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Author Topic: My little Christmas fun project  (Read 7351 times)
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I was inspired just a little bit by something muDped wrote about keeping things safe cheap and simple . I thought it might make an interesting Christmas project to try and do just that.
The object here then is to try (try mind you no promises just yet) to make a looped self runner using cheap as chips Chinese knock off - off the shelf parts . And scrap
To make a thing that can be made by anyone on the kitchen table with basic hand tools very quickly.
It strikes me that one of the main obstacles  to the vast majority of folks believing in OU devices is they have never seen it , can't understand it at any level and so can't engineer it or for that matter tune what they are trying to make.
I'm going to try and remedy that I'm a little ashamed to admit that I've had to Plagiarise every one and his pet dog for the basic system (surly we all do that anyway if we choose to admit it or otherwise)
still the basic system is well tried and tested and I'm sure very well known to every member of the forum even when I start chopping and changing it to my fancy.
Its appeared in various incarnations for over a hundred years so to pay homage to the various researchers I'm planning to usurp and who by enlarge welcome someone else's attempt at least those who are living do! ( and for all I know those who are dead too!)
All these systems have one thing in common 'magnetic neutralisation' I guess the first incarnation I'm aware of is Wesley Gary and these efforts


very difficult to set up and run I'm sure we all remember Grumages gallant attempt? Hours and hours he must have spent. good man!
Anyway never the less the principle is there and I willingly acknowledge it. Here is an interesting simple demonstration of this type of cancellation . Using 'feeler gauges'


The next viable example which comes to mind is the based on the work of Robert Adams head of the IEE. That motor here described by a researcher I have a deal of time for Tim Harwood


I guess chronologically the next example which has disappeared into military aircraft production along with its inventor is Joe Flynn's parallel paths.  If my reading at the end of this article is correct it seems to have been sustantiated by Boeing and our friend Robert Murrey Smith


Here described again by Tim Harwood .


I might include and add next on  the list gotoluc's ex working partner 'The boss' Thane C Heins wheres he at I wonder.
here's a working replication by Jean-Louis Naudin


There's many examples of it across the web – fill ya boots!

We are getting a bit more recent now but as you see all the principles are – identical

here's Arts magnificent work


Now I don't know if Art's work on magnetic neutralisation superceeds this next piece of work as this motor it seems is thirteen years old


To bring this bang up to date . Here's the motor looped using super Caps - -  IMHO this is where we want to be ,looped and self running


I hope you are following the general connection of 'magnetic neutralisation' The important factor being that the magnets are doing the vast majority of the work . In fact all the work. The  timeing to trigger through the gate is all electrical energy is required for.

To try and make that cheap simple and very very easy is the challenge. So here I am making a start .
No giant magnets ! No thousands of turns of wire ! No exotic Mu metals as the Adams motor required. I'm basically planning to run with the above example (ish) but using both poles of the electromagnet – (why waste it ?)

here then is the start if anyone would like to play along . The magnets I'm using are 25mm dia N42 but I doubt that's critical, these just happen to be some sets of magnets I had in the project box.
Its going to have to be  'tuned' one way or another anyway.

so folks these are magneto coils and they are chosen with good reason . The flux density of the electro magnet is proportional to the number of turns x current flow . In short energy need not play any significant part in the momentary neutralization of the magnetic field.
FYI here is the source of those coils


I wanted a very high Q factor and so a very high resistance (comparative I know) each of those coils measures 360 ohms and typical for a magneto coil must contain thousands of turns –( thousands of turns you or I don't have to wind I might add!)
(I require the very high Q because I intend the finished article to run at series resonance)
I'm afraid its time for the magneto's to become amputee's  . If your playing along be sure to put those nuts and bolts in before taking the hacksaw to the Mu metal, you stand a pretty good chance of destruction of the core if not.


The snip


I hope you can see the black negative wire connecting the end of the coil to the Mu metal core ? I've tried to pick it out as best as I can with an arrow .
Those need cutting. In due course those coils will be connected in series giving twice the inductance and resistance whilst the neutralisation is in opposite direction on each coil. If that link to ground isn't cut a short circuit is the result
After all the external circuitry cares not which way those electromagnets are connected it simply sees a high resistance and a high inductance,

I'm starting to consider a rotor now . Digging around the scrap  I discovered  a piece of 4 inch underground sewage pipe (unused for its original purpose lol) and a couple of end caps with a 10 mm centred holes that I used previously to drive a Hatem magnetic drive sequence once it has the advantage that with a little skulduggery I can bolt magnets to the end caps with SS nuts and bolts and washers so with luck I don't get machine gunned with my own magnets –
Been there done that - didn't like it.


that's a piece of aluminium Meccano I found running across the poles of the now horse shoe magnet holding things together . I guess rotors and nuts and bolts and  like sundries like me your going to have to improvise a bit.
There's a flyback transformer crept into shot – nothing to do with it, a gate crasher!
The little three phase motor you see in shot is used normally to whizz model aeroplanes about ergo for battery life and weight (quality of magnets) its uber efficient . Its my plan to use it in reverse as an alternator in order to loop this with super caps as shown earlier.
Only just started and I've spent more time writing than doing thus far . Anyway I guess the attempt win or lose is pretty easy to understand  all comments contributions welcome I think its worth throwing a bat at the ball anyway .
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How many more to be .threatened, abused murdered, Their research in the hands of evil corporations intent on total control ?
whilst we know little .. friends remember,
In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
D. Erasmus

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Your show and tell is incredibly well organized and easy
to follow!  Obviously you've either done time as a
technical instructor or you just have a natural talent for
laying things out for easy comprehension.

Those magneto coils are a very good choice.

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.
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Thank-you for the kind words muDped a nice idea for a project – so  thank you for that too .
I'm enjoying it so far even if it is a little chilly in the hut.
magneto coils ? – just lazy really I simply don't want to sit and wind thousands of turns . When an off the self option is there for a few dollars. and thats the idea you suggest isn't it? KISS
The choice is also made because a very fast B/H curve response is required the high Mu value of the core comes built in with a magneto coil .
Seems to me muDped many of the magnetic machines call for a huge number of turns and then require tuning to series resonance hence the miles and miles of wire in the Newman thing, (for instance) and the very high voltage military spec capacitors he had to use.
I used to have a nice little Myford lathe to work with alas I had to sell it – now I'm having to get a bit rustic with this rotor.
As well as raiding an old meccano set for odds and sods.
I was a bit pushed for time today however its moved on a little bit

 the magnets on either end of the rotor are 'opposites' so when pulsed the repulsion is cancelled on  both sides simultaneously. A'la a horse shoe magnet sort of , (I see no point in waste even if it is free)
I haven't tested the inductance of these coils yet, very high I hope, and as we know doubled in series.
A cloud I do see on the horizon with the series connection I intend- there is an unacknowledged  mismatch between magnets in attraction and repulsion as demonstrated with identical permanent magnets here


 If it wasn't so then the Hatum's rotor Els permanent magnetic holder and other systems wouldn't work.
Its what I had to tune to with Hatum's rotors and also why the interaction is always in the horizontal plane.
Anyway I'll tinker with that and try and balance it when and if I get there. Shame I have visitors for the weekend so I have to stop and attend to things  when I really don't want to (I get a bit wrapped up in this stuff.)
PS - shunt the attraction with a meg ohm variable to balance ? -- QED
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How many more to be .threatened, abused murdered, Their research in the hands of evil corporations intent on total control ?
whilst we know little .. friends remember,
In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
D. Erasmus
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Ah you'd hoped I'd forgotten - The rough as a badgers arse, chip as chips self runner, you were probably hoping that wouldn't rear its ugly head again (ugly being the operative word) as time goes on  .
Well my livers recuperated just enough to go and play a few more hours in that cold hut.
Doing this dirt cheap and fast is the night mare its also a hotchpotch of various systems that are known to work (at least sometimes for some folks)

I have yet to adjust the stator height and position although I have had the thing turning using a function generator and bench variable supply. As you might well imagine the magnets are reversed on either side of that rotor.
That meccano type stuff is aluminium btw and the bolts stainless.
The two cheap as chips out runner motors declare themselves to be 90% efficient how good being used in reverse as 3 phase alternators remains to be seen. I'm guessing and hoping about the same.
So two three phase alternators into two three phase rectifiers charging super caps is the kinda direction I'm trying to go at whilst driving those coils at series resonance. Referenced to rotor speed
Anyone taking an interest in this dogs dinner of a project  ;D probably needs serious urgent help. Its how I dance
that aside you may be wondering how I intend to trigger and time this thing
well cheap and cheerful was muDpeds challenge and so I'm going to lash up Bedini's energiser circuit a little bit – It wasn't really anything much to do with Bedini I understand still that's what it seems to be known as and I'm sure you all know the SSG well . After all
I know some poor guys who have spent most of their adult life fighting with it. Here the thing is in its simplest form to make you wretch all over again.

I can almost hear the groans of disappointment worry not – It did and does work . That's the cunning horror of the bloody thing. It can and did work but only for a very few folks ,for a very short time . you may also ponder how I can do without a Bi filar coil = two identical coils on the same core = Bi filar. (ish)
Another thread I opened called 'The free energy circus' describes the who's the whys and the paymasters and why its done.
Suffice to say muDped is quite right the lead acid battery is a truly amazing thing with many facets forever changing tunable and infinite in its responses.
Unfortunately internal resistance is a huge changeable and what's required  for a self runner is an extremely high Q factor.
That can't be accomplished  with a low resistance circuit. So in a nut shell all this stuff involving lead acid batteries is a match made in heaven for miss direction – It works for one or two very lucky souls for a little while . that starts a stampede ! Same with the 3 battery bollix . Its meant to be so.
The circus is doing what its paid huge amounts of money to do.
Understand harmonic and overtone progression through crystal structures and I suggest the only answer will quickly make itself available. Did I just write that ? - to much eggnog perhaps?
Anyway I'm having cheap clean fun with it just like muDped suggested .
If it works will I own up to it ?
I suspect like the others I reference I'll take a video and say nowt. You make your own minds up!
 Its just entertainment after all –Isn't it.?
2020 - the dams ready to burst . Kindest regards and a happy new year. Duncan
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How many more to be .threatened, abused murdered, Their research in the hands of evil corporations intent on total control ?
whilst we know little .. friends remember,
In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
D. Erasmus

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Aye, entertainment it is!  But, as you are showing us,
entertainment blended with good humor can be very
instructive indeed!

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.
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