This TPU was an exception, because it could easily be demonstarted with no such wires, either sitting on a glass table or carried about freely. Examiners could inspect it to make sure there were no concealed wires leading into it.

A second consideration was that the output must be demonstrated to light lamps or run ordinary electrical devices in a normal fashion. Simply showing a voltage reading on a meter was not sufficient. Ordinary volt meters are designed to measure either DC current or AC current with a regular waveform.  Feeding such a meter a complex electrical waveform with erratic spikes can confuse such meters. If the current averages about 2 volts but has an occasional brief surge of 700 volts, the meter might be fooled into thinking it is seeing a current of 700 volts when it really isn't.  ALL of the so-called "overunity "devices I have ever seen appear to work this way - by confusing the meters with complex waveforms they weren't designed to measure.  A meter will read as if there was a high voltage, but the output won't light bulbs or drive motors.  Although the output of Steven's devices did register on meters as a high voltage of a specific wattage, it did not display any of the problems of these so-called over unity devices. If the meter said 600 watts, the device really would light up 600 watts worth of light bulbs or run a 600 watt motor without problems.  Wneh measured this way, Steven's TPU always passed the tests easily.

The various experts I consulted frequently suggested another possible way such a effect might be faked was if the so-called TPU devices contained some kind of tiny batteries or storage devices. However, when the best experts on battery technology available were asked about this, they were never able to explain how a device as small as a TPU could store sufficient power to supply the load.  They were sure a portable unit capable to lighting six 100 watt light bulbs for 30 minutes or an hour COULD be built, but that it would need to be many times the size and weight of a TPU that seemed able to do the same thing. Perhaps battery technology now exists that's better than what was around ten years ago, but that still wouldn't explain how Steven could do what he did back then. Besides, if Steven had such a vastly superior electricity storage system so much better than anyone elses, the thing to do would have been simply to sell it as a new kind of battery instead of pretending it was a free energy device. The market for such a battery is probably hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Steven is an intelligent an practical man. If all he wanted was the money, he'd have surely done that instead of going the much more difficult rout of claiming it was all a free energy device.

The other possibility my experts raised was that these TPU were acting as receivers for power being "broadcast" to then via induction, magnet fields or radio waves from somewhere nearby. Although this was technically an easy thing to fake, in practice such trickery would be easy to detect. For the magnet fields or radio waves need to create 600 watts of usable power in the middle of a room ten feet away would need to be VERY intense at their source.  The room containing the reciever would have to be filled with a field so strong it would make compasses spin, or cook flesh like the inside of a microwave oven.   In such a case, the output of the TPU should diminish drastically when moved even a few  feet further away from the hidden transmitter.

Thus the engineers wanting to evaluate the TPU brought testing devices like Sony-All Waves, that could detect the presence of any magnetic field or radio waves in the area, and insisted the TPU be demonstrated not just inside Steven's house but at locations some distance from the house of their own chosing. Every time this was done, no magnetic fields nor radio waves could be detected in the house, or nearby, and the device always worked just as well in the house as outside, or even several hundred yards, or a mile or so away.

I personally saw this kind of thing done several times, and Steven's devices always passed the tests every time. So althougI haven't a clue how all this was accomplished, he DID manage to accomplish it.

As for the name John Sanchez, that name is not familiar to me. However, I was in the house the day when Professor Schinzinger examined the TPU in the manner discribed in the previous paragraph.  I talked with Shinzinger a few days later by phone. He called me because he was upset with me because I had (erroneously) told people he had been convinced that the TPU was genuine, when all he had actually meant to say was that he had been unable to detect any fraud.  I asked Schinzinger if their were other tests he thought might have revealed a possible fraud better than the tests he had done, but he was unable to suggest anything specific. Schinzinger was the Dean of Engineering for years at the nearby University of California Department of Engineering, and a resepcted expert on electrical power generation systems.  A more knowledgeable person on the subject probably could not be found anywhere.  As a respected man of high intelligence and high integrity, it seemed that he was nervous letting his name be used to endorse a technology he could not explain or understand. He didn't want to be embarrassed by something that might later turn out to be revealed as a trick or a fraud. He was never convinced it was real, but even so, he was unable to find any evidence of fraud, despite what seemed like his best efforts to do so. Dr. Shinzinger was rather old then, and I have not heard from him since. Whether he is still alive now, I can't say, and if he is, neither can I say what his present opinion about all this might be.

   I don't know if any of this helps you, But its about all I really know.  I know Steven was very frustrated by this years ago, and had pretty much abandoned hope of doing anything more with it when he sold it all to UEC, and moved on to other more mundane and more promising projects. He is a very talented inventer and engineer, and easily creates other kinds of devices of a non-controversial nature that can be more readily profited from in the present  economic and political environment that could things like this TPU. So far as I know, that is what he's been doing. But I haven't heard from him in many years. He used to often dream of living on a warm tropical island in the Caribbean, like Jamaica. Last time I heard from him he had earned sufficient money from his more ordinary projects to do so, and talked like he was ready to buy some land in Jamaica and move there. Far as I know, that's what he did.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me. I'll answer them as best I can, but as I have said, I probably can't be much help with the kind of technical information you are seeking simply because I don't have it and don't really know who does.

Good Luck, and Happy Hunting. If yu ever find anything interesting, please let me know. If ever make contact with Steven, please tell him I said Hello, that I wish him the best, and that I'd love to talk with him again some time.



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Thank You for posting these letters!  O0

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Red Pill or Blue Pill Jnr ?

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That's all useful background, thanks for posting.  I am coming to the conclusion that the inertial aspect of the SM TPU is the key to the whole thing.  That and the fact that when turned upside down it stopped working.  So I will push things along this line on another thread.

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That's all useful background, thanks for posting.  I am coming to the conclusion that the inertial aspect of the SM TPU is the key to the whole thing.  That and the fact that when turned upside down it stopped working.  So I will push things along this line on another thread.


My aim is to get the pertinent information that we have from first sources together under appropriate topics so that it can be easily pointed to without having it get lost in threads with lots of chatter. A lot has been missed by newcomers to the study, difficult to find information that is pertinent.

There are only a handful of persons on this forum that were there from the initial emergence of the information on the OU.com site. Thankfully a lot of it is still available there but hard to find. I hope to do orderly and categorized topic postings of pertinent support data as time permits, and hope that the threads are not seriously derailed.

And yes, the inertial aspects are a major clue that SM liked to demonstrate as partial proof of something truly different happening within some of the devices. And if we can believe the videos and reports, the high power density available is without explanation.

A thread discussing just the inertial aspects of the devices will be started to expand our various hypotheses on  this matter.

For those who have read the Doleshal letters, it is obvious that Dave is a highly intelligent skillful observer / writer and as a psychologist, has keen insights into the personalities involved. While not technically trained in the electronics art, he has sufficient knowledge to have exercised (in my opinion) good judgement in his email replies to Stefan Hartmann.

Regards, ION
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"Secrecy, secret societies and secret groups have always been repugnant to a free and open society"......John F Kennedy

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It's not as complicated as it may seem...

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Thanks for posting those e-mails, never seen them before, as you rightly say things get burried in OU.com.

I found them very interesting and agree with all you say. I think Smudges analysis is very close, if not on the button.

I still think there is need of a kickstart to set it off, the two large by size electrolytic caps were probably just that, as electrolytics would be detrimental in possibly how it works, I'm thinking in such as delay lines, all passive components, the choke coils and some ceramic caps creating a chaser circuit for the 4 quadrant coils, just thinking allowed here :)


Mike 8)

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The inertial aspect of the TPU may be related to the virtual inertia effect that Dr. Harold Aspden discovered.

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The inertial properties of the TPU"s are very interesting.  I think it's possible SM never knew that would happen, before he got the first one working. In the smallest (where no load attached only volt meter) device, maybe the resistant of movement was so small, it wasn't easily noticeable, so he didn't say anything about it, only showed the up side down stopping effect.

I think the up side down stopping effect was only noticeable in the small power density device that much ( the one where was no external load attached, only voltmeter). In the latest video recorded model (where the external transformer with various loads (like TV, etc) was attached) , he says the device not dependent on any orientation, and working in motion also (airplanes, cars).

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My aim is to get the pertinent information that we have from first sources together under appropriate topics so that it can be easily pointed to without having it get lost in threads with lots of chatter. A lot has been missed by newcomers to the study, difficult to find information that is pertinent.

There are only a handful of persons on this forum that were there from the initial emergence of the information on the OU.com site. Thankfully a lot of it is still available there but hard to find. I hope to do orderly and categorized topic postings of pertinent support data as time permits, and hope that the threads are not seriously derailed.

And yes, the inertial aspects are a major clue that SM liked to demonstrate as partial proof of something truly different happening within some of the devices. And if we can believe the videos and reports, the high power density available is without explanation.

A thread discussing just the inertial aspects of the devices will be started to expand our various hypotheses on  this matter.

For those who have read the Doleshal letters, it is obvious that Dave is a highly intelligent skillful observer / writer and as a psychologist, has keen insights into the personalities involved. While not technically trained in the electronics art, he has sufficient knowledge to have exercised (in my opinion) good judgement in his email replies to Stefan Hartmann.

Regards, ION

Absolutely excellent idea Ion.  O0

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