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2020-04-02, 17:00:47
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Author Topic: Acoustic dissociation of water - John Worrell Keely, 42.8khz and all that.  (Read 272 times)
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Acoustic dissociation of water - Keely, 42.8khz.

Is anyone working in this field?

I notice that the cost of ~40khz transmitters, and their amplifiers has tumbled recently. A snag is that the tuning of  the amp to the critical  frequency is not  that straightforward. It can be a matter of looking at the circuit board, working out how it works and replacing certain fixed components with either a variable  one or an additional circuit.

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I have wasted 5 mins of my life ?? tough shit - I know people who have lost their life . re gear

How many more to be .threatened, abused murdered, Their research in the hands of evil corporations intent on total control ?
whilst we know little .. friends remember,
In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
D. Erasmus
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This is the sort of gear I had in mind:


If you put the number on the PCB,  13913887466 100W, into Google Images, you get various circuit diagrams which might  indicate how to tune  the output to Keely's frequency.
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